How to Create Houseplants: See Free Online Programs

Imagining what the house will look like after it's ready is the desire of those who are built or renovated. To help calm this anxiety it is possible to use online programs that allow the creation of plants and the decoration of environments. Learn how to create houseplants:

With them you visualize in a very real way how your house will look and still have the opportunity to define the best position of the furniture and objects of decoration. Therefore, more than a tool to overcome anxiety, these programs help to decorate and furnish the house. At the end, you can view the project in 2D and 3D. Some programs even take pictures and make videos of environments.

And if you think you will not be able to tell from using such a program, know that they are very easy to use. With just a simple registration you have access to the tool and start to assemble your plant.

How to create house plans online: programs and tools

Check out some of the most used programs for creating online plants and how to use them:

1. 3Dream


3Dream works totally free online. With it you can design the house you want quickly and easily. To use it is necessary to create a register on the site, after which it is possible to build and assemble entire environments from floor to ceiling. You choose the color of the walls, the materials used and the textures.

Then just add the furniture and the objects of decoration. Try to use the measures that are closest to the real ones, so you will have a very close idea of ​​how the project will be ready.

3Dream offers a wide variety of objects to be inserted in the house, however as they do not come in a gallery you need to search them by the search field. In this case, the search must be done in English, the original language of the program, and this may make it slightly difficult for the user who does not speak the language.

After finalizing the project, you can view it in four different ways, ranging from the simplest and fastest to the most complete in 3D. The site allows you to take photos of the environments and send them by email.

In the free option, 3Dream is limited to only two projects, 25 photos and only 10% of the object catalog. The paid version allows unlimited access to the program's functions.

2. Roomstyler


Roomstyler is the most complete and varied site for furniture and decorative objects. Thousands of options are available for you to set up the environments you want. This is because the site is linked to an online store (MyDeco) that sells all the furniture and objects available in the program, however this option is valid only for the US and UK.

The site is simple and very easy to use. To set up a project on it, you need to create an account. After the project is completed, you can view it in 3D and take photos.

3. AutoDesk Homestyler

How to Create Houseplants: See Free Online Programs

Autodesk Homestyler belongs to the same brand of software programs as AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max. The program is one of the most complete for online plant planning and the best thing is that it runs totally online and is 100% free. Just enter the site and register, then just access, from any computer connected to the internet, the design of your home.

The program gives you the option of creating a plant from scratch or using a ready-made model available in the galleries. The site also offers hundreds of objects and furniture for you to insert into the decor and, after everything is ready, it is still possible to take photos of the environments and view them in 3D. Autodesk Homestyler also integrates with social networks.

4. Roomle


Roomle is a much simpler program to use, but it does not have many options for objects and furniture to fit into the floor plan - there is only one sofa model, for example.

For that reason it turns out to be a great option for those who want to make a quick and uncomplicated plan, just marking where each mobile will be, without worrying about the real way the project will get ready.

With a simple registration on the program site you can access the floor of your home from any computer connected to the internet. Roomle, unlike most programs, has a Portuguese version.

After finishing the project, you can choose the type of 3D visualization, since the program offers two: a simpler, lighter loading and a more elaborate one, which takes longer to load. Despite the two options in 3D, the quality of the presentation is not very good.

However, despite the regrets, it is worth testing the Roomle.

5. Floorplanner


Easy to use and with a considerable collection of furniture and objects, Floorplanner is a good choice for those who do not master the most advanced software tools. To use it simply create a registration or access through an account with Google.

Once the project is ready, you have the possibility to view it in 2D or 3D, both with a very good quality. The program has Portuguese version of Portugal, which already helps when using it.

Floorplanner also has a paid version and a free version. The free, very limited version allows you to create just one project and there is no possibility to take pictures or produce videos of the environments. Despite its limitations, it is one of the easiest to use and easy-to-use online plant design programs.

Because of this, we'll introduce you a little tutorial on how to use it to create your own online home plant. Check out:

1. Create your Floorplanner account

Create floorplanner account

When accessing the Floorplanner website, click on the register. You will see the screen above, fill in the requested data or, if you have a Google account, click the button below and you are already registered automatically.

2. Access the program panel

Floorplanner panel

After completing the registration, click Projects, and then new project. You will be redirected to another screen where you will already start putting your ideas on paper.

3. Drawing the plant

Starting project on floorplanner

On this blank page you can start designing your project. The construction is simple, just use the right tools for each step. You can choose to draw only one room or the whole house plan with all rooms. It is possible to add all the structures of the house from the floor and the type of floor to the walls, doors, windows and grids.

The hammer in the upper left corner is the button that must be clicked to create the structural part of the house. You may notice that other blue buttons on the bottom will open. They are quite intuitive, as you can tell. To create walls, click the button with the wall drawing and form a line to finish it with a double click. To create doors, use the button with the door sketch, and so on.

Start by creating the surface, that is, the area of ​​the plant. This step is like connecting dots, go pulling and dragging the line until you reach the desired size. Have the actual measures in hand so that the project is as close to reality as possible. After creating the surface, define the location of the walls, then the doors and windows.

4. Change the floor and place the furniture

How to Create Houseplants: See Free Online Programs

After creating the whole structure of the plant, you can modify the type of floor of the house. To do this, double-click on the surface area of ​​the drawing and a box similar to that of the image will be displayed. In it, you can determine the type of flooring - carpet, wood, cement, grass, etc. - that you want to use, as well as set the color and texture.

To insert the furniture and decoration objects is very simple too. Click the armchair that appears in the upper-left menu, and then click category. Just below you will see a drop down menu, click on it and it will open all available options divided by rooms, such as kitchen, living room, garden, bedroom, among others.

After selecting the desired category will appear in the table below the furniture and objects related to the category. In this case you can view them in 2D and 3D. Choose the desired furniture by clicking and dragging it to the surface of the drawing. Position it in the desired location.

Double click on the furniture and you will have access to all the options to modify it. It is allowed to rotate the mobile, change its measures, duplicate and delete, if you think better.

Another way to enter furniture is by typing the name of the desired object into the search field. If you search in Portuguese and do not see many options, try searching in English.

Do not forget to click on the "Save" button in order for your project to be saved. You can see how your project is getting by clicking on the 3D button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Now that you already know how to use the program is just have fun and go and plan your home with all the wealth of details possible.

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