How to clean your wardrobe: See the step by step to keep everything clean

The wardrobe is a very practical furniture in the room, after all it is thanks to him that the clothes are not scattered. But did you know that it's no use washing your clothes right and forgetting to clean the wardrobe?

Exactly, the furniture also needs to be cleaned with certain frequency, to avoid accumulation of dust, mold and bad smell.

Knowing this you may be wondering: But how can I clean my wardrobe? Just take the pieces away and pass a rag will solve?

This would be a tip for a quick and occasional cleaning, but know that there are other ways to leave the furniture free of dirt and thus ensure the durability of your clothes.

Learn how to clean your wardrobe now:

How to clean your wardrobe: preparation

Before you start cleaning the wardrobe you should:

1. Take all things out of the wardrobe

How to clean your wardrobe: See the step by step to keep everything clean

Start by taking away everything you store inside your closet. From clothes, underwear, shoes to creams and make-up. Put it on the bed or in some box, the important thing in this step is to empty the furniture.

2. Separate clothes and shoes that you no longer use

How to clean your wardrobe: see the step by step to keep everything clean 1

Before you start cleaning the wardrobe, separate clothes and shoes that you no longer use and that are just there collecting dust and taking up space. See if you will donate them or sell them at a thrift store. Separate the two batteries and the third with what will be stored again.

3. Arrange the pieces that will return to the cabinet

Separate everything that goes back into your wardrobe later. Arrange shirts and coats on hangers, fold shirts, and separate winter clothing from summer wear. For the shoes it is indicated to bet in boxes, to keep the pairs together.

In that first moment organize everything in your bed or in boxes destined only for the cleaning / storage of the wardrobe. It will make it easier to store everything in place.

4. Remove the drawers from the

How to clean your wardrobe: see the step by step to keep everything clean 2

If your wardrobe has drawers, be sure to remove them before you begin cleaning. Because they are furniture, you can remove the dirt from them elsewhere in the house, and you have a chance to clean the part of the cabinet in which the drawers were.

5. Prepare everything you need

Vacuum cleaner, soap powder mixture with water, clean cloth, deodorant, anti mold products. All this will be necessary to clean your wardrobe, so leave everyone around.

6. Cleanliness

When cleaning your wardrobe you need to focus on the inside, outside, the drawers and shelves and be prepared to deal with mold. If your cabinet has a mirror, the cleaning tip is included here:

7. Internal part

Start cleaning your closet from the inside. A vacuum cleaner is a great ally at this point because it will remove all dust and clothing threads that are lost inside.

Prepare a blend of diluted laundry soap in three liters of water. A bucket can be very useful right now. Separate a clean and exclusive cloth for cleaning the wardrobe and soak in that mixture. Twist it and then rub it into the inside of the cabinet.

You can also use a sponge or soft brush for this first part of the cleaning. After wiping the entire interior of the wardrobe, take a dry cloth and wipe away any remaining mixture used for cleaning. Keep doors open in a well-ventilated room to ensure that they dry thoroughly.

8. Outside

For the outside of the wardrobe, bet on a mop and dust cloth. Start dusting the powder and then wipe the cloth, which may be microfiber or flannel. Use the same mixture of water and soap powder that you have prepared to clean the inside.

If you prefer, you can replace the powdered soap with neutral detergent. Wet the cloth and wipe over the furniture. You can also use sponge or soft brush. Then wipe dry with a soft cloth and let the room where the cabinet is located.

9. Drawers and Shelves

Run the vacuum cleaner on the drawers and shelves. The microfiber cloth can also be used if you do not have a vacuum cleaner nearby. Next take a cloth and drip some like vinegar or alcohol.

Rub inside the drawers and on the shelves. Finish with a dry cloth and leave the drawers out of the wardrobe and the doors open so that the shelves dry well.

10. Wardrobe with mirror

How to Clean Clothes Wardrobe with Mirrors

Does your closet have a mirror? The cleaning of the doors is a bit different. You can use a clean glass, but if you do not have it at home, a mixture of water and neutral detergent will already help.

Take a soft cloth and moisten it with water. Put three drops of neutral detergent. Step on the mirror. Remove the product with another cloth moistened only with water (this step is valid even for those who use windscreen wipers). Let it dry on your own.

11. Remove mold

Did you notice mold inside the wardrobe? Maybe your room is too humid. You can change the location of the closet, but try some troubleshooting tips.

First leave for one night a basin or bucket with half a liter of water mixed with half a liter of vinegar. If you can not leave the mix for all that time, do it for at least 2 to 3 hours.

Remove the bowl or bucket from there and pick up a soft cloth. Pour a few drops of vinegar and rub it all over your cupboard, especially in the moldy part. Leave it to open with the doors open.

Before putting away the clothes again, separate a plastic cup and put pieces of school chalk inside. It will work as an anti mold. The ideal is to leave the glass in the corners, where there is greater risk of the mold appear. The chalk needs to be changed once a month and you can do this the day you will do the complete cleaning of the wardrobe.

12. Organization

How To Clean Organization Wardrobe

Finished cleaning is time to keep your wardrobe organized. For this you must:

  • Determine where you will store each thing. Ideally, equal parts should be put together, such as: T-shirts with T-shirts, the same as pants with pants.
  • Leave the clothes of the current season in the front and the season before the bottom. For example: in summer the light clothes are in front and the heavy ones in the bottom of the closet.
  • Blankets, duvets and linens can be placed in the upper part of the closet.
  • Have a pile of clothes to go out and clothes to wear at home. Also separate the pajamas from the clothes from staying at home.
  • Each drawer should be used for a single purpose: only underwear, only socks, only ties, only pajamas, only bathing suits.

Care and maintenance in your wardrobe

How to clean your wardrobe: See the step by step to keep everything clean

To ensure that cleaning your wardrobe last longer you should take some care, such as:

1. Store clothes when they are completely dry

This avoids the proliferation of fungi and the appearance of mold in the closet and clothes.

2. Bet on products that absorb moisture

If you live in more humid regions or noticed that your house handles the problem, do not let the wardrobe go down. Use moisture-absorbing products such as chalk or those that are specific for that purpose.

3. Put scented soaps or sachets between the clothes

They give a more pleasant odor not just the pieces, but the whole furniture.

4. Clean your closet often

Complete cleaning should be done at least once a month. Every 15 days you can clean the outside of the furniture and the mirrors when your wardrobe has them.

5. Use only soft sponges

Sponges used for cleaning the wardrobe need to be soft to avoid damaging the wood or plywood.

6. Avoiding chemicals

Chemicals should not be applied directly on the furniture. The ideal is to bet only on soap powder and detergent, but diluted in water.

As you can see, cleaning your wardrobe is not a difficult task. Do you have any other tips for easy cleaning? Tell us in the comments!

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