How to clean the toilet: see the practical step by step

Some environments of the house need more frequent cleaning and a little more attention. This is the case with the toilet.

Ideally, you should clean it every day, more quickly and at least once a week receive heavier cleaning.

To help with this task you will take a detailed step-by-step, including the necessary materials and special techniques for harder to remove stains.

Materials needed to clean the toilet

To clean a toilet you need:

  • Bathroom brush;
  • Sodium bicarbonate;
  • Vinegar;
  • Chemical remover;
  • Rubber gloves;
  • Cloth or paper towel;
  • Multipurpose cleaning product;
  • Sponge;
  • Specific cleaning product for toilet bowl;

How to Clean a Toilet Step by Step

How to clean the toilet: see the practical step by step

After separating all the materials it is time to start cleaning. We separated the tips into heavy and quick cleaning:

Fast cleaning

Separate gloves, multipurpose cleaner and toilet brush. If you do not have it at home, you can make your own product to clean toilet bowl. Just mix one tablespoon of detergent into one cup of water.

Wear gloves and start cleaning through the inside of the vase. Squeeze or pour the product selected for the job. Begin from the edges to the bottom to avoid splashing dirt on a part that has already been cleaned.

Take the toilet brush and scrub. A little more force may be needed on some spots. Use the vessel's own water to aid in the process. When you finish scrubbing everything, give the discharge.

Lower the top and start cleaning the outside of the toilet. For this part you can use the sponge or a cloth. Apply a little of the product on the cover itself and rub. To rinse you can throw water with a bucket, use the shower or bidet showerhead.

Dry with the help of a cloth and finish the cleaning on the outside of the pot. Here a cloth dampened in water and detergent is enough.

Heavy cleaning

If a heavier cleaning is required there are some differences throughout the process. Then separate the gloves, a stronger cleaning product (specific for toilet bowl), the toilet brush and a sponge.

Begin cleaning the inside of the vessel. Pour the product around the bow and let it act for the time specified by the manufacturer. In some cases it will be necessary to give the discharge. Then take the toilet brush and rub all the space. Always from top to bottom.

Finish giving the discharge again and if necessary you can apply the cleaner again. During the process, it may be interesting to give the flush more often to help with rinsing.

Go to the top of the pot. Use a sponge soaked in detergent and hot water to remove the most difficult dirt. Always the softer side of the sponge. You can use a cloth too. Remove the soap by throwing water and dry the top. The sponge can be used to scrub the outside of the vessel as well.

Stain Removal

In some cases, even with deep cleaning, it is still possible to identify stains in the toilet bowl. In this case, in addition to following the cleaning process described in the step-by-step it is interesting to have products that help remove stains.

Chemical remover

The chemical remover is a product specially indicated to remove stains when cleaning the toilet. Ideally, follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

First put gloves on and pass the product around the bow of the pot, as you would apply a specific cleaner to the toilet. Scrub with the help of the toilet brush. Do not give the discharge in no time. Ideally, do this before applying the product.

After rubbing the entire interior of the toilet, let the product act for about half an hour. After this time repeat the process described in "heavy cleaning" and ready, the toilet will be clean.

Sodium bicarbonate

If you do not have a chemical remover at home, do not worry. There is a homemade solution to remove stains from the toilet. All you will need is baking soda and vinegar.

First it is necessary to pour the vinegar into the toilet, starting from the arch. The indicated is 1 cup or about 250 ml. Wait a minute. Add 1 cup of baking soda and another one or two of vinegar. Your pot will get bubbly, but do not worry, it is natural to blend.

Wait five minutes and then use the toilet brush to rub the baking soda and vinegar all over the vase. Focus mainly on stains that are hard to draw. Give the discharge and then follow the step by step for described in "heavy cleaning" to finalize.

Care and maintenance with the toilet

How to clean the toilet: see practical step by step 1

To prevent dirt from accumulating and bad odors dominate the bathroom, some daily care is important with the toilet.

Do not use abrasives on top of

Abrasive products should never be used to clean the toilet bowl. Stronger steel sponges or chemicals are not recommended. Think of how much of the dirt is inside the vessel, a region that needs real attention.

On the top only wrap in a cloth or sponge and in a detergent or multipurpose product. Do not forget to rinse and dry well.

Clean the toilet brush

After rubbing the dirt out of your pot, do not ignore the brush used in this service. It should be rinsed during the cleaning process itself, when discharging. If necessary, after a few discharges into the vial, throw some detergent on the brush and rinse it again.

To dry it simply leave it hanging between the top and the vase and then store it back in place. Never keep the brush wet, okay ?!

Maintain a periodicity of cleaning

The more you maintain a toilet cleaning routine, even if using the quick cleaning technique, the smaller the chances of dealing with smudges or smelly smells.

The ideal is to do light cleaning at least twice a week while the heavy can vary from once a week to once every fortnight. The main thing is to take into account how many people live in the house. Those who have small children, for example, need to redouble their care.

The area around the vessel is also important

It is no use to clean the toilet well and forget about it. This area can also have bacteria and you should clean it whenever you do this task in your bathroom.

A multipurpose product is very useful at this time to remove dirt from the floor, but it is also possible to bet on the disinfectant. If there are objects around the vessel, they should also be cleaned with the help of a cloth soaked in alcohol or in the multipurpose product itself.

Brush for private only to the inside of the pot

The toilet brush should not be used to clean the top or outside of the vessel as there is a risk of spreading bacteria. It serves only to clean the inside of the toilet and must be rinsed and allowed to dry in the same space.

For the top and the outside, a sponge or cloth is great for eliminating dirt.

Now you already know how to clean your toilet and remove stains from it! Be sure to comment if you have any extra tips!

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