How to Clean Sofa Sofa: See Practical Tips for Cleaning

The sofa is a mobile of the house as important as the bed. It is the place where you can relax, read a book, watch TV or relax while listening to music. That is why when choosing the type of sofa that you will have in your home you need to take into account some factors, such as children and pets. Besides the function of the furniture.

The suede is a very practical fabric to clean and therefore has been chosen by the larger families or by those who receive enough visits. Cleaning suede sofa is not difficult and here you will find all the tips to leave the furniture always looking new.

What is suede and its advantages?

How to Clean Sofa Sofa: See Practical Tips for Cleaning

Suede is a more durable and durable fabric that at the same time is soft to the touch. It is perfect for home sofas that have children or pets as it does not wear out so quickly.

Its finish is very similar to suede, which gives an extra touch of sophistication to the house. However, the great difference lies in the ease of cleaning. The suede requires more care and can give more work. The suede is quite practical.


To make cleaning your sofa suede is recommended to follow a few steps, such as:


Spraying the vacuum cleaner on the suede sofa is one of the quickest ways to clean it. The ideal is to do this task at least once a week, to eliminate dust, from animals from any other small dirt that has fallen into the fabric.

It is also the first cleaning step before any other process. So even if you go clean your sofa completely, start with the vacuum cleaner.

Specific Products

In the case of sofas with old stains, it is necessary to use specific products for suede cleaning. You can find them in upholstery stores. Put some of the product on the stain and follow the directions on the packaging.

The specific products also guarantee a good cleaning of the furniture, avoiding to change the color of the fabric or to wear it. Opt for them in the case of very dirty upholstery.

Water and white vinegar

If you have no specific product for cleaning stains, water and white vinegar can be used throughout the sofa. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar and put in a spray bottle.

Then start with a more hidden part of the furniture, to ensure it will stain. Apply a little of the mixture and rub with the help of a cloth. This test helps to check for changes in tissue color.

Soft cloth

If the sofa does not have any deep stains, or you are performing the weekly cleaning, after passing the vacuum cleaner, wipe the cloth with a soft cloth. This cloth should be moistened in a mixture of water or water with a little neutral detergent.

Gently wipe the fabric with the intention of removing any dirt that has not come out with the vacuum cleaner. There is no need to scrub and ideally use a white cloth, just to clean the suede, to avoid staining the fabric.

Remove stains

To remove stains from your suede sofa, in addition to using specific products and mixing water and vinegar, there are other options such as:

Neutral detergent

Neutral detergent is a great ally in removing stains and dirt from grease, food or beverages. It can be used in the suede and ideally the cleaning should be done as soon as the stain is noticed.

Take a container, it may be a small bucket or bowl and put 250ml of warm water. Then add about eight like neutral detergent. Stir until frothy and use it to pass over the stain.

Rub with the aid of a cloth or brush for suede. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove the soap. Do not overdo it by wetting it and prefer white ones to prevent them from releasing paint. Finally, wipe with a dry cloth.

Lightly dampened white cotton cloth or paper towel

Did you drop something on the couch? Before the stain dries out, take a slightly dampened cotton cloth (it may only be in water) and squeeze it over the stain. You can also use a paper towel, which will have the same effect.

Liquid alcohol

For drinks and food that have fallen on the couch, just after the accident and following the tip of the previous topic, spend a little alcohol on the place where you have just knocked over the drink or food.

The idea is to avoid the appearance of blemishes, and when it comes to very colorful drinks or fatty foods, only water and a cloth do not solve. Use little amount, it is best to moisten a cloth and apply on the stain.


Make a baking soda with water, producing a paste and apply directly on the dirt stain of the sofa. You can leave it to act for a few minutes or rub and then use a cloth soaked in alcohol and vinegar to remove the baking soda from the stew.

Warm water with microfiber cloth

The polish microfibre cloth resembles a towel and is therefore softer and suitable for cleaning suede sofa. If the stain is light and only dirt, where people sit or support the arms, just use this cloth along with warm water

Heat a little water and place in a bowl. Lightly wet the cloth and then go over the stain. If you have decided to do a deeper cleaning of the sofa, even if there are no stains, you can use the warm water and the microfiber cloth after you pass the vacuum cleaner.

Care and maintenance with the suede sofa

How to Clean Sofa Sofa: See Practical Tips for Cleaning 1

In addition to cleaning, some care with the suede sofa are essential to ensure its strength and durability. Among them are:

Avoid reusable cloths

The cloths to clean suede sofa should be unique for this purpose. Do not reuse those that you apply in cleaning other parts of the home. Ideally, it should be a soft, white cloth that has never come in contact with substances that can ruin the fabric of the sofa.

Do not use abrasive or chlorine based products

Abrasive or chlorine based products can damage the surface. Never use them when cleaning the fabric of the sofa, even if it is stained. There is the risk of ruining the color and even the fabric itself.

Do not use laundry soap

Soap powder is not recommended to clean this type of fabric. Like other products, it can damage it. If you need foam to remove stains or other dirt, it is recommended to bet on neutral detergent.

Caring for excess water

The suede is a fabric that should not be wetted to excess. That is, you should never throw water directly over the stew. If you need to wipe a damp cloth with heavier dirt, wring the cloth thoroughly before rubbing on the sofa.

Do not leave the sofa exposed to the sun

Take a good look at where you want to leave the sofa. It needs light, but should not be directly exposed to the sun and this is valid also after cleaning. If you used damp cloth, vinegar or alcohol to clean the suede sofa, leave the place where the furniture is open and airy.

Do not place the unit in direct sunlight. So you avoid blemishes and fabric wear.

Brushing regularly

Brushing the suede is important not only for cleaning, but also to keep the fabric always beautiful. Bet on brushes designed especially for this type of sofa, or on a soft bristle.

Brushing should be done regularly, preferably once a week, just after passing the aspirator.

Use protective spray

The protective spray is ideal for new sofas or that have undergone a deep cleaning recently. It helps to waterproof the fabric and thus avoids accidents with drinks and fat from food. Makes cleaning easier and increase the durability of the suede sofa.

Keep area ventilated after cleaning the sofa.

Finished cleaning your suede couch completely? Do not expose it to the sun, even if you have used a damp cloth for cleaning. Instead, leave the area where the furniture is well ventilated, with doors and windows open.

The ideal is to do day cleaning, so it is possible to leave the sofa longer in a well-ventilated area.

Pay attention to what your sofa etiquette says

Each fabric has different guidelines for cleaning. And this is no different in the case of the suede sofa. Follow exactly what is written there, so you can know what kind of cleaning can be done on the mobile.

W indicates that you should use water-based products; S indicates that you can use something solvent based; SW that can use the previous two; X indicates that it is possible to only aspirate, not being able to use any product, either water or solvent based.

See how practical and quick to clean your suede sofa? Follow these steps and leave the furniture always clean and with a new face! Got any extra tips? Tell us in the comments!

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