How To Clean Shower: Check Out Essential Tips To Get You Started

The shower is an object of the house that is used quite frequently. After all, all the residents take at least one bath a day. Discover how to clean shower:

This means that over time it is natural for the appliance to accumulate dirt and even mildew, as it is in a humid environment, suitable for this situation.

For this reason it is important to clean shower once in a while. You will be avoiding the clogging of the object and also ensuring that it is not coming in contact with mold or bacteria during your bath.

Wondering how to clean shower? Then you came to the right article. Check out how to accomplish this task:

How to Clean Shower: Why Clean It?

How To Clean Shower

If you change your shower frequently, you may wonder if there is any real need to clean it. The truth is that it does not matter if your shower is in the bathroom a year or five, you should clean it.

First because it is in a humid environment. As much as you open the water just at bath time, the bathroom stays moist over time and becomes the perfect space for bacteria and fungi.

A shower that is not clean also begins to look ugly and aged with mold and mildew around you. Not counting the yellowish spots, when we talk about the showers.

And if you have not yet convinced yourself of the importance of cleaning showerhead, here's one more factor: Cleaning helps save water and prevent overheating or resistance burn.

After all, if the shower is dirty, especially in the outlet part of the water, it may be necessary to open it more (spend more water) or loss of pressure occurs (resulting in resistance burn).

Now that you've convinced yourself that you need to clean your shower, see what you'll need and how you can accomplish this task:

How to Clean Shower: Necessary Materials

  • Plastic bag;
  • Sanitary water;
  • Vinegar;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Old toothbrush;
  • Bowl;
  • Barbante or tape;
  • Water;
  • Sponge;
  • Disinfectant.

How To Clean Shower: Techniques

How To Clean Shower Techniques

To clean your shower you can use two techniques: without disassembling or dismantling a part of the object. Learn how to proceed in each of the following situations:

How to clean shower without disassembling

If your shower is very difficult to disassemble or you prefer to clean without making a lot of mess, you can bet on cleaning without dismantling the object.

For this you will need a plastic bag or bag that will fit the shower head, a glass of sanitary water or vinegar.

First pour the glass of sanitary water or vinegar into the bag. Then wrap your shower in the bag or plastic bag and fasten with string or tape. Ideally, you should be well-restrained.

Turn on the shower register and let some water in the bag or plastic bag. Close the log and let the object dipped in the mixture water and vinegar or water and bleach.

Let it act for about two hours if you use vinegar and for twenty minutes if you choose to bleach. Release the plastic bag and turn the shower on again to remove any dirt that has been dissolved by the mixture you prepared. If necessary, use an old toothbrush or sponge and rub the showerhead.

How to Clean Disassembled Shower?

How To Clean Electric Shower

If you prefer to clean your showerhead disassembled, start by undocking the bottom of the object. Just push down or follow the instructions in the manual. Some older showers may be threaded. In this case, turn to unscrew.

In a bowl with water pour a glass of sanitary water or vinegar. Put the showerhead disassembled there and let the mixture act for one hour when betting on the vinegar and for twenty minutes when the mixture contains bleach

Then remove the object from inside the bowl and use the old toothbrush to rub the holes and eliminate any clogging. If you prefer, instead of the old toothbrush you can use a sponge to rub both the holes and the entire shower.

Is there still some shower hole that is clogged? Use a fine needle to push the dirt. Dry the object thoroughly and re-install. Turn on the water and let run for a minute, to eliminate any remaining dirt that has remained inside the shower.

Care When Cleaning Your Shower

Some care is needed while cleaning the shower and after performing the procedure. You must:

Turn Off Electricity

If you have electric shower at home, before cleaning the object turn off the electricity to prevent accidents. Most homes have a unique shower head. Turn off and then clean the object.

This tip is valid for both who will dismantle the showerhead and who will perform the cleaning with it mounted. If the power is on, there is a risk of more serious shocks and accidents.

Do not drop water into the spinning

In addition to turning off the electricity it is important to be careful with wiring the electric shower. If it becomes apparent, loosen the shower wires during cleaning and avoid dropping water on them. If it does, dry immediately and wait a little longer until the power is restored or the object is reconnected.

Avoid abrasive products

Abrasive products are not suitable for cleaning your shower. Even with stains or mildew, do not use these products for cleaning. Even in metal showers. The ideal is to bet on a cloth moistened with water and a little vinegar or sanitary water, well dissolved.

Sponge or soft bristles are also welcome and recommended to carry out the cleaning of the shower.

Do regular maintenance

Cleaning the shower should be done on a regular basis. This avoids accumulation of dirt and possible clogging. Once every fortnight you can remove the shower cap to clean the holes or remove dirt with the help of the technique with the mounted object.

In cases of clogging the showerhead, loosen its lid and clean the holes individually with the help of a fine needle. Then leave the lid soaked in the solution water with vinegar or water and bleach to ensure that there will be no obstructed bore.

Keep the bathroom ventilated

Humidity is one of the main villains for the appearance of dirt (especially mold) in showers. So try to leave the room well ventilated. Does your bathroom have windows? Open them after showering.

If you live in an apartment with a bathroom without windows, leave the door open for a while after bathing, to ventilate the environment and avoid moisture.

Replace resistance when necessary

The strength of the showerhead is that it keeps the temperature in order and you do not have to change the key of the object. When it starts to burn, it is natural for the shower to become colder, even at higher temperatures.

Instead of waiting for the resistance to burn completely, replace it as needed. Remember to follow the manufacturer's directions and turn off the power before making the switch.

Now you already know how to clean shower. You have to realize that it is a very quick and easy process to do and that you need to perform the cleaning periodically to ensure the proper functioning of the object.

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