How to Clean Porcelain: Tips to Keep This Floor Always Clean

Porcelain tile is a material that is up in the interior flooring for its beauty, elegance and durability. In addition, this type of coating is found in various colors and textures and is very versatile as they can be installed both on the floor and on the walls. At the end of this article, you will know how to clean porcelain tile correctly:

In addition to the beauty and durability, the porcelain tile has low water absorption, which maintains its characteristics for much longer, the coloring is quite uniform and it is highly resistant to physical and chemical abrasion.

Of course this is a higher value option compared to ceramic tiles, but it is generally worth the investment.

Types of porcelain tiles

How to clean porcelain: environment that takes the material

Because it is a highly versatile product, there are several types of porcelain tiles available for application in any home environment. Check the details of each of them:

Polished porcelain

Polished porcelain coatings are the best known. They have the smoothest surface as they receive a polish and a protective layer. They are most recommended for dry areas such as rooms, corridors and bedrooms, as they are extremely slippery when wet.

Enamelled porcelain tile

Here the pieces receive a layer of enamel with the desired design. They can be smooth or rough, shiny or frosted. It is a coating that can be used for residential, commercial and even industrial use.

Porcelain satin

The satin finish has a matte finish and is more scratch and stain resistant than polished. If you are looking for a floor that is not so shiny, then the way is to invest in satin-finished porcelain tiles.

Rustic Porcelanato

This is best suited for outdoor and wet areas such as sauna, bathroom stall, garages and pool decks. It has a slightly abrasive surface, is even tougher than other types of finish and little slippery.

How to Clean Porcelain

First cleaning - after work

to seat porcelain floor

The first cleaning of your floor should be done up to 15 days after application of the grout and, if done well, will help prevent stains and facilitate the maintenance of your flooring throughout the life of the product.

This after-work cleaning should be done carefully to avoid scratches on the polished porcelanate and you will need only a sponge moistened with water.

The first step is to pass the damp sponge slowly observing if there are remnants of abrasive materials like cement, mortar and grains of sand.

Afterwards apply a specific product for cleaning after work and that is suitable for this type of coating. These products are easily found in building materials stores and they remove stains and dirt leaving the floor looking perfect.

How to Clean Porcelain: Cleaning the Grout

How to clean porcelain tile: sponge

On many occasions the grout also needs to be cleaned and this task is also simple. Wait at least 7 days after applying for the first cleaning and use a specific post-diluted product in water. Let the product act for the specified time on the carton and wipe with a soft sponge.

The grout can also be cleaned with creamy soapy. Just apply the product with an undiluted sponge and let it act for 10 minutes. Then wipe with the yellow part of the sponge.

Before applying other products, take a test to see if it will not damage your floor.

Dilute the product in water and apply only on one part of the piece. Observe for any blemishes or discoloration.

Vinegar is also a great home-made product to clean your porcelain tile as it helps remove excess grout from the tile without damaging your floor.

How to Clean Porcelain: Daily Cleaning

How to Clean Porcelain with Vacuum Cleaner

The porcelain tile is a very easy material to take care of keeping clean. Basically you will need:

  • A soft bristle broom or vacuum cleaner;
  • Neutral detergent diluted in water;
  • Dry cloths;
  • Alcohol or clean glasses.

The process is simple, you should first sweep the floor with the soft bristle broom to remove the bulk of the dirt. If you prefer, vacuum with the nozzle that has a brush to prevent your floor from getting scratched.

Prepare the cleaning solution by diluting one tablespoon of neutral detergent in 2 liters of water along with a few drops of clean glass solution. Apply on the floor using a soft cloth slightly moistened.

Repeat as many times as necessary to remove any dirt and then wipe with a soft cloth.

If you want, you can do the daily cleaning by rubbing the solution with a brush or with the soft bristle broom and then finishing by wiping the floor with a soft cloth. Never leave your floor too wet.

How to Clean Porcelain: More Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Porcelain with Cleaning Tips

We still have some more cleaning tips for you to follow:

  • Since neutral detergent does not leave that cleaning scent in the air, use a scented room spray or a diffuser.
  • Pen ink smears, watercolor pens, nail polishes or other pigments can be removed with alcohol, thinner or acetone. But apply just enough to remove the stain and dry it right away.
  • In case of residents allergic to cleaning products, use vinegar diluted in water to remove dirt from your porcelain floor. The vinegar does not stain, does not damage the shine and sanitizes the surface very well.
  • Satin and rustic porcelanatos, because they do not have that layer of gloss, are easier to clean and you can enjoy the scrubbing.
  • If you accidentally knock down alcohol or coffee, dilute a small amount of bleach in a 200ml container of water and pass the mixture with a soft sponge only in the spotted spot. Clean thoroughly with clean water and never apply product directly to the floor.

What to avoid when cleaning your porcelain tile

The porcelain tile is a floor that has a considerable durability, but it is always good to be careful when cleaning to avoid scratches or stains and always leave it shiny. The products you should avoid at the time of cleaning are:

  • Saponaceous powder;
  • Hard bristle brushes;
  • Liquid or pasty wax;
  • Washing powder;
  • Ammonia;
  • Sanitary water;
  • Caustic soda;
  • Products containing hydrofluoric acid;
  • Steel wool.

Care for a good conservation of your porcelain tile

How to Clean Porcelain: Tips to Keep This Floor Always Clean

Follow these steps to have an ever-preserved porcelain tile floor:

  1. Clean your porcelain tile as soon as there is an "accident" because leaving it for later will cause the material to impregnate the floor causing permanent stains.
  2. Use and abuse carpets, especially at the entrance to the house or rooms, so you reduce the dirt on the floor.
  3. Avoid mixing cleaning products. This is a very common habit among housewives or persons responsible for cleaning and can damage your floor.
  4. Put felt under furniture to reduce the possibility of scratching your floor when moving furniture.
  5. Avoid using the same cloth when cleaning all rooms.
  6. Never use rough utensils such as steel wool or the green side of the sponge.

As previously stated, the porcelain tile floor is sturdier and gives a very elegant finish to your home, so it deserves all the care you can have so it stays fresh for longer.

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