How to Clean LED TV: See Tips and Complete Walkthrough

LED TV is found in most homes. Today it is very rare for anyone to still have a tube TV or even plasma models. With the arrival of the digital signal people ended up opting to change the appliance for the LED options.

And that means you have to worry about cleaning up that object. Even if it is not used frequently, the TV should be cleaned to prevent dust or other dirt from accumulating that can shorten the life of the unit.

Do you have an LED TV at home and have questions about what you can and can not do - and use - during the cleaning process? Check out some tips:

Necessary materials

How to Clean LED TV

To clean LED TV you will need:

  • Soft, lint-free cloth;
  • Water;
  • Dust Mop;
  • Brush (soft bristles);
  • Product to clean LED monitors;
  • Cotton;
  • Swabs.

It is worth commenting that it is not recommended to use some products, such as:

  • Detergent;
  • Disinfectants;
  • Glass cleaner;
  • Alcohol;
  • Paper towel;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Lustra furniture;
  • Acetone;
  • Ammonia;
  • Alcohol in gel;
  • Toluene;
  • Chloromethane.

Why is it not recommended to use these products? They are abrasive, can be absorbed by the TV screen and end up damaging it. The neutral detergent is still released, but only one tablespoon for a quart of water.

LED TVs do not have a glass screen, as was formerly the case with a tube, so the glass cleaners can not be used. The material that composes the screen easily absorbs any product and even water, so all care is little during cleaning.

How to Clean LED TV Step by Step

How to Clean LED TV

Now that you've separated all the necessary material and know what not to use when cleaning your LED TV, it's time to put your hand in the dough:

1. Switch off the TV and disconnect the

Wait for it to cool down. Meanwhile you can focus on cleaning the bookshelf on which the TV stands or your remote control.

2. Pass the mop or duster

Begin cleaning by dabbing or dusting. Not just on the screen, but across the TV. If the appliance gets stuck in the wall, it is interesting to release it and support it on a sofa, so that cleaning is more efficient.

3. Moisten a soft cloth

If after passing a dry cloth or dust mop you noticed that there are still spots on the screen and even on the plastic parts of the TV, moisten a soft cloth in water or distilled water. This is also the time to use your own LED cleaning products, if you notice that the screen is very dirty.

Gently rub on the canvas, making circular motions. In the rest of the device can use a little more force, but without exaggeration. If you feel more secure, you can moisten the cloth with the aid of a spray bottle.

4. Wipe with a dry cloth

The TV is a delicate appliance and if you needed to wipe a damp cloth to perform cleaning, it should dry immediately. Take another soft, lint-free cloth and wipe the screen and the rest of the device dry.

5. Clean the corners of the screen

Take the brush, a swab or cotton. If the TV does not have a lot of dirt (you've probably been able to clean it using only the one suggested in the second step), pass the brush on the corners of the screen.

If you find it easier you can use a cotton swab, which should perform the same function of removing any dirt that is accumulated in the corners of the TV screen.

Is dirt difficult to remove? Dampen the tip of the brush, cotton swab or cotton in distilled water or water and gently pass the corners of the fabric. Finish by wiping a dry cloth in the same space to avoid any problems.

6. Clean smaller parts from the back of the TV

On the back of the LED TV are some small, harder places to clean just with cloth, such as USB, HDMI and handset inputs. To remove dust from these spaces, use the brush and swab. Avoid getting wet. Iron them dry.

7. Wipe the base of the TV with a cloth

Does your TV stand flat on the base of a shelf? Do not forget to also wipe this part of the object. As it is usually made of plastic, you can dampen the flannel before ironing and make more vigorous movements.

Water, distilled water or a ½-water mixture with 3 tablespoons of vinegar may help with this task.

Then wipe with a dry cloth to prevent moisture from coming into contact with the TV.

8. Return the TV to its place.

If you needed to remove the unit from the stand, it is time to put it back in place. The same holds true for those with base that looses and you preferred to take the TV off the shelf to clean better.

9. Wait a while before plugging the appliance into the outlet

Even if you have used a dry cloth to dry the screen and the entire device after cleaning with a damp cloth - or with your own product - wait a little longer before turning the TV on again.

If the screen is damp when power is connected, there is a risk of smudging. If other parts are moistened, the risk is more serious: a short circuit. So wait a little longer.

If you feel more secure, wipe the dry cloth over the entire appliance.

Extra tip: if you want more detailed tips to clean the TV screen, check out our article with exclusive suggestions !

Care while cleaning an LED TV

How to Clean LED TV 1

The task of cleaning the LED TV was not that hard, but it's important that you know you need to take some daily care during and after cleaning. The aim is that the device will last for a long time and it is not necessary to seek technical assistance - or even buy a new TV.

Check out some important care you need to have with your LED TV:

Do not apply anything directly to the TV screen.

Even the water or the specific product for cleaning LED TV can never be applied directly to the TV and this is also valid for the back of the device. To avoid problems everything should be applied on a cloth and this is what will be rubbed in the household appliance.

Dry Flannel is sufficient for light wipes

If the TV has no grease stains (caused by fingers), is cleaned with a certain frequency and is not installed in a space that accumulates a lot of dust, the dry flannel is sufficient for cleaning. Rub it gently and the device will look like it's new.

Never leave the TV connected to the wall outlet during cleaning.

Even if you do not intend to use water or other products, before you start cleaning, unplug the appliance from the outlet and allow it to cool down a bit. No risk of shock or accident!

Wear protective clothing in dusty areas

Did you notice that the location where the TV is located accumulates a lot of dust? Consider the idea of ​​using a protective cover, so removing the dirt becomes easier.

Maintain a cleaning frequency

The trick to avoid dust accumulation is to frequently clean the LED TV. Once a week is enough for regions that do not accumulate so much dirt or for those who do not have small children at home.

Have you any questions about how to clean your LED TV? Leave in the comments! And if you have more tips tell us!

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