How to clean glass table: see practical step by step

Having a glass table at home can make the task of cleaning quite practical. This type of furniture often does not require the use of tablecloths and gives an exquisite touch to the environment.

Of course you need to be careful. Glass is a material that can be considered fragile and therefore it is necessary attention in the day to day and also in the process of cleaning.

Cleaning glass table is much more practical than other types of table, such as wood. Still, even if you wager on tablecloths (plastic or cloth) you will need to clean the furniture. Be it on a day-to-day basis or on a general day at the house.

Learn how to clean glass table with ease:

How to Clean Glass Table Step by Step

How to clean glass table: see practical step by step

To clean glass table you should:

1. Observe the type of glass

Each type of glass receives a different cleaning. If your table is plain glass, you have more possibilities of materials to remove dirt, you can use sponges and cloths, for example. Now if the glass is "wrinkled" it may be necessary to gamble on some extra elements, like an old toothbrush.

Tempered glass on the other hand will not allow you to use abrasive substances as there is the possibility of scratching.

2. Separate the required material

Look for everything you will need to perform the cleaning. A sponge or soft cloth, clean glasses, alcohol, vinegar, neutral detergent, water and old toothbrush for the wrinkled glasses. Leave all materials near the glass table.

3. How to clean greasy glass

Did you notice that the glass on your table is greasy? You will get a little more work and should not start by passing the glass cleaner. First it is recommended to wipe paper towel to remove any excess fat. So you do not have to scrub the table surface so much (which is not recommended for some types of glass).

If you have glass cleaners at home you can spray the product on the table. If not, prepare a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. It can be in a spray bottle, to make the task easier. Did you notice that even after passing the paper towel or newspaper the table is still greasy? Use hot water in the mix.

Apply on the table, wipe with a sponge and wipe dry with a dry (lint-free) cloth or paper towel. Another very effective tip is to mix vinegar and detergent to rub on the glass table top. The process is the same, sprinkle on the table and wipe with sponge and cloth.

Is the glass on your desk wrinkled? After applying the mixture or the glass cleaner, rub with the help of an old and soft toothbrush. If you prefer you can use a larger brush, the important thing is that it has soft bristles. Use this object to scrub and ensure that dirt is removed from all spaces in the glass.

4. How to Clean Tempered Glass

If your table has tempered glass, you will need a little more care when cleaning. Use only water, mild detergent, a soft sponge, and a soft, lint-free cloth. To help with the task, you can bet on a sprinkler.

Prepare a mixture of equal parts of water and detergent. If you have used the sprayer, apply directly to the table, if not, soak the sponge and rub lightly onto the glass. Preferably use the softer side of the sponge (if you prefer to use a crockery, the yellow side).

Let the mixture act for 15 to 20 minutes. Even if you have applied it on the table with the help of sponge. Rub again (if you used the sprayer, rub the first time). Finish the task by wiping with a slightly moistened soft cloth to remove the soap and wipe it with a dry cloth to polish the glass. If you prefer, you can also use paper towel in the drying part.

If you have glass cleaners at home you can use this product instead of mixing water and detergent. The important thing is not to use any other substances or abrasive materials on the glass top of the table.

5. How to deflate glass from the table

If your home tabletop glass fogs easily there is a handy hint to solve the problem. Take a soap bar, from those used for washing clothes or even for kitchen dishes.

Rub the soap on the dry table. Do not wet the table or the soap. Then wipe a dry cloth or towel over the table top, wipe gently until the glass is transparent. You will leave the glass shining and completely undone.

When choosing the cloth or towel, bet on those that do not loose lint.

6. Daily cleaning tips

You should know that it is important to clean the table every day, even if it is something lighter, to remove leftover foods or drinks that have fallen there. For heavy cleaning it is worth using stronger products such as the clean glasses or the vinegar and water mixtures and vinegar and detergent.

To remove dirt from day to day you can bet on a rag soaked in alcohol. It is also possible to mix a plug of softeners in one liter of water and to pass on the glass with the aid of a soft cloth.

Rubbing without too much force, the idea is to remove the dirt and not damage the glass. A cloth is enough to do the job. It is not necessary to use sponges or soft brushes.

Care while cleaning your glass table

How to Clean Glass Table

During cleaning you need to be careful, but if you want your glass table to last longer, you can pay attention to other situations. You are advised to:

1. Prefer soft sponges and absorbent paper for cleaning

Soft sponges and absorbent paper (such as paper towel) are best suited for cleaning table glass. Give preference to these materials as they do not scratch or damage the glass.

2. Dry the table immediately

After cleaning, dry the table immediately, thus preventing stains on the glass. A dry, lint-free cloth can help with the task. If you prefer, use paper towel.

3. Shade washing

The sun in contact with some cleaning products, even if only water and detergent, may end up leaving stains on the glass. When cleaning the table, take it to a space that does not touch the sun.

4. Do not place hot containers directly on top of

Glass and hot containers are two things that do not fit together. If you want to avoid breaking or cracking the table top, use pan protectors or do not bring anything hot to the table.

5. Avoid solvent and soap products

Solvent-based and soap-based products may leave permanent marking on the glass. Stains and scratches that you certainly do not want on your desk!

6. Avoid Newspapers

Although some people recommend the newsprint to clean the fat from the glass table, it is best to avoid it. The paint can stick to the glass and stain it permanently. Prefer the paper towel.

7. Know the correct way to scrub

The trick to good cleaning is not in the amount of product used. A few drops of detergent on a sponge are enough to get good results. You should scrub, making vertical and horizontal movements, but without force on the glass.

8. Clean the table after each meal

If after every meal you pass an alcohol cloth or even a cloth with a few drops of detergent, you are already avoiding the accumulation of fat on the table top. The heavy cleaning can become much easier and the table always has a bright and beautiful touch.

See how easy it is to clean glass table? If you have any other helpful tips to help with this task, share in the comments!

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