How to Clean Bed Box: Discover the practical step by step

The box bed, like other objects of the house, deserves an extra dose of attention when it comes to cleanliness. After all, it is in this space that you will sleep and that means that at least eight hours of your day you spend in bed.

Despite the frequent exchange of sheets and pillowcases, dust mites are still there, not to mention the little natural filth of everyday life, such as dust and that of animals clinging to clothes, including pajamas.

Learn how to clean bed box now and understand the importance of this task:

Why clean it?

How to Clean Bed Box

You might wonder why you need to clean the bed box. Would not it only be necessary to change bed linen? For the answer is no. That alone is not enough. The ideal is to remove the box from the place and do a deeper cleaning to avoid mold, mold and the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

Deep cleaning does not always have to be done everyday, for example, but doing it with a certain frequency avoids accumulating dust and also improves sleep quality. Exactly, if there is dirt or even a little dust your sleep can be impaired.

How to clean box bed step by step

Check out the step by step to carry out cleaning your bed box:



One of the most practical ways to clean your bed box is by using a vaporizer. It can even be a portable model. The appliance uses high temperature water and cleans and disinfects all furniture.

First check the operating instructions of the device and follow the instructions described there. In most vaporizers it is only necessary to put the amount of water indicated in the tank and then switch on the appliance. Remember to adjust to the proper temperature to perform the cleaning of mattresses.

When the steam starts to come out of the appliance, go over the mattress and the box in back and forth movements. The indicated thing is to do the whole process during the day and leave the mattress uncovered and room open, so that the object dries.

Avoid doing this cleaning on wetter days to ensure that the mattress and box will be clean but not moist and prone to mold or mildew.

Home Products

Baking soda and vinegar

If you do not have a vaporizer at home, you have the option of using homemade products to make your litter box free of dirt. Among the options you can bet on:

1. Baking soda and vinegar

If your goal is to remove stains, this blend is ideal for the task. All you will need is a glass of alcohol, three glasses of vinegar, a baking soda, a bucket and a rag.

Mix the alcohol, vinegar and baking soda in the bucket and then soak the cloth. Be careful not to soak. The ideal would only be to moisten it. Rub on stains and other dirt on the mattress.

Then leave the object exposed to the sun. If you can not do this, bet on the hair dryer and keep the place where the mattress is rather airy.

2. Sanitary water

The bleach is ideal for cleaning mattresses and box beds that are quite dirty. To accomplish the task you will need a spray, a glass of bleach, three glasses of water and a brush (similar to those of clothes).

Prepare the mixture inside the spray bottle and take the mattress to a very ventilated place - or open the windows of the room well. Spray on any object and then rub with the help of the brush. If possible, leave the cot exposed in the sun and wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth (water only).

3. Sodium bicarbonate

This is one of the options for removing litter from litter box easier, but it is necessary to have a vacuum cleaner at home. Spread the bicarbonate across the bed. It is not necessary to mix with any other ingredients, not even with water.

Let it act for about half an hour and then run the vacuum cleaner to remove all baking soda from the box and the mattress.

4. Vinegar, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide

If you need to clean pee stains, as is common in children's box beds, a blend of vinegar, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can be quite helpful. You should mix the vinegar and alcohol in a container. In a smaller one, pour a little hydrogen peroxide and wet a cloth.

Rub the wet cloth in hydrogen peroxide on the mattress and box stains. Then add a little bit of baking soda and sprinkle the vinegar and alcohol mixture until it forms a lather. Let it act for about an hour and then run the vacuum cleaner all over the furniture.

If preferred, a damp cloth can also be passed in water to remove the remains of sodium bicarbonate. Remember to leave the mattress exposed in the sun or in a very airy environment after cleaning.

Box maintenance and care


In addition to the periodic cleaning of the box bed, it is also necessary to take some other care to avoid problems and increase their durability. Among the most important are:

Deep cleaning the mattress at least once a month

The deepest cleaning of the mattress should be done at least once a month, at least to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and the accumulation of dust. Those who have children or the elderly at home who urinate in bed can increase this periodicity to every fortnight.

1. Avoid using chemicals

Chemicals damage the mattress and the box itself. The ideal is to avoid them at the time of cleaning. Sanitary water is the only product released and should be applied only on the most difficult to remove stains from a white mattress or box. If you have a mattress of another color or that does not have stains, dispense bleach.

2. Change bed linen once a week

Bedding accumulates dust and other dirt, such as animal hair. It should be changed on average once a week - you can change it before in case of illness or having pets that sleep in bed.

3. Let the box catch sun / light

The box and mattress should be in a room where they get the sun or at least a little light. So you avoid mold and mildew.

4. Change the position of the mattress

The mattress will adapt to the body and if you do not change it position can not only deform it but also create stains on the fabric. Turn it sideways if possible or change only the position of the head and feet.

5. Washing blankets

No use keeping the mattress clean and forgetting the blankets. Just like the sheets, they need to be washed. Thick blankets can use cover to avoid picking up dirt and grime and should visit the laundry room at least once a year.

The finest blankets, which accompany you the longest throughout the year, can be washed with the sheets, on average once or twice a week.

Those who sleep with animals in bed should pay close attention to this washing.

See how easy it is to clean bed box? Now you already know how to do this using homemade products and understands that cleaning your mattress is a guarantee of having a better sleep - and getting rid of allergies.

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