How to Clean Bathroom Box: Practical Ways and Step by Step

The bathroom stall is an area that needs to be cleaned with some regularity since it is in one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. In fact, this is a humid area and has a great tendency to accumulate water, debris and to develop bacteria that can be harmful to humans.

Bathroom and clean stall is not synonymous only with organization, but it is also a health issue. And most people have questions about how to sanitize the box well, remove stains and avoid that blurry look that glass is getting as it is being used.

How to Clean Bathroom Box: Glass and Acrylic Box

Cleaning the bathroom stall

Those white patches that we observe in the glass or acrylic box are due to our hygiene in the bath, they emerge from the foam of the products that we use to cleanse us and the fat of our body.

Therefore, the box should be cleaned basically with water and neutral soap. It is good to establish a certain periodicity in cleaning, at least once a week, as these stains become more resistant as time passes.

Use a detergent or a multi-purpose degreasing product directly in the box and then, with the aid of a sponge or soft fiber, wipe the entire length of the glass or acrylic. Hot water is an excellent ally to remove accumulated fat.

If your box has rough or dotted texture, use the neutral soapy water solution and apply with a soft brush. The brush will remove accumulated dirt at hard-to-reach points.

Finish cleaning by thoroughly wiping the surface of the box with a lint-free cloth. If you let it dry on its own, the water that runs off will leave visible marks and you get the impression that your stall has not even been cleaned.

How to Clean Toilet Box: Homemade Cleaning Solution

How to clean toilet box: bottle with homemade solution for cleaning

There are a number of specific bathroom and glass cleaners available on the market, but many of them, in addition to not being really effective at cleansing, harms the environment.

Check out a home-made cleaning product recipe that will leave your box shining, will not weigh in your pocket and will not do damage to our planet:

  • 1 tablespoon alcohol 70% liquid;
  • 2 tablespoons baking soda;
  • 1 tablespoon of soap powder;
  • 200ml white vinegar;
  • 200ml warm water;

In a small bowl, combine the soap, alcohol, baking soda, vinegar and warm water in the same order. With a soft sponge apply on the inside and outside of the box. Make circular motions or rub in the same direction.

After covering all glass or acrylic, let the product act for about 5 minutes and rinse. If any stains or dirt remain, repeat the process until your box is completely clean.

Plastic curtain

Bathroom with curtain

If you have those plastic curtains in your bathroom, it is important to frequent cleaning it as well, as it stays moist for a long time and may even collect slime, mold and fungi on its surface.

To clean the curtain, check the manufacturer's label and guidelines to avoid damaging the object. Remove the curtain from the rail and soak it in a bowl or place large enough to accommodate the entire curtain with soapy water and powder.

Soak for long enough to release any accumulated dirt. If you notice that there are fungus and excess impurities on the ends, use an old toothbrush or a washing brush to scrub and clean the area.

If you want, you can wash the curtain in the washing machine, but put along with it two bath towels to reduce the friction of the curtain material inside the machine and to help remove the toughest dirt.

If your curtain can not be machine washed or if it is impregnated with mildew points, use a specific cleaning solution for fungi and bacteria such as slime or chlorine based products.

Take out excess water or finish the cycle in the washer and put the curtain to dry in the shade.

5 out of the ordinary products to clean your box

There are some box cleaning tips that use somewhat unusual products and that, at first, may even seem like a joke. But know it is not! These somewhat unusual products have been tested and can make your life easier when cleaning the bathroom.

1. Toothpaste

How To Clean Bathroom Box: Toothpaste

This tip is to leave the box with that incredible shine! Use white toothpaste, it can not be that in gel or with mixed colors. Apply the paste on the dry box glass with the abrasive side of the sponge (the green) and let it act for a few minutes. Scrub again and rinse. It is an excellent polisher, easy to find and inexpensive. The downside is that your bathroom will be smelling of toothpaste and if the stall has older and sturdier stains, these will not disappear.

2. Steel straw

How to Clean Bathroom Box: Steel Straw

You may not believe it, but the tip is to pass dry steel wool over the equally dry glass. Do not worry, she will not scratch the glass if both are very dry. The steel straw removes all the fat accumulated in the glass very easily and quickly. Then just wash with the products you are accustomed to, rinse and dry. Pay attention to loose steel wool on the floor, wash thoroughly and dispose of the powder well or there is a risk that the floor will be marked with rust spots.

3. Ammonia

How to Clean Bathroom Box: Ammonia

The ammonia removes even the most resistant of fats impregnated in the box. Apply the product on the dry glass with the abrasive side of the sponge (the green) also dry. Let it act for about 5 minutes, wipe again, wait another 5 minutes and rinse. Repeat as many times as necessary to fully clean the box. The negative point of ammonia is that it is quite toxic and can cause allergic or respiratory reactions.

4. Polish furniture

How to Clean Bathroom Box: Polish Furniture

The furniture polish is the cat's leap to finish cleaning your box! Spray a good coat of this product with a lint-free cloth after the box is clean and dry. It creates a protective layer, practically waterproof, in the glass that protects the box against grease and water stains. Some brands can leave the glass looking greasy, stay tuned. And the glass can be very slippery, making it easy to get in the way, especially if you have children, so consider using it.

5. Soap

How to Clean Toilet Box: Soap

We have previously said that the box stains come from the fat in our body, right? So the final tip today is to use soap to clean your box, since it is specific to clean just that kind of fat. Let it soak to soften slightly and turn a pastry. Rub this paste of soap into the box and then rinse.

Now there's no excuse for leaving your bathroom stall smudged and foggy. You can use products available on the market shelves or special home-made prescriptions to clean the stall and let your bathroom clink. Get to work!

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