How to Clean a Washing Machine Inside and Out

Maybe it's new to you, but you have to clean your washing machine inside and out with some frequency. And do you know why?

Have you ever stopped to think that all that dirt that comes out of the clothes at the time of the wash does not always go away with the water? Yes, the washing machine, over time, is collecting waste, lint, soap and softener and needs maintenance from time to time.

Keeping your washing machine clean is not only necessary for the sake of hygiene and organization, but it is also important for the health of your body and your pocket.

Household appliances with up-to-date maintenance work better, water inlet and outlet flows are clear of waste, the filter does its job properly and you save on cleaning products and even on the electricity consumption of the appliance.

Also, it is important to keep your machine free of fungi and bacteria that can ruin your clothes and cause health problems like respiratory and skin allergies.

How to Clean a Washing Machine: Necessary Materials

Dirty washing machine

Cleaning your washing machine is something simple and you can do using homemade ingredients. You will need:

  • Hot water (if possible)
  • 1 liter of bleach
  • 1 liter of white vinegar
  • 1 soft cloth or sponge

Internal Cleaning: How to Clean Washer with Top Opening

Washer with top opening

  1. We suggest you start by cleaning the inside of the machine. If your machine runs on hot water, use it for cleaning. If not, let the machine fill up halfway and place two buckets of boiling water to mix with the cold water.
  2. Another option, to not have to use hot water, is to start the machine with even cold water, but in the longer cycle.
  3. Leave to wash the entire cycle, only with water, without any clothing. The goal is to eliminate possible residues of soap, fabric softener and other products.
  4. Fill the machine again (with hot or cold water, according to the previous steps) and add 1 liter of bleach.
  5. Let it beat for about 1 minute, turn off the machine and let the "sauce" act for about 1 hour.
  6. After this period, continue with the normal cycle of washing and spinning.
  7. Fill the machine again according to the previous steps and add 1 liter of white vinegar this time.
  8. Let it beat for about 1 minute, turn off and let the sauce act again for 1 hour.
  9. With a soft cloth, use this water with vinegar from the sauce to clean the removable parts, the hardest corners and any stain or dirt that you find.
  10. After the 1-hour rest is completed, terminate the wash and spin cycle normally.
  11. Dry the basket and the internal parts with a soft cloth. Do not forget to wipe the edge of the drum.

Internal cleaning: How to clean machine with front opening

How to Clean a Washing Machine Inside and Out

  1. Fill the machine with hot water to the maximum limit, ie select the high water level.
  2. Complete the complete cycle only with water and no clothing inside. The goal is to eliminate waste and lint.
  3. Once finished, refill the machine and add 2 cups of 200ml of white vinegar to the soap dispenser.
  4. Let the machine complete the full wash and spin cycle. Use the long cycle.
  5. If the soap, bleach and fabric softener containers are removable, remove them from the place and soak them in bleach and hot water for about 5 minutes.
  6. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth before putting them back in place.
  7. You can use an old toothbrush to remove soap residue from the detergent drawer.
  8. Dry the inside of the machine with a soft cloth.
  9. Make a mixture of 1 cup of bleach to 1 liter of warm water. This mixture will serve to clean the rubber from the opening.
  10. Pull the rubber folds gently and wipe the slots with a soft cloth dampened in the mixture above.
  11. Remove all possible residues and leave the rubber moist with this solution for a few minutes.
  12. Dry all rubber with a soft cloth.

External cleaning: how to clean the washing machine from outside

Washer by outside

To clean the outside of your machine, use only warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. Whether it is front opening or top opening, care in cleaning the outside should be the same:

  1. Dampen the cloth in a solution of warm water and mild soap.
  2. Thread the cloth all over the outside machine.
  3. If there are spots or some residue that is difficult to get out, use a soft sponge and rub until the dirt is removed.
  4. Remove excess soap with a damp cloth only with water.
  5. To finish, wipe dry with a dry cloth.

How to Clean a Machine Washer and Dryer

If you have a machine that performs both functions, in addition to following the cleansing tips we've gone through in that article, clean the lint filter once a month under running water. Dry well before putting it back in place.

If there is accumulation of lint on the back of the machine or around the filter, use the vacuum cleaner, it is a hand on the wheel to rid the external areas of unwanted waste.

And if there are stains on the inside due to dyes or clothes that release paint, put some old cloths to wash, use the cycle with hot water and some bleach.

Essential Care

Drum of the washing machine

To keep your washing machine always in good condition please note our tips:

  • Remove excess foam. If you have accidentally put too much soap and the machine beat has produced an excess of foam, perform a second cycle of rinsing to thoroughly clean the inner part.
  • Clean the lint filter regularly and rinse it under running water once a month. If necessary, use a brush.
  • Also clean the outside fan of the machine, if any, leaving the blades free of debris.
  • Always use the right amount of detergent, bleach and fabric softener. Refer to machine manufacturer guidelines and product packaging.
  • Perform the cleaning as described in this article at least twice a year.
  • If you live in a region where the water is hard, that is, have a high concentration of salts and calcium, do the cleaning every 3 months or use descaling tablets.
  • Try to dry the inside of the machine always at the end of each wash, so you keep the interior clean longer.
  • Leave the cover open to prevent mold and air.
  • Do not leave clothes washed for a long time inside the machine. Once the wash cycle is complete, remove the clothes.

Now that you know that it is important to periodically clean your washing machine and, better yet, you already know how to do this cleaning properly, put this activity on the list of household chores.

This ensures greater durability of your clothes, prevents the appearance of stains and mildew and prolongs the life of your appliance. Get to work!

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