How to choose the living room rug

The rug is an indispensable accessory for those who want to enhance the home decor. In addition to making the environment more comfortable, it takes joy and personality without needing too many resources. So, we dedicated this post with tips on how to choose the ideal rug for the room, in harmony with the decor of the environment.

It is worth remembering that the choice of carpet is one of the last items in a living room design, since the furniture is the essential pieces for the purchase of the carpet. If you already own a rug in particular, try to start from it through color chart. The rugs go well on any floor and can be cold or wood. And today with the integrated rooms we can use more than one carpet in the same space, remembering to seek to choose the same shade of colors or something that brings the combination between them.

There are 4 points that deserve attention when choosing the right carpet for the room, check out all of them below:

Living room size

First, it is essential to check the size of the room to see how the piece fits in place. The carpet is usually in the middle of the room, so always look for a larger size so that it is trapped under the sofa, avoiding accidents. This is also a way to integrate with the other items: center table, side table, lampshade with foot, armchairs, vases and other items.

After analyzing your room format and the proposal you want to follow, you can choose the format of it: it can be rectangular, round or square. Any of the three has an incredible end result. The round rugs are ideal for highlighting an object, and can be even the center table or a floor lamp.

Decoration style

Defined the style of your room, you can choose infinite models and prints. For those who have a modern and jovial style, the ideal is to dare with the choice of geometric carpets with colors or inverse tones (black and white, red and blue, yellow and pink ...). In the classic style, the ideal is to choose a cotton wool rug and if it is a formal room, the Persian rugs are not out of fashion. If you do not want to make a mistake, invest in a thick rug, it can fit well in any room, leaving the look beautiful.


The colors may depend on the size of the room. As we talk in other posts, the dark tones always diminish the environment, invest in them if you have a large and modern room. The colors are good for those who have a neutral sofa in which the carpet does not distort much in the composition, remembering that always a touch of color brings life to the environment. Neutral colors such as beige, white and gray make the trio perfect for any type of living room.


Rugs can be made from wool, acrylic, polyester, leather or synthetic fiber. Wool carpets are more durable and soft, they are usually of the highest quality and therefore more expensive. They also have a great variety of colors because the wool accepts the dye well, widely used in tapestry. If you want a cheaper option, the acrylic mimics the texture very well, but its durability is inferior. Polyester rugs, on the other hand, are the famous shaggy carpets, much used in TV rooms. For those who possess some kind of allergy, the recommended is to opt for leather or synthetic fibers, which are more in consideration than the first option.

The last tip to leave the carpet functional on a daily basis is to put a non-slip adhesive tape underneath it. This makes it stick to the floor, besides keeping it in the correct position avoiding its repositioning in the day to day.

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70 ideas on how to choose the carpet for the living room

For easy viewing, we've separated 70 inspirations from how to choose the living room rug with style and propriety. Be sure to follow these tips - now check out some models of floor mats to use as a reference for your living room design:

Picture 1 - Choose a rug in strong colors if you want to highlight it in the environment.

How to choose the living room rug

Photo: Reproduction

This idea is cool for a room with a predominantly neutral decor. In the case above, the shades of gray scatter throughout the room, leaving room for a richer carpet of color.

Picture 2 - The geometric prints reinforce the jovial style of the room.

How to choose the carpet from room 1

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 3 - The rug in sisal leaves the most imperceptible dirt.

How to choose the living room rug 2

Photo: Reproduction

Due to the sisal weaves, the dirt camouflages as the use passes, avoiding the continuous cleaning of the carpet. Besides being a neutral option that harmonizes both light and dark floors, they appear much more in the decoration due to its textured finish.

Picture 4 - The new trend of 2018 is the overlap of carpets.

How to Choose Carpet in Room 3

Photo: Reproduction

Seen in the decoration shows, the overlap should harmonize with the style of the living room. The choice of carpets should match each other, not only by color, but by the complete composition of the room.

Picture 5 - The choice of textured beige rug leads to the feeling of comfort and spaciousness.

How to choose the living room rug 4

Photo: Reproduction

The beige is still the darling color for lovers of a clean and modern room. But to give a touch of personality, it is good to play with the textures of the elements. As for example, the rougher wood, the upholstery of the sofa, the voal of the curtains, the lacquering of the dresser and the softness of the carpet. Using this textures technique, the design comes out a bit of the traditional and goes for a more professional look, leaving your environment much more beautiful.

Picture 6 - The choice of carpet prioritized the earthy tones of the environment.

How to choose the 5 room rug

Photo: Reproduction

The predominant wood on the floor, sideboard and miter was the starting point for choosing the color of the sisal carpet. On wooden floors, always try to choose a lighter shade so that the piece appears in the room. After all, the goal of the rug is to complement the decor and not hide it!

Picture 7 - Animal print carpets take personality and leave the common.

How to choose the 6 room rug

Photo: Reproduction

Despite the fears of many, this is one of our favorite carpets! They can stand out in the environment, without having to embellish much with the style, since generally they match with the majority of them. The vast majority of these rugs have neutral colors, which facilitates the composition of any room.

Picture 8 - Due to the decorative style of the loft, the carpet followed the color chart of the industrial proposal.

How to choose the carpet from room 7

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 9 - Leave the corner more cozy!

How to choose the 8 seat rug

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 10 - With the style defined, it is easier to choose the items of the setting.

How to choose the carpet from room 9

Photo: Reproduction

Here we can see the bohemian air scattered throughout the room! The items are the ones that define the identity of the environment. The composition with cotton rugs could not be different, the mix and match is a strong feature in boho style, and so could not miss it!

Image 11 - Leave the decor cheerful and fun!

How to choose the carpet from room 10

Photo: Reproduction

Many have the doubt of how to leave the decor fun without leaving the atmosphere very jovial. The great trick is to dare on the little things that make up this space. The rug is one of them, any pattern or design that the piece receives, will leave the environment less serious and more inviting.

Picture 12 - Once again the animal print demonstrates how it is possible to mix the decorative items without undoing in the visual.

How to choose the carpet from room 11

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 13 - The room with contemporary proposal asks for neutral colors, however, the texture of the rug can be worked.

How to choose the carpet from room 12

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 14 - When the colors talk to each other, the composition becomes much more coherent.

How to choose the carpet from room 13

Photo: Reproduction

The turquoise blue was the color that stood out over the neutral decor. You can choose a color of your own and do the same. Choose carpets, vases, frames and even a detail of the joinery based on that color. It's elegant and you can not go wrong!

Picture 15 - The composition of the rugs leave the room delicate and feminine.

How to choose the carpet in room 14

Photo: Reproduction

Image 16 - A little dynamics on the floor.

How to choose the carpet from room 15

Photo: Reproduction

Image 17 - The Chevron print is current and neutral at the same time.

How to choose the carpet from room 16

Photo: Reproduction

Image 18 - Use the stripes to your advantage in the environment!

How to choose the carpet from room 17

Photo: Reproduction

The stripes can lengthen the environment, leading to the sense of continuity and amplitude. And that's what happened in the room above, the carpet appreciated the central area between the sofa and the dresser, leaving the space more inviting.

Picture 19 - The dining room with round table looks great with a rug of the same format.

How to choose the carpet from room 18

Photo: Reproduction

Image 20 - The rug can define the living room area.

How to choose the carpet from room 19

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 21 - For those looking for a clean room, work in neutral colors, and if possible in tone on tone.

How to choose the living room rug 20

Photo: Reproduction

The tone on tone is the best way to decorate an environment! Especially for those who find it difficult to combine colors and textures. In the above project, the proposal is a clean room, so the shades of gray were worked in their varied intensities and textures.

Image 22 - To break the seriousness of the room, try the printed carpets.

How to choose the living room rug 21

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 23 - The passageways further lengthen the circulation.

How to choose the carpet from room 22

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 24 - Note that furniture should be present on the carpet.

How to choose the living room rug 23

Photo: Reproduction

The correct position of the carpet should be around the entire layout of the room, that is, around a 20 cm more at the edges, so that all furniture is on the piece. In the case of a sideboard or bench, the carpet should be close to the furniture and not below.

Image 25 - Choose a rug with some color interference in the decoration.

How to choose the living room rug 24

Photo: Reproduction

The room being loaded with information, does not need a heavy item anymore. The idea is to get a color that appears on the accessories or the coating and insert the tone for the carpet.

Picture 26 - The P & B carpet can balance with the pink items in the living room.

How to choose the living room rug 25

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 27 - The mats can bring more comfort to the living room.

How to choose the carpet from room 26

Photo: Reproduction

Silk rugs are a hit in the TV rooms! But they can also be placed in the living room, and still compose with some cushions to serve as a seat when you receive visitors. For those who have children at home is a great request, as this leaves the floor comfortable and they can play and lie on it at will!

Image 28 - When the goal is to highlight the decorative items, opt for a neutral rug.

How to choose the living room rug 27

Photo: Reproduction

Image 29 - The coolness of sisal is the effect of the plots made by two colors.

How to choose the living room rug 28

Photo: Reproduction

The same can happen with the rugs also, but the sisal leaves the environment more clean and hygienic.

Picture 30 - The most cuddly rug is a perfect choice for those who value comfort.

How to Choose the Mat Room 29

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 31 - The language of the carpet should refer to the style of the decoration.

How to choose the 30 seat rug

Photo: Reproduction

Image 32 - For a lighter floor, choose a darker shade than the porcelain tile.

How to choose the carpet in the room 31

Photo: Reproduction

This contrast should occur between the floor and the carpet. Whatever the tonality of the floor, the rug should always stand out on the color of the floor. The rug is a decorative accessory, which takes comfort, divides the spaces, but should also appear!

Picture 33 - How to compose with a round and rectangular rug.

How to choose the living room rug 32

Photo: Reproduction

Making a composition of carpets in different formats requires special care. Besides the size, the prints and colors count a lot for the visual to be harmonious. The cool thing is to do when you have a big room, so they appear more. Always try to put one flat and the other with texture. And so it is with color, one more colored and the other more neutral (beige, gray, black and white).

Picture 34 - The round carpet promotes a more contemporary air to the room.

How to choose the living room rug 33

Photo: Reproduction

Image 35 - The use of texture is elegant and sophisticated!

How to choose the living room rug 34

Photo: Reproduction

Image 36 - If the intention is to broaden the environment, use a rug with the same color as the floor.

How to choose the living room rug 35

Photo: Reproduction

This trick is ideal for small rooms, but can also be applied in larger environments as in the above project. Ideally, all the rest should collaborate for this amplitude effect, such as white colors, mirrored items, glass pieces, and wide windows for the incidence of natural light.

Image 37 - The corrugated prints bring movement to this seating area.

How to choose the living room rug 36

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 38 - A tip for those who have wood flooring is to opt for a lighter shade than the finish.

How to choose the living room rug 37

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 39 - Round rugs look great in a large living room.

How to choose the carpet from room 38

Photo: Reproduction

They stand out even more in large environments, because their format does not hurt so much in the distribution of furniture. This can interfere somewhat in small rooms, which ends up decreasing the circulation space creating the feeling of a smaller environment. In the above example, we can see that the rug created an intimate room with an original layout and a different treatment than a rectangular room.

Image 40 - When you want to highlight another color in the environment, choose a simple, neutral rug.

How to choose the living room rug 39

Photo: Reproduction

The color featuring this design is blue! And for this to happen in your room in a harmonic and clean way, opt for a neutral base to insert some details of the desired color. The carpet can be a prominent piece that occupies a good area of ​​the floor of the room, following the neutral tones.

Image 41 - Neutrality in colors demonstrate a classic and modern room.

How to choose the 40 room rug

Photo: Reproduction

Image 42 - The carpet is the focal point of this environment.

How to Choose Living Room Rug 41

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 43 - The same color palette of the carpet can appear in some objects of the room.

How to choose the living room rug 42

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 44 - At the moment of the composition, look for a balance between the pieces.

How to choose the carpet from room 43

Photo: Reproduction

Image 45 - The color chart was the starting point of this project!

How to choose the carpet from room 44

Photo: Reproduction

The choice of colors can be the beginning of any project and this will depend a lot on the residents. Something that reflects their personality is essential in the environment! If you have some colors that let you insert in the ambiance, try to combine them with the same intensity (example: orange and light blue, red and vibrant orange) and some other details in the neutral colors so that not everything is a carnival.

Picture 46 - Gray and blue form an incredible double for those who want a neutral room without leaving it very serious.

How to choose the carpet from room 45

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 47 - This carpet model is ideal for a more funny and jovial room!

How to choose the carpet in room 46

Photo: Reproduction

The striped B & Bs are beautiful and versatile in any decorating style. For those who do not know which model to invest, bet on the trend of stripes in this color duo that stands out in clean environments as well as in a room full of colors!

Image 48 - Make a mix of prints in the integrated room.

How to choose the living room rug 47

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 49 - B & W striped rugs can be a solution to decorate without loading in different prints.

How to choose the carpet from room 48

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 50 - The tone on tone in the decoration is a simple solution for those who do not want to make a mistake!

How to choose the 49 room rug

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 51 - For a home office in the room, you can not miss a small rug between the table and the chair.

How to choose the 50 room rug

Photo: Reproduction

The rug avoids the noise of the chair dragging and leaves the working corner cozier. It should be positioned on the table not to escape and still leave a spare space for the movement of the chair.

Image 52 - It is possible to combine different prints in the same space.

How to choose the carpet from room 51

Photo: Reproduction

Note that B & W prints appear on the carpet and on the pillow cases. Play with this technique to make your room more fun and cheerful without needing lots of colors!

Picture 53 - Contrast styles for a large room.

How to choose the carpet from room 52

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 54 - Leave the space more comfortable and safe!

How to choose the living room rug 53

Photo: Reproduction

Because it is an area close to the guardrail, the carpet shows security by reinforcing as far as it is possible to enjoy this space.

Picture 55 - The rug and the sofa can easily match in a neutral decoration.

How to choose the carpet in room 54

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 56 - Black can appear without leaving the room heavy.

How to choose the 55 carpet

Photo: Reproduction

And this is what happens in the project above, black can balance with the rest of the elements of the environment. That's why balance is critical throughout the project!

Image 57 - Beige room with light carpet.

How to choose the living room rug 56

Photo: Reproduction

Image 58 - Round rugs refer to the Scandinavian style.

How to choose the living room rug 57

Photo: Reproduction

Image 59 - Persian carpet in the middle of the decoration.

How to choose the living room rug 58

Photo: Reproduction

Image 60 - Rug for a male room.

How to choose the living room rug 59

Photo: Reproduction

Image 61 - The geometry of the print leaves the room dynamic and modern.

How to choose the 60 room rug

Photo: Reproduction

Image 62 - The effect of the mirror helped to highlight this black carpet.

How to choose the living room rug 61

Photo: Reproduction

Picture 63 - For integrated spaces, carpets are a hand on the wheel!

How to choose the living room rug 62

Photo: Reproduction

Small apartments with open spaces ask for solutions to divide the areas without using the walls. Carpets help a lot at the time! In the room, it can delimit the space, reinforcing as far as it occurs. In the above design, we can see that the rug helps complement this boundary along with the countertop and the TV panel.

Picture 64 - Rugs can delimit spaces.

How to choose the living room rug 63

Photo: Reproduction

Note that the carpet further demarcated the corridor leading to the room, spontaneously drawing this circulation without needing another resource.

Image 65 - In the industrial style, the rustic / adventurous footprint also helps to decorate the environment.

How to choose the living room rug 64

Photo: Reproduction

Image 66 - Rug for beach house.

How to choose the 65 room rug

Photo: Reproduction

Image 67 - Runway functions in the hallway.

How to choose the carpet from room 66

Photo: Reproduction

Placing this type of rug in the aisle helps not to ruin the floor and also prevents the noise of the shoe (especially heels) directly on the floor.

Picture 68 - The carpet with triangular pattern leaves the room a little more daring.

How to choose the carpet from room 67

Photo: Reproduction

Image 69 - The highlight of this project is in furniture.

How to choose the carpet from room 68

Photo: Reproduction

As the furniture is already colored, the room asked for a smooth rug with neutral colors.

Picture 70 - Make a composition of carpets.

How to choose the carpet from room 69

Photo: Reproduction

The composition of the rugs wanted to emphasize the B & W edge on the pink carpet. The combination was harmonious with the rest of the environment, which relies on the use of prints and feminine touches. The same can happen with your room, if you intend to create this border, but remember the balance we talked about earlier.

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