How to Care for Tulips: Discover Essential Growing Tips

If you are interested in learning how to take care of tulips, do not miss this post we have separated for you. We have selected the main information you need to know to properly take care of this type of flower.

As it is a species that blooms in a certain period, it is crucial to understand that you will only have the tulip for a moment. For the rest of the year, you need to do some care to keep your bulb intact to plant it again. Check out our tips!

What are the types of tulips?


The tulip originates from Central Asia, but gained fame in the low countries, being the greater symbol of regions like Holland. The flower has a huge variety of species and colors and is widely used to decorate gardens and ornamentation of environments. Check out the varieties of tulips that are most common to find.

Estella Rijnveld

Estella is a round flower that has curly petals. You will find it in the mix of colors and red.

Chinese Pink

When you find an intense pink tulip, know that it is of the pink Chinese species. Its shape is very similar to the lily, because its petals open outwards and end in tip. However, having tall, spiky stems can be easily damaged by wind.

Ballet dancer

With the lilies-like flowers, the dancer has a more aromatic style because its color is very orange.

Queen of the night

As the name says, the queen of the night flowers are better known as the black tulips. The predominant purple color and are species of individual flowers.


Because of the large number of leaves, the angelica looks like a careless flower. Its predominant color is pale pink.

West point

The tulip west point also resembles the lily, but its petals are pointed and be arched upwards.

Abu Hassan

The deep red color and the yellow details are the characteristics that represent the abu hassan tulip.

Spring Green

The spring green tulip has feathered petals. The flower has a white color with green stripes, so it draws much attention, since it is not very common.

What are the main cares for caring for tulips?

Some care should be taken when caring for tulips. Check out our tips.

  • Check the area where you will take care of the tulip;
  • Knowing the location, choose which tulip you would like to see grow;
  • Prefer a sunny spot where sunlight strikes for at least 6 hours a day;
  • Leave the soil prepared by removing stones, roots and debris from the area;
  • Do not forget to add fertilizer or organic matter to the soil;
  • The tulips need to be planted with the top the bulbs up;
  • Prefer to plant in the fall so that the tulips bloom in the spring;
  • Always plant in a group of three to five;
  • Use fertilizer to spray the top of the soil;
  • Tulips need to continue to grow even after flowering;
  • Only cut the tulips after they have turned yellow or brown and have fallen off.

How to grow tulips at home?

Tulipa home

Learn how tulips need to be planted at home.

  1. Begin planting bulbs before winter;
  2. Give preference to the months of May and June;
  3. Avoid planting the bulbs in the summer;
  4. Check that the soil is below 15 ° C;
  5. Then choose a spot that has shade, but the sun needs to beat during the day;
  6. Then see if the soil is sandy and has good drainage;
  7. Check that the pH is between 6 and 6.5;
  8. You can not leave the tulip on soil with excessive moisture;
  9. When planting the bulbs check that the depth is about three times their size;
  10. See if you are at least 20 cm deep;
  11. If you live in a region that is quite hot, keep the bulbs in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 weeks before you start planting;
  12. Keep a distance of 15 cm between the bulbs;
  13. Place the bulb with the pointed part up;
  14. Then place soil in the hole;
  15. Cover the area with cut leaves, humus or wood chips;
  16. Then place a 2 to 5 cm layer of fertilizer to protect the bulbs.

How to care for tulips at home?

  1. First soak the tulips as soon as you plant them;
  2. Just go back to water when you see leaves;
  3. If you like, just sprinkle water in the hottest period;
  4. When it rains heavily in the area, drain the area;
  5. Only put fertilizer in early fall and early spring;
  6. Constantly check for pests or diseases;
  7. If you notice a sick bulb, dredge it and immediately throw it away;
  8. If only one part is damaged, cut the area to save the plant;
  9. When the flowers bloom, prune the dead flowers;
  10. Now if your tulip is annual, after it blooms and dies, you should throw the whole plant out and plant new ones.

How to care for tulips in the vase?

How to Care for Tulips: Discover Essential Growing Tips

To take care of tulips in the vase requires some special care so that the flower receives the proper temperature and does not die. Check out!

  1. When you buy the tulip in the pot, choose the flower buds;
  2. Place the vase in a cool place;
  3. Make sure the environment is bright;
  4. Keep the vessel away from the wind and strong sun;
  5. Place an ice cube in the ground pot mixture in the morning and afternoon, every day;
  6. When you realize the first flowering begins to wilt, cut it off immediately;
  7. Do this also with the leaves;
  8. Then remove the bulbs from the earth;
  9. Use a soft brush to clean them;
  10. Leave the bulb in a cool place for about three months;
  11. When the bulbs are dry, place them in a paper bag or cardboard box;
  12. Then cover with newspaper;
  13. Go adding alternating layers of bulbs and newspaper;
  14. Then place the bag or carton in a location that has a mild climate but is dry;
  15. The bulb must endure until the beginning of autumn;
  16. Observe the bulbs at least once a month;
  17. If you notice a softened bulb, remove it and throw it out;
  18. Plant the bulb again when autumn arrives;
  19. Do this before the weather gets very cold.

How to care for the tulip when the flower dies?

The care with the tulip is not only when it is flowering, but also must be taken care of when the flower dies. Here's how to do the procedure.

  1. After flowering, the tulip may or may not lose the leaves;
  2. Even if the flower has leaves, cut it and dig out the whole plant;
  3. When you do, you will come across the bulb;
  4. Take the bulb and wash it under running water;
  5. Scrub enough to remove all the earth;
  6. Then let the bulb dry naturally;
  7. Then use a paper towel to wrap the bulb;
  8. Then store it in the refrigerator drawer;
  9. Just be careful not to leave it close to food;
  10. Leave the bulb there until the next fall;
  11. When passing the period, plant the bulb in a pot;
  12. It is necessary that the vessel has a mixture of sand, organic compound and sand;
  13. Use this mixture to cover the bulb;
  14. Then leave the pot on the sun;
  15. Reggae to leave the soil moist, but do not overdo it;
  16. Now just wait for the tulip to bloom again.

What is the ideal size of the pot to take care of tulips?

The tulips are grown in 30 cm pots. However, they need to have holes that allow them to drain properly so that the soil does not get soaked with water, as the tulips can not get totally moist.

Many people like to see their flower garden and the tulips are great flowers for this. However, they are species that bloom only in a period of the year. For this, care must be taken in its cultivation.

But after this post you learned how to take care of tulips in the most appropriate way. Now choose the species you would like to see grow and let your garden or the vase of your home more beautiful.

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