House entries: 60 house decoration inspirations

When building, it is essential to pay attention to the house entries , since they are like the residence card of the residence. Your design and materials should gain strength and personality to maintain a harmonious composition in the architecture. There, of course, we put some sensations to visitors to see how the interior of the house works and what style of decoration.

Being a place that demonstrates the tastes of the residents, it must compose some elements that mark this space, even if it is in a simple way. The most commonly used decorations are vases, plants, sculptures, water fountains and carpets. However, landscaping plays a fundamental role in making this space more inviting and with more fluid access.

60 ideas for highlighting house entrances

To help you with this task, we have separated 60 inspirations that house entries ! These spaces range from basic ideas to the most elaborate ones, but always with the purpose of embellishing this part of your home. Enjoy:

Picture 1 - Dos walls from the city to the wall of home!

From the city walls to the house wall

Picture 2 - The wall in cobogó creates the integration of the external with the internal.

The wall in cobogó creates the integration of the external and the internal

Picture 3 - Entrance of house with unevenness!

Entry of house with unevenness!

Picture 4 - Entrance of house with gate.

Entrance of house with gate

Image 5 - The path covered in stone gained more strength with the pergola cover.

Stone path and covered pergola

Picture 6 - Create paths through landscaping.

Use landscaping to create paths

Entrance of house with well harmonious garden leaves the entrance more fluid! If you admire the contemporary, minimalist style, use straight and striking lines with pebbles to enhance this stroke.

Image 7 - Decorate the entrance wall.

Decorate the entrance wall

Picture 8 - Simple and natural house entrance!

Simple and natural

When there is a gap between the sidewalk and the house, work through ladders and steps that result in a winding path. This proposal allows endless possibilities!

Picture 9 - Entrance of house with pergola.

Entrance of house with pergola

O percolated in wooden beams allows the entrance of light and ventilation, throughout the length of the corridor, which acquires lightness throughout the rest of the decoration. The concrete wall and natural stone contrast with the color and naturalness of the garden at the entrance.

Image 10 - The entrance is demarcated by the landscaping.

The entrance is demarcated by the landscaping

Image 11 - Entrance of house with path of stones.

Entrance of house with path of stones

Picture 12 - Make higher access through the stairs.

Make higher access through the ladder

Image 13 - The pergolado demarcates the circulation area.

The pergola delineates the circulation area

Image 14 - Abuse of modern traces in construction.

Construction with modern features

The protection at the entrance of the house should gain modern and sturdy details to draw attention to the facade. In the above design, the roof and walls in orthogonal lines have brought a modern result to the home.

Picture 15 - The floor lighting leaves the entrance even more inviting.

Bet on floor lighting for an inviting entrance

Image 16 - The presence of wood exudes elegance naturally.

The elegance of the presence of wood

Abuse of the solid wood to compose door and stop, this material is resistant and of high quality.

Image 17 - Small house entrance: the power of slats in architecture.

Shingles in architecture

The wooden slats are enough to beautify this small house composed of two floors full of plants.

Image 18 - The mixture of the wood and the green of the plants form a very Brazilian scenario.

A very Brazilian scenario with the mixture of wood and plants

Image 19 - Entrance of house with path of concrete and tropical inspiration.

House entry with concrete path and tropical inspiration

Image 20 - Wooden doors highlight the entrance, working security and privacy.

House entries: 60 house decoration inspirations

With straight and pure lines, the composition of this project is perfect for those who have a front wall, which nevertheless allows to convey elegance and modernity.

Picture 21 - Even if narrow, the result can be amazing!

House entries: 60 house decoration inspirations 1

Narrow spaces should abuse light colors so that lighting and ventilation are highly valued. The leaked elements create an interesting atmosphere to illuminate and integrate spaces!

Figure 22 - Floor paging helps to mark the entrance of the house.

Floor paging helps to demarcate the entrance to the house.

The composition with different floors highlights the access of the house. The porcelain tile that simulates wood, like the one of the design, composes host and facilitates the cleaning of the house.

Picture 23 - Floor with the floating sensation.

Floor with floating feel and lighting

Picture 24 - Create stairs and small elevations.

Small stairs with variations

Stairs and levels are ideal solutions for creating elevations and highlighting the entrance. In this case, it is possible to vary the heights, shapes, sizes and positions.

Image 25 - The pedestrian entrance at the highest level, and the car entrance at the lowest level.

The pedestrian entrance at the highest level of the residence

Image 26 - Highlight the entrance with a work of art.

Highlight the entrance with a work of art

The sculptures make all the difference in space. In this project, the entrance marked with the red work of art left the architecture much more elegant!

Image 27 - The power of steel corten!

All the power of steel cut

Image 28 - Large and exuberant door abuse.

Abuse of large and lush doors

Oversized elements provide grandeur to mark the entrance to the house. In the above design, the door with double ceilings left the entrance of the house with singular personality.

Image 29 - Uniformity of the floor of the sidewalk and the entrance.

Uniformity of driveway and driveway tread

A great choice for the entrance floor of the house is concrete, which looks beautiful, noble and is non-slip, without having the high cost of marble.

Picture 30 - Entrance of house with a private garden!

House entrance with spectacular garden

The loose steps with the marble floor allow lightness in the total architecture of the house. In addition to combine with the proposal of Zen garden, reinforcing the sinuosity and the different circulations.

Picture 31 - Ennoble the entrance with the marble.

Marble for a luxurious house entrance

The most noble floor should be that of the pedestrian entrance, so it is common to use marbles with a rustic, travertine type finish.

Picture 32 - The perfect combination for a beautiful and evident entrance.

Beautiful and evident entrance

Bet on the composition of materials such as wood, glass, concrete and plant. In this example, the entrance is proportional to the size of the house, making it much more noble.

Picture 33 - Colors to highlight and carry personality.

Colors to highlight and bring personality

In this project, the touch of color gave originality to the beautiful and cheerful home.

Image 34 - Modern house entrance.

Modern Home Entrance

The entrance is crafted with stone flooring and grass interleaved, offering a wide permeable area for green lining.

Image 35 - Contrast and color combination.

Contrast and color combination

Image 36 - Entrance of house with balcony.

Entrance of house with balcony

Image 37 - Paint the entrance door.

Paint the front door to highlight the facade

Colors provide the most different effects. The feeling you want to pass is key to a good choice!

Image 38 - Entrance of house on a catwalk.

Entrance of house on walkway

Image 39 - Ramps to give lightness in the architecture.

Ramps for lightness in architecture

Image 40 - Details that make the difference!

Details that make the difference

It does not take much to decorate the entrance to your home. In this project, the vessel, although simple, composes a great harmony and welcome for the entrance.

Figure 41 - Highlight the main access traffic.

Highlight the main access

Any entrance to a home needs a path that announces the home. Thus, we can say that this set of rectangular boards is a beautiful harbinger of elegance that marks the entrance to the house.

Picture 42 - Entrance of house with front garden.

Entrance of house with front garden

Image 43 - The small gap and its distinctive touch.

The small gap and its distinctive touch

The access has an uneven path, made with pieces of different sizes that seem to float off the floor.

Image 44 - The vertical wooden slats highlight the entrance of the house.

Highlight the entrance with vertical slats in wood

Picture 45 - The wide stairs demonstrate the power of the house.

Wide stairs denote the power of the house

Image 46 - Entrance of house on the beach.

Entrance of house on the beach

Image 47 - Work the geometric effect at the entrance.

The geometric effect on the input

Picture 48 - The access of this house is more discreet, compared to its architecture.

House entry with discreet access

Image 49 - Plants play a very important role in the proposal.

Plants play a super important role

The plants are large allies in the design of the entrance of the house. Mark the sides of the main door with species that keeps the look nice.

Picture 50 - Entrance of house with zen garden.

Entrance of house with a zen garden

Picture 51 - Entrance of house with leisure area.

Entrance of house with leisure area

Picture 52 - Neutrality in the right measure!

Neutrality in the right measure

Gray is a safe bet to decorate any place in the house. It combines with various shades, being ideal to contrast some point. In this case, the details of purple have become the design differential!

Picture 53 - Entrance of house with organic design.

Home entrance with organic design

Image 54 - Entrance of house with wall.

Entrance of house with wall

Picture 55 - Create an entry space to gather family and friends.

Entrance space to gather family and friends

In this project, the deck and the glass doors value the integration of the residents, forming a beautiful balcony!

Image 56 - The entrance is nothing more than a large wooden deck.

House entries: 60 house decoration inspirations

Image 57 - This entrance is marked by the Portuguese stone floor.

House entries: 60 house decoration inspirations 2

Image 58 - Simple entrance, for a contemporary architecture.

House entries: 60 house decoration inspirations 3

Image 59 - The elegance of the water mirror.

Entrances of houses: 60 inspirations of decoration of the house 4

Composing the entrance of the house with a water mirror provides a relaxing and enjoyable look right on the first contact. To complete this composition, use the wooden walkway and position the ladder in the middle of water.


Entrances of houses: 60 inspirations of decoration of the house 5

They have gained strength in the decoration and look even better on facades. In the entrance, for example, can give the green touch to contrast with some material of the facade. In the case of the above design, the corten steel reinforces the presence of the garden without the need to complete the entire surface.
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