House Cleaning: Tips and Tricks for Room, Room and More

Cleaning house is a task that can not be ignored. The environment is all the time frequented by people. It's just you or the whole family and so it's only natural that the dirt builds up.

Even when you have some daily care such as washing dishes and passing a broom or vacuum cleaner in every room of your home, there comes a time when you have to do heavy cleaning.

That way you avoid the proliferation of mites and bacteria - and cockroaches, who also like dirty environments. But are there any tips that make it easier? And where to start when the day of complete house cleaning comes?

If this is your question, let us help with several tips to make cleaning your house easier!

Tips for getting started

Cleaning house: general

Before starting to clean the house it is interesting to prepare and enter the climate, for this you can:

1. List everything that needs to be done

Do all the rooms in the house need to be cleaned? Or just a few? There is always some small, even task that can be performed in each space. Write down and look for places that have more things to do.

2. Open the windows of the house

During the process of cleaning the house it is normal to raise dust and you have to come in contact with chemicals. Open the windows well and leave the airy environments, so you can accomplish the task without attacking the allergies.

3. Gather the necessary materials

Separate everything you will need: brooms, mops, cloths, buckets, detergent, bleach, toothbrushes. Leave all of these materials nearby, so you already have them handy when you need to use them.

4. Store objects and shoes

Is there something lying on the floor in some room in the house? The first step before starting cleaning is to put it all together. It could be the children's toys, that pile of clothes accumulated in the chair or their shoes. Separate what goes to wash and what can be stored back to its proper place.

5. Gather everyone who lives in the house.

Cleaning the house should never be the responsibility of a single person. In the day of giving a general in everything, gather all the residents and divide the tasks. That way you can finish faster.

6. Start early

Ideally, start cleaning in the morning. Get up early, have a good breakfast, wear a comfortable, task-oriented outfit, and then start at the dirtiest room.

House cleaning in rooms

House cleaning in room

In the bedroom you should start cleaning the bed and putting sheets and blankets to wash if necessary. Also, use it to gather anything on the floor and separate the clothes from the wardrobe.

Rugs and curtains can be placed in the machine or exposed to the sun. Remove them from the bedroom along with the bedding, blankets and everything that goes to wash.

Take the vacuum cleaner or a broom and go through the environment. If you use the vacuum cleaner you can take advantage to clean the window cracks. At that moment remove furniture from the place. Except the wardrobe that is heavier, the rest should be scrambled to ensure a good cleaning.

Use a dry cloth to remove dust from baseboards and outlets. Then wipe a damp cloth but cracks the window - if you have not used the vacuum cleaner before. Prepare a mixture of water and detergent and soak a soft sponge. Scrub the window panes.

If you prefer you can use windshield wipers in this step. First splash the product into the glass and wipe it with a cloth. Finish by wiping with a dry cloth to shine. If using water and detergent, wrap in a slightly damp cloth.

Separate a floor cloth to finish cleaning the room. Soak in a bucket with water and detergent or use some product indicated for the floor of your home. Wring the cloth and rub the floor with the help of a squeegee. Let it dry on its own or if necessary, wipe dry with a cloth.

House cleaning in bathrooms

House Cleaning: Bathrooms

In bathrooms, start by removing carpets, face and bath towels. All must be placed in the machine or separated for later washing. Also empty the bin and wash the object.

Start by passing a vacuum cleaner or sweeping all the way out of the bathroom stall. Then enter the box and splash the degreaser on the tiles and the box itself. Wear gloves and a sponge to scrub. Rinse with the help of the shower itself.

Go to the toilet. Start cleaning from the inside. Pour some bleach or specific product to clean the vessel and let it act for a few minutes. Meanwhile wipe the outside of the toilet. Use the brush to remove the dirt from inside and finish with the top of the pot.

Finish the task by cleaning the bathroom sink. Arrange cabinets and wipe damp cloths in them and in the mirror (in this case you can use the windscreen wiper). Use a sponge with water and detergent to remove dirt from the sink. Rinse with tap water and let it dry on your own.

Finally, soak a floor cloth in water and detergent and rub all over the bathroom floor, except in the part of the stall. If the walls are tiled, you can wipe the cloth in them too.

House cleaning in laundry or laundry area

Wash all the pieces of clothing, towels and curtains that separated the rest of the house. The washing machine starts working with you. Let it comply with the washing cycles and do not forget to add fabric softener (for clothes).

After you have finished washing everything, let the machine make a complete cycle with nothing in it, just to take away dirt from its interior. Also, be sure to clean the area in which the laundry detergent, fabric softener and lint are placed.

Do not leave anything accumulated in the tank. Clean everything around. If the iron is in the service area, clean its base and water compartment (on steam irons). Lastly, wipe a piece of sanitary water diluted with water all over the floor.

House cleaning in the room

House cleaning in the room

Dust off all furniture and objects that remain in the living room. You can use a soft cloth for this task. Leave a box nearby and store small objects, especially the more fragile ones that can break.

Wipe the furniture with a damp cloth and use microfibre cloths for TV, computer and other appliances. Take the vacuum cleaner or broom and clean the floor. If you are going to use the vacuum cleaner, take the opportunity to vacuum the sofa.

Remember to take drapes, sofa covers and separate them to wash afterwards. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove dirt that is near the ceiling, footer, and window frames. A broom with a damp cloth (or just the cloth in the case of the windows) also fulfills this function well.

Wash the sofa if necessary. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and the fabric type of the furniture. Finish by wiping a cloth dampened with detergent diluted in the water throughout the floor and walls of the room.

House cleaning in the kitchen

House Cleaning: Kitchen

If there is crockery in the sink, it is for her that you should start. Wash, dry and store all cooking utensils. Clean the sink thoroughly, you can use a specific cloth for this and the dishwasher detergent itself.

Separate dishcloths and tablecloths used for washing. Put it in a bucket and take it to the service area. You can either soak them or put them in the machine.

Return to the kitchen and remove all cooking rings and grills and wash thoroughly. Meanwhile, also wipe the top of the appliance. You can use a soft sponge and avoid abrasive products. Dry with the aid of a microfiber cloth and after drying the mouths and grids, put them back into place.

If the oven is dirty, use it to clean it too. Sponge and dishwasher are sufficient in cases of lighter dirt. Also see if your stove oven does not have automatic cleaning.

Microwaves and refrigerators are the next to be cleaned. Wash the microwave dish in the sink and pat dry. Its interior can be cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent. Leave the appliance door open until it is dry.

In the refrigerator throw away any food that is overdue, spoiled or exuding bad smell. Then clean each compartment. Removable drawers can be washed in the service area tank and then dried, placed back in place. On the outside of the refrigerator, a cloth with degreaser or a few drops of dishwasher is already helping to remove the dirt.

Use a soft cloth with degreaser or a few drops of detergent to clean the doors and kitchen cabinets from the outside. If you feel that the interior of the cabinets needs to be organized, take this time to put pots and utensils in order.

Take the vacuum cleaner and go all over the floor. You can also use a broom if you like. Finish by wiping with damp cloth mixed with water all over the kitchen floor.

Did you see how difficult it is to clean the house? Follow these tips and let your home always shine!

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