Home Office Small: 60+ Decoration Photos

Home office has become a common practice for people who work or need to complete an activity at home, so having a comfortable, quiet, and comfortable working environment is essential for a better income. However, one of the difficulties is to organize it in small apartments, since an entire room with this purpose requires vacant dormitories.

The key word for anyone setting up a home office in restricted areas is optimization. So try to move the place furniture to find that ideal space and place the specific furniture. A small table and chair with a soft seat, for example, are enough to delimit your new office. Try to save on extra accessories and furniture so it does not get too tight or too tight.

Lighting contributes to certain activities in any environment, and for this proposal it would not be different. Good lighting that conveys creativity is ideal for the office, so the ideal light can keep the mind "alert". Investing in artificial lighting like table or floor lamps also make all the difference!

In addition to a home office it is important to keep it organized, so bet in drawers or organizer boxes to leave everything in order. The boxes can be supported on shelves or even stacked under the table. In addition to occupying less space, they serve as a decorative item, giving more personality to the office.

To make the space more inspiring and creative, try to put elements that stimulate: a mural on the wall with motivational phrases, a magnetic dashboard with scraps, a photo mural or any other decorative item that makes you more enthusiastic!

Are you wondering how to plan your future home office? Check out 60 great tips and ideas and get inspired here!

Picture 1 - Enjoy the walls to install shelves and decorate


Picture 2 - At the bottom of the closet it is possible to set up a corner for work and makeup


Picture 3 - For those who spend a lot of time in this space, the chair is one of the most important items


Picture 4 - Choose small, comfortable chair that has backrest


Picture 5 - Mount the home office in a space that is left in the closet, it can count on sliding doors to hide that little bag


Picture 6 - The transparent glass bench takes the sensation of amplitude and also creates a modern air in the office


Picture 7 - How about these stickers in calendar format to decorate your wall?


Picture 8 - Mount the home office in a corner of your balcony / porch

image 8

Picture 9 - The magnetic mural leaves the wall inspiring and always with reminders in view

Home Office Small: 60+ Decoration Photos

Picture 10 - Use a corner of the room to assemble your small home office


Picture 11 - The inserted furniture demonstrates personality to your home office


Image 12 - To save on the home office assembly, opt for a wall mural on the wall


Image 13 - Paint with blackboard paint leaves the most creative place


Image 14 - Shelves and niches are welcome in a home office as it helps in the organization of books and objects


Picture 15 - There is possibility to opt for round tables


Picture 16 - For those who have stairs can use the space underneath it to mount a small office


Picture 17 - For those who live in small apartments you can bet on this raised floor that gives rise to drawers


Picture 18 - Couple your home office with the TV panel of the living room


Picture 19 - Retractable table leaves the place practical for the day to day


Image 20 - How about replacing the bedside table with a small home office?


Picture 21 - Leverage the shelf to make the paper of the table


Picture 22 - The table near the window leaves the lighting pleasant in the environment


Image 23 - Integrate the home office in a harmonious way in the environment


Picture 24 - Mount your corner so that it has style and personality


Image 25 - Use multifunctional furniture like this desk where the lid lifts


Figure 26 - Turn a single workbench into an office and dresser


Picture 27 - A home office in the room deserves a bookcase with books


Image 28 - The trestle table is a versatile piece, since it has the flexibility to raise and lower the top when necessary


Picture 29 - Decorative objects make the home office more fun


Picture 30 - A mural on the wall plays an important role in the home office


Picture 31 - With the adjustable shelves it is possible to set up a study corner in the bedroom


Picture 32 - The idea with drawers on the wall is a great way to leave the place organized


Picture 33 - The famous Eames chair manages to leave any attractive space


Image 34 - A good carpentry project is fundamental so that the table or bench is perfectly fit in a small space


Image 35 - To integrate is ideal that there is a certain privacy, use a panel that will be functional both to support the Tv and to hang annotations and pictures


Image 36 - Use the end of the aisle to mount your small workspace


Picture 37 - Play with wall painting


Screenshot 38 - Abuse of the wallpaper to relax the space


Picture 39 - In addition to enjoying the space under the stairs, the corner received a touch of decor


Image 40 - Mount a workspace in the living room with a desk next to the sofa


Picture 41 - How about a closet or a wardrobe can become a small office?


Picture 42 - This small space possesses charm, even more with the curtain leading privacy


Picture 43 - Small home office with minimalist style


Picture 44 - Between the closet it is possible to mount this small office


Picture 45 - The drawer can be an essential part of the table itself


Picture 46 - Simple and only necessary


Picture 47 - It does not take much to have a charming office


Picture 48 - In place of a large closet, this space received a small and complete home office


Image 49 - A good carpentry project is essential to put this idea into practice


Picture 50 - The table lamp illuminates and decorates the place


Picture 51 - Small home office with modern style


Picture 52 - For those who own small room, can invest in a bench and sideboard


Picture 53 - Small office home for a little corner


Picture 54 - A complete home office in the room should contain a pleasant space in the room


Picture 55 - Create a multifunctional space so that it can be used by all the residents of the house


Image 56 - For those who want a long table, can opt for a home office style corridor


Figure 57 - Retractable furniture takes flexibility in place


Image 58 - How about setting up the home office behind the sofa?


Image 59 - The more inspiring the better


Image 60 - Organization is fundamental in this corner


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