Home office decor: ideas to put into practice in your space

The home office is one of the spaces that has been gaining more and more attention inside the houses. After all, being able to have a quiet, comfortable, well-lit and appropriate place to work and study is a great advantage in our daily lives.

With some care to maintain the comfort, organization and ergonomics of the environment, your home office will be the perfect place to put the creativity to work, design, compose, study and fulfill all its functions in a light and practical way.

The main points of concern when planning home office decor should be:

1. Lighting

Light is one of the key points of a proper home office so the more natural light the better. Choose some room with a large window or even a balcony (when available) to keep the space always airy.

2. Choice of chair

Be sure to choose this item only by design. Choose an ergonomic, height-adjustable office chair model so your spine is erect, your arms can be supported at the elbow, and your head is at a suitable height from the screen.

3. Choice of table

Choose a table that allows the mouse and keyboard to be at the same level and that the monitor is at least one arm away. Another tip for the monitor is to leave it below our horizontal line of sight, so you will not have to lift your head beyond the bill to work and it will save your body from some pain.

Thus, both the home office decor and the disposition and comfort of the furniture can contribute to make your working hours more productive and productive, generating the necessary stimulus and concentration for you to work from home.

Home office decorating and organizing tips

Another important point to make your home office well functional is the organization. Some small items and simple tips can help you get everything in order and still decorate your space the way you imagine it.

1. Files and Folders

Keep paperwork organized and easy to find. Items such as suspended files and organized folders help greatly in the speed of execution and also the maintenance of a cleaner environment. The arrangement of these objects must be made in such a way as to integrate with the chosen chord and yet retain the facility of moving them for consultation when necessary.

2. Trunk carriers

At our desk there are always those small items that we do not know exactly where to store and that end up getting lost when we need them most. With a crawler at your disposal it is easier to save and find small things that will be useful / important for the next few days.

3. Slate and notice board

The slate (may be the wall prepared with special paint for this function ), and the post-it notepads are really useful when organizing tasks or giving simple reorders to your "I" of the future.

4. Personal touch

In addition to the more functional details, we can not forget your personal touch in the home office decoration , after all, not every office needs to be gray and bland. Enjoy the environment is all yours and choose colors, style and details that will impress your personality in space and make you feel happy and comfortable while you are performing your duties.

There are those who prefer an office filled with references to pop culture or even full of strong colors and fun to stimulate creativity. Others prefer something more neutral and with light colors to bring peace and harmony to themselves. Whether it's hippie chic, glam, minimalist, or surrounded by little plants, you should bet on something that fits with what you imagine working with steam ideas.

60 home office decor ideas for you to have as a reference

Now that you know more about the possibilities of a home office, we separate some inspirations to help you in this task of choosing the best kind of home office decoration in your house:

Picture 1 - Home Office with planned cabinets and shelves to bring your personality to the environment.

Home office with planned closets

Picture 2 - Home Office in small spaces: planned cabinets, light colors and a glass planner to optimize space and time.

Home office for small space

Picture 3 - Space to create your projects: functionality in drawers and open shelves.

Home office decor: ideas to put into practice in your space

Picture 4 - Every thing in its place: creative niches for the wall of your home office.

Keep every thing in its place.

Picture 5 - Table for home office with contemporary decoration in a mix of leather, wood, burnt cement and plants.

Table for home office decoration

Picture 6 - Map wallpaper mundi on the empty wall of the home office.

Home office with world map wallpaper

Picture 7 - Office for group: island of work tables in the center of the environment.

Home office for group

Picture 8 - Home office integrated to the project of the house: small environment and with minimalist lines.

Home office integrated to the house project

Picture 9 - Office glam in white and gold.

Office glam in white and gold

Picture 10 - Wood, B & B: sober and functional environment.

Home office neutral and functional

Picture 11 - A corner to read and write.

A little place to read and write

Picture 12 - Fun and relaxed atmosphere to take the monotony out of the office.

Fun atmosphere with a very Brazilian climate

Image 13 - White office idea with some black details.

Home office white with blank details

Image 14 - Mobile with niches to organize all your projects and decorative items.

Mobile with niches to organize your project

Image 15 - Yellow lines in white and gray environment.

Yellow lines in white and gray environment

Image 16 - Another idea for group office: completely planned environment.

Planned Home Office

Image 17 - Home office in a glam environment with strong colors and few decoration items.

Home office for a lady glam!

Image 18 - Environment with space exclusive to books.

Exclusive space for books

Screenshot 19 - Whole wall shelves to keep your files close to you.

Files for everything you need

Image 20 - Super colorful home office decoration on the mural behind the worktable.

Super colorful and fun decoration

Picture 21 - Dark environment, serious and well organized.

Sober and well organized environment for a home office

Image 22 - Optimization of spaces: planned office below the stairs.

Planned office under the stairs

Image 23 - Mixture of straight and organic lines in modern wood.

A modern composition for a home office

Picture 24 - Retractable office in the planned mobile!

Retractable office in planned mobile

Picture 25 - Make the view more interesting with a different painting or wallpaper in front of your computer space.

Make the view more interesting

Image 26 - Pile old files and recover them with special metal paint.

Pan old files

Image 27 - Special lighting to continue your project without tiring the view.

Special lighting

Picture 28 - Meeting table super relaxed in the center of the room.

Super Relaxed Meeting Table

Picture 29 - Panel for home office decoration, scraps and ideas on the wall.

Panel for decoration and scraps on the wall

Screenshot 30 - Mix functionalities: office with your surfboards.

Mix functionalities in your home office

Figure 31 - Side table coming out of the planned full-length bookcase.

Side table coming out of planned shelf

Picture 32 - Mobile adapted for two people to have their own office space.

Home office with furniture adapted for two people

Picture 33 - White with some touches of color and a lot of glamor.

White with a few touches of color and a lot of glamor

Image 34 - Opening small spaces: Full-wall mirrors give the feeling of a wider space.

Opening small spaces

Picture 35 - Blue, brown and white in a clean and functional combination.

Home office blue, brown and white

Image 36 - Planned upper cabinets camouflaging themselves in space construction.

Planned top cabinets in the home office

Picture 37 - Home office decoration for those who love the kitsch style: enough colors, flowers and plants

Home office for those who love the kitsch style

Image 38 - Increase your Photo wall of cork with a frame in a more classic style.

Increase your mural

Image 39 - Home office decoration: small table for those who have little need of space.

Small table for those who have little need of space

Picture 40 - An exclusive room to read and be productive: books, magazines, an armchair near the window and a plant to refresh the environment.

A room to read and be productive

Picture 41 - Casters to change places and use as needed: chair and drawer with wheels.

Wheels to move and use

Picture 42 - Home office decoration: three levels of shelves to decorate and store your books.

Three levels of shelves for your objects

Picture 43 - Another example of office under the stairs.

Home office under the stairs

Picture 44 - Home office decoration: white, clean environment with straight lines inspired by the visual identity of Apple.

White, clean environment with straight lines

Picture 45 - Special wall furniture for those who have little space: shelves integrated with a small table for your laptop.

Special wall cabinet for those who have little space

Picture 46 - Home office decoration: L table with free bottom to move the legs.

L-shaped table with free bottom

Picture 47 - Decorate your wall with posters, illustrations and photos to improve the view of the home office.

Decorate your wall with posters

Image 48 - Another corner in white palette and many home office decoration niches.

Another corner with white palette

Picture 49 - A way of organizing your desk: create partitions to keep each thing in its place.

Organization of the home office desk

Picture 50 - To include more colors in your neutral environment: Paint the table legs and the sides of the shelves.

To include more colors in your internal environment

Picture 51 - For those who work with travel: wallpaper of stamps and official stamps in the space between the table and the shelf on the wall.

Home office for travelers

Image 52 - Division of areas or rooms with glass.

Division of areas with glass

Image 53 - Another white home office idea.

Another idea for home office white

Picture 54 - For those who works with objects design or joinery: wooden board on the wall with its irregular cracks.

Home office for those who work with design

Picture 55 - Wall-style slate for you to make your appointments and the kids have fun drawing.

Wall-style slate to mark your appointments

Image 56 - Colorful geometric patterns to give more dynamics to the creative environment.

Colorful Geometric Patterns

Image 57 - Heavy curtain for you to choose if you want a view of the city or a closed environment.

Heavy curtain to block lighting when needed

Image 58 - With space for rest or room integrated to the home office.

Home office with space for work

Image 59 - An alternative and creative lighting for you to position where you prefer.

Alternative and creative lighting

Image 60 - A highlight color to compose with different objects.

A different color to compose with objects

Image 61 - Larger table space for two people to work together.

Larger space for two people to work

Image 62 - Different colors on the lower and upper furniture.

Home office with different colors on the lower and upper furniture

Picture 63 - Another room integrated to the home office.

Another room integrated with the home office

Image 64 - Plan furniture with medium height.

Planned furniture with desk height

Image 65 - Basic table for those who already have many objects in space.

Basic table for those who have many objects in space

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