Home Models: 100 Amazing Inspirations from Current Designs

Planning the future home involves a lot of detail and a meticulous project. This is where all expectations are placed: the model of the house, the style it will carry, the material that will be used in its structure, among other important aspects. All these details interfere with the final model of the house and determine whether or not it will have its face. Learn more about home models:

It is very important to think about what your ideal home model is and the features that suit you the most, so the future home will be able to meet your needs and, above all, be the best place in the world for you. So, nothing better than drawing on models of houses that already exist so you can describe to the architect or engineer exactly what you want.

That's why this post was written to help you with this mission. Here you will find beautiful models of homes for all tastes and styles. Come with us and take a peek at these incredible houses:

Models of houses with 2 floors

Picture 1 - Model of houses: masonry sobrado with details in wood.

Model of masonry houses

The house of modern architecture was richly prized with the wooden details of the facade.

Picture 2 - Model of house of two floors with wooden facade movable.

Model of house of two floors

Modern in style, this two-story house has a distinctive opening and closing structure, similar to a window. In the end, a charming and stylish house

Picture 3 - Models of houses: roof and walls in the same color.

Models of houses: roof and walls in the same color

In this two-story house, what strikes one is the harmony between the neutral colors: neither more nor less. All in balance

Picture 4 - Model of house of two floors with plankton.

Model of two-story house with plankton

Plaque is widely used to "hide" the roof and give a more modern look to the construction

Picture 5 - Texture on wall enhances construction.

House model: wall texture highlights construction

In that floor, the upper floor was valued with the texture on the wall that gives volume and a touch of rusticity to the project

Models of houses with 3 floors

Picture 6 - Model of house of 3 floors with balconies.

3-story house model with balconies

The three-story building values ​​and enjoys the terrain of this house very well. The upper floors have balconies and a corner for plants

Picture 7 - House of three floors with wood lining.

House of three floors with wood lining

The wood lining is the highlight of this three story house. It imparts sensations of welcome and comfort, leaving the house even more beautiful

Picture 8 - A tree inside the house.

A tree inside the model of house

An ecological and sustainable proposal. Instead, to tear down the tree to build the house, this project integrated it into architecture. The leaked structure allows the tree to pass through, further valuing the house

Image 9 - House model with staircase.

Model of house with stairs

The architecture of this house resembles a staircase, where the width of each floor progressively increases

Image 10 - House model of straight and striking lines.

House model of straight and striking lines

This three-story house has a well-marked line of lines. The "square" appearance gains a touch of sophistication with the black color of the facade

Models of masonry houses

Image 11 - Models of masonry houses with large windows.

Models of masonry houses with large windows

Nothing like very large windows to make the whole house bright. It is worth (very) worth investing in this item at the time of construction

Picture 12 - House of masonry of two floors.

Two story masonry house

Of neutral color, this model of masonry house is very common in Brazilian constructions

Image 13 - Modern masonry house model.

Model of modern masonry house

Very modern and of vibrant colors, this house has on its upper floor a type of container that makes it even more contemporary

Image 14 - Model of masonry house clad in wood.

Model of masonry house clad in wood

The modern house gains rusticity with the wooden floor in combination with the brick

Image 15 - Glass and texture.

Glass and texture

To appreciate the facade of the house, the large glass windows and the rustic texture on the wall

Models of houses with metal structure

Picture 16 - Metal clamp around the house.

Metal clamp around the house

This house of metallic structure could not have a more modern look. The metal bar that surrounds it forms an imposing

Image 17 - Columns and metal beams.

Metal columns and beams

This house has columns and metal beams that highlight the wood, another element that integrates the project

Picture 18 - House with metallic structure in the middle of nature.

House with metallic structure in the middle of nature

In the midst of the trees, this metal house does not seem to have been made for this environment. However, the use of wood on the facade joined the site.

Image 19 - Metal house with glass walls.

Metal house with glass walls

The first floor of the house has all walls of glass. The contrast of the glass with the metal leaves the house with a more delicate appearance

Image 20 - Metal belt.

Metal belt

A metal belt between the floors of the house helps to form the structure and also guarantees the aesthetics of the facade. The stone wall complements the proposal

Concrete Houses Models

Picture 21 - Tearing of light in the facade.

Tear of the facade

The illumination coming out of the façade light highlights its beauty and modern structure. Highlight for the combination of concrete, wood and glass

Image 22 - Modern facade of concrete.

Modern facade of concrete

Image 23 - Concrete color.

House model with concrete color

The three-story house continues with the color of the concrete, the structure's own material. A very used color in the current home designs

Image 24 - Concrete in two colors.

House model with concrete in two colors

The blue and the woody tone were painted directly on the concrete. The result is a more rustic-looking house that maintains the imperfections of the material, without, however, leaving the modern architecture aside

Image 25 - Concrete house marked by straight lines and gray.

Concrete house model marked by straight lines and gray

Models of terraced houses

Image 26 - Models of semi-detached houses made of wood and metal.

Models wooden and metal terraced houses

The terraced houses are identical constructions that divide the same lot, structure and, often, even the same roof

Picture 27 - Models of semi-detached house of rustic and modern style.

Models of semi-detached house of rustic and modern style

Image 28 - Connected to each other in all respects.

Models of houses connected to each other in all aspects

In this project, the colors and even the garden on the sidewalk are identical. A perfect copy of each other

Picture 29 - Townhouses: different only in number.

Terraced houses: different only in number

Image 30 - Street of terraced houses.

Street of terraced houses

Models of simple houses

Picture 31 - Model of house simple, but of great taste.

Beautiful simple house model

A simple little house inhabits the imagination of many people. This type of construction is loaded with meanings such as comfort, warmth, peace and tranquility

Picture 32 - Simple house model well lit and ventilated.

Simple house model well lit

Ventilation and lighting are indispensable items for architectural designs of any style or size

Image 33 - Houses of simple architecture should value the details.

Simple architecture houses should value the details

A simple house can and should invest in details that make it more cozy and beautiful. In this case, the option was to use visible brick on the facade

Image 34 - Simple house stands out with modern wall and metallic structure.

Simple house stands out with modern wall and metallic structure

Picture 35 - And how about a pergola to make the difference in the facade?

And how about a pergola to make a difference in the facade

Models of modern houses

Image 36 - Modern house model with classic elements.

Modern look house model with classic elements

The wood that goes in the lining and the wood in the leaked panel gives a classic and somewhat retro look to the house of modern architecture

Image 37 - White and gray are the colors of modern buildings.

White and gray are the colors of modern buildings

Image 38 - The design of lighting technology is a differential of modern houses.

Model house with lighting design

Picture 39 - In the limit of the imagination.

In the limit of the imagination

The retreat to the second floor of the house seems to defy the laws of physics. A modern construction to impress who passes by the house

Image 40 - Model of houses full of clipping.

Model of houses full of clipping

Models of Small Houses

Image 41 - Models of rectangular houses.

Models of rectangular houses

The narrow front compressed between other houses leaves no other than a long, rectangular-shaped house

Image 42 - Models of houses glued to each other need special attention regarding lighting and ventilation.

Models of houses glued to each other

Picture 43 - Facade cast of wood.

Facade cast wood

Picture 44 - Modern and relaxed.

Modern and relaxed

Image 45 - Path of stones and garden to enhance the facade of the house.

Stone path and garden to enhance the facade of the house

Models of large houses

Image 46 - Models of large houses with valued external area.

Models of large houses with valued external area

Picture 47 - Three story house with bold architecture.

Model of three-storey houses

Image 48 - Stones to enhance the facade of the house.

Stones to value the facade of the house

Picture 49 - Light colors further extend the size of the house.

Light colors on house model

Image 50 - Glasses in place of walls.

Glasses instead of walls

Models of rustic houses

Picture 51 - A rustic touch.

A rustic touch on the model of home

Want to give just a rustic touch to your home? Bet on a wall made with raw wood trunks. Pure charm

Picture 52 - Stones are always present in houses of rustic style.

House model with stones

To create a rustic effect you can cover a wall, a strip or the wall of your house with stones. One of the most used is the canjiquinha stone

Image 53 - Facade with crude building stones.

Facade with bricks

Image 54 - Neutral and earthy colors for a house in the middle of nature.

Neutral and earthy colors

Picture 55 - Garden can not miss in a rustic style house.

Garden in the country house

Models of houses with contemporary style

Image 56 - Black is the color of elegance and contemporary designs.

House model with black coating

Image 57 - Modern structure amid the bucolic landscape.

Model of house with modern structure

The house of contemporary architecture stands out amid the country climate. The wood was used in the project so as not to escape the natural environment

Image 58 - Stuck and open.

Leaked and open house model

The modern style construction has several leaked spots and a structure that leaves the house exposed and open. An inviting and cozy home

Image 59 - Simple, but with striking features.

Simple house model with striking features

Image 60 - Contemporary construction lined with wood.

Contemporary construction

Models of town houses

Image 61 - House of glass.

Model of glass houses

For those who are not afraid or embarrassed to expose themselves, a house with a glass façade can be a good request

Picture 62 - All closed by the wall and gate, the house shows to passers by the second floor.

House model closed by wall and gate

Picture 63 - Typical village house: lavish sympathy with its strong and vibrant colors.

Model of typical village house

Image 64 - House style container.

Container house model

Picture 65 - Charming and cozy.

Charming and cozy house model

Models of houses type

Image 66 - Sobrado of rustic elements.

Sobrado of rustic elements

The rustic style stands out in the architecture of this house. The wood, the brick and the hedge are pure charm

Picture 67 - Sobrado without wall and without fence.

Model without a wall

Image 68 - Sobrado of straight and modern lines.

Two-story straight line

Picture 69 - Tiled roof of typical house.

Model of house with roof

Picture 70 - Townhouse of closed condominium.

Model of closed condominium

Models of beach houses

Picture 71 - Beach house with European chalet style.

Beach house with European chalet style

Picture 72 - Modern beach house model.

Modern Beach House Model

To escape the materials that mark the architecture of the beach houses, this house bet on the most modern forms and strong colors, such as black, impressing sophistication and elegance the construction

Image 73 - Beach house with wooden roof and glass walls.

Beach house with wooden roof

Image 74 - Beach house with clean architecture.

Model of beach house with clean architecture

Image 75 - Glasses reveal the interior of the house and the routine of the residents

Glasses reveal the interior of the house

Models of houses with pool

Picture 76 - Swimming pool next to the house seems to form a single structure.

House with swimming pool nearby

Picture 77 - This model of house extends to the pool with the roof leaked.

Ceiling over the pool

Image 78 - Cast wood structure matching the pool deck.

Leaked wooden structure matching the pool deck

Image 79 - Going around the house.

Swimming pool around the building

Picture 80 - House with rectangular swimming pool with wooden pergola.

House with swimming pool rectangular

Models of houses for condominium

Picture 81 - Garden always flowery to adorn the front of the house in closed condominium.

Condo house with garden

Image 82 - Curved shapes bring beauty and originality to the architectural design.

Models of houses with curved shapes

Picture 83 - House in closed condominium of classic style.

Model of gated community house

Picture 84 - Characteristic of the houses of condominium closed: unique design.

Unique design in the gated community

Picture 85 - One of the advantages of gated communities is not having to worry about walls and fences.

Walls and fences in the gated community

Models of cheap houses

Image 86 - A vibrant color values ​​any design, even the simplest ones.

Models of cheap houses

Picture 87 - Twin houses are usually more affordable.

Model of terraced houses

Image 88 - Balcony and garden surrounding the house.

Home Models: 100 Amazing Inspirations from Current Designs

Image 89 - Wood ennobles the facade of the house.

Wood on the facade of house

Picture 90 - Container house: cheap and modern option for the current dwellings.

Container house model

Models of Houses with 2 bedrooms (Reproduction Archdaily )

Image 91A - Volumetry of the house: entrance valued by the lawn.

House model with valued entrance

Image 91B - Two-bedroom house plan.

Two story house plan

Image 92A - Volumetry of the house: yellow to enhance the facade.

Yellow to highlight the façade of the house model

Image 92B - House plan.

House plan

Image 93A - Volumetry of the house: rustic style and retro mark the facade.

Rustic and retro style on the facade of the house model

Image 93B - House plan.

House plan

Image 94A - Volumetry of the house: facade of contemporary style.

Contemporary house model

Image 94B - House plan of two rooms.

House plan with two bedrooms

Image 95A - Volumetry of the house: rectangular sobrado.

Rectangular Townhouse Model

Image 95B - House plan.

Floor plan of house

Models of Houses with 3 bedrooms (Reproduction Archdaily )

Image 96A - 3D design of house with 3 bedrooms.

3d design model of house with 3 bedrooms

Picture 96B - Facade of the house with 3 rooms.

Facade of house with 3 bedrooms

Image 96C - Design in 3D bedroom with suite.

3D design of bedroom with suite

Image 97A - Facade of the house with 3 bedrooms: burnt red with concrete color.

House with 3 bedrooms and concrete color flooring

Picture 97B - House plan with 3 bedrooms.

Floor plan with 3 bedrooms

Image 98A - Model of facade of house in wood and concrete.

Wood and concrete house model

Image 98B - House plan with wooden facade and concrete.

House plan with facade in concrete

Image 99A - Rosa gives a romantic and delicate style to the construction.

Pink paint on facade of house model

Image 99B - House plan of romantic and delicate style.

House plan with yard

Image 100A - Three bedroom townhouse.

Two Bedroom House

Picture 100B - Floor of the 3 bedroom townhouse.

Another floor plan with 3 bedrooms

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