Home garden: find out how to make 60 creative ideas

One of the most practical and healthy solutions for our need to have organic and fresh foods at our table is to have a home garden . The bustling city life or lack of time keep us away from the good habits we would like to cultivate in our lives and bring healthy, cultivated food without the presence of pesticides may not be as frequent as we would like.

The home garden is synonymous with health, economy and gives a green touch to your decor. In addition, for those who have children at home, the home garden can become a very enjoyable family activity, as well as teaching children valuable lessons about ecology and the development of vegetables that go to our table. Contact with the earth, with the green and the processes of nature is essential to encourage the cultivation of healthy habits and show the importance of stopping a little, observing nature and also taking care of ourselves.

In today's post we'll talk a little about how to start your home garden in apartments, starting by growing your potted plants, even for those who have little space at home! In addition to our selection of images full of ideas and references for all styles of vegetable gardens, we separate two videos so you learn how to take good care of your blue whiting!
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Tips for your home garden in apartment

Homemade vegetable garden

The home garden can be made either by those who have more space and a yard, or for those who live in apartments or houses without a yard, as there are many options of compact supports that can be placed both on the balcony, on the window sill or even in the kitchen to always leave your vegetables at hand.

The first item to be taken into account for your garden to be successful is the lighting. You need to know the intensity of the sun that hits the chosen place to put your vegetable garden, this will help you to define the species best suited to grow there and what kind of space you can afford.

There are some planting tips to be cultivated for each type of lighting, for example, if you have a little corner that has sunshine from late to late afternoon, you can grow vegetables, roots like carrots and beets, legumes like beans, peas, pod, and Brazilian berries such as pitanga and jabuticaba. Under the average sun (4 to 6 hours a day) we can plant vegetables and also seasonings, peppers, more delicate fruits and medicinal herbs. Already in some places where the sun is a little, for up to two hours, we can grow some classic tea herbs such as mint, lemon grass and Chilean boldo.

The question of space should be considered when making your home garden. If you own a yard or have a green space at home, your garden can be planted directly on the land, but if your space is small do not worry! There are several ways to make your garden fit in very small spaces without losing the charm or functionality, for example, using pots, recycled packaging of various materials, wooden boxes, flower boxes, and a series of items that can help you make a creative and harmonious layout of your garden.

The presence of a vegetable garden in the home kitchen is a decorative element that can be used for different purposes: you can give a more rustic touch if you use the demolition wood in the stand or vase, or even make the environment more cheerful using colored vases . Regarding the type of material, you can choose either to buy new items to receive your plants or play with the containers you already have at home: cups, tea cans, ceramics and porcelains that you no longer use.

Another option super compact and that is sure to give a touch more in the decór in your garden is the vertical garden. It will allow you to use the space of the walls to create a hanging garden and enjoy every corner of your space.

Tutorials to make your home garden!

We have separated some tutorials to help you even more when it comes to looking after your new blue whales! In these videos you will discover how hours can be made very simple and easy even in small spaces!

How to start your home garden: the first lessons

In this tutorial you will learn how plants can be grown in small spaces, plus the initial lessons about species varieties from the same plant as how to transfer your seedling to pots in a safe way!

Homemade vegetable on the wall and how to take care of your plants even without time

Already in this video, you can get the best tips on how to create a vertical garden for your home or apartment and to keep your plants always wet even for those who do not have time to spare to water ever!

Now that you know how to start your garden, take a look at our selection of images to get even more inspired!

Picture 1 - Has varanda? Perfect space for a vegetable garden with spices in apartment.

Home garden: find out how to make 60 creative ideas

Picture 2 - Homemade vegetable garden: indoors you can also mount a small space on a wall where the sun beats.

Home garden: find out how to make 60 creative ideas 1

Picture 3 - Home garden: there are intelligent systems with artificial lighting and automatic irrigation if you lead a very hectic life to take care of your plants.

Home cooking: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 2

Picture 4 - Home garden: the areas closest to the windows are the perfect for you to fit your little plants in an apartment garden.

Home garden: find out how to make 60 creative ideas 3

Picture 5 - For your home garden grow even softer and delicate, bet on the ceramic cachepots painted with patterns and even little faces

Home garden: find out how to make 60 creative ideas 4

Picture 6 - A stroller type mini-bars with casters are great places to accommodate your plants: besides the floors, it can be easily moved to a place with sound.

Homemade vegetable garden: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 5

Image 7 - An idea for a vegetable garden of vertical spices: several floors with a structure of wood bored to fit their vases.

Homemade vegetable garden: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 6

Picture 8 - Homemade vegetable garden in the kitchen makes everything even more practical!

Homemade vegetable garden: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 7

Picture 9 - In addition to the vegetable garden, you can also create a drying system of the herbs to store and use later.

Homemade vegetable garden: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 8

Picture 10 - vertical garden homemade with rectangular vases: bet on the types of vases and supports that have more to do with the decoration of your home.

Homemade vegetable garden: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 9

Image 11 - Cups are the new cachepots beloved by home gardeners: in addition to super cute, you can choose different types of cups to make your plantation.

Homemade vegetable garden: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 10

Picture 12 - Home garden: plants drying and decorating spaces! Enjoy the beauty of herbs and flowers at all stages.

Home garden: find out how to make 60 creative ideas 11

Image 13 - Another idea for drying system: the important thing is that they are close to the natural luminosity to complete their process.

Home garden: find out how to make 60 creative ideas 12

Image 14 - Home vegetable garden: high cachepot type jardiniere for small plants with shelf on the bottom.

Homemade vegetable garden: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 13

Image 15 - Nursery of the seedlings: artificial systems can also be used indoors for the cultivation of seedlings in seedlings.

Image 16 - Reutilization of unused objects for a vertical home garden: wooden window as the base for this set of glass vases.

Homemade vegetable garden: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 15

Picture 17 - An extra touch of color: in addition to plant blue whites, you can buy colorful vases and cachepots to decorate your home.

Home garden: find out how to make 60 creative ideas 16

Image 18 - Home garden: small touches of green for a minimalist decoration.

Home garden: find out how to make 60 creative ideas 17

Picture 19 - Structure for home garden in wood type stairway for internal and external areas.

Homemade vegetable garden: discover how to make 60 creative ideas 18

Image 20 - To group your little plants and give a more rustic air, use wooden type boxes of fair or wine.

Group the plants with more rustic tones

Picture 21 - Gardeners suspended for your kitchen garden.

Hanging Gardens

Picture 22 - Garden of temperinhos suspended for your kitchen with the system of fitting of vases.

Garden of suspended condiments

Image 23 - Is there a large window sill? Attach several pots with different species and form a little green corner!

Picture 24 - Motivational vessels to help those who do not yet have the green thumb but want to venture into the vegetable gardens.

Votes with motivational phrases

Image 25 - Pieces of trunk also as a base for vertical vegetables in a more rustic style.

Trunk pieces to support the wall

Image 26 - Home garden: suspended metal system for drying herbs in your kitchen.

Home garden with suspended metal system

Image 27 - Refuge for your little changes in fabric and with protection for periods of intense rain.


Image 28 - Home garden integrated in the fitted kitchen to keep everything handy at the time of cooking and a blue whiting in your kitchen.

Integrated kitchen garden with the planned kitchen

Picture 29 - Use different containers to mount your garden: stainless steel drainers are great options because they have holes that allow the exit of surplus water.

Homemade vegetable in stainless steel drainer

Picture 30 - Homemade vegetable garden: for those who are not used to the appearance of each plant, it is worth writing their name on plates or even in the pot!

Home garden with the name of the small plants

Picture 31 - Do you know those organizers and fabric cribs? They saw a very cheap and practical vertical garden in just a few steps!

Picture 32 - Plants also fit very well in the top of cabinets, you just need to make sure they receive the rays of sunlight to make photosynthesis.

Homemade vegetable in the top of the cabinet

Picture 33 - Little plants on the windowsill make the house more cheerful and with a clean air.

Home garden on the window sill

Image 34 - Think of several types of cachepots and vases that can be used!

Creative idea for home garden

Picture 35 - A touch of green transforms the decor of any room.

Decoration with a touch of green

Image 36 - Another idea of ​​a vegetable garden suspended for apartments.

Homemade vegetable garden

Image 37 - Mini-vegetable garden surprise! Use little drawers to serve as cachepots for your small changes.

Mini garden hanging at home

Picture 38 - A little corner dedicated to them: their little plants with a place reserved for the sun.

Plants with a place reserved for the sun

Image 39 - Strategic positioning to use your spices when it comes to cooking.

Strategic position of the home garden

Picture 40 - Do not have a little corner of natural light to position your little plants? Use artificial lighting to keep them healthy.

Artificial lighting for kitchen garden

Picture 41 - Gardening trolley with all the paraphernalia ready!

Garden Trolley in the Garden

Image 42 - Vertical niche with garden for apartments and indoor environments.

Horta in apartments and indoor environments

Picture 43 - Triad of plants pitchers with a wooden base to hang on the house walls.

Homemade vegetable garden with jugs on the wall

Image 44 - Pegboards are also good base options to start positioning your vases on the wall.

Homemade vegetable garden with pegboards

Picture 45 - In the planned kitchen, here is another option of how to integrate your green area in the decoration: niches in the wood to fit gardeners and vases.

Home Garden Niches

Image 46 - Bar to hang your pots on the wall: a super practical option for a home garden in the kitchen.

Homemade vegetable on the wall

Image 47 - Super creative and fun seasoning drying idea: in suspended type luminaires, fit your plants' twigs.

Homemade vegetable garden with seasoning

Image 48 - Spice Comics: In addition to the aromatic plants, you can think of also nesting in your base a little place for the seasonings in powder or grain that you use most.

Spices in the home garden

Image 49 - Reuse aluminum cans as your plant's cachepots: give them a new face with a different paint and even identification badges.

Aluminum cans in the home garden

Picture 50 - Wooden box as a base for your vases: you can paint a strip of it with slate paint and write their names whenever you change!

Homemade vegetable garden with box

Picture 51 - Greenhouse in the kitchen: artificial greenhouse structure embedded in the kitchen cabinets as a conventional oven.

Greenhouse in the kitchen

Picture 52 - Place your little plants in niches or shelves on empty walls!

Homemade vegetable on shelves

Picture 53 - Assemble your vegetable garden with different reused cachepots: aluminum cans, glass pots and even plastic.

Homemade vegetable garden

Picture 54 - Home garden: old pots of aluminum or ceramic also make super special cachepots for your vegetable gardens!

Homemade vegetable garden with old pots

Picture 55 - Home garden: an innovative design to fit your little plants and other edible!

Homemade vegetable with innovative design

Picture 56 - Home garden: wooden boards with paint in black ink type blackboard are great identifiers to fit directly in the earth of the pot and can be reused whenever you need, just delete and write again!

Home vegetable garden with wood inserts

Image 57 - Another idea of ​​cachepot with long wooden feet to ruin the decoration of the room.

Another idea of ​​long feet cachepot

Image 58 - Home garden: more old and super stylish cans to be reused as cachepots of your plants.

Home vegetable garden: more old cans

Image 59 - Ever fresh vegetables for your meals! Another system of greenhouse with artificial lighting to plant different types of lettuces, cabbage and green leaves.

Always fresh vegetables for your meals

Image 60 - Homegrown vegetable garden set in the stone: work of top of stone balcony with central cutout to fit your plant vases.

Homemade vegetable garden embedded in stone

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