Home cinema: 70 perfect projects to have as a reference

For those who do not give up a good movie, bet on the idea of ​​a home cinema can be a very advantageous option. The multimedia features currently available on the market combined with high-resolution TV sets and TV and movie providers - such as Netflix - ensure fun without the hassle of conventional movie theaters. And the best, in the comfort of home.

Want to invest in the idea? So check out the tips and pictures we have for you:

What to consider before setting up a home theater

Before you start equipping your living room - or another room in the house - to serve as a movie theater, plan the space and see if it meets some basic requirements for you to watch that special movie without hindrance. Come on:

1. Size of the environment

The first and most important step in this endeavor is to check the measurements of the location that will house your home theater. Not that a small environment can not turn into a cinema, but you will need to adapt the furniture and the TV to the environment.

A large TV in a reduced space is uncomfortable for the view, since a small TV for a very large room will also not produce the expected effect. So before you go to the store and buy the equipment, take all the measurements.

2. Sound insulation

Does your movie theater have adequate sound insulation? This item is important so as not to disturb other people in the house or even the neighbors. A door in the room already helps a lot to hold the sound inside the room. Another tip is to invest in wood elements in place. The material is a natural acoustic insulation and can be present in the furniture, floor and even ceiling.

3. Appropriate lighting

Windows are often the main source of natural light in homes. And cinema does not mix with clarity. The dark environment is more appropriate and it is not difficult to achieve this effect. A thick, dark cloth curtain is enough to block the entrance of light.

Already that low light, typical of the cinemas before the beginning of the session, can be obtained with artificial light. Installing washers on the side produces this effect, remember to only opt for yellowish lamps rather than white ones. A dimmer switch can be a good outlet as well. It regulates the intensity of light

Items needed for you to set up your home theater

1. Cinema TV

The main point to be analyzed in this item is the size of the screen. To arrive at the ideal model check the measurement information of the space, as quoted above. For a 42-inch TV the ideal is to keep a distance of 2.5 meters between the appliance and the sofa. The height of the floor to the TV should also be thought of, the ideal is 1.5 meters.

Be still aware of the screen resolution. Most of today's appliances are FullHD, but make sure you are buying a good quality handset. Smart TVs are also a good option as they have an integrated Wi-Fi system. Older TVs can be adapted with the help of smart devices such as a console.

2. Sound system

Reality and intensity are obtained by means of a good image and sound system. That's why it's worth having a home theater. Choose yours according to the size of the environment. There are models with 7, 5 and even 3 speakers, scatter them around the room in a balanced way. One tip is to install at least one on the ceiling.

3. Content

Equipment ready and installed. Now it's time to choose the best movie. A Smart TV allows you to access a range of content over the internet, from Netflix to Google Play, through YouTube and ITunes.

But nothing wrong with resorting to the good old DVD player, the important thing is to have good options of movies to enjoy.

4. Comfort

The great difference of a home theater is comfort. That's not the mall's movie theaters. Choose a comfortable sofa or armchair, have pillows on hand and even some blankets for colder days. A footrest can also be helpful if your sofa is not a retractable or recyclable model.

70 home theater ideas to inspire you

After all these tips, just prepare the popcorn and give the play. But first, be sure to check out the selection of home cinema theaters to inspire you further:

Picture 1 - Movie theater in house isolated from everything.

Secluded home cinema of everything

This cinema has full isolation of light and sound. Not to mention the comfort of the sofa.

Picture 2 - Home cinema in the room.

Home cinema in the room

This in-room movie theater uses a projector to bring movies to life.

Picture 3 - Cinema of truth.

Real cinema at home

For such a movie, you need to shell out a little more. But no doubt he is very realistic.

Picture 4 - Movie theater at home for comic book fans.

Home cinema for comic book fans

This home theater was freely inspired by the comic book superheroes.

Picture 5 - Home cinema for comfort fans.

Comfortable home cinema

Picture 6 - You can invite friends.

To fit all friends

Notice the size of the sofa. Can all friends fit in for a session?

Picture 7 - Futuristic home cinema.

Futuristic home cinema

Picture 8 - Shutters in the cinema.

Shutters in the cinema

The dark shades prevent the entry of light and maintain the modern identity of the environment.

Picture 9 - Side lighting in the home theater.

Side lighting in the home theater

Picture 10 - Corner.

Corner house cinema

The corner sofa takes more advantage of the space and offers more seating for the session.

Picture 11 - Great home cinema.

Home theater great

Image 12 - Multi projections.

Multi projectors in cinema room

No matter where you sit, multi-projections ensure the movie will be watched.

Picture 13 - Movie theater in a rustic house.

Rustic cinema room

Image 14 - Double row.

Double row

The double row of sofas accommodate all the guests in this project

Image 15 - Indirect lighting.

Illumination with crown molding in the cinema room

Indirect lighting is the highlight of this room.

Picture 16 - Home cinema gray.

Gray home cinema

Picture 17 - Relaxed home cinema.

Home cinema relaxed

The charm of this movie theater is because of the colorful cushions and the vibrant panel at the back.

Picture 18 - Cinema of leather.

Leather Cinema

Picture 19 - Home cinema thought of all the details.

Home cinema thought of all the details

In this project, no details were left aside. Notice the blankets by hand for those who feel that cold in the middle of the session.

Image 20 - Super screen.

Super screen

Picture 21 - Enlightened session.

Home cinema: 70 perfect projects to have as a reference

For those who do not care about the light coming through the window, you can be inspired by that model.

Image 22 - Homage to the classics.

Tributes to the classics

The sticker with movie stars leave this room with a well-characterized proposal.

Picture 23 - Game of light.

Light game

Picture 24 - Sophisticated home theater.

Sophisticated home theater

Picture 25 - Home cinema dark .

Home cinema: 70 perfect projects to have as a reference

Picture 26 - Clean proposal for home cinema.

Clean proposal for movie theater

The white of this room innovated the concept of cinema decoration.

Image 27 - Projection on glass.

Projection on glass

Very different and original, the film here is watched on a glass plate.

Image 28 - Double lighting.

Double lighting in the cinema room

Neither very clear nor too dark. The lighting of this room is natural and artificial at the same time.

Picture 29 - Cinema on the couch.

Cinema on the couch

Picture 30 - For the hour of the hunger.

For the hour of famine

For those who do not give up pinching a little thing or another in the middle of the film: that is the solution.

Picture 31 - Integrated home theater.

Integrated Home Theater

Image 32 - Focus on the armchairs.

Focus on the armchairs

This project stands out more for the armchairs than for the screen itself

Picture 33 - On the big screen.

Home cinema with big screen

The short distance between sofa and screen puts the viewer face to face with the film.

Image 34 - Face to face.

Face to face

The short distance between sofa and screen puts the viewer face to face with the film.

Picture 35 - Majestic home theater.

Majestic home theater

Picture 36 - Home theater for all tastes.

Home theater for all tastes

In this project, rustic elements such as wood join the modernity of the metal to create an environment that certainly appeals to all

Picture 37 - Formal home cinema.

Formal home cinema

This more serious and serious environment invites to more introspective films.

Picture 38 - Home cinema with panoramic view.

Cinema with panoramic view

Picture 39 - Acoustic insulation in the measurement.

Acoustic insulation in the measure

The fully lined wall ensures a perfect acoustic insulation to the design and makes the sound of the film better utilized inside the room

Image 40 - Urban home cinema.

Urban cinema

Image 41 - Cinema in steps.

Cinema in steps

The steps of burnt cement gave a relaxed air to the room. The cushions directly on the floor support the informality of the proposal.

Picture 42 - Home cinema for everyone.

Home cinema for everyone

Picture 43 - Home cinema with dining room.

Cinema with dining area

Another proposal of cinema room integrated to other environments. In this project you can watch your favorite movie while you dine.

Image 44 - Illuminated panels.

Illuminated panels

Picture 45 - Home cinema clean.

Cinema clean

Image 46 - Low ceiling in the movie theater at home.

Movie theater with low ceiling

The low ceiling on the sides creates a greater sense of coziness. Ideal for enjoying a good movie.

Picture 47 - Sober and modern cinema.

Sober and modern cinema

Image 48 - Classic cinema.

Classical home theater room

Picture 49 - Light in all corners.

Light in every corner

This movie theater was designed to be well lit. Notice the points of light behind the panels and the flags on the ladder.

Picture 50 - Cinema on the couch.

Cinema on the couch

Picture 51 - Mega cinema at home.

Mega cinema

Picture 52 - 50 Tons of beige.

50 shades of beige in the movie theater

The predominance of the beige tones leaves the room somewhat monotonous. Except for the movie posters on the wall.

Picture 53 - Cinema in the swimming pool.

Swimming pool cinema

Picture 54 - Home cinema: gray, white and black.

Gray, white and black in the movie theater

The monochromatic proposal made the look modern and jovial.

Image 55 - Room and cinema.

Room and cinema

Image 56 - In the brick.

Home theater with brick

The projector screen fixed to the brick wall embellished the design of this room.

Image 57 - Cinema in the panel.

Cinema in the panel

The option here was to use the traditional panel to fix the TV and ensure the cinema look of this room.

Image 58 - Informal home cinema.

Informal cinema

Image 59 - Modern and futuristic cinema.

Modern and futuristic cinema

Image 60 - Executive cinema.

Business center

Picture 61 - Cinema with home theater.

Movie theater with home theater

The home theater of this room was valued in functional and decorative aspects.

Picture 62 - A movie to relax at any time of the day.

A movie to relax at any time of day

Picture 63 - Comfortable cinema.

Comfortable cinema

Image 64 - More than a movie.

Much more than a cinema

The young and cheerful atmosphere of this movie theater invites you to movies, shows and everything else that is fun.

Picture 65 - Simple but refined room.

Simple but refined room

Image 66 - Cinema of colors and textures.

Cinema of colors and textures

Picture 67 - For the kids.

Movies for kids

Even in a small space it is possible to plan a movie theater just for kids.

Picture 68 - Cinéfilos


Picture 69 - Classic and retro home theater.

Classical and retro home theater

Picture 70 - Black and white.

Black and White Home Theater

The black tone of the armchairs and walls is broken by indirect white light in the background and by the comics on the wall.
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