Handcrafted with pallets: 60 creative and step-by-step ideas

The craft with pallets goes way beyond beds. Believe it is possible to create a multitude of pieces and objects with the material, from the most functional to just decorative. If you are looking for creative and original craft ideas with pallets, know that you have come to the right place.

This post was written especially to inspire curious and inventive minds willing to put their hands in the dough and create their own handcrafted pieces.

60 Creative Craft Ideas with Pallets to Inspire Your Production

So be sure to check out the images below and then watch some tutorial videos that will teach you the detailed step-by-step of how to make handicrafts with pallets. See too: bed of pallet, pallet panel , pallet sofas and headboard with pallets.

Let's start?

Picture 1 - Handicraft with pallets: office desk made of pallet.

Handicraft with pallets for office desk

The pallet fit that idea perfectly. The space between the slats was used as drawer. A functional furniture and that certainly made the office look more beautiful and relaxed.

Picture 2 - Handicraft with pallets: support for books made with pallet.

Support for books with handcrafted pallets

A niche mix and shelf. This is the proposal for this bookmark. The wooden slat in the front prevents the books from slipping and falling on the floor. To keep out of the decor, the stand was painted the same color as the door.

Picture 3 - An interesting thing in pallet craftsmanship is that he does not need to get any finishing to look beautiful.

Handicrafts with pallets in the room

Picture 4 - Handicraft with pallets: pallet in the bathroom.

Crafts with pallets in bathroom

The simple box made of pallet is used to house small decorative objects and personal hygiene. The rustic of the pallet accompanies the rustic wicker present in the toilet paper holder and in the magazine door.

Picture 5 - Closet made of pallet.

Handicraft of pallets for closet

The closet made of pallet and crates gained a relaxed, youthful and modern air. An economical, alternative and sustainable proposal for interior design.

Picture 6 - Between the rustic and the sophisticated.

Between the rustic and the sophisticated

Image 7 - Craft with pallets: delicacy of flowers in contrast to the rustic of the pallet.

Delicacy of flowers in handicrafts with pallets

This bathroom mirror was very charming with the mix of styles present in it. The white brick wall in the background adds value to the proposal.

Picture 8 - Make your own office with pallet crafts.

Office with handicraft pallets

The pallet table perfectly accommodates all the objects needed for the work routine. What can not be placed on the table can be hung on the metal wire. The best of this environment is that you can do it all.

Picture 9 - A lot of cute together: pallet and pet.

Pallet and pet

Image 10 - Handicraft with pallets: frame of pallet.

Handicraft of pallets for frame

Did you like this idea? The pallet frame surrounds the entire counter that divides the kitchen room. In small niches it is possible to accommodate mugs of different colors and designs.

Picture 11 - Armchair made of pallet.

Armchair of pallet

This armchair is functional, besides serving as a seat (of course!) It still houses magazines, books and newspapers thanks to the natural spans of the pallet itself. Is it a multipurpose part?

Image 12 - Pallet trunk with retractable shelf.

Pallet Trunk Holder

Image 13 - Pallet holder easy to make.

Easy pallet holder

Easy to make and with a striking look, this pallet holder is the right choice for you to decorate with style. Just use as many slats as you wish and suspend them by a rope. Simple does not it?

Image 14 - Crafts with pallets: pallets everywhere.

Pallets everywhere

The proposal here was to use the pallet to leave the environment with a rustic and very cozy way. The wall covered with the material and the high benches did not even finish finishing, keeping the pallet with its original characteristics.

Image 15 - Pallets can be used for simpler or more elaborate furniture.

Handicraft of pallets for furniture

Image 16 - Handicraft with pallets: tree of pallets.

Pallet tree

Creativity has no limits when it comes to crafts with pallets. The idea here was to use the material to reproduce a Christmas tree on the wall. Would you do one of those?

Image 17 - Handicraft with pallets: pallet counter.

Handicraft with pallets: pallet counter

The counters are up in interior decoration, so why not do it with the other trend of the moment, the pallets?

Image 18 - Pallets and the end of the problem of where to put the shoes.

Pallets and the end of the problem of where to put the shoes

Picture 19 - Decorative ladder of pallet.

Decorative ladder of pallets

Another creative way to use pallets is to leave it in the ladder format to function as a carrier. In the bathroom she can hold towels, like in this model.

Image 20 - Rustic and comfortable balance for the garden.

Rustic comfortable swing to the garden

Whether indoors or outdoors, pallets always give a way to value the space. In this case, the pallet balance leaves the environment more cozy and comfortable.

Picture 21 - Handicraft with pallets with pop art.

Handicrafts with pallets and pop art

Image 22 - Pallet of world references.

Pallet of world references

In this room, the pallet decorates with the names of cities around the world. A piece of aesthetic function that fulfills its role very well.

Image 23 - Handicraft with pallets on gourmet balcony .

Handicraft with pallets on the gourmet balcony

And how about making a pallet counter to your gourmet balcony? Make sure the two were made for each other.

Picture 24 - Headboard of single bed made of pallet.

Single bed headboard with pallets

Picture 25 - Sofa or bed?

Sofa or pallet bed?

Handmade pieces allow to be created of the desired size. For this reason, you can make a pallet sofa with bed dimensions, as in this model of the image.

Image 26 - Not so rustic for a pallet.

Not so rustic for a pallet

This pallet center table does not have the same rustic look as most of the pallet crafts. A proof that the material fits well in any style, everything will depend on the finish given to it.

Image 27 - Table lamp with book holder; a great idea.

Pallet lamp with book stand

Image 28 - Handicraft with pallets: all of pallet.

Everything with craft pallets

Is there a lot of pallet left over there? So you can be inspired by this image. The kitchen was all made with pallets: the niches, the counter and the benches. Pallets were even used in the ceiling.

Picture 29 - Two in one.

Two in one mobile with pallets

Similar to the previous model, this lamp was also made of pallet with the differential of it being a piece of furniture, even serving as a dumb servant.

Picture 30 - Organize your gardening items with a pallet-made furniture.

Organize your gardening items with a pallet-made furniture

Picture 31 - Chair in pallet.

Pallet truck

Create a differentiated design chair using pallets. Use creativity and let your carpentry and design gifts appear.

Image 32 - Flowers on the pallet.

Flowers on the pallet

The pallets look great as a support for plants and flowers. The contrast created between them is very interesting, as both are valued. Without saying it is very simple to do.

Image 33 - Kitchen island made of pallet.

Cooking island made with pallets

Image 34 - Handicraft with pallets in the kitchen.

Handicrafts with kitchen pallets

The niches and shelves are fashionable, especially in the kitchen. You can choose to make your own pallet shelf by yourself. In the end, you can leave it unfinished, like that of the image, or paint it some lively and cheerful color.

Image 35 - Pallet painted with a gradient of roses.

Painted pallets for handicrafts

Book holder made of pallet has won a very beautiful painting. The gradient in shades of pink combined with the decor of the environment and valued the furniture, making it more elegant and sophisticated.

Image 36 - Original stand for the balcony.

Pallet balcony stand

Picture 37 - For a rustic room, nothing better than a pallet bed.

Pallet bed for rustic bedroom

This young, rustic-looking room has been reinforced in the decor with the pallet bed. Remember that the height of the furniture is determined by the number of overlapping pallets.

Picture 38 - Bed and headboard made of pallet.

Bed and headboard made of pallets

The modern bedroom, painted in black, earned a bed with a headboard made of pallet. The furniture served to leave the environment more bare and with a face of uncomplicated decoration.

Image 39 - Pallets in multifunctional and integrated format.

Pallets in multifunctional and integrated format

Image 40 - Vertical mini garden for cacti and succulents made of pallets.

Vertical mini garden for cacti and succulents made from pallets

Image 41 - Handicraft with pallets: rustic coffee table.

Handicraft with pallets: coffee table rustic

The coffee table made with pallets won wheels to facilitate the movement of the furniture around the room. Although there is no finish of paint, it is possible to notice that the surface of the table is very smooth, indicating that it has received a good job of sandpaper.

Picture 42 - For the most experienced woodworkers, a furniture of pallet with drawer.

Pallet mobile with drawer

Picture 43 - Pure charm these vessels made of pallet.

Pallet cups

Picture 44 - A bedside dream with handicraft pallets.

Headboard with pallets

The romantic room in pastel colors was even more appreciated by the head of white painted pallet. Pure charm.

Image 45 - Vivid and vibrant colors always look good on pallets.

Pallets with vibrant colors

Image 46 - Handicraft with pallets: do not know how to organize your bijou? Look at this idea.

Bijus organized on a pallet basis

Image 47 - Do you have a pallet left over there? Put it on the party decor.

Pallet handcrafts for party

The pallet turned menu at this party. All it took was a black paint to write with chalk on it. One more idea of ​​what to do with this mega functional object.

Image 48 - Pallet table and shelves for the office.

Office Pallets

Picture 49 - Capriche in the choice of the foot of the table and you gain a super original furniture made of pallet.

Original mobile with pallets on coffee table

Picture 50 - And how about a room rack made of pallet?

Handcrafted with pallets: 60 creative and step-by-step ideas

Very versatile, the pallet can stand out in any environment where it is placed. In this room he became prominent when being used as a rack. The white paint allowed the furniture to fit the decoration better.

Image 51 - A fruit bowl with pallets.

Fruit bowl with pallets

Image 52 - Wallcovering with pallets; take the time to make shelves with it as well.

Wallcovering with pallets

Image 53 - Handicraft with pallets: a creative and sustainable idea for companies.

Handcrafted with pallets: 60 creative and step-by-step ideas

If you have a company and want to print the concept of sustainability in it, then use and abuse the pallets in the decoration. Besides being very beautiful, the decoration will be able to express the values ​​of your business.

Image 54 - Pallet and skating. Did you like this wedding?

Pallet with patina

Image 55 - Meanwhile in the garden, a bench made of ...? Pallets, of course!

Pallet truck

Picture 56 - Beyond the limits of a bed.

Pallet bed

This bed extends beyond the limits of the mattress and spreads throughout the rest of the room. The pallets that are shown resemble a deck.

Image 57 - Very cute! Cradle made of pallet.

Cute cradle made with pallets

Image 58 - Black leaves the office desk looking more stylish.

Office desk with pallets

Image 59 - Pallet coasters.

Pallet Coasters

An idea for those in love with pallets. In this image, the idea was to create mini pallets to serve as glass cupboards.

Image 60 - Gourmet counter on the balcony.

Pallet counter on gourmet balcony

Now, get ready to put your hand in the dough. You will learn the step-by-step of three different handicrafts made with pallet. Check out:

Step-by-step and how to make pallet handicrafts

1. Pallet tray

In this video you will learn with the craftsman Deyvis Bianco how to make a beautiful pallet tray. Simple, easy and you spend virtually nothing.

2. Pallet shelf

The shelves are functional and indispensable items in the organization of the house, in addition to being very decorative. So it's worth checking out this tutorial video and learning how to make a pallet shelf for your kitchen. The video was produced by the channel of the store My Mobile Wood.

3. Pallet Sofa

The pallet sofas, as well as the beds, are successful in the world of crafts. Therefore, you can not leave aside a tutorial like this. Follow step by step, taught by the Do-It-Yourself channel, and make your home more beautiful and cozy with this sofa.

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