Guest room: 100 inspirations to please your visit

Extended holidays, long dinners and unexpected visits are the perfect combo to welcome friends and family back home! And nothing more fair than putting together a space dedicated to them, as a guest room . Making the room cozy and pleasant is the best way to receive your visitors with care and care, so you have to plan it as if it were your own little corner!

We have selected 5 tips for guest room perfect for your guests to feel themselves in a 5 star hotel!

1. Optional pampering

Forget or ask for something for the host is common for anyone staying outside! So it is ideal to leave in the room some items that probably make the difference in this stay:

  • An extra blanket if the guest feels cold in the middle of the night;
  • A high pillow and a lower pillow that goes according to the taste of each;
  • Clean and soft towels, preferably dark, so dirt does not appear;
  • Wifi password;
  • A moringa with water;
  • Personal hygiene kit;
  • Pharmacy kit;
  • Snacks;
  • Varied magazines and books;
  • Vases of flowers to brighten the room;
  • Aromatizador of ambience, to leave the room very cozy! Opt for diffusers with sticks or aromatic candles on the bedside table.

2. Basic furniture

On a single room can not miss a bed, nightstand and a support for suitcase.

  • Bed : is the most important item for the room! Look for a comfortable mattress and decorate it with a beautiful set of bedding.
  • Wardrobe : If the room is small, try to buy a macaw from the floor for visitors to take their clothes off their suitcases. A mobile with drawer and free shelves also help as storage space.
  • Light fixture : Keep a lamp on the nightstand or by the bed (washer). Choose yellow lamps because they convey more warmth.

3. Prioritize comfort!

Bet on soft sheets, with 200 threads up, and which are in neutral tones. To give the finishing touch, pass when they are stretched out on the bed to avoid the wrinkles and the marks of the folds. Another tip is also to sprinkle scented water on the bedding to carry the scent of nature into the room.

4. Guest bedroom and office together

Home office has become a common activity for many who need to work from home or study. Joining various functions in one room is ideal to optimize each square meter of your house and still guarantee all the needs of the residents.

  • Bed: Choose the sofa bed or a bed with pillows to give a sofa impression during the day.
  • Desk / work desk: When the guest is staying in this room, the work desk can be turned into support for the guest's objects.
  • Electronics: Hide office items like printer, notebook, wires and routers through a good joinery project.

5. Suite as guest bedroom

Planning a suite is the best option for those who prioritize privacy. In addition to the items already mentioned, it is interesting to arrange a TV, carpets, mirror, and maybe a dresser. Abuse your creativity and organize it in the best way!

100 guest room ideas and designs to inspire you

By following these tips, it is easier to set up the perfect corner without disturbing the rest of the house. Check out 100 ideas from bed and breakfast to apply in your home, from simple, small, integrated to the most luxurious:

Picture 1 - Practicality above all else!

Use the practicality above all when planning the room

Design a functional and flexible joinery according to your needs. In the above design, the bed can be hidden inside the closet when not in use.

Picture 2 - Integration in the right measure.

An integration in the right measure

Sliding doors integrate and take privacy when needed. For a larger room, one can opt for a sofa bed. So it is possible to open the environment to expand the social area.

Picture 3 - The widow's bed is a great option!

Bet on the widow's bed to set up a guest bedroom

Choose a comfortable bed without it being too large. It is worth betting on a bed of a widow if space is reduced!

Picture 4 - Guest room clean.

Decoration of guest rooms clean

Picture 5 - Luxury guest room.

Luxury guest room

Picture 6 - A thicker quilt at the foot of the bed.

Leave a thicker quilt on the end of the bed

Leave a quilt over the edge of the bed, so the guest can use it on cooler nights. In addition, they decorate during the day, keeping the room much more organized!

Image 7 - Long mirror stuck on the wall.

Wall mounted long mirror

The mirror that sells in department stores can be wall-mounted, quickly and without major investments.

Picture 8 - Even though small, do not leave comfort aside!

Do not leave comfort aside in a small guest room

It is worth leaving in the drawers blankets, duvets, quilts, extra pillows for the guests. Tell them about availability and tell them they can feel free to use whatever they want.

Picture 9 - Wall stickers create a relaxed atmosphere for the environment.

Leave a relaxed atmosphere with wall stickers.

Picture 10 - To form the double bed, simply join the two single beds.

Unite two single beds to have a double bed in a guest bedroom

This way it is possible to create several layouts in the room, without the need for a bigger bed.

Image 11 - Guest room well lit.

Guest room design with ample lighting

Image 12 - Suspend the TV if the space is small.

Use the TV suspended in a small guest room

Image 13 - No frills and very well planned.

Room not fresh and very well planned

Picture 14 - Antique furniture gives a new air to the room.

Guest room with antique furniture

Those old furniture that no longer has use at home, can decorate a guest room. Upgrade the furniture, applying a new paint, a new handle, a new frame in the room and so on.

Picture 15 - Old chairs as bedside table.

Use an antique chair with bedside table.

The chair has gained strength in the decoration as support for the bed or side tables.

Image 16 - Guest room with neutral decoration.

Neutral decor in the guest bedroom

Picture 17 - Modern guest room.

Modern guest room

Picture 18 - Guest room to house the family.

Guest room to house the family

The bunk bed is a way to optimize the room space. Put as many beds as you can to house a family in the room.

Image 19 - The ambiance can follow the tastes of the visitor!

Bet on an exclusive setting

According to the visitor's profile, you can spice up with a blanket and a set of pillow cases.

Image 20 - Guest room with two single beds.

Guest bedroom with two single beds

Opt for two single beds, which can come together and transform into a double bed. In this way you can receive two friends, as a couple.

Picture 21 - Small guest room.

Small guest room

In that case less is more! It should house few furniture and provide more comfort.

Image 22 - Throughout the day, sofa and night bed.

Sofa during the day, the night a bed

Nothing better than adapting the furniture according to your needs, so you do not need an armchair or sofa.

Picture 23 - The Perfect Niche!

Design with the perfect niche!

Picture 24 - The ideal room to host a family.

The ideal room to host a family

Picture 25 - White transmits cleaning to the bedroom.

The bank transmits cleaning to the dormitory

Image 26 - Headboard from end to end.

Headboard from end to end

Image 27 - Guest room with single bed.

Guest bedroom with single bed

Image 28 - Niches help support some decorative objects.

Niches to support decorative objects

The decorative elements make the guest room even more inviting. They also serve to give personality and a little more color to the environment.

Picture 29 - Simple lighting, wallpaper and bedside form the perfect composition for the bedroom.

Single washers and headboard

Picture 30 - Guest room with bunk bed.

Guest room with bunk bed

Picture 31 - If the room is small, plan the woodwork well.

Plan the joinery well in a small room

Put just the essentials, not to mention the basics of a room. Panel, rack and a closet can earn a design that accommodates the available area of ​​the room.

Picture 32 - The correct bed for the guest room.

The correct bed for the guest bedroom

The headboard upholstered from end to end conveys comfort and is a great option to give the special touch to the decoration.

Picture 33 - A bed and a desk can be enough for the bedroom.

A bed and a writing desk is enough for the bedroom

Picture 34 - Decorate the wall in a creative and relaxed way.

Decorate the wall in a relaxed way

Picture 35 - A dresser and an armchair are supports for the bedroom.

Chest of drawers and armchair as supports for the bedroom

Picture 36 - Bunk bed high!

Bunk bed and high

Picture 37 - Decorate with pictures that stimulate future trips.

Boards that stimulate new trips

Picture 38 - The wooden panel takes more coziness to the environment.

More warmth to the environment with the wooden panel

Picture 39 - Lighting in the right measure!

Lighting in the right measure

Picture 40 - Bunks optimize space.

Cots that optimize space

Image 41 - Guest room and office.

Guest room and office

Picture 42 - A bedside table for the two beds.

A bedside table

A larger bedside table, such as a chest, can support the two single beds.

Picture 43 - Be inspired by the maritime climate to decorate the room on the beach.

Decorate the room on the beach with the maritime climate

Picture 44 - The minibar is a practical and decorative item!

The minibar is a practical and decorative item

Picture 45 - Drawers under the bed help store accessories and clothing.

Drawers under the bed for the organization

Picture 46 - Mini workbench and nightstand in the same place.

Mini workbench and nightstand in the same place

These built-in countertops work very well for the guest rooms. Besides having great utility to put basic items next to the bed can also be used to work.

Image 47 - Guest room decorated with neutral tones.

Guest room with neutral tones

Elegant, neutral and versatile, the beige color is super high on the decor! In addition, the tonal palette is very extensive and you can combine them in several ways.

Image 48 - Side table that serves as a bedside table.

Side table as bedside table

Use other objects for the side support function, such as a garden seat, a chair, a bench or a barrel. The important thing is to have a place to put your cell phone, glasses, a glass of water and other items you need at the side of the bed.

Picture 49 - The puffs are versatile and decorate the environment.

Versatile poufs that decorate the environment

Picture 50 - The practicality of the bicama!

Practicality of the trundle

The bunk beds have the same idea of ​​the single bed, but with the advantage of having two beds occupying only one space. For tighter spaces is the most advantageous choice!

Picture 51 - Make a composition of several pillows so as not to miss the guest's taste.

Composition with several cushions

So you create several options for the visitor to choose some of their preference.

Picture 52 - The side sofa can turn into a child's bed or a luggage rack.

Side sofa as a bed for children

Picture 53 - Follow the sofa bed with colorful cushions.

Sofa bed with colorful cushions

Image 54 - A good choice for office!

Great choice for your office

Picture 55 - Guest room with two double beds.

Guest room: 100 inspirations to please your visit

Image 56 - Prioritize the basics!

Prioritize the Basics in Decorating

The soft colors always please more, but for the room not to be used use decorative objects and more modern wallpapers.

Image 57 - Opt for the sofa bed to gain another living room.

Choose the sofa bed to gain more space

Image 58 - The mirror creates the sensation of amplitude.

Mirror in the decoration

Image 59 - Decorate with inspiring objects!

Use inspiring objects in your decor

Picture 60 - The more bed, the better!

The more better bed

Screenshot 61 - Plaquinha with the Wifi password.

Plaque with Wifi password

Image 62 - Lockers help guests organize luggage.

Cabinets that help the guest organize

Image 63 - Guest room with Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style guest room

Picture 64 - The blue conveys tranquility and peace!

Blue that conveys tranquility and peace

Picture 65 - Mount a room suspended and economically!

Set up an economy-hungry bedroom!

Image 66 - A macaw is enough to house the visitor's clothes.

Arara to house visitors' clothing

To make visitors feel more comfortable, provide a macaw with hangers so they support the pieces that knead more easily.

Picture 67 - Use furniture you already own!

Use furniture that you already own

That simple stool can turn into a beautiful bedside table with a composition of books and a floor lamp.

Picture 68 - How about an oriental style bed?

Bet on an oriental style bed

Picture 69 - A touch of green to remember nature.

A touch of green to remind nature

Image 70 - Neutrality not to err in decoration.

Neutrality not to err in decoration

Picture 71 - Simple guest room.

Single Guest Room

Image 72 - Get inspired in hotel rooms.

Inspiration in a hotel room

Image 73 - Guest room and home office.

Guest room and home office

For a home with few rooms, it is possible to set up an office and a guest room together. You can insert the sofa that turns into bed through the cushions and still play a spot of color of your preference to give your personal touch.

Picture 74 - The charm of the bed headboards!

The charm of the bed headboards!

Picture 75 - For a large dormitory, abuse of high and large beds.

Abuse of high and large beds

Picture 76 - Build a multipurpose room and integrated with the rest of the house.

Multipurpose room integrated into the rest of the house

Picture 77 - The wallpaper in linen is ideal to decorate the room.

Decorate the room with wallpaper

Picture 78 - Mix neutral colors with dots of color!

Neutral colors with color dots

Picture 79 - Place a small sofa too!

A small sofa

Picture 80 - A balcony is always welcome!

A balcony is always welcome

Picture 81 - Guest room with double bed.

Guest bedroom with double bed

Picture 82 - Guest room and TV room.

Guest room and TV room

Picture 83 - A bed on the floor creates a bare climate and is ideal for small space.

Bed on the floor for a small space

Picture 84 - Assemble an inspiring frame composition for the room.

Composition of inspiring pictures

Picture 85 - Choose a color to highlight in the environment!

Choose a color to enhance the environment

Picture 86 - The rugs leave the environment cozier.

Carpets leave the environment cozier

Image 87 - Guest room and living room.

Guest bedroom and living room

Nothing better than putting two functions together in one room. As the environment is small, the solution was to apply a mirror wall and attach the TV to the ceiling.

Picture 88 - The long mirror can not miss!

Long mirror that can not miss

Having a mirror in the room is always a good thing to do in the visual. You can use them on the wall using a frame, to harmonize with the joinery.

Image 89 - Be inspired in boho chic style for a beach house.

Chic boho style for a beach house

Picture 90 - Put a touch of color in the joinery.

Put a touch of color in the joinery

Picture 91 - Insert a place for books and magazines!

A place for books and magazines

Put a shelf or bookcase with some books to please visitors. They can read before bed or at some point to relax.

Picture 92 - Make a stage to gain more space.

Make a stage to gain more space

With the unevenness and the wooden floor, a TV space was created with a sofa bed made of pallet and a bed that is hidden in the box that forms.

Picture 93 - Versatile style to please everyone!

Versatile style that appeals to everyone

So as not to miss the abuse of a B & B decoration, full of modernity and joviality of geometric shapes.

Image 94 - A great choice for those who have little space.

A great option for those who have little space

Enjoy the airspace to create shelves and still suspend the bed. Between this gap it is possible to create a closet to store clothes and suitcases.

Image 95 - Narrow guest room.

Narrow guest room

Image 96 - Abuse of neutral colors.

Abuse of neutral colors

Image 97 - Functional furniture in decoration!

Functional furniture

Image 98 - Rotating furniture makes all the difference.

Rotating furniture

Picture 99 - Simple and comfortable!

Simple and comfortable

Picture 100 - With a very cozy climate!

With a cozy climate

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