Green wall: different shades of color to use in the decoration

You may have grown tired of hearing expressions such as "Green is life," "green wave," "green medicine," or "green wall or green wall." These terms are fashionable, but what do they have in common and what do they mean?

Green is the color that represents the natural, the nature, the outdoor life, the freedom, the hope and the well-being. Color is also associated with emotions and feelings of peace, tranquility, balance and freshness. Therefore, nothing more appropriate than the color goes to support concepts of healthy life, natural food, sustainability and ecology.

But if in advertising, in the arts and in fashion the color has already shown its strength and its power, how it behaves in the decoration? The trend is for interior design to follow the same path and take a green shower.

Although not one of the preferred and most used colors in the decoration, green when inserted in the environment causes an effect very similar to being in the middle of nature.

According to studies from the University of Hamburg in Germany, people who spend, even for a short time, in contact with nature feel more energized and revitalized. And the easiest way to recreate this natural environment is by painting the walls of green.

That's why we listed in this post different shades of green for you to apply on the walls of your home. There are on average about 100 different shades of greens cataloged and almost all the nuances come straight from nature, that is, they were not created by man.

So take advantage of our suggestions of green walls in different shades and plunge headlong into that color and all its beneficial effects. Check out:

Moss green wall

Picture 1 - To remind even more the nature combine the green wall with elements in wood.

To remind nature even more, combine the green wall with wooden elements

Picture 2 - The moss-green walls bring sobriety and a mild climate to the room.

The moss-green walls bring sobriety and a mild climate to the room

Picture 3 - Choose one of the walls of the room to receive the most closed green tone.

Green wall in closed tone

Picture 4 - The bathroom with moss green wall became warm and cozy.

Bathroom with green moss wall

Picture 5 - Combine the green of the wall with the green of the plants.

The moss-green walls bring sobriety and a mild climate to the room

Picture 6 - Children's room decorated with shades of green; a neutral and unisex color.

Children's room decorated with shades of green

Picture 7 - The warmth of the fireplace together with the comfort of the elements in wood and, to close the proposal, the wall moss green with applications of leaves.

Moss green wall with leaf application

Picture 8 - For this house of integrated environments, the proposal was to use the green on one side and the violet on the other, its complementary color.

Internal green wall

Picture 9 - It is possible to create a neutral and clean room using moss green.

Moss green wall

Image 10 - Using moss green in the bedroom or office helps bring peace and balance.

Moss green wall in the office

Jade green wall

Picture 11 - A little corner literally green and that of just looking already calms.

Jade green wall

Picture 12 - The modern room bet in the tone of green jade to give life and mood to the environment.

modern room bet on the pitch of jade green

Picture 13 - The combination of the green color and the apparent brick is ideal to create a rustic and natural climate in the environment.

Green wall and brick

Picture 14 - Make a combination of complementary and similar colors: in this case, green with pink and green with blue, respectively.

Green wall in bathroom

Picture 15 - Everything green! How do you feel looking at this environment? Notice these sensations and how color acts in your psychological.

Bright green inner wall

Picture 16 - Tone on tone: try using different shades of green in the same environment, starting with the wall.

Green wall tone on tone

Image 17 - A modern and relaxed green wall.

Modern green wall

Picture 18 - The effect of green in this room is amplified even more with the same color lamps; the contrast is due to yellow and orange.

Green wall in double room

Picture 19 - The green wall combined with retro style furniture is a true walk through grandma's house.

Green wall and retro furniture

Picture 20 - Half green, half burnt cement is boiserie Decentralized: mix of styles and trends on a single wall.

Half green wall

Green wall / vertical garden

Picture 21 - The green can also be present in the wall by means of a panel with natural landscape.

Green landscape wall

Image 22 - Or even with real plants, like in this bathroom that has gained a green wall and literally alive.

Living Green Living Wall

Picture 23 - The green foliage stand out amidst the clean decor of the bathroom.

Green bathroom wall with leaves

Image 24 - Already here, the proposal was to create a green wall, alive and cinematographic climate.

Living green wall

Image 25 - And what do you think of transforming your balcony with a green wall like this one of the image?

Green wall on the gourmet balcony

Picture 26 - The meeting room is cooler, balanced and harmonious with the presence of the wall and the green armchairs.

Green wall in boardroom

Image 27 - The union of green and gray brings modernity and freshness in the right measure for this room.

Green and gray wall

Image 28 - And to have no mistake bet in a wooden room with a green wall.

Green wall in wooden room

Picture 29 - In times of scarce contact with nature, providing green spaces for children indoors is essential.

Children's green space

Image 30 - Modern and sophisticated decorating proposals can also benefit from the beauty of green walls.

Green wall in modern design

Green sea water wall

Picture 31 - The green sea water is very close to the blue palette bringing to the environment the effect of the two colors.

Water green wall

Picture 32 - The green sea water, combined with its complementary colors, left the children's room lavishing joy and enthusiasm.

Green wall water children's room

Image 33 - Niche and wall in the same shade of bluish green.

Green wall with niches

Image 34 - Two shades of green, a single wall.

Two shades of green wall

Picture 35 - Green and pink on the wall bringing color and style to this salon.

Green and pink wall to hall

Picture 36 - Green sea water on the bedroom wall; to match neutral tones in bedding and decorative pieces made with natural elements.

Green sea water wall

Picture 37 - Green sea water wall accompanies the height of the cabinet and helps to highlight the white of the furniture.

Green sea water wall 1

Picture 38 - TV wall is preferred to receive different colors; the suggestion here is to paint it in the green sea-green tone.

Green tv wall

Picture 39 - Insert the green seawater between the pastel tones , the atmosphere is pure harmony and tranquility.

Green wall pastels

Picture 40 - The baby's room became more cheerful with the half green wall and the picture of the poa.

Green baby bedroom wall

Wall green flag

Image 41 - The green flag, Brazilian, has a remarkable presence in the environment; the tone becomes even more interesting when used in conjunction with wood.

Wall green flag

Picture 42 - The boisseries became more sober and refined in the tone of green flag.

Green wall boiserie

Image 43 - Already in this other room, the green flag boisseries have acquired a blue tone by the presence of illumination of the ceiling.

Green wall with boiserie

Image 44 - Green naturalism in contrast to the sophistication of the White marble .

Green wall and white marble

Image 45 - A lively and striking combination between the green flag and the red.

Green flag and red wall

Picture 46 - Pure elegance this textured green wall in the double room; highlight the suspended luminaires to modernize the environment.

Textured green wall

Picture 47 - Do not want to paint? Invest in wallpaper then! Here, a model with small white sheets was used on the green flag background.

Green Wallpaper

Image 48 - And if you paint the cement burnt green? The result is that of the image.

Green wall burnt cement

Picture 49 - O small room Couple opted for the use of white on the sides and green flag on the bedside wall.

Small green room wall

Mint Green Wall

Picture 50 - The mint green on the wall, smoother and understated, can be combined with other more vivid shades of green in the decor.

Mint Green Wall

Image 51 - Mint Green is a great color choice for pastel decorations.

Mint green and pastel shades

Picture 52 - In this bathroom, the mint green was inserted in the tablets of the main wall.

Mint green wall on tablets

Picture 53 - A charm this kitchen! Mint green divides space in perfect harmony with the tiles; to complete the delicacy of the proposal, white furniture and light wood.

Green kitchen wall

Picture 54 - Green mint in bathroom in composition with crockery, metal and black floor

Mint green wall in bathroom

Image 55 - Cozy and cozy: to achieve this effect in the room, shades of mint green and burnt orange were used; the plants give the finishing touch.

Mint and orange green wall

Image 56 - Boiseries need not always be white, you can give a gentle and discreet touch of color using mint green.

Mint green wall in living room

Image 57 - The integrated and modern environment bet on the use of mint green on the wall.

Modern green living room wall

Picture 58 - In this double room, the soft green tone was used on all walls; black and white come in to complete the decoration.

Mint green wall double room

Image 59 - Violet on one side, green on the other: bet on the game of contrasts to create a cheerful and stripped-down atmosphere.

Green wall: different shades of color to use in the decoration

Olive wall

Image 60 - Face and grass color on the wall.

Olive wall

Picture 61 - Olive green enters the bedside wall of this luxurious and sophisticated room.

Olive green bedside table

Picture 62 - Olive green and light wood: modern and elegant combination for the bathroom.

Olive wall and light wood

Picture 63 - Each wall of this bathroom received a coating, but both complete and harmonize.

Olive wall in bathroom

Image 64 - The decoration of neutral tones bet on an olive green partition to generate color and life in the environment.

Green wall and neutral tones

Image 65 - Betting on contrasts is always a good request in the decoration, or in the room that it is.

Green wall in contrast

Picture 66 - Sobriety and elegance are the words that define the decoration of this room.

Green wall in a sober environment

Image 67 - Green on the walls and white on the ceiling and floor.

Green wall in the environment

- And a kitchen all green? Have you thought about that possibility?

Green wall in the kitchen

Picture 69 - Already the combination between black and green is full of personality and style, but still being balanced.

Green wall: different shades of color to use in the decoration

Picture 70 - Integrated kitchen and living room: in the background, olive green predominates and at the front, the tone of soft rose creates contrast.

Kitchen and living room with green wall

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