Green bedroom: guide to decorate the room with this color

Green is that color that immediately reminds us of nature, peace and tranquility. It has a huge variety of shades, ranging from moss to emerald or seawater, allowing a variety of uses and effects, especially when placed in the decoration of an environment.

O green room is ideal for those who want the freshness, energy and renewal that nature inspires us or for those who want to live moments of calm and tranquility. The color of the leaves and vegetation provoke different effects, depending on the proportion and type of harmony used and thus reveals its dynamic and versatile character.

Techniques used to harmonize colors with environments and their purposes, such as Feng Shui or color psychology, indicate green as the ideal color to leave the environments of your home with a face of refuge. Green is also one of the most suitable colors for use in the decoration of the room. After all, nothing better than to feel welcomed when it comes to resting after an exhausting day, is not it?

In today's post we will talk about the uses of this color exclusively in green room decoration . We will show how the shades and combinations of this color influence the visualization of a modern, contemporary, sophisticated, classic room and those super fun and relaxed, whether for a double room, infant or baby. Stay tuned for our tips and be inspired by our gallery!

Over 100 shades of green for you to choose your

Green color

The versatility of green is so great that with every hue you can create a totally different environment. Although some elements, such as the connection with nature, are always present, the nuances between one tone and another reveal other sensations provided by color.

For environments where you want to inspire more sophistication and serenity, the pastel shades of green are a great request, especially if combined with white or metallic shades like gold and silver.

Creative areas, however, are asking for more energetic colors, such as medium tones, those that approach lemon lime, mint and jade, and leave environments such as home office with more personality.

If your environment calls for a more adult and serious style, darker shades combined with other strong colors such as black and brown, leave your decor more sober.

Green for those who want to sleep in peace and balance

When we think of the room, we must keep in mind that it is in this space that we recompose our energies, let go of the day-to-day wear and recover body and mind.

It is not today that we hear that colors influence many aspects of our lives, such as feelings and some feelings. Therefore, the green room decoration must have colors that help create feelings of relaxation, tranquility and balance so that we have a good night's sleep.

Green is considered the color of balance and its anti-stress action can make the room a quieter environment. In addition, it is associated with creativity and stimulates reading skills.

An alternative for anyone who is in doubt about the color of children's room

In addition to bringing sensations such as tranquility and peace, green is also related to the idea of ​​growth, harmony and security. These are sensations that bring many benefits to each of us and create the ideal atmosphere for children's rooms. The pastel green tones are perfect to be used as a base for children's bedrooms, and can be mixed with more tones and other colors, in a decoration more full of color and joy.

Now that you've checked out our tips on the power of green, check out our images to get inspired and get your project done:

Picture 1 - Wall and nightstand in the same color to uniform the decoration in a different way.

Room with green wall and nightstand that follows the same color

Picture 2 - Bet on wallpapers with nature theme to achieve a mix of various shades of green.

Bet on nature-themed wallpapers

Picture 3 - The combination of tones can also be made with a mixture of artificial and natural colors: green wall and a little plant for decoration.

Green room with a mix of artificial and natural colors

Picture 4 - If you are a plant lover, think about taking a greater variety of species to refresh your room.

Bring plant species to the decoration of a green room

Picture 5 - But if you prefer a more minimalistic footprint, keep the wall white and work the green on the bed linen.

Minimalist green room

Picture 6 - Use different patterns and combine them on the wall or in the bed.

Different patterns of colors and textures in a green room

Picture 7 - Mint and emerald tones look great, they are super modern and elegant if combined with salmon or orange tones.

Room with shade of emerald green or mint

Picture 8 - Look for the different types of wallpaper to find what suits you and your house.

Look for the ideal wallpaper with shades of green color

Image 9 - Direct inspiration of nature in more sober tones: green and derived from the earth.

Green and derived from the earth in this decorated bedroom inspiration

Picture 10 - For those who are passionate about Eastern themes: always inspired by nature.

Room with oriental tones of green

Image 11 - Pastel colors are neutral and help to highlight the natural light of the sun.

Room with pastel colors

Image 12 - The more pulled greens to the yellow, like the lime green, also reflect the light very well, even to the artificial one.

Green lime in bedroom decor reflecting lighting

Picture 13 - The emerald tone, as the name already indicates, is perfect for a more sophisticated and elegant environment.

Emerald green on linen

Picture 14 - The shades of green and blue are great for a more neutral room.

Neutral room with shades of green and blue

Picture 15 - Another clear combination of green and blue that, together with the beige, leave the room in a climate of tranquility.

Climate of tranquility with combination of green and light blue

Image 16 - Combining wallpapers with natural prints and real plants.

Wallpaper with plant prints

Image 17 - Green flag and wood in a classic and modern combination.

Green flag and wood in a classic combination

Image 18 - Approaching shades of green and gray leaves the environment more serious and in an industrial style.

Green and gray for an industrial-style environment

Picture 19 - Watercolor effect on wall with green paint pool! A fun and super cool bedroom with natural light.

Watercolor effect on wall painting with green-water!

Picture 20 - Green + blue + red: between cold and warm colors in a combination without fear of different patterns and patterns.

Green + blue + red in the decoration of this room

Picture 21 - Green and white for a quiet and cheerful room.

Green and white to a quiet and cheerful room

Picture 22 - Another combination of dark green and brown for a sober and modern environment.

Room with combination of dark green and brown

Image 23 - If you prefer to use light shades of green, highlight the shade with the vivid color of natural leaves.

Natural potted leaves in the light green bedroom

Picture 24 - The classic combination green and pink modernized: aquamarine green and rosé gold.

Green and rose gold in bedroom decoration

Picture 25 - Green room as in nature: use the green as the background of a mixture of different colors.

Green as background for mixing other colors

Image 26 - Green moss renovated to your wall.

Moss green renovated on the wall

Picture 27 - Drawing squares by squares: waves made with tablets to prove that they should not be used only in the bathroom.

Waves made with tablets or wallpaper

Picture 28 - Green room: highlighted green grass bedside.

Green grass headboard in bedroom decoration

Picture 29 - Green tea for that sophisticated ambiance with old face.

Green tea for a vintage climate

Image 30 - lighter shades of green blend nicely with black.

Green and black combination

Picture 31 - In addition to highlighting natural lighting, green works very well with artificial lighting.

Artificial lighting in green room

Image 32 - Green and blue: the colors of nature.

Room with the colors of nature: green and blue

Picture 33 - Green room: another super luxurious environment with light shades of green.

Light shades of green in bedroom decor

Image 34 - Keeping the unit of color in the green room: wall, small table and lamp in the same tone.

Wall, table and lampshade in the same color tone

Picture 35 - How to highlight the green: use one of the tones belonging to the spectrum of its complementary opposite - in this case, the rose.

Green bedroom: guide to decorate the room with this color

Picture 36 - For those who have a room big or small: green and white to open the room.

Green and white to open the environment

Image 37 - Green room with many floors: urban jungle style.

Urban jungle in the green room

Picture 38 - Sophisticated and with lots of color: colorful wallpaper and velvety bedding.

Room with colorful wallpaper

Picture 39 - Green and white geometric: for those who like simple shapes and even for those who like football!

Green room with geometric shapes

Image 40 - Combination near the scale: green and yellow in this room in a bohemian tone.

Green and yellow room

Kids room connected to nature

Image 41 - Trends: cactus on the wall and a vibrant shade of mint green on the bed.

Cactus on wallpaper and green water on bed frame

Picture 42 - More vibrant shades for a more fun children's room: green flag and lime green.

Green flag room with lime green

Picture 43 - Mint green super neutral for an infant room that stimulates the discovery.

Children's room that stimulates the discovery

Picture 44 - Green room: a great way out of the classic blue and pink of children's rooms.

Kids green room fleeing from classic blue baby and pink

Picture 45 - Moss green for the children's room: direct inspiration from the jungles.

Moss green for children's room

Picture 46 - Combining green sea water, blue and flamingos to a feminine room inspired by fantasy stories.

Combination of green sea water

Picture 47 - An extra fun in the green room: slide.

Fun in the room with a green slide

Picture 48 - Green room: bed and shelves planned and integrated the wall in strong shades of green.

Green bedroom: guide to decorate the room with this color

Image 49 - Light green and wood for a playful and neutral environment.

Green bedroom: guide to decorate the room with this color 1

Baby green bedroom

Picture 50 - Vibrant green for the baby room.

Green bedroom: guide to decorate the room with this color 2

Image 51 - Light green and B & W: neutrality in the modern environment.

Green Room: Guide to decorate the room with this color 3

Picture 52 - Stimulating with colors: vibrant baby room.

Green Room: Guide to decorate the room with this color 4

Image 53 - Moss green and various types of textures.

Green bedroom: guide to decorate the room with this color 5

Picture 54 - Greenish gray and white room: clear decoration to appreciate the natural light.

Green Room: Guide to decorate the room with this color 6

Image 55 - Beyond the classic rosy: green as a base for a girl's room

Green Room: Guide to decorate the room with this color 7

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