Green bathroom: complete guide to decorate this little corner

THE green bathroom it has never gone out of fashion but in recent times, with the diverse amount of decorating and wall coverings available in the market, this color has earned even more reason to invade your bathroom and every other room in the house!

The bathroom is almost always the smallest space in the house and with less possibilities of having a special decoration. But to show that it can be a well decorated environment yes and with many sophisticated, fun and even minimalistic possibilities, we have brought a post with only bathrooms decorated with this color that reminds us of nature. After all, every corner of your home needs to be decorated with every attention to stay with your personality!

In this post, we'll talk about the psychology of colors, the meaning of it in culture and the best ways to use each tone in your home, with special attention to the bathrooms!

Psychology and meaning of green color

Green color

The psychology of colors is a study widely used not only in the arts, but in the areas of advertising, design and marketing. It helps professionals make the color choices for their products in an optimized way that makes sense with the proposal being produced.

This means that the colors used have a direct influence on how we perceive these products.

The colors are received by our brain from vision, one of the senses that process information more quickly in our system. The brain responds to this information with stimuli made by associations. For example, the color blue is associated with the tranquility, depth and stability of the sky and the sea.

THE green color is associated mainly with nature, with its leaves and vegetation that brings freshness to any place where it is inserted. And it is in nature that we can, as well as the blue of the sky, take moments of calm and tranquility, as well as energy and renewal. In this way, green becomes a very dynamic color if used in the right proportion.

Besides, we have the habit of thinking green when someone tells us about hope, generosity, health and money, does not it? This is also related to the meaning of color within our Western culture.

In other cultures green may appear in other ways, with other meanings. For example, in Ancient Egypt, green is associated with Osiris, the god of life and death; in Hinduism, green is the color of the heart chakra, associated with happiness; in Malaysia, green means danger and on the flag of Mexico, green symbolizes independence.

The different shades: from pastel to the darkest to use in your home

Shades of green

The color green is one of the most popular colors in the world and has more than 100 colors cataloged and named in the tonal ranges. That's why she can invade your home in wall paints, tiles and tablets , floors and various objects of decoration, entering any type of room.

In fact, it is by the feelings of tranquility, renewal and hope that this color conveys that it can be applied in every room, from the rooms to the bathroom and the kitchen.

And each shade of green can create a different décor for your environment. Generally speaking, the more pastel tones guarantee tranquility and a sophisticated environment, especially when combined with white, gold and silver. In addition, they are perfect to be the base of children's bedrooms, which can mix more shades and other colors, in a more colorful decor.

The medium shades of lemon-lime, mint and jade bring more energy and are great for creative areas such as home offices and ateliers.

The darker shades , combined with shades of black, brown and gold, are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and environments that have a more adult and serious style.

But the great fun of decorating is to start blending the shades and textures to see what can be combined. Do not be afraid to dare and create a composition with different shades of green in the same environment!

How to insert green in your bathroom: from flooring to small details

Green bathroom

In the bathroom, green is one of the colors that can give an extra touch of life to your bathroom. You can use the green as much as the main color of your bathroom, using it mainly in the wall or floor coverings, as in the details of decoration and finishing.

In the area of ​​the box, where it is most common to coat with tiles and tablets, the green highlights the area in the decoration and unlike the other part of the bathroom.

But if your bathroom is fully coated, consider using different models or even different shades, mixing textures and sensations through this room.

For a more neutral toilet, with pastels and P & B, it is worth investing in accessories or green decorations. As this is a fairly used color in bathrooms, the decor stores are stuffed with items in various shades.

And for a touch of natural green: Bet on small plants in the decoration! There are certain types of plants that adapt very well to the humid climate and the bathroom temperature changes. Among them: Lily of Peace, Sword of St. George and its variations, Violets, various types of Cactus and Money in penca!

Gallery: 50 photos of green bathrooms to inspire you!

Now that you already know about green color psychology, how about you draw inspiration from bathroom designs that use color on your flooring or decorative details? Check below, and if you want, access our guide on bathroom trends decorated and small .

Picture 1 - White and gray bathroom with box area highlighted with green tiles

White and gray bathroom

Picture 2 - Division of the bathroom by the finish.

Bathroom Division by Flooring

Picture 3 - Geometric wallpaper white and green matching with the little plants that decorate the environment.

White and green geometric paper

Picture 4 - Panel with grayish green finish in box.

Panel with green coating in the box

Picture 5 - Breaking the continuity of white in the bathroom: floor and faixinhas on the wall with green tablets.

Green tablets in the bathroom

Picture 6 - Whole green-lemon wall to give more color to the basic bathroom.

Choose a wall to apply the color and highlight the bathroom

Image 7 - Subway tiles light green for a more retro feel in your bathroom.

Green brick style flooring

Image 8 - Green-white-gray tablets on the whole wall.

Green and white tablets

Picture 9 - Green wall covering in hexagon format.

Green wall paneling

Image 10 - Vertical rectangular tiles to enhance the right foot

Vertical rectangular tiles

Image 11 - Planned for bathroom with green flag finish in a minimalist mood

Green flag in a minimalist mood

Picture 12 - Natural green: a vertical garden in your bathroom

A vertical garden in your bathroom

Picture 13 - Greenish natural stones on the wall of your bathroom.

Natural green stones

Picture 14 - Green tablets to draw attention to a central wall.

Green tablets to attract attention

Picture 15 - Another green panel on the entire wall.

Green panel in the internal area

Picture 16 - Coating style in a grayish green tone matching with the gold of the shower.

Coin style coat

Picture 17 - All green: for different environments, use different materials.

All green to vary in the environment

Picture 18 - Green water to maintain the neutrality of the bathroom.

Green water to maintain neutrality

Picture 19 - Dark green tablets with gold details in the box and a brownish tone in the bathroom.

Dark green inserts

Picture 20 - White bathroom with wall of circles bathtub with light green coating.

White bathroom and wall with green coating

Picture 21 - Geometric panel with several shades of green to leave your bathroom decor more relaxed.

Geometric panel with various shades of green

Figure 22 - Same coating throughout the area? Play with the lighter and darker tones.

Lighter and darker shades

Image 23 - Shower area with green-flag inserts.

Shower Area with Pads

Picture 24 - White and black crockery and decoration in a light green bathroom.

White and black crockery and decoration with green coating

Picture 25 - Moss green tone in a huge shower area!

Moss green tone

Picture 26 - Special lights in the bathroom can help you give a different effect when it comes to colors.

Special lights in the bathroom

Image 27 - Coating with unpolished greenish stone in a meeting between the rustic and the modern.

Green stone finish

Image 28 - Bathroom jade green in contrast with white.

Green jade bathroom

Image 29 - Half wall paneling in the bath area with pastel shades.

Half Wall Finish

Image 30 - Highlight the cabinets in a green tone flag.

Highlight for cabinets

Figure 31 - Working with different coating heights in the bathroom areas.

Different coating heights

Picture 32 - Box area with coating up to the ceiling.

Coated box area up to ceiling

Image 33 - To give color in a predominantly neutral bathroom, a prominent wall.

A prominent wall in the bathroom

Picture 34 - Another box with differentiated coating.

Box with differentiated coating

Image 35 - Gradient coating.

Gradient coating

Image 36 - Green grass wall with white grout.

Green grass wall with white grout

Image 37 - Variation of colors in the bathroom finish palette.

Color Variations

Image 38 - White bathroom with jade green ink insert.

White bathroom with green

Image 39 - Wall of colored tablets.

Wall of tablets

Image 40 - Bathroom green flag, white and brown.

Green wood bathroom

Picture 41 - The green is in the details: bottom of the wall niche gets more fun.

Green in details

Picture 42 - Mixed military green with brown in a wall covering.

Military Green Mix

Picture 43 - Green and blue print on bathroom wall.

Green printing on the wall

Picture 44 - Small bathroom: division of colors to give more depth to the environment.

Dividing colors to give more depth

Picture 45 - Pastel green to enhance the feeling of space in the environment.

Pastel green

Image 46 - Green and orange for a contrast of warm and cold colors.

Green and orange for color contrast

Picture 47 - Tiles and greenish floor in this most sober and cold bathroom.

Tiles and greenish floor

Image 48 - Decoration with glass inserts in the whole bathroom.

Decoration with tablets

Image 49 - Green flag wall with light geometric pattern and contrast in beige and gold.

Wall green flag

Image 50 - Instead of ceramic coating: green paint in a different tone throughout the space.

Green ink in different hue

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