Gray Sofa: 60+ Pictures of Decoration of the piece in Salas

The gray sofa has become the darling in the décor due to its versatility, so much so that it is one of the most found items in living rooms. For those who do not want to miss the style, the gray is a sure bet, because the color works as a neutral background allowing several combinations with the other colors.

In addition to this advantage of combinations, it is possible to apply several styles with a gray sofa, from a sober to the most sophisticated. The cool thing is to incorporate your personality with items and finishes of your personal taste, be it a colored wall, printed cushions, carpets, woody tones in the joinery and even with furniture that complement the composition of the sofa.

60 designs that use the gray sofa

For those looking to refresh the living room, be sure to bet on a gray sofa. But before you start assembling the environment, doing a search helps organize ideas. So here are some inspirations to help you with this task. Check out all the gray sofas we have selected in different designs to inspire you:

Picture 1 - Make a clean decoration in the living room with neutral tones.


For a room with neutral decor, the gray sofa may be the ideal choice. To decorate the environment, use colored pillows or with striking prints.

Picture 2 - Put some color in some items of the environment.


The gray sofa is perfect for environments that already have striking colors on other objects and flooring materials such as floors and walls.

Picture 3 - For a male room, combine the gray sofa with dark elements.


Want to decorate a room for a men's apartment? Use the gray sofa in combination with other darker shades.

Picture 4 - The gray sofa manages to fit in all styles, even in a jovial apartment.

Gray Sofa: 60+ Pictures of Decoration of the piece in Salas

Picture 5 - The decorative items bring personality to the living room.


In this neutral environment with a concrete finishing wall, the gray sofa follows the same style. Colors are added with decorative objects: on the lamp, bench, cushions and other items.

Picture 6 - Not to be very simple, the cushions and the frame gave the touch of personality in the environment.


Picture 7 - Among the shades of gray, the cushions and the coffee table break the gray climate.


Here's how decorative items play an essential role in the decor: the yellow coffee table, potted plants, colored pictures and cushions change the look of this room.

Picture 8 - The combination of the gray sofa with burnt cement finish on the wall: a perfect double.

image 8

Another example of a gray room that uses decorative objects to add color and leave the environment more alive.

Picture 9 - Highlight the gray sofa with dark coating on the wall, such as a wooden panel.


Although the gray sofa is neutral in decoration, it can serve as a contrast item with a wall covering. In this case, with the panel wood.

Picture 10 - How about a sofa with shades of gray?


A beautiful living room design that exalts the green in the vases and in the vertical garden. In addition to the wallpaper, the yellow is the highlight in the armchairs and cushions. In this case, nothing better as a gray sofa to match.

Picture 11 - For a feminine corner: combine the gray sofa with copper elements.


Copper is a strong trend in decoration and goes very well with the gray shades. For those who prefer a decoration with this tone in the decorative objects, choose a gray sofa.

Picture 12 - The gray sofa is ideal to bring lightness to the environment.


Picture 13 - Play with the contrast of colors choosing carpets and colorful blankets.


When choosing from a room with neutral decor and gray sofa, add color to rugs, throw pillows, throws, artwork, and other objects of your choice.

Picture 14 - The gray sofa can leave the living room clean and modern.


The gray sofa is perfect for anyone who wants a clean decoration without overdoing the white.

Picture 15 - The shade of gray makes all the difference in the decoration of the environment.


Picture 16 - Even in a dark environment, the gray sofa can fit perfectly.


See how the gray sofa can also be a wildcard in the décor, even in darker-toned environments like the design above.

Image 17 - Depending on the model, it is possible to make a composition of colors on the sofa.


Image 18 - The lighter hue makes the look light.


In addition to the most striking shades of gray, we can use a light gray depending on the design.

Image 19 - Be inspired in the industrial style.


The gray sofa is one of the darlings in the style of industrial decor, with copper metal footprints, high ceilings, exposed bricks, wood demolition and apparent concrete.

Picture 20 - For a stylish look, opt for sophisticated elements in the composition of the environment.


The gray sofa blends perfectly when you want to highlight other decor items. So it is not necessary a colorful sofa to have a living room and elegant.

Image 21 - The combination of gray and blue oil is sure bet.


Picture 22 - The gray sofa with capitone finish emphasizes sophistication in the living room.


Picture 23 - For a constructive element that stands out in the environment, choose a neutral sofa like gray.


Picture 24 - Simple living room with gray sofa.


Picture 25 - Living room with corner gray sofa.


Picture 26 - To balance with the gray of the environment, the wood of the joinery manages to make this paper of perfect form.


In a predominantly gray environment, choose a distinctive tone to create a contrast. Whether in the joinery or in decorative objects.

Image 27 - Bring Scandinavian air with elements that characterize this style.


For fans of Scandinavian style and minimalist decor, the gray sofa is the right request.

Image 28 - Clean living room with cheerful air.


Picture 29 - Small living room with gray sofa.


Here, the gray sofa serves as a complement and extension to the wall covering with burnt cement.

Image 30 - Yellow was the protagonist to break the sobriety of the environment


Picture 31 - The colored elements can highlight even more the neutral of the environment


Picture 32 - Gray makes infinite combinations, one of them is composition with purple and pink.


Combine the gray sofa with other colors with purple, pink and orange to have a more striking effect on the environment.

Picture 33 - Because it is an integrated environment and the kitchen enjoy the highlights, the ideal is to choose a neutral room with a gray sofa.


Here, the colored tiles and the cushions already have the highlight of the color. It makes sense then to choose the gray sofa.

Picture 34 - For a cool air, choose the combination of gray and yellow.


Picture 35 - The dining room chairs matched perfectly with the tone of the stew.


Picture 36 - Study a color chart so that the decoration is harmonious and pleasing to the eye.


Picture 37 - If the room is small, the gray sofa can be a great option, since it is neutral and does not weigh in the visual of the environment.


Picture 38 - The gray sofa gained more evidence for the pictures on the wall, see that the colors of the artwork combined with the decor of the room.


Picture 39 - The gray sofa allows to abuse the colors in the other items of the room.


Decorate the wall with pictures, wall papers, shelves, vases and other items with highlight colors.

Picture 40 - Ouse of cushions on the gray sofa to bring a touch of personality.


Picture 41 - The gray sofa can give freedom of the colors in the decoration, be it in the carpet, the carpentry, the pictures and other ornaments of the composition.


Picture 42 - To leave the room more modern, paint the wall with a shade darker than the gray sofa.


One way to keep the gray sofa in evidence is by using dark colors on the wall, whether in the lining with different materials or in the simple paint.

Picture 43 - For those looking for a relaxed atmosphere, bet on a vibrant wall in the environment that perfectly matches the gray sofa.


Picture 44 - The lead gray sofa is elegant and ideal for those looking for a room with dark decor.


Leather and caramel are also perfect colors to match the gray: here, the armchair takes color in this material.

Picture 45 - The black, white and gray decoration is another proposal for those who look for an elegant and jovial air in the environment.


Picture 46 - The light gray sofa keeps the space balanced with the rest of the decoration


Picture 47 - To leave the white sameness of the wall, bet on a medium gray sofa and the wall in with lighter gray paint.


See how easy it is to highlight the sofa by carefully choosing the colors of the walls.

Picture 48 - An environment covered by burnt cement asks for a shade of gray that is darker than the finish and can still compose with elements that contrast in the environment.


Image 49 - Because gray is an intermediate color between black and white, it can blend tones of these two tones to create a more sober environment.


Picture 50 - The play of colors with the green of the cushions, the pink table and the blue of the details bring life and joy to this house.


Image 51 - The shades of gray used have transformed the environment into a simple and cozy place.


Picture 52 - Leave the room more welcoming with warmer tones in the decorative details.


Picture 53 - For a room with a discreet and beautiful decoration, put a point of prominence in the armchairs of the environment.


Picture 54 - If you want a room with classic style, bet on a beige rug that matches all the decorating tastes.


Picture 55 - Yellow and gray are complementary colors, so it is a combination that has no error in decoration.


Picture 56 - Enjoy the neutrality of the gray couch to dare into the textures of the living room.


You can choose textures in painting, wallpapers, cobogos, ceramics, 3d plaster and other coatings to make the room even more beautiful.

Picture 57 - The clean room gained beauty and charm with touches of yellow on the cushions and decorative frames.


The gray sofa is a neutral option in this environment, allowing these objects to be the visual highlight of colors.

Picture 58 - If the room is wide, the tone on tone is the best option.


Image 59 - The elements of the room can exude liveliness by the colors, creating an affinity with the neutral gray sofa.


Picture 60 - The composition of the gray sofa, rug and coffee tables took more breadth to this living room.


Now that you know the role of a gray sofa in the decoration, it's time to choose the best model that fits your proposal. We hope this article helps you when it comes to decorating your little corner with a lot more style.

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