Grafiato: learn how to do step by step and where to apply

Do you want to make a different decoration in your house, without having to spend a lot? Learn how to make grafiato. The technique leaves the environment more sophisticated because its grooves highlight any wall, whether in a living room or in a room.

The most interesting thing is that you can get this result without having to appeal to a specialized professional, since you can put your hand in the mass. In addition, the cost of the material is much lower compared to other methods.

However, to achieve the expected result it is necessary to make a few attempts until the scratched is the way you want it. You can apply on various types of surfaces like drywall, precast blocks or even masonry.

The look will always be rustic, but with a beautiful effect of grooves. Learn in this article how to make step by step graffiti, what types are available in the market, what are its advantages and disadvantages, where to apply the material, among other important information for you to do the grafiato technique.

What is grafiato?

What is grafiato?

The grafiato is a type of texture that leaves the environment different and with an incredible presentation. The technique is being used extensively in the area of ​​construction, mainly to decorate environments of houses, apartments and commercial establishments.

Its appearance is slotted and can be presented in different colors. Rooms like living room and bedroom gain more prominence with a wall in grafiato. But the technique can also be used in outside areas of the home.

Among its differentials are durability, resistance to temperature and humidity variation. In addition, graffiti helps remove mold and the incidence of sunlight that leaves the room warm.

So if you want a wall with a different aesthetic and that present personality and technique, use the grafiato. However, some care must be taken when it is applied.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of grafiato?

The grafiato is a very used technique at the moment. By being simple and with cheap materials, it is not difficult to do. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages when using graphite in your home. Check out!


  • It is a cheap technique;
  • Leaves the environment more elegant;
  • You can paint in the color you want;
  • The technique can be used on both internal and external walls;
  • Product with good durability;
  • Easy to apply;
  • No maintenance is required;
  • Waterproof the wall;
  • Prevents infiltration.


  • Difficult to pull out of the wall;
  • It can only be applied with the white background first;
  • Difficulty in changing color.

What are the differences between grafiato and texture?

Some people may confuse graffiti with texture. However, the techniques are different, even the grafiato being a texture. That's because not all texture will be a grafiato.

While the grafiato causes grooves in the wall, the texture can appear any aspect. Generally, the texture is more used as something decorative because it presents more visual contrast.

However, both techniques can be used to control moisture. If you have a wall in your home that shows enough infiltration, using the grafiato or texture will help make the wall more resilient.

What types of grafiato available in the market?

What differs from one grafiato to the other is its weight or mesh. The way to apply is the same, but who decides where to apply is you. See what types of grafiato are available in the market.

Mesh 8

It is the type of grafiato that has a more rustic finish. Generally, this type is most commonly used on facades and walls.

Mesh 10

Mesh 10 is the most widely used type of graphite on the market. However, it is the model that sits at an intermediate level of grooves.

Mesh 12

If your intention is to make a finer and finer finish, mesh 12 is ideal. This type of graphite is widely used in bedrooms and living room.

Where to apply grafiato?

Where to apply grafiato

The graffiti technique can be applied in different areas of the home. The most important is that it meets your needs. Here's how to use grafiato in some rooms in your home.

In the room

In the living room you can make the grafiato on the wall behind the television. However, many like to use the wall behind the sofa to highlight the environment.

External environments

To leave the exterior of the house with a more modern look, use and abuse the grafiato. Do this on the facade or balcony. However, applying the grafiato on the outside of the residence requires a different treatment that can cost more than the other rooms.

In the bedroom

In environments like the bedroom, it is best to use graffiti with thinner and softer scratches to make the room look more comfortable. Generally, the wall chosen is the one that is behind the head of the bed to highlight the environment.

How to make grafiato?

How to make graffiti on the wall

To make the grafiato it is not necessary to hire a specialized professional. You just need to learn how the application is done and what materials are needed for it. Follow how to make the grafiato.

Necessary materials

  • Crepe tape;
  • Plastics, newspapers or canvas for floor protection;
  • Spatula;
  • Bucket;
  • Sump;
  • Easy scratch tool;
  • First acrylic;
  • Brush or paint roller;
  • Mass for grafiato;
  • Plastic impeller.

How to make grafiato step by step

Learn to apply the mass of grafiato on the wall of your home. Just follow the step by step so you do not make a mistake.

Prepare the environment

  1. Take a plastic, newspaper or canvas to protect furniture, frames and frames;
  2. Also protect plaster frames and skirting boards with crepe tape;
  3. On the side walls and floor use newspaper or plastic to cover and protect from stain and dirt.

Prepare the wall

  1. Observe if there are traces of loose inks on the wall that will be applied to the grafiato;
  2. If you have, use the spatula or sandpaper to scrape;
  3. Check for cracks and cracks and correct;
  4. Clean all residue to avoid any dirt.

Apply primer

  1. Take a bucket or a specific tray for painting, pour water and dilute the first acrylic;
  2. Stir well until mixture is homogeneous;
  3. Then pick up a brush or roll of wool and start applying;
  4. Then wait around 4 to 6 hours for the wall to dry.

Apply the dough to grafiato

  1. Make sure the wall is already dry before moving on to the next step;
  2. Take a bucket and pour water;
  3. Then dilute the graphed mass in water;
  4. Always check the proportions;
  5. Make sure that your wall will not need more than one carton of dough;
  6. Take the plastic trowel and put a layer of dough on top;
  7. Start the application;
  8. Do this evenly, but keep a thick one.

Use the scratch-easy

  1. After you apply the whole dough, use the scratch-easy tool and go over the dough;
  2. You must pass from top to bottom;
  3. Always keep the same direction;
  4. The easy scratch will scratch the scratches.

Finalize the process

  1. When you pass the easy-scratch, the wall will become rough;
  2. At this point you should use the trowel to remove the excess;
  3. Do this by sliding the trowel in the vertical direction;
  4. This should be the same direction you used the easy-scratch;
  5. Now allow 24-48 hours for the dough to completely dry.

What are the best tips to make grafiato?

Grafiato example

Some tips are essential for anyone who wants to make the grafiato technique on their own. See the tips that we have separated for you.

Use mortar and sand

For those who do not know, the grafiato can be done only using mortar and granitina. However, if you want to get a lower cost, you can use sand in the composition. In the market there are several mortar options.

Learn to color the grafiato

You can vary the color of the grafiato. For this you can use the natural color mortar and then paint the wall of the color of your preference. However, the paint needs to be wall-specific or you can apply a pigment and mix it in the dough.

Using the pigment you will be saving, since you will not have to make the first graffiti and then the painting. The process is very simple, as it should only add in the mass the desired color.

Use the grafiato to control humidity

In order to solve problems of infiltration in the walls, the ideal is to find the root and to eliminate it. However, several people are adhering to the grafiato to soften this type of problem, since the technique has a waterproofing system that leaves the wall more resistant, besides beautiful.

Learn how to make the application

When applying the grafiato, it is recommended to make the whole wall at one time, as the technique does not allow splice. But if at the time you are painting you realize that you will not be able to complete everything, use one to set the amendment.

However, you need to be careful not to leave a mark. But it is not guaranteed that the procedure will be 100% correct. It may happen that the effect is not the way you would like it.

Some people always seek to vary the decor of their home, especially when they buy new furniture. Concern is the cost to make this modification, because depending on the material used, the value can be very high.

But by learning how to make grafiato you will be adhering to an economical technique and very easy to apply. So follow the steps outlined in this article and do it yourself on the wall of your home to make it even more beautiful.

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