Gourmet kitchen: 60 decorating ideas with photos and designs

The gourmet cuisine is one of the darlings in decoration! Not just because of its functionality, but because of the way it looks to the house. In addition to this multifunctionality, gourmet cuisine is able to integrate social environments without the need to deprive the guests or the locals themselves at the time of cooking. After all, what differs from this type of cuisine of the traditional ones is the exclusion of a wall that delimits the space, that is to say, it is a totally ample and open atmosphere.

One of the advantages of gourmet cuisine is to expand your living space, especially for those who have little space. The practicality and the comfort by integrated environments also stand out in the residence, due to easy distribution of the layout that always follows a rule.

The counter top is one of the defining elements in gourmet cuisine! It should not lack, since it divides the environments and still receives the function of dining table. For those who have space, this may not be the best option. But the banquettes should be inserted to make small meals or leave the guests more at ease.

Although losing privacy, other requirements can be advantageous to acquire the gourmet kitchen. It demonstrates elegance and further enhances your home. Remembering that the organization must be constant, so that nothing disrupts the look of the environment.

Because it is an integrated room, its decoration should also be analyzed with great care. Coating and color combination are essential for a beautiful and receptive gourmet kitchen! Abuse of patterned tiles, stones in neutral colors and a remarkable woodwork that is of high quality. These features are part of the integration with the rooms that should also follow the same line of style and composition.

60 gourmet cooking ideas decorated to inspire

To learn more, check out some tips and projects on how to decorate a gourmet cuisine modern and efficient way. Please also visit our updated guide on fitted kitchen and the American kitchen with small size .

Picture 1 - The built-in appliances are the only outstanding elements in the gourmet kitchen.

Built-in appliances in gourmet kitchen

Picture 2 - The ideal is that the floor is continuous to demonstrate the integration in the gourmet kitchen.

Solid floor in gourmet kitchen decor

Picture 3 - For those who prefer a little privacy in the gourmet kitchen.

Gourmet kitchen with privacy

Picture 4 - Gourmet kitchen with island: insert some color in the kitchen furniture

Gourmet kitchen with island

Choose some parts of the joinery to apply color stitches. It may be some closet doors or the very structure of the countertop.

Picture 5 - The workbench is an element that integrates and at the same time divides the environments.

Countertop that integrates in the gourmet kitchen

Picture 6 - To follow the minimalist line in the gourmet kitchen, the carpentry should be discreet and without handles.

Minimalist gourmet kitchen

The joinery counts a lot for decoration design in any environment. To follow this style, look for discreet cabinets where the doors have the touch system or one on the inside of the door.

Picture 7 - Stools are always welcome on the gourmet kitchen countertop.

Stools in gourmet kitchen

Picture 8 - Gourmet kitchen with TV.

Gourmet kitchen with TV

Although not a continuous environment due to the shape of the room, the kitchen is fully open. The TV positioned on the wall helps keep the cooking moment more distracted, just as the rooms are close to the kitchen.

Picture 9 - Neutral colors leave the modern environment.

Gourmet cuisine with modern ambience and neutral colors

Image 10 - The cooktop can be installed on the central island of the gourmet kitchen.

Gourmet kitchen with cooktop

Image 11 - Gourmet kitchen with black decoration.

Gourmet kitchen with black decoration

The black décor shows sophistication in any environment. For a black kitchen it is necessary to balance other light elements so that the composition does not become heavy and monotonous.

Image 12 - Appliances can follow the same line of decoration.

Appliances in gourmet kitchen decor

Image 13 - Small gourmet kitchen.

Small gourmet kitchen decoration

Image 14 - To give more prominence, place a piece of furniture with shelves over the central bench of gourmet cuisine.

Gourmet kitchen center stand

Picture 15 - Alie the dining room and the gourmet kitchen in a same space.

Dining room with gourmet kitchen in same space

Image 16 - Gourmet kitchen with turquoise blue décor.

Gourmet kitchen with turquoise blue decor

Picture 17 - The gourmet kitchen should be equipped with the maximum of appliances.

Gourmet kitchen with several appliances

To give the most gourmet air, insert a wood oven, wine cellar, refrigerator for drinks, barbecue, double taps and cooking utensils to decorate.

Picture 18 - The flooring pagination leaves a special touch in the ambiance of the gourmet kitchen.

Paging of flooring in gourmet kitchen

This type of pagination is a trend in decoration because it takes away the neutrality of the kitchen. Outline an area of ​​the kitchen floor to make the application of a colored tile.

Image 19 - Gourmet kitchen with gray decor.

Gourmet kitchen with gray decor

Gray never goes out of style! Its neutral color can accompany other vibrant colors, leaving the modern kitchen for many years.

Image 20 - For those who like the rustic style, abuse the concrete and wood.

Gourmet kitchen with rustic style

This combination brings balance to the environment, as they play with the modern without leaving the rustic air aside!

Picture 21 - Gourmet kitchen for apartment.

Gourmet kitchen for apartment

For small apartments, the ideal is to leave the bench leaning against some furniture to optimize all available space.

Picture 22 - The lamps make the difference in the visual!

Fixtures in gourmet kitchen decoration

Pendants are success in decoration! And in the kitchen they complement the look without disturbing functionality. Make a composition with different sizes, shapes and heights.

Image 23 - Gourmet kitchen planned.

Planned gourmet cuisine

Making a planned kitchen is the best option for those who want to optimize the entire space. Tailor-made furniture makes the environment much more harmonious and customize.

Picture 24 - The tiles can take the seriousness of the environment.

Tiles in gourmet kitchen decoration

Picture 25 - Nothing better than cooking interacting with the guests.

Receptive gourmet kitchen

Joinery, a beautiful refrigerator and an easy-to-clean floor are essential in a gourmet kitchen. Besides being beautiful and pleasant, the kitchen should be practical, because it is an environment for cooking, eating and where many people circulate.

Picture 26 - The gourmet kitchen counter can receive a lower level to give more safety.

Lower level of gourmet cuisine

Image 27 - Pendants falling on the counter lead personality into space.

Pendants in kitchen decoration

Image 28 - Gourmet kitchen with wine cellar.

Gourmet kitchen with wine cellar

Wine appreciation is a task of the gourmet universe! So the gourmet kitchen needs a little corner with a wine cellar. In this house was created a special mobile to receive all the wines.

Picture 29 - The tables in castors give flexibility to the space.

Table with casters in gourmet kitchen

They help a lot for the day to day, leaving the decoration more versatile according to the need of the residents. The space it occupies should accompany the length of the kitchen counter. They can provide support for the buffet or create a dining table depending on the number of guests.

Picture 30 - The gourmet kitchen requires space and large benches.

Large countertop in gourmet kitchen

Picture 31 - Bet on the decoration in split color in the gourmet kitchen to get out of the classic white.

Fendi color in kitchen decoration

A beautiful dining table is indispensable in a gourmet kitchen. After all, after preparing the beautiful dish, nothing like an appropriate place to enjoy this great meal.

Picture 32 - As colorful refrigerators are charming and fun for gourmet cuisine.

Color refrigerators in the gourmet kitchen

Picture 33 - Try installing the cooktop and sink on the center of the gourmet kitchen.

Cooktop in gourmet kitchen

The cooktop has only the top of the traditional stoves. The part of the oven usually has to be purchased separately and allocated elsewhere in the kitchen. In the above design, the oven was placed between cabinets. The advantage of this is that you can choose the oven that best suits your use.

Picture 34 - Just after the countertop it is possible to combine a dining table in the gourmet kitchen.

Dining table with gourmet kitchen

Picture 35 - A little color of the joinery always decorates the ambiance of the gourmet kitchen.

Featured cabinetmaking in gourmet kitchen

Picture 36 - The hoods still leave the atmosphere of the kitchen more sophisticated.

Gourmet kitchen with island and hood

They even help control the smell of meal preparation that can spread throughout the environment. Thus, it is essential to use a cooker before the frying and preparation of foods with a strong smell.

Image 37 - Modern models is what is not lacking in the market.

Modern gourmet kitchen

Image 38 - Hydraulic tiles also create an incredible effect on the integration of gourmet cuisine.

Hydraulic tiles in gourmet kitchen decoration

Picture 39 - Make a mix of materials and colors to accompany the desired style of gourmet cuisine.

Mix of materials in gourmet kitchen decoration

Picture 40 - The walls can be decorated with a mini vegetable garden in the gourmet kitchen.

Mini vegetable in gourmet kitchen decoration

Picture 41 - The blackboard paint makes the environment more fun, especially for those who own children at home.

Kitchen with table in blackboard paint

Image 42 - Gourmet kitchen on the balcony.

Gourmet kitchen decoration on balcony

Picture 43 - For a neutral gourmet kitchen, look for colored chairs.

Neutral gourmet kitchen decoration

The chairs or banquettes make the gourmet kitchen much more modern! With the many models that the market offers, look for models that combine with kitchen decor and add in the visual.

Image 44 - Decorate the walls with organizing niches.

Niches organizers in gourmet kitchen decor

The objects become apparent leaving the kitchen with much more personality!

Image 45 - Large gourmet kitchen.

Gourmet kitchen with ample spaces

Picture 46 - The pillars can help in the decoration of the gourmet kitchen!

Pillars in gourmet kitchen decoration

They can serve as shelf support, harmonizing with the rest of the kitchen.

Picture 47 - Notice the breadth of a gourmet kitchen simple leads to the environment.

Simple gourmet kitchen decoration

Image 48 - Decorate the gourmet kitchen with a gourmet faucet .

Kitchen with gourmet tap

Some items are essential in the composition of this space, which characterize gourmet cuisine. Island cooktop, oven, island hood and workbench, necessarily with space for tub and a gourmet faucet with wet area.

Image 49 - Gourmet kitchen designed with rustic style.

Planned gourmet kitchen with rustic style

Image 50 - Gourmet kitchen planned with white decor and wood.

Gourmet kitchen with white and wood

Picture 51 - In the central stand it is possible to insert more space for storage.

Central island counter with hood

Picture 52 - Balance the dark gourmet kitchen with lighter elements.

Dark gourmet kitchen with lighter elements

Picture 53 - Highlight your central island with a metal frame in the gourmet kitchen.

Central island with metallic structure

Picture 54 - Make an original workbench in the gourmet kitchen!

Gourmet kitchen with original workbench

Image 55 - Stainless steel appliances make the gourmet kitchen environment more sophisticated.

Stainless steel appliances in gourmet kitchen

Image 56 - This distribution is functional and practical for the day-to-day

Functional distribution in the gourmet kitchen

Image 57 - Play with a B & W decoration.

Gourmet kitchen with black and white decor

Image 58 - Even in a small environment, it can be creatively and functionally installed.

Creative and functional installation in a small environment

Image 59 - Outside gourmet kitchen: on balconies they are always welcome!

Outdoor gourmet kitchen decoration

In outdoor areas, the mood of the gourmet kitchen is even more fun! Insert some colorful detail to make the decor more inviting.

Image 60 - Gourmet kitchen with white decor.

Gourmet kitchen with white decoration

Article updated and revised on: 06/19/2018.

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