Gourmet Balcony: 60 Inspiring Modern Design Ideas

The ever smaller projects of today's homes have transformed the gourmet balcony into a practically obligatory space in the houses and especially in the apartments. It is in this area, usually a few square meters, that family and friends gather for dinners, celebrations or just to share good moments.

In this context, the gourmet balcony is a haven of modern life, fueled by the growing demand for a more natural and slowed lifestyle. Alias, the term "gourmet", of French origin, currently refers to the pleasure of preparing one's own food and serving it with good drinks and good company, slowly tasting those small and fundamental moments of life that run against the hectic modern everyday, where sometimes the main and only meal of the day is a poorly made snack.

Gourmets balconies can be added to other environments of the house or apartment, such as the living room or kitchen. In homes, with the generally larger space, it is possible to mount the gourmet balcony totally separate and independent of the internal environments.

Now, if you are thinking of creating a gourmet balcony in your apartment, remember that a condominium authorization is required, especially if the remodel involves removing walls as it may compromise the structural part of the building. In homes, this process is simpler, but even so, it is important to have the help of a qualified professional to make the project as functional and enjoyable as possible.

Finally, start thinking about the decoration of the gourmet balcony. This part is fundamental to ensure the good times. There are several types of gourmet balcony decoration, the most common is the rustic style, which carries in itself a naturally more cozy and comfortable proposal. But you can also find models of clean, modern and well-cleaned gourmet balconies.

Whatever style you want to give your balcony, we'll introduce you to fundamental tips on how to decorate a gourmet balcony, small or large, from home or apartment. This way, you will get the most out of this space. Check out the following tips and be inspired to set up the gourmet balcony project of your dreams:

How to assemble and decorate the gourmet balcony

1. Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is the face of a gourmet balcony, especially if you plan to create a more rustic style in the environment. Tables, chairs, armchairs, benches, cabinets, counter, in short, virtually all furniture can be made of wood. Fits also wood-framed MDF furniture, they give a look very similar to real wood. You can also opt for demolition furniture or with patina finish. Another option is to mix wood furniture with furniture of other materials if your intention is to create a more modern and contemporary style gourmet balcony.

2. Objects for decoration of the balcony

To help you compose the décor, opt for tables, crockery, pans on the wall and whatever else matches the style of your balcony. One tip is to avail shelves and niches that help you organize and decorate at the same time. And do not leave out the potted plants, they help give that cozy air indispensable for every gourmet balcony. Put them on the floor, hanging on the wall or over the cabinets.

3. Appliances and utensils for gourmet porch

The gourmet balcony is, above all, a functional space where you will need to cook, serve and then clean. So, think of appliances that are capable of meeting your needs. If your balcony is integrated with the kitchen it is possible to dispense with the use of a refrigerator, for example, since you can use the same for both spaces, consider using a minibar instead. Already an oven, cooktop and a hood are indispensable for the functioning of the gourmet balcony. For crockery, pans and cutlery you can invest in brightly colored pieces that bring a distinctive style to the balcony, or even opt for crockery, pottery or iron.

4. Island with cooktop

If you have a larger space on the gourmet porch, try using an island with a cooktop. This element values ​​the balcony and allows a better use of the environment. The island can be used to support the cooktop and prepare meals. Another idea is to dock a balcony that circulates the island so that people are served right there.

5. Barbecue

The famous corner of the barbecue can not miss on the gourmet balcony. It can be made of brick, stainless steel or ceramic, but do not leave this item aside. The barbecue can also come with a stove and a wood oven, you know?

6. Apparent bricks

The apparent brick does not necessarily have to participate only in projects of rustic gourmet balconies. The bricks make up very well, more modern and cool proposals, especially if they receive a layer of paint.

Gourmet balcony: 60 photos among the most varied styles

See now an incredible selection of 60 pictures of gourmet balconies of the most varied styles: from the simplest to the most sophisticated. And notice how these tips are applied in practice:

Picture 1 - Black and white gourmet balcony did not dispense with the use, even if discreet, of the wood; the granite countertops and the stainless steel barbecue bring sophistication to the balcony.

Black and white gourmet balcony

Picture 2 - In this gourmet balcony, the central island in silestone brings a mini vegetable garden to let the seasoning always at hand.

Gourmet balcony with central island

Picture 3 - Solid wood table attached to the balcony is the great highlight of this gourmet balcony.

Solid wood table on the gourmet balcony

Picture 4 - Already in this balcony the classic and exquisite style divides space with the furniture of rustic wood.

Gourmet balcony with classic style

Picture 5 - Typical gourmet balcony of most of the current apartments: simple and small, but without leaving the functionality and aesthetics outside.

Simple and small gourmet balcony

Picture 6 - Gourmet balcony of a house: spacious, cozy and with everything at hand.

Gourmet balcony of a house

Picture 7 - Wall of brick , wood and a mini wine cellar set the tone for this gourmet apartment balcony.

Apartment gourmet balcony

Figure 8 - Plan furniture is the best way to fully small gourmet porches .

Gourmet balcony with planned furniture

Picture 9 - Small balcony of apartment with barbecue; the reclining sofa in the guardrail was the option to free up space in the central part.

Small balcony of apartment with barbecue

Picture 10 - Gourmet porch subtly rustic: the furniture of elegant design almost leave pass the rustic tone of the environment ... almost! Because it is impossible not to notice the brick wall and the base of the wooden table.

Subtly rustic gourmet balcony

Picture 11 - Touch of color to brighten the apartment's gourmet balcony; the Roman blind regulates the entrance of light into the environment.

Apartment gourmet balcony

Picture 12 - Pallet coated wall and open niches give a special touch to the décor of this small gourmet balcony.

Gourmet balcony with open niches and pallet wall

Picture 13 - In this balcony, the modern design of the appliances contrasts with the woody tone of the cabinets, creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere at the same time.

Modern design on the gourmet balcony

Picture 14 - Small, but in great taste: the wall of this balcony was covered with marble.

Gourmet balcony wall with marble

Picture 15 - Stones are an interesting alternative to coat the wall, giving the same warm air as the brick.

Gourmet Porch Stones

Picture 16 - On this gourmet balcony, the bar located above the sink stands out.

Gourmet balcony bar

Picture 17 - Gourmet balcony of apartment with vertical garden; the longiline sofa accompanies the extension of the environment.

Gourmet Balcony Apartment with Garden Vertical

Picture 18 - Gourmet balcony integrated the living room increases the social area of ​​the apartment.

Gourmet balcony integrated into living room

Image 19 - Small gourmet balcony integrated to the rest of the apartment; small step differentiates between environments.

Small integrated gourmet balcony

Picture 20 - High stools, sofa and a bench seat with comfort who arrives on the balcony.

High stools on the gourmet balcony

Picture 21 - White and woody light were the colors chosen to compose the decoration of this gourmet apartment balcony.

White and wood on the gourmet balcony

Image 22 - Gourmet balcony for meals only; meals are prepared inside the apartment.

Gourmet balcony for dining only

Picture 23 - Glass door of sliding separates subtly the gourmet balcony from the living room.

Sliding glass door to gourmet balcony

Picture 24 - On this gourmet balcony, the table was replaced by the counter; the armchairs help accommodate visitors.

Gourmet balcony with balcony

Picture 25 - Wall of brick and red refrigerator are the charm of this balcony.

Brick wall and red fridge are the charm of this balcony

Image 26 - The black color, predominant in the decoration, leaves the gourmet balcony sophisticated and modern.

Sophisticated and modern gourmet balcony

Image 27 - Gray tone of metallic objects dominates the decoration of this porch of more youthful style.

Gourmet balcony decor with jovial style

Image 28 - If the light troubles, just go down the blind; It is important to take care to ensure that space is used at any time during the day.

Gourmet balcony with shade

Picture 29 - In this house, the fun is guaranteed with the well-equipped gourmet balcony and the pool in the back; Rustic touch in the decor left the atmosphere more welcoming.

Well-equipped gourmet balcony

Picture 30 - Gourmet balcony small but functional in all respects.

Small and functional gourmet balcony

Picture 31 - Wicker furniture with modern design were chosen for this gourmet apartment balcony.

Balcony with wicker furniture

Picture 32 - Do not be afraid to dare in the colors to decorate the gourmet balcony, the environment allows for bolder and more vibrant combinations.

Colorful gourmet balcony

Picture 33 - Rustic and modern: vertical garden and demolition wooden table; to make the counterpoint the black color in hanging lamps, sofa and decorative objects.

Rustic and modern gourmet balcony

Image 34 - In small gourmets balconies, the ideal is not to accumulate many objects and furniture.

Few objects in the balcony decoration

Picture 35 - On this small gourmet balcony, the minibar was the solution to have drinks always at the right temperature.

Mini gourmet small balcony

Picture 36 - Small gourmet balcony of apartment with sink, barbecue and table; the view of the city is an added bonus.

Small gourmet balcony of apartment with sink, grill and table

Image 37 - Note that rectangular shaped gourmet balconies have a range for free circulation and another to accommodate furniture.

Gourmet rectangular shaped balcony

Picture 38 - In this house, the design of the gourmet balcony counted on wood lining , brick wall and vertical garden.

Gourmet balcony with wood liner

Picture 39 - In the larger apartment balconies it is possible to abuse sofas and other furniture.

Large balcony has sofa and other furniture

Picture 40 - Gourmet balcony with set of sofas; both comfort refers to a living room.

Gourmet balcony with set of sofas

Image 41 - Gourmet balcony with german song .

Gourmet balcony with German corner

Picture 42 - Posed discreetly on the wall, the TV dodges the decoration, but contributes to the moments of relaxation in the family.

Gourmet balcony with TV

Picture 43 - In this gourmet balcony, the charm is due to the hydraulic tiles.

Hydraulic tiles on the gourmet balcony

Image 44 - Balcony accompanies the island of this gourmet balcony and allows the guests to serve in the same place where the meal is being prepared.

Balcony with island for gourmet balcony

Picture 45 - Rustic and retro mark the decoration of this gourmet balcony integrated to the living room.

Gourmet balcony integrated into living room

Picture 46 - Everything in the ideal and necessary measure for this gourmet balcony: sink, wine cellar and oven.

Balcony with sink, wine cellar and oven

Picture 47 - Gourmet balcony integrated to the internal environments allows the use of crockery and appliances together with the kitchen; highlight the mini dresser that has the function of marking where ends the room and starts the balcony.

Gourmet balcony integrated to the internal environments

Picture 48 - Backyard and gourmet balcony together, with place even to make a fire.

Yard and gourmet balcony together

Picture 49 - Even clean, the decoration of this gourmet balcony did not dispense with the use of the brick on the wall.

Gourmet balcony clean

Image 50 - Large and spacious gourmet balcony separates the place from the dining environment to chat and relax.

Large and spacious gourmet balcony

Picture 51 - The modern decoration of this gourmet balcony did not resist the warm charm of the rustic elements.

Modern gourmet balcony

Picture 52 - Environments integrated by the wooden floor.

Gourmet balcony integrated by wooden floor

Picture 53 - A spectacular view to make the gourmet balcony even more special.

A spectacular view to leave the gourmet balcony even more special

Picture 54 - The narrow lane reserved for the balcony did not prevent it from becoming a pleasant and comfortable place.

Nice and comfortable gourmet balcony

Picture 55 - Wood and stainless side by side in the decoration of this balcony.

Wood and stainless side by side in the decoration of this balcony.

Image 56 - Gourmet balcony with table of diferent format.

Gourmet balcony with table in diferent format

Image 57 - Gourmet balcony with barbecue, oven and wood stove.

Gourmet balcony with barbecue, oven and wood stove

Image 58 - Round tables occupy more space, so be aware of the measures to not leave the gourmet balcony "tight".

Round tables take up more space, so be aware of the measures to not leave the gourmet balcony "tight"

Image 59 - Integrated environments decorated in a way - almost - equal.

Integrated environments - almost - equal

Image 60 - Different chairs, in color and design, make up the table on this gourmet balcony.

Different chairs, in color and design, make up the table on this gourmet balcony

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