Glass Wall: 60 Beautiful Models, Designs and Photos!

Glass is the darling material in the decoration, with its endless options of use, the glass wall is an elegant way to leave the space with the light and clean visual appearance. Often, lack of privacy can make your installation unfeasible. However, you can have an amazing result if you choose the location intelligently, especially if you have the help of a professional.

Generally used in the residential façade, the glass proposes a connection with the external and internal area. In many of them, we noticed the presence of a landscape with a breathtaking view, which indicates that the choice of glass walls was correct. After all who does not want to sit on a couch in the living room and feel the nature around just looking at the view.

In addition to the facades, it is common to see glass walls in compact apartments because its translucent and discreet feature is what draws the residents. Whether in the integrated living room with the kitchen, bathroom cabinet partitions, a private home office and even in the laundry room, the glass takes the feeling of breadth in any proposal.

Therefore it is essential to check the type of glass so that the wall is safe and has a good finish. Learn about some of the glass models that can be used in the architecture:

  • Tempered - offers a great cost benefit and safety. Despite being tough, it can break like any other. However, the pieces are not sharp if the glass breaks.
  • Laminates - are great for environments that stimulate lighting, so it is ideal for living room with balcony or that has contact with the external area.
  • Eco Lite - reduce heat input, great for hot cities.
  • Sound insulation - with acoustic treatment they have a thicker thickness that decrease and isolate external noise. Ideal for offices and apartments in avenues with great movement of vehicles.
  • Bioclean - features modern technology with ultraviolet rays and rainwater to maintain cleanliness. Due to these characteristics it has a high cost compared to other models.

Picture 1 - Pool with glass wall


Picture 2 - Miter reinforces the rustic style of the decoration


Picture 3 - A good alternative to have more privacy is to fix a curtain next to the glass panel


Picture 4 - Leave your hallway with a wider view closing with a glass panel


Picture 5 - Glass wall with drawings


Picture 6 - It can be divided into a fixed part and the other with a door


Image 7 - The glass besides having a thickness smaller than a masonry, it divides the environments of clean form


Image 8 - Another use that it has in the architecture is of closing, in order to create a modern and minimalistic facade

image 8

Picture 9 - A simple division that leads to the necessary privacy


Image 10 - Glass closure is the best option for small environments


Picture 11 - For the studio apartments they are a great option to optimize the space


Picture 12 - A trick in the decoration is to opt for a smoky finish on the glass


Image 13 - It is possible to mount a barrier with one part in masonry and the other in glass


Picture 14 - The colored glass wall enters full of geometric shapes into the room


Picture 15 - Glass wall with white finish


Picture 16 - Glass wall with metallic structure


Image 17 - If the environment is small abuse the flat surface with a mirror from the ceiling to the floor


Image 18 - Another nice idea is to use the mirror glass in the form of a brise and room divider


Image 19 - From a modern to an industrial environment, glass walls can please styles


Image 20 - Studio apartment with glass wall


Picture 21 - Suite with glass wall


Image 22 - Closet with glass wall


Image 23 - Glass doors can cover an entire area of ​​the wall


Image 24 - The cool thing is to contrast in the same environment the various types of materials, coatings and textures


Image 25 - Kitchen and laundry with glass partition


Picture 26 - The half wall gave support to a head of bed and the other area of ​​the glass entered to give lightness to the project


Picture 27 - A room of simple and clean environments made with glass


Image 28 - The glass panel can be finished with colors, if the proposal is a modern style, opt for the white glass


Image 29 - Another finish that the glass can have are the textures and drawings


Picture 30 - Black Sashes is the best option for matching in dark decor


Picture 31 - The blind is an alternative to take privacy when the glass is 100% translucent


Picture 32 - Glass wall with wood detail


Image 33 - The glass partition is widely used to integrate the bedroom and the closet


Image 34 - In addition to separating the internal and external side, the glass wall can give the modern air in the environment


Picture 35 - Bathroom with glass wall


Picture 36 - Another proposal is to separate the closet and the bathroom


Image 37 - Simple and functional ideas for a small apartment


Image 38 - And the wood goes through the glass frame, harmonizing with the rest of the decoration


Picture 39 - Simple idea of ​​how to use a glass wall at home


Image 40 - How about positioning the glass panels in a creative and original way?


Picture 41 - Room with glass partition


Image 42 - The home office needs a certain privacy, so glass partitions play an excellent role in this proposal


Image 43 - The large glass facade integrates the external and internal side of the house


Picture 44 - The large glass wall made amplitude for the corridor and with visibility for all the corners


Picture 45 - Glass partition in bathroom


Picture 46 - Glass wall with pivoting door


Picture 47 - The glass wall leaves the decoration light and modern


Picture 48 - Privacy is cut when installing the glass in the bathroom, however in bathroom suites the problem can be softened with shutters


Image 49 - The cool thing is that the material helps to bring natural lighting to the environments


Image 50 - Be inspired by the copper trend in decoration


Imagen 51 - The windows gain a lighter and interactive visual form


Image 52 - Glass wall on ladder


Picture 53 - Another idea is to create a whole glass wall in the mezzanine to visualize the whole space


Picture 54 - The glass wall is a simple solution that guarantees illumination for any proposal


Picture 55 - The room with glass is ideal for kitchen that integrates with another environment, after all it also helps in the hygiene


Image 56 - Glass wall with high ceilings


Image 57 - In addition to completing the masonry wall, the window is an original idea to integrate environments


Image 58 - Kitchen with colored glass on the wall


Image 59 - Bathroom with glass on the wall


Image 60 - The winter garden gained glass walls without opening


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