Glass door: 60 ideas and designs to inspire

Synonymous with sophistication, the glass door gains more and more space when it comes to decoration. Its translucent appearance and minimal thickness enchant the small residences that seek to integrate the environments of the house.

One of the advantages of glass doors is the naturalness in which the transition of the environments takes place, without the necessity of a complete closure of the space. This way, it is possible to keep track of the outside and the inside appearance for environments that need a certain privacy, without blocking the entrance and exit of light.

Another advantage of glass door is the versatility in composition with furniture and coatings. Being a neutral material, the glass fits in virtually any decorating style!

There are three ways to use glass doors:

  • Socialization between environments : kitchen and integrated services area, private Home Office, a more private closet, apartment balconies etc.
  • Delimitation and separation of spaces : in this case, the ideal is to opt for a matte film that leave the place more reserved. Corporate projects, for example, adhere to this idea to bring correct privacy to meeting rooms and directors.
  • Optimization of space : the sliding door is perfect for this proposal! They are used in small environments because it takes up little space and allows for greater functionality.

60 photos of glass doors to inspire

After these tips, it is important to know other information such as: what kind of glass to use, what are the finishes, types of doors, places to insert and how to add the glass door in the environment. Therefore, draw inspiration from some projects and more details on the glass doors :

Picture 1 - Glass laminated door.

Laminated glass door

It is the most safe and expensive type of glass on the market: when broken does not cause any shrapnel, its fragments remain glued to the film.

Picture 2 - Tempered glass door.

Tempered glass door

This type of glass, when broken, does not produce sharp splinters, but rather small pieces rounded.

Picture 3 - Glass glass door.

Glass Glass Door

It is the most popular glass on the market and consequently the least resistant and safe. When broken, it forms sharp and sharp pieces. Avoid this type of glass for doors due to its fragility!

Picture 4 - Corrugated glass door.

Corrugated glass door

Its blend of privacy and brightness does not interfere with the decor. In addition, it can bring many benefits depending on the proposal.

Picture 5 - Door 2 in 1.

Door 2 in 1

Picture 6 - Ideal for the bathroom!

Glass door ideal for the bathroom

Picture 7 - Glass door quadrate.

Glass door quadrate

It features smooth appearance on one side and rough on the other, with small squares along the piece.

Image 8 - Dotted glass door.

Dotted glass door

In this texture occurs image distortion and diffusion of light. It is an option for those who do not want to miss and get bored with the time, since the dotted one combines with the most varied styles.

Picture 9 - The privacy of the blasted glasses.

Privacy of the blasted glasses

This type of door is ideal for depriving the home office with the bedroom, for example. Its appearance is still translucent but slightly frosted. The downside is the excess dirt that can build up over time.

Picture 10 - Glasses with film are another option for those looking for privacy.

Glass with film to maintain privacy

The films perfectly simulate the matte effect of the process. They are easy to install and can accompany drawings, stripes, images and so on.

Image 11 - Glass and wood door.

Glass and wood door

Wood is a noble and delicate material! The ideal is to insert indoors, as is the case of the above project. The door gained a modern and delicate touch with this combination, without letting the exposure of the sun affect the resistance of the material.

Image 12 - Glass and aluminum door.

Glass and aluminum door

This type of door has a great cost benefit, as they are cheaper and simulate the appearance of stainless steel. This material should be given a specific treatment to increase its durability.

Picture 13 - Glass sliding door with steel details.

Glass sliding door with steel details

The darling material in the decoration! The steel is highly resistant, durable and beautiful. There are several finishes that can be applied to accompany the decoration of your home, as it has a strong and striking identity in space.

Image 14 - This type of glass door offers a great solution for aisle.

A great solution for the hall

Picture 15 - It combines with the current style of the moment: contemporary and the use of black.

Contemporary and the use of black

Image 16 - It is possible to paint its structure to accompany with the proposal of the environment.

Paint the door frame to accompany the environment

Picture 17 - Details that make the difference!

Details that make the difference

Picture 18 - Delimiting the spaces.

Delimiting the spaces

Picture 19 - The friezes offer a minimalist air to the place.

Friezes that offer a minimalist air

Image 20 - Door for aisle closure.

Door for hall closure

Picture 21 - Glass door to open.

Glass door opening

This type of aperture is the most common for doors. The glass ones replace the traditional wooden doors giving a more elegant air to the environment.

Image 22 - The same model with two sheets.

Glass door: 60 ideas and designs to inspire

Image 23 - Sliding glass door.

Glass door: 60 ideas and designs to inspire 1

Image 24 - Striking presence in balconies.

Glass door: 60 ideas and designs to inspire 2

Image 25 - Glass door for glazing of apartments.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 3

Image 26 - Boomerang glass door.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 4

Its main feature is due to the Boomerang shaped stem, which provides better attachment to the wall.

Image 27 - The charm of the swinging doors!

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 5

They are present and offer a modern feel to the residence. Very common in the main entrance, they can be inserted in areas of internal circulation, such as corridors and balconies. It should have a greater height to give the refinement in space.

Picture 28 - Reinforce the style of your decor!

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 6

Picture 29 - Glass door type shrimp.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to be inspired 7

This type of door is old, but it is still widely used for small spaces. Its operation is a bit complicated, but with a way it is possible to catch the practice of handling.

Picture 30 - If you opt for this operation, choose a modern air for your door.

Glass door: 60 ideas and designs to inspire 8

Picture 31 - Ideal to integrate the balcony and the internal area of ​​the house.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 9

Picture 32 - It also allows a greater opening of the span.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 10

Places to use and insert glass doors

Image 33 - In façades, they integrate between internal and external.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 11

For a modern look on the facade, glass panels are the most requested. On the ground floor they usually come in the form of sliding doors that can open up to a noble look of the house.

Image 34 - And why not close the pool?

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 12

Picture 35 - More refinement for entrance doors.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 13

Image 36 - A striking presence on residential balconies.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to be inspired 14

Image 37 - Opening to the external area.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 15

Here one can create the feeling that the external landscape is part of the interior of the house as well.

Picture 38 - Its structure combines with the internal one.

Glass door: 60 ideas and projects to inspire 16

Black finishes are a trend in architecture and decoration. In this case, the steel details painted in black, which carry style throughout the residence, were not abandoned.

Image 39 - The sliding door is an option for small spans.

Glass opening door

Image 40 - Porch with sliding glass door.

Sliding glass door on the balcony

By having a well-defined space, the sliding door was the perfect solution for this space.

Image 41 - Glass doors in closet and access to the bathroom.

Glass doors in closet and access to bathroom

Image 42 - Closet with glass door.

Closet with glass door

The glass door in the closet is ideal for enclosing your area. Its goal is not to totally block the visual, but to integrate in a natural and neutral way the spaces of a room.

Picture 43 - Even in joinery they fit.

Sliding glass door in joinery

Image 44 - Matte finish of the glass door in the cabinet.

Glass door with matte finish in cabinet

Thus garments are not fully visible.

Image 45 - Perfect and functional solution.

The perfect and functional solution with the sliding glass door

This door slides throughout the length of the dresser, allowing you the flexibility to leave some parts apparent to show a decorative object or your collection of books, for example. The most interesting thing is that it has the same alignment for the passageway that can also extend up to that span.

Image 46 - Glass door for service area and integrated kitchen.

Glass door for integrated kitchen

Glass doors in bathroom

An important part in the decoration of a bathroom is the closure of the box. The glass door is the most functional and beautiful option for this proposal. It may look like a simple choice, but the workings and types we discussed earlier also apply to bathroom doors.

If you opt for a simple model, be it open or run, you can apply a different handle, a black frame, a film with drawings and so on. If you go by the bolder path like the pivoting doors, remember that there is a need for a good space for opening.

Picture 47 - Bathroom with glass door to open.

Bathroom with glass opening door

Picture 48 - The handle makes all the difference in the look of the bathroom.

The handle makes all the difference in the glass door

Image 49 - You can choose a mirrored finish.

Glass door with mirror finish

Glass door finishes

Know the main finishes for glass doors now:

Image 50 - Glass door with black frame.

Glass door with black frame

Picture 51 - A touch of color!

Glass door with an orange touch

The use of colored film is ideal for those who want a touch of color on the glass. Try to harmonize this technique with the rest of your décor so as not to disrupt the environment.

Image 52 - The famous marble also appears on the glass doors.

Glass door with marble adhesive

The adhesive was glued through the doorway to receive the desired texture, which in this case was the marble. The market offers endless types of prints for gluing on glass.

Image 53 - Rounded glass door.

Round glass door model

Picture 54 - Outline in wood.

Sliding glass door with wood outline

Picture 55 - You can paint the outline to give style and personality!

Glass door with outline painted in red color

Image 56 - Mix of finishes.

Glass door with mix of finishes

In this project was used the corrugated glass, smooth and craquelado to compose an original and dynamic visual for door.

Glass doors in corporate projects

Image 57 - Simple and functional in the right measure.

Simple and functional glass door in the right measure

Image 58 - For a lively and dynamic style.

Glass door with youthful and dynamic style

Image 59 - Gradient on glass.

Glass with gradient

Image 60 - Frutacor to reflect!

Frutacor to reflect

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