Gipsy party and boho chic: decorating ideas with the theme

The Gypsy style appears and reappears as a fashion trend from time to time, but it can even be called a timeless style with its patterns and patterns, light fabrics and motifs drawn from nature that appear in various styles. Today we will talk about the decoration of gypsy party and boho chic:

Used today as a trend, the Gypsy style is currently called Boho, an abbreviation for Bohemian Homeless, a reference to how gypsies were called in Europe. It is composed of several references to styles with clothes of light fabrics, comfortable and even with handmade pieces, so it is very associated also to Hippie, relaxed and with a more nostalgic air.

Thinking about this style that has returned to the trends of clothing in recent years, we have decided to prepare a post with ideas and inspirations to create a gypsy-inspired party!

This reference to fashion allows us to make a party for adults with strong colors, heavy decoration and style. Mix hippie, oriental, romantic, country and vintage styles using geometric prints, especially ethnic ones, combined with floral and / or earthier colors and jewelery with stones in the ambiance of your party. The combination of these elements always has a touch of glamor.

Check out our general tips to tear up your gypsy party:

  • Choosing and planning the theme : To set up a theme party the key word in planning is to research! Brainstorm elements and colors that can be used in the decorations that make sense with the theme and how to combine them together.
  • Color palette and pattern : One of the most important parts in your planning the Gypsy party's color palette consists mainly of shades of black, brown, beige, olive and khaki. To contrast with the green of nature, try investing in warm yellowish colors, such as aged gold, brown, earth, and copper for an element of contrast. The shades of yellow and earthy are highlighted and can still be combined with other more vivid and bright colors such as gold, silver, purple and violet.
  • Cozy climate through different lights and patterns : In addition to an even more welcoming environment, yellow candle and flasher lights can add a touch of warmth, as well as plenty of cushions throughout the room. The prints and textures used in the decoration of the party also include, in addition to the Indian and ethnic elements, in the animal print, handmade elements with crochet, and lamps, baskets and wicker chairs.
  • The environment and its possibilities : Hippie, gypsy, bohemian party ... all these styles are directly related to nature and how we relate to it. Whether in or outdoor, the gypsy party or boho chic is the ideal party to connect with nature and its elements. Invest in different types of leaves and flowers to make a decoration with lots of color, freshness and perfume.
  • Light foods : Taking contact with nature for food, think of fresh fruit along with the most popular party foods, such as sweets and cake. In addition to fruits, also think of edible flowers that combine with the other flavors and invest in cookies and other crispy and light foods.
  • Decorate with handcrafted items and mint old items in small shops : items such as bracelets, rings, jewelry, scarves and white and colored candles make all the difference from the decoration of a gypsy party. Do not forget the vintage elements that can be purchased in antique stores.
  • Light fabrics and ceiling decoration : One of the most iconic items related to the gypsy world is the colorful tents. Create colorful, charming and mystery-filled environments through fabrics of varied patterns in the ceiling, such as Indian, floral and graphic elements (ethnic or indigenous patterning).

The gypsy / boho chic party has been trendy both in varied parties for adults, wedding parties and is also present in children's parties . This cheerful and colorful theme will bring even more joy to any celebration and can be availed for those moments of childhood where the characters of drawings and movies do not seem so attractive anymore.

60 Ideas for your gypsy party / boho chic

Now that we've seen some of the most important general elements, let's get the pictures to inspire you and give your style more style. gypsy party and boho chic :

Sweet table for gypsy and boho chic party

Picture 1 - Main table of sweets with neutral colors and the copper like protagonist.

Sweet table with neutral colors

Picture 2 - Candy colors in a boho style for children.

Candy colors in boho style for party

Picture 3 - Bohemian style with a more minimalist and natural tone.

Boho decor with minimalist style

Picture 4 - Use other surfaces that make your table interesting.

Use another surface for decoration

Picture 5 - Wooden table? Drop the towel and enjoy this color and texture in the decoration.

Enjoy the color and texture of the wooden table

Enjoy carpets with Persian prints, candlesticks and flowers for mixing elements

Picture 6 - Colored desk as another tabletop alternative.

Colorful desk as another tabletop alternative

Image 7 - Natural elements combined with white.

Natural elements combined with white.

Picture 8 - The sophistication of the vintage elements in his tent Boho Chic.

Vintage elements in Boho Chic tent

Image 9 - United through coloring - Different styles in furniture and decoration.

Colorful style in decoration

Picture 10 - Another desk and a lot of natural decoration.

Desk and natural decoration

Image 11 - Platforms with wooden boxes on the table.

Platforms with wooden boxes on the table

Image 12 - All white and featured on the wall decoration.

Everything white and featured on the wall decor

Bet on necklaces and strings to create a different highlight on your cake table.

Food for gypsy & boho chic party

Picture 13 - Invest in many colors on top of cupcakes and all the food.

Colors in cupcakes for the gypsy party

Image 14 - Leave the layers apparent! Naked cakes and cakes in the pot are great requests for the partying mood.

Cake in the pot for gypsy party

Picture 15 - Personalized lids - dream filters and other elements connected to the Boho can be part of your decoration also in the form of prints.

Personalized tin with dream filter for gypsy party decoration

Image 16 - Butterscotch biscuits with super delicate decoration.

Delicate decoration for buttery biscuits

More details of biscuits decorated for gypsy and boho chic party

Picture 17 - Fruit tarts

Fruit tarts

Image 18 - Use custom packaging to hide the brand of industrialized candy.

Customized packaging to hide the brand of industrialized sweets

Image 19 - Macarons with special patterns.

Macarons with special patterns

Image 20 - Cake Pops linked to nature.

Cake pops linked to nature

Details of cakepops for gypsy party

Picture 21 - Cupcake decoration with edible flowers.

Cupcake decoration with edible flowers

Image 22 - Sweet little tendrils of frozen ice cream cones.

Ice Cream Cones

Picture 23 - Fast and healthy snack - popcorn!

Fast and healthy snack: popcorn!

Picture 24 - Natural juice with boho decoration.

Boho decoration for natural juice

Decorating the environment and details

Picture 25 - Replace the chairs with soft cushions and lower the level of the surfaces.

Decoration of the environment for gypsy and boho chic party

Image 26 - Rest tent.

Create a resting tent at your party

Provide cozy moments of relaxation among friends in this super good vibes tent.

Image 27 - Natural table decoration.

Natural table decoration

Image 28 - Station of the handmade accessories.

Craft Accessories Station

Provide stylish items so your guests can get into the mood and enjoy this party to the character.

Image 29 - Party with nature.

Gypsy party in nature

Image 30 - An order in the bottle.

A special order in the bottle

Image 31 - TAGs for ordering.

TAGs for special requests

TAGs filled by guests and hung in the decoration

Picture 32 - Arrangement of flowers as ornament for backrest.

Arrangement of flowers for the chair

Image 33 - Wooden patterns.

Wooden patterns for table decoration

Image 34 - Funny gymkhana.

Have fun at your party

Take advantage of the older furniture, woods or textures to make little playgrounds for both adults and children. It will only depend on your imagination.

Image 35 - Gypsy party decoration with super colorful natural elements.

Natural and super colorful elements for gypsy party

Image 36 - Decoration Boho - bicycle with basket of flowers.

Bicycle decorated with flowers in the basket

Image 37 - Boho chic party indoors.

Boho chic party decor indoors

One option for the small is the making of small tents for each guest. Works both as a themed sleepover party, as for an afternoon of partying at a birthday party.

Image 38 - Ornaments for decoration of gypsy party - Mobiles and fabrics hanging.

Mobile and fabrics for decorating the gypsy party

Fabrics hung for the gypsy party

Picture 39 - Plaquinhas and decoration of colored paper for the wall.

Colored paper on the wall to decorate the gypsy party

Image 40 - Cutlery holder and table decorations with paper and floral print.

Floral print to decorate the gypsy party

Image 41 - Photo station.

Photoshoot for the party

Boho chic is a trend in social networks, so make room for the style to be celebrated.

Cake for gypsy and boho chic party

Picture 42 - Cake boho neutral party with many flowers.

Cake boho neutral

Image 43 - Homemade Half-naked cake covered with seasonal fruits and flowers.

Half-naked cake for party decoration

Image 44 - Cake sculpture of dreams.

Dream sculpture cake

The effect of ruffles, huts, the watercolor effect and the combination of colors and patterns are the key elements for the theme

Image 45 - Cake with geometric cover in nature.

Cake with geometric cover

Picture 46 - Neutral multi-story cake decorated with flowers and ribbons.

Decoration with flowers and ribbons for cake

Picture 47 - Boho baby birthday cake - candy colors, dream filter and stylized huts.

Boho infant birthday cake

Ideal for birthdays before the stage of the characters and cartoons, the boho chic feast for little ones will get a lot of cuteness and style.

Image 48 - One-piece cake with fresh fruits and syrup.

One-piece cake with fresh fruit and syrup

Image 49 - Square cake with ethnic graphics in candy colors.

Square cake with ethnic graphics

Image 50 - Layered cake with American paste and floral decoration.

Layered cake with American paste

Picture 51 - Cake of three floors with effect of watercolor color and filter of dreams.

3 layer cake for gypsy party

Geeky party favors and boho chic

Picture 52 - Personalized paper sacs clean and with decorative flower.

Customized paper sachets clean

Picture 53 - Filter of dreams in the packaging.

Dream filter in souvenir pack

Picture 54 - Hamsa pendant for protection and good luck.

Hamsa Pendant for Protection and Good Luck

Picture 55 - Cup, pen and pencil for the moments of inspiration.

Cup, pen and pencil for moments of inspiration

Image 56 - Ecobag embossed.

Ecobag stamped

Image 57 - Personalized Mm's in the pot - how about if the confectionery also fits the color palette of your party?

Mm's custom in the pot

Image 58 - Watches and accessories in floral themes to celebrate nature.

Watches and accessories in floral themes

Image 59 - Natural fiber sachet.

Natural fiber sachet

Screenshot 60 - Filter dreams for all guests to sleep away from nightmares.

Filter of dreams as souvenir

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