Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

The kitchen is a social place where all the locals come together, whether that be to make a small meal or even cook a lovely dinner. So it is very important to invest in kitchen decor to make it nice and with a more inspiring environment for those who love to cook. Among the many ways to decorate and change the face of the kitchen, one of them is using the sticker for refrigerator, a practical alternative and with the cost much lower than buying a new model. See more tips for having a sticker refrigerator:

The sticker can be applied even on very old refrigerator, if you have an old model at home, it can receive the material. An advantage is that the installation is practical: you can buy your model with the print according to your taste and stick it on the device with the right tools. But remember, it is always good to check the model and size so that the sticker fits properly.

In the market there are numerous models for all tastes, from the stickers with design for the entire door to the smallest making just one detail in your refrigerator.

57 references of adhesive, plotted or enveloped refrigerators

Complement the decor with this amazing refrigerator item that will make your space more fun. For easy viewing, we've sorted 57 amazing sticker designs for you to take before you buy. At the end of the post, a step by step video to apply the sticker, and where you can buy yours on the internet:

Picture 1 - The charm of zebra stripes in your kitchen.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

A great idea is to be inspired by the characteristics of a particular animal. In this example, the adhesive pattern refers to the zebra, following its black and white stripes.

Image 2 - The option with blackboard allows anyone to leave a message.

Frostbite Tips: Tips for Making Wrap 1

The refrigerator is a popular place to write scraps and shopping notes, usually done on papers secured by magnets. How about changing this and opting for the slate-style sticker? With it, the locals can write directly in the refrigerator with a much larger space!

Picture 3 - Refrigerator sticker: leave the appliance even more fun.

Frostbites: Tips for Making Wrapping 2

In this simple sticker, the text is "What are we going to eat tonight?". Look for funny stickers that represent your personality and have a good mood. The kitchen is supposed to be fun too!

Picture 4 - Another example with similar characteristics.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 3

Creative stickers that play with the urge to eat are always a great request to fix on your refrigerator.

Picture 5 - Refrigerator adhesive: a beautiful model of retro refrigerator with the brand of Coca-Cola.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 4

Bring the entire identity of a brand you love to the refrigerator. In this example, the adhesive follows the identity of the famous refrigerant, following a retro style.

Picture 6 - Funny sticker black and white .

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 5

The black and white can be a great request to have a neutral kitchen. This model follows the pattern with colors.

Image 7 - A refrigerator with several designs and colors that combine with the environment.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 6

Abstract art can be a great choice for adding color to the kitchen. This sticker has a beautiful solution for refrigerator, following the colors of the rest of the environment. Try to keep the adhesive in harmony with the place.

Image 8 - White adhesive sticker with kitty stains.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 7

Another example that uses the animal print to make the refrigerator more fun. You can choose zebra, jaguar, cow, tiger and many others.

Picture 9 - Beautiful refrigerator with feminine sticker full of style!

Sticky Fridges: Tips for Making Wrapping 8

For a feminine kitchen, add delicate elements and colors with playful illustrations - this way, the kitchen can have the owner's face!

Image 10 - In this proposal, the adhesive follows the art style of Piet Mondrian.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 9

One of the main features of this style is the use of horizontal and vertical lines in abstract art. The main colors are yellow, blue and red. This type of art is very successful and inspires the most varied works.

Image 11 - A refrigerator adhesive with several dots.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 10

An adhesive with a simple solution to leave an old refrigerator with a different face. Bet on the stamp of your choice.

Image 12 - Bring colors with floral designs.

Frosted stickers: tips for making wrapping 11

Flowers and plants are associated with the female universe and can make the kitchen much more beautiful. How about using a similar option for your sticker?

Picture 13 - How about having a refrigerator adhesive with the brand of your favorite drink.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 12

Men's Favorite Solution - Use the sticker to leave the refrigerator with the face of your favorite beverage: it can be your soda, beer, distilled and others.

Image 14 - A great solution for bars and restaurants.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 13

Restaurant drink coolers often follow a certain pattern, or even follow a partner brand of the merchant. Change the face of the room with a distinctive adhesive.

Image 15 - Another example that follows the animal's print.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 14

Figure 16 - Detail illustration leaves the most sophisticated appliance.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 15

Think outside the box and dare with detailed, abstract, and different illustrations to stamp your refrigerator.

Image 17 - An example of a sticky refrigerator that follows the telephone booths of London.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping 16

London's phone booths are successful worldwide and are a local feature. For those who are fans of the city, how about using this model for the sticker of the refrigerator? This is a great option to leave the appliance with a realistic look.

Image 18 - Refrigerator in the form of polka dots in shades of gray.

Frostbites: Tips for Making Wrapping 17

Use the balls to leave the refrigerator with the color you prefer, following the palette of your kitchen.

Image 19 - A beautiful example with simple stickers in the shape of penguins.

image (4)

Animal illustrations are fun and can be part of any refrigerator sticker. Choose your favorite characters to use in this part.

Image 20 - Refrigerator sticker with geometric pattern.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

The use of geometric designs is another approach to use on the sticker of the refrigerator, always following a pattern of colors and shapes. Choose your favorite to decorate.

Picture 21 - Cooler with funny adhesive.

image (6)

Do you have a puppy at home? This sticker makes the kitchen a lot of fun and plays with the fact that the dogs are always in search of something to eat.

Image 22 - Refrigerator in a retro style.

image (7)

Is there an old refrigerator that has faults and wear? Bet the sticker to make it look brand new. If you're a fan of vintage or retro decor, follow this example.

Image 23 - Refrigerator with a green powder coating.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

Poplar prints are fashionable trend - use it also in the decoration of your refrigerator, leaving it delicate and colorful.

Image 24 - Refrigerator in the shape of gold bands.

image (9)

The golden color adds a touch of luxury to any item - this sticker has turned the antique refrigerator into a much more sophisticated looking appliance. Bet this color to use in your proposal.

Image 25 - Refrigerator in the shape of golden balls.

image (10)

Want to use gold in a more delicate way? Use small balls to add color characteristics without leaving the composition heavy. For this, small adhesives in format to paste are all over the refrigerator.

Image 26 - Bird sticker.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

The illustrations of animals are always a good request for the sticker of the refrigerator. In addition to the animal, this model still uses the cup references - you can opt for other elements and utensils found in kitchens.

Image 27 - Refrigerator with colored sticker.

image (13)

Are you a fan of colors? Bet on a composition that uses the psychedelic format to leave a clean environment with a striking color touch. This sticker follows exactly this proposal.

Image 28 - Portuguese tile style adhesive.

image (14)

This style has the famous Portuguese tiles as reference - if you like this coating but do not want to apply it to the wall, opt for a sticker like this.

Image 29 - Refrigerator adhesive with fork adhesive.

image (15)

Use kitchen utensils as a source of inspiration to create your custom sticker. In this way it is possible to maintain the context related to the environment.

Image 30 - Refrigerator with themed adhesive.

image (17)

This sticker is a self-adhesive model with realistic features. Here, you really believe that the refrigerator has a zipper on your door. Creative, is not it?

Image 31 - Fridge adhesive with triangle designs.

image (18)

Bet on geometric and minimalist designs to leave the refrigerator looking modern and stylish.

Picture 32 - Refrigerator gel with youthful style.

image (19)

The comic book or cartoon style can be part of your refrigerator. Let the younger environment with this approach and choose your favorite character from the comics.

Image 33 - Refrigerator light pink adhesive and designs in black color.

image (20)

A delicate model for those who want to leave the refrigerator with feminine colors. Here, the drawings have leaf shapes and plant elements.

Image 34 - Blue adhesive sticker refrigerator with bird.

image (21)

Do not want to stick the whole refrigerator? No problem, choose a delicate adhesive that matches your personality to decorate the appliance.

Image 35 - Adhesive with green-water bands.

image (23)

Leave the refrigerator with a retro air using this approach with color.

Image 36 - Sticker with drawing of a girl.

image (25)

The artwork can make the sticker even more impactful.

Image 37 - Stainless steel refrigerator with two doors and smiling sticker.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

Leave the kitchen relaxed with a fun and relaxed sticker. This option has a small face with hands pointing to the hungry!

Image 38 - Yellow refrigerator with Smile-shaped sticker.

image (27)

This SMEG brand refrigerator model comes with special colors. He is very successful abroad and in this proposal, he received a sticker with happy face - Delightful!

Image 39 - Refrigerator with custom adhesive.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

Choose an art, drawing or illustration with high quality image of your choice to plot on the sticker. Leave the refrigerator with your face!

Image 40 - Multicolored sticker in flower shape.

image (29)

Together, these stickers are shaped like a flower and are multicolored, with stripes of varying colors that run the design.

Image 41 - Refrigerator adhesive and refrigerator with yellow sticker.

image (30)

In this proposal, the duplex refrigerator had its doors enveloped with yellow stickers, keeping the standard white color on the side. A proposal in line with the decoration, as well as the yellow plastic chairs.

Image 42 - Another refrigerator that bets on the yellow sticker.

image (31)

Image 43 - Refrigerator with beverage themed sticker

image (32)

This sticker follows the visual identity of the whiskey brand Jack Daniel's , of American origin.

Image 44 - Refrigerator with video game sticker.

image (33)

If you're a fan of games, get inspired by this idea to use your favorite console, game or platform.

Image 45 - Refrigerator with hydraulic tile style adhesive.

image (34)

The hydraulic tile is a ceramic tile coating with mosaic designs. This sticker was inspired by these tiles and can be an alternative to add color to a white kitchen.

Image 46 - Refrigerator with sticker of butterflies.

image (36)

A sticker that refers to nature with drawings of yellow and orange butterflies.

Image 47 - Black refrigerator with white sticker.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

Image 48 - Sticker with food drawings.

image (39)

Bet on illustrations that have synergy with the kitchen. In addition to the utensils, you can use those with formats of food, beverages, fruits and vegetables.

Image 49 - Refrigerator with sticker on shell designs.

image (40)

How about leaving the refrigerator in black? This sticker follows the color with drawings of shells.

Picture 50 - Refrigerator with graphite style adhesive

image (41)

Picture 51 - Refrigerator type fridge with sticker in a kiss format

image (42)

An option of sticker with a romantic and feminine look with a kissing shape.

Image 52 - Refrigerator with inspiring adhesive

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

Picture 53 - Fridge with adhesive for two doors

image (45)

Adhesives can also be found for refrigerators of the type side by side stainless steel

Image 54 - Refrigerator with image printed on the sticker

image (46)

Another option is to look for a sticker with a photograph or printed image to attach to the device. Choose the one that most closely matches your personality.

Image 55 - Household Adhesive

image (47)

Image 56 - Refrigerator with food adhesive

image (48)

An option to make your refrigerator much more colorful, use a sticker with pictures of ingredients and food.

Image 57 - Refrigerator with sticker stamped cornice box

image (50)

How to apply the sticker on the refrigerator

Know that you can apply the sticker to the refrigerator yourself? Just follow the tutorials we selected today.

1. Applying the adhesive in the refrigerator

Firstly, we will list the materials needed to make the refrigerator wrapping with adhesive:

  • Adhesive;
  • Stiletto;
  • Sponge and neutral soap;
  • Spatula;
  • Ruler;
  • Trena.

Now follow these steps to complete the application:

  • First step : measure the area of ​​application by cutting the adhesive and considering clearances of at least 5cm for each side.
  • Second step : Now, you should wipe the sponge with soap on the surface of the refrigerator, this will make it easier to remove the bubbles from the adhesive with the spatula.
  • Third step : Finally remove the protective film from the adhesive and start the application starting from the top of the refrigerator
  • Fourth step : While gluing the adhesive, use the spatula to remove the bubbles and if necessary, pass more soap before gluing the parts. Do this on all faces you want to apply.
  • Fifth step : Let the adhesive dry for 24 hours and with the stylus remove the remaining parts of the adhesive - be careful not to damage the appliance.

This video shows exactly how to repeat this process - watch:

The second video has the same approach, useful if you still have any questions:

Where to buy stickers ready for the refrigerator

Are you in search of a practical solution and do not want to envelop the entire refrigerator? Then the ready adhesives are the perfect option to start.

Gel stickers: tips for making the wrapping

Check out a list of products that can be ordered online:

Are you ready to change the face of your refrigerator? Use these tips to make a nice composition in your kitchen decor using the sticker that pleases you. Doing at home or buying ready, what matters is the end result. Enjoy!

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