Games Room: 60 decorating ideas, photos and projects

The game room, whether in a residential development or in an area of ​​the house, is synonymous with fun. In this proposal is worth any size of room and even in a small space it is possible to execute great ideas optimally

Get to know now 6 essential tips that should be considered before starting a game room project. Come on?

How to decorate and set up a games room

1. Wall

The walls must contain elements with the game theme, being able to go from video game to card, with several options. The pictures, for example, are a great reference for abusing posters with illustration of cards, pool balls, tokens, remote control and so on. Another cool idea is to invest in a graphite art on the wall with character design, phrases and electronic equipment. The same goes for wall stickers, which currently exist in a variety of models.

Wall decoration in playroom

2. Circulation

It is essential to harmonize the available area with the equipment that will be part of the environment for proper circulation. In the case of a room with snooker, the ideal is to have a larger area for players to move around. Already in the video game, a corner with sofas and the correct distance of the TV must also be respected.

Circulation in games room

3. Comfort

An important detail for a game room is functionality! Choose rubberized floors to avoid future accidents. Lighting also should not be performed in any way, game tables ask for low light fixtures with direct propagation, bringing more charm and comfort to the activity.

Environmental comfort in an arcade

4. Add-ons

A game room is the perfect space to gather friends and family for that game. Prioritize an extra corner as a bar, a relaxing space to read books, a counter to serve food and some puffs for those who just want to watch the joke.

Playroom complements

5. Decorative accessories

This is one of the main items in this proposal. Choose accessories according to the proposed decoration, such as a slate wall to score the board, round tables with themed towels, a bookcase to organize the board games, toys and other items.

Decorative accessories

How to Build a Game Room at Home

In this case, you can enjoy that room without utility in the house, such as an extra room, a hall, a part of the balcony and even the garage.

If your home is small without a reserved space, it is worth abusing a functional decoration. The dining table can turn into a poker table with small tricks of decoration, as well as the pool table or foosball can be the decorative item of the environment, as long as the choice permeates models with sophisticated design, drawing attention in the spot .

Games room at home

There are other proposals to set up the games room: for children, with electronics, with integrated barbecue, in the room and among others. Immerse yourself in this experience with 60 projects that enjoy the games room in several ways and concepts:

Picture 1 - Ride a hockey field in an extra dormitory.

Hockey Field in an Extra Bedroom

Picture 2 - If the space is small, prioritize only one game.

Prioritize only one game to a small game room

Avoid tightness and discomfort at play time. Going to the minimalist side is a good way to unite functionality and beauty at this location.

Picture 3 - Abuse of decorative elements related to game.

Decorative elements in the game room

Picture 4 - Sofas and puffs are welcome in the games room.

Sofas and ottomans in the games room

Picture 5 - Choose different pieces with a bold design.

Different piece with bold design

Betting on different elements is a way of personalizing the environment with a special touch. In this totally modern design, the choices were marked by the tables, colors, furniture and lamps.

Picture 6 - Lighting for games room.

Lighting for games room

Lighting up this space is paramount to playing beautiful games! To leave the climate more reinforced abuse of a bold lighting, as this project that relies on wires and lights in a playful way through space.

Picture 7 - Get inspired in a game room with adventurous airs.

Games room with adventurous atmosphere

Not always a game room needs to have tables or traditional games. The function depends on the locals and what they want for the environment!

Image 8 - Escape from the traditional and be creative in the room's assembly!

Games room that runs away from the traditional

Picture 9 - For the little ones, opt for didactic furniture that abuse the creativity of the child.

Playground for children

Picture 10 - Shelves and niches are great options to organize the toys.

Shelves and niches for organizing toys

Image 11 - Game room for video game.

Game Room for Video Game Fans

There is nothing better than playing video game comfortably and securely in an appropriate chair. In the market it is possible to find several models and sizes for each type of pocket and style!

Image 12 - Game room with poker table.

Game room with poker table

The game room does not have to be in a large room. A poker table, for example, is an item that can be part of the decor making all the difference.

Picture 13 - Furniture adapted to the size of children.

Furniture adapted to the size of children

Picture 14 - And the baby also has its little corner of fun: the cabaninha!

Cabaninha for Baby Fun

The little cabana is the darling element when it comes to baby's room. The ideal is to always create a separate corner for jokes, and in this case, the cabin makes the perfect role!

Picture 15 - Games room for children.

Playground for children

Picture 16 - Enter the joyful spirit with the decoration.

Games room with cheerful spirit

Image 17 - Build a games corner in the hall of circulation.

Games room in the hall

Picture 18 - Games room with industrial style.

Game room with industrial style

Image 19 - Games room with climbing wall.

Game room with climbing wall

Picture 20 - Make a multipurpose space to go beyond the games.

Multipurpose space to go beyond games

Working multifunctionality is essential in the decoration. In the above project, the same environment can be a movie theater, video game room and playground.

Picture 21 - Turn the house table into a perfect element for the game.

Turn your home table into a perfect game element

For small space like apartments and integrated rooms, a great option are demonstrable furniture or with various functions (dinner, chess, deck, lady, poker and etc.)

Picture 22 - Mount fun activities under the stairs.

Fun activities under the stairs

Picture 23 - Games room with computer.

Game room with computer

Picture 24 - Games room with library.

Game room with library

Image 25 - Male game room.

Men's Game Room

In this proposal most men avoid the excess of colors and prefer the card in neutral tones. The result is a sober and elegant game room without losing its main functionality.

Picture 26 - Embellish the environment with toys!

Embellish the environment with toys

For those who own a collection, whether it be a bug or a car, you can display this passion on glass shelves. Try to plan the furniture according to the size of the pieces so that it is better installed in place.

Image 27 - Every child's dream: to have your own kitchen!

The dream of every child: having your own kitchen

Image 28 - Luxury games room.

Luxury Games Room

When the subject is wide environment abuse of different games! Create an environment with a pool table, board, cards and a TV to watch your favorite games.

Picture 29 - Games room with foosball.

Game room with foosball

Picture 30 - Leave the environment well stripped, just the way the proposal asks!

Game room stripped

Figure 31 - Harmonic integration for each type of game.

Integration in harmony

Picture 32 - The wall covered in ceramic B & W resembles the chessboard.

Ceramic coated wall B & W

The hexagonal pieces make the most success in decoration, and can be applied in a thematic composition for the game room. This B & W color duo is a great choice for decorating the walls of the place!

Picture 33 - Games to play and decorate the wall.

Games to play and decorate the wall

If you want to get away from the pictures, stickers and coatings, the solution is the wooden games for the wall. You can have this kit made with a carpenter to fill the entire surface.

Image 34 - Games room in the attic.

Games room in the attic

Image 35 - Games room with bar.

Games room with bar

Image 36 - Integration is essential in a residential game room.

Integration is essential in a game room

Picture 37 - Everything in its place!

Everything in its place

Picture 38 - Decorate the walls to make space more lively.

Leave the room more lively with a special decoration on the wall

Image 39 - The harmony of furniture and lamps for table games.

Harmony of combination of furniture in the games room

Image 40 - Abuse of color in the proposal!

Abuse of colors in a games room

Image 41 - The map is an inspiring element in the decoration!

Games room with world map

Picture 42 - To give a more recreational air decorate the wall with synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass on the wall of the playroom for a more recreational climate

Picture 43 - Mount bold lighting with pendant lamps.

Pendant luminaires for bold décor in the games room

Picture 44 - Complete game room.

Full game room

If there is room to spare, do not give up a pool table, foosball and arcades, which are the differentials for this project.

Picture 45 - Make a colorful decoration to motivate users.

Colorful decoration to motivate employees

Picture 46 - Games room with playground.

Games room with playground

Picture 47 - Put a TV for those who wish to accompany the sports programs.

TV to accompany games and sports

For those who like football, the games room can also be a dedicated space to watch the expected championships. For this, it is also essential to provide comfort with a beautiful sofa!

Picture 48 - The slate wall is functional and decorative at the same time.

Wall board in the game room

Image 49 - The chess piece has become a decorative item for the environment.

Chess piece: trend!

Picture 50 - The toboggan slide leaves the mood even more joyful!

More cheerful weather with toboggan slide

Image 51 - The famous video game can be the main theme in the decoration.

Decoration main theme

Picture 52 - Create creative furniture for this environment!

Creative furniture for this environment

Picture 53 - The layout allows several activities in this game room.

Various activities in the games room

Screenshot 54 - Gamer style gaming room.

Gamer gaming room

Image 55 - A dedicated space with TV and sofa is ideal for the most reserved.

Games room with space for TV and sofas

Think about the collective and abuse of comfort on the spot! Especially for those who like to gather friends and family, see a championship or simply play video game.

Image 56 - Clean playroom.

Games room clean

The decor that had everything to be minimalist by the predominance of white, has become much more sophisticated and luxurious with the colorful details of the furniture.

Screenshot 57 - Install arcades that is fun guaranteed!

Arcade in the games room: fun guaranteed

Image 58 - Decorate the walls with games too!

Decorate the walls with games too

Image 59 - Integrated games room with gym.

Integrated game room with gym

Image 60 - For those in love with video game.

Gamer gaming room

Ground floor games room

1. Residential development

Ground floor games room

Reproduction: VL Construtora
The idea of ​​a residential condominium is to unite the leisure area in a single space. That is why most of the projects create some integration between them, either by panels or glass doors, so that there are no problems of access or noise.

1. House


Playback: Carolina Fernandes
The game room indoors depends on the games that will be part of the environment. Residents can mix hand and electronic games, provided there is adequate space to practice both. The idea is to create a meeting place, so a gourmet kitchen is warmly welcomed to make the meeting more relaxed!
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