Frozen Children's Party Decor

THE party most wanted by girls nowadays is undoubtedly the theme of the children's drawing Frozen . The main feature to start decorating this party is that all elements are very delicate. All items that will make up this celebration should be in harmony. So, see below our tips for you to rock the party!

The predominant colors are blue, white, pink and lilac. Play with these colors, using different combinations of shades. Do not overuse colors and try to focus, if you prefer, in white and blue for a party with a cleaner décor.

To spruce up, use simple items such as marshmallow to imitate ice stones, turquoise jelly and even the thick salt in the vase to remember the snow. The cake is the main star of the party, so order one that has the main character at the top or make a cake with tricolor dough to make it even more elegant and chic.

See also more decorating ideas in this party website .

80 inspirations and photos for Frozen party decoration

Everything must be personalized to refer to the theme. Because the children's imagination is great, seek help from them when deciding. Check out our selection with 80 incredible ideas to start planning your daughter's party:

Picture 1 - A triumphal entrance is able to melt any frozen heart!

Frozen Children's Party Decor

Picture 2 - The color chart of Elsa, the queen of the snow, is blue and off white.

Frozen Children's Party Decor 1

Picture 3 - Invest in decorated candy!

Frozen 2 children's party decoration

Picture 4 - The suspended decoration fills the space well and gives an upgrade!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 3

Picture 5 - The dolls of the Frozen sisters gave an extra charm to the table of sweets.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 4

Picture 6 - Do not be afraid to exaggerate in brightness!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 5

Picture 7 - Impossible to resist the passionate cookie of Anna!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 6

Picture 8 - How about a table of sweets style self service?

Frozen 7 children's party decoration

Image 9 - The menu needs to be in line with the theme of the party, so the ice cream pot drops like a glove!

Frozen 8 children's party decoration

Image 10 - Showcase the movie song on the panel behind the cake.

Frozen Children's Party Decor 9

Image 11 - Add pink, green and purple to the base colors to make the environment more cheerful!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 10

Image 12 - Escape the classic and choose the tones of Princess Anna.

Frozen children's party decoration 11

Image 13 - Bullet holder in the shape of Queen Elsa's crown.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 12

Picture 14 - The snowman Olaf is the center of attention!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 13

Picture 15 - Do not leave behind and also lines the chairs to give more realism to the scenery.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 14

Picture 16 - Biscuits of snowflakes.

Frozen children's party decoration 15

Picture 17 - For the souvenirs, how about lovely little bags full of surprises inside?

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 16

Picture 18 - Create a little corner with the Kristoff sled for your guests to take several selfies.

Frozen children's party decoration 17

Picture 19 - Gather the main characters and give the deserved highlight in the cake!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 18

Image 20 - Inspired by Frozen Animation: Freezing Fever.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 19

Picture 21 - Hang lollipops with sugar crystals to give more emphasis to the glacial temperature.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 20

Picture 22 - Attract all eyes on the main table!

image (22)

Picture 23 - 2 in 1: ride the snowman and eat the confectionery cookies afterwards.

Frozen Children's Party Decor

Picture 24 - The main phrase of the film was perfect in the bottom of the table.

image (24)

Picture 25 - Make yourself the curtain of colorful pompons and give more life to the party!

Frozen Children's Party Decor

Image 26 - Exclusive drinks attract the attention of the kids!

Frozen 21 children's party decoration

Image 27 - Mouth water with three layer cupcake.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 22

Image 28 - Cake pops help to compose the décor of the table of sweets.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 23

Picture 29 - Ideal for intimate celebrations, at home.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 24

Picture 30 - Kill the thirst of the boys with an incredible drink door!

image (30)

Image 31 - Cover dry twigs with glitter and give a glam touch!

Frozen Children's Party Decor

Image 32 - Healthy menu with Olaf yogurt.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 25

Picture 33 - An idea to decorate the table and make the party inside the house.

image (33)

Image 34 - Lightness with the cartela candy color.

Frozen Children's Party Decor

Image 35 - Innovate in the dessert and choose the English recipe, the trifle cake.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 26

Image 36 - The invitation is the first contact, so capriche in layout and print.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 27

Image 37 - Distribute tulle skirts and wands for the guests to enter 100% in the Frozen weather.

image (37)

Picture 38 - Decorative balls to make the ambiance of the place!

Frozen Children's Party Decor

Picture 39 - Open your appetite with pretzel sticks!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 28

Image 40 - Edible souvenirs are always successful.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 29

Image 41 - And the star of the party could not be different!

Frozen 30 children's party decoration

Picture 42 - Break the ice with pink and yellow.

Frozen children's party decoration 31

Picture 43 - Tasty stuffed cookies make the crowd happy!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 32

Image 44 - Purple and pink are always welcome on girls' birthdays.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 33

Image 45 - White chocolate lollipops in the shape of snowflakes.

Frozen children's party decoration 34

Image 46 - Olaf's carrot nose saw healthy snacks.

Frozen children's party decoration 35

Picture 47 - Cutlery and plastic cups for children.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 36

Image 48 - Well crafted cake, three stories high, with Queen Elsa's castle at the top.

Frozen children's party decoration 37

Image 49 - Translucent materials came back with everything and perfectly match the theme.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 38

Image 50 - Images of the characters brighten the environment.

Frozen children's party decoration 39

Image 51 - Decorate the environment with paper snowflakes.

Frozen 40 children's party decoration

Picture 52 - Inspire yourself in this reference and surprise your guests!

Frozen 41 children's party decoration

Image 53 - Customized stationery reigns supreme at children's parties.

Frozen 42 children's party decoration

Picture 54 - Play with the shapes while preparing the mini sandwiches!

Frozen children's party decoration 43

Picture 55 - Focus on Princess Anna and make your party more colorful, cheerful and contagious!

Decoration for children's party Frozen 44

Image 56 - Chic cake model, elegant and glamorous.

Frozen 45 children's party decoration

Image 57 - Make EVA crowns embroidered with gemstones and distribute them on the big day.

Frozen children's party decoration 46

Image 58 - Cereal bars confected on the toothpick.

Frozen 47 children's party decoration

Image 59 - Healthier menu with fresh fruits.

Frozen 48 children's party decoration

Image 60 - Turn the salon with lowering of ceiling with fabric and magnificent chandelier.

Frozen 49 children's party decoration

Image 61 - Save on space rent and celebrate on birthday at home!

Frozen 50 children's party decoration

Image 62 - Reproduce the castle of Queen Elsa in the sweets.

Frozen 51 children's party decoration

Image 63 - A cute treat as a thank you for the presence.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 52

Picture 64 - Bet on a distinct decoration for each table.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 53

Image 65 - Gelatine cut into pieces imitates blocks of ice.

Frozen 54 children's party decoration

Image 66 - Create an incredible effect with different materials, tones and textures.

Frozen 55 children's party decoration

Picture 67 - Besides being cheaper, the scenographic cake does not melt and is easy to carry.

Frozen 56 children's party decoration

Image 68 - Table setting with tulip pompons on the toothpick.

Frozen 57 children's party decoration

Image 69 - Use and abuse of toppers to complement the look.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 58

Picture 70 - Decorated biscuits are the feeling of the party!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 59

Image 71 - Precious details on the guests table.

Frozen 60 children's party decoration

Picture 72 - Enjoy that minimalist style came back with everything!

Frozen 61 children's party decoration

Image 73 - The streamer represents the coronation ceremony of the character Elsa.

Frozen 62 children's party decoration

Image 74 - Apply the ombre technique on the icing cake and pour!

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 63

Picture 75 - Invest in redomas to protect the goodies.

Frozen 64 children's party decoration

Screenshot 76 - Recreate scenery of freezing adventure and surprise the guests!

Frozen 65 children's party decoration

Picture 77 - Recreational activities entertain children and make the celebration more fun!

Frozen 66 children's party decoration

Image 78 - The hit "Let it go" is a source of inspiration and conquers the confectionery.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 67

Image 79 - Off white as the predominant color leaves the environment cleaner and lighter.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 68

Image 80 - Spread pearls, beads and rhinestones on the table to reproduce ice crystals.

Frozen children's party decoration 69

Image 81 - How about serving round bullets that resemble snowballs?

Frozen 70 children's party decoration

Picture 82 - Cake with different motifs on each floor is a must!

Frozen 71 children's party decoration

Image 83 - Share the magical powers of Queen Elsa.

Frozen 72 children's party decoration

Picture 84 - The coarse salt is a great ally to compose the center of table.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 73

Picture 85 - Cutlery, cups and plastic dishes for children.

Frozen Children's Party Decoration 74

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