Fiber Pool: Learn the main advantages and disadvantages

The execution of an architectural project begins with the survey of the terrain and ends with the definitions of finishes. Therefore, both architects and people with a passion for decoration should be informed about some constructive techniques to facilitate the moment of choosing any element that will make up the residence. And one of these choices, if not the most requested by the locals, is the swimming pool, which values ​​any residential leisure area. This article addresses the characteristics of fiber pool :

What is the difference between fiber pool and masonry?

Abstract swimming pool image

The construction period of a masonry pool is greater than that of fiber, since the first account with a customized format that suits any size of land. This type of pool also creates the freedom to add details such as infinity, cascades, benches, pads at the edges and among other details.

The fiber pool has a quicker and simpler installation because it is precast. Another difference is that this model does not require as much maintenance and cleaning thanks to its smooth surface. Unlike masonry, it often gets residue buildup between the pellets.

Advantages of Fiber Pool

Fiber pool

1. Durability

Fiber pools can last up to 20 years, as long as they are well maintained and made from a high quality material. So look for a good supplier to avoid future problems.

2. Easy installation

The fiber pool comes ready to fit into the ground structure, so just lock it in place and you're done!

3. Flexibility

The market offers several formats and sizes that can suit any type of space. There are small, large, round, curved, straight, uneven, and so on.

The only disadvantage opting for a fiber pool is to observe the space available for your trip to the grounds. As the fiber pool comes in a truck, access to the installation site must be free for it to be unloaded.

Price: How much does a fiber pool cost?

The price of a fiber pool costs between $ 8,000.00 and $ 25,000.00. This variation depends on the size of the pool and the region in which it is sold. The monthly maintenance cost is around R $ 80.00.

If you are looking for a quick, high quality workmanship and a beautiful pool in the backyard, this is the best option!

60 fiber pool models in different projects

Check out 60 residential projects that have fiber pool without fear and with great results:

Picture 1 - It is possible to have the perfect scenery with the fiber pool.

The perfect setting with the fiber pool

Enhance your space with a charming landscaping with plants, palms, natural coverings, benches and finally accessories that make you more comfortable.

Picture 2 - The traditional model (rectangular) does not annoy and pleases to all.

Traditional fiber pool model

For those who want a classic pool, choose the fiber model in the rectangular format. They fit in any area and have a variety of sizes.

Picture 3 - Make a different floor treatment in your environment.

Different floor treatment around the fiber pool

To delineate the pool area, add a distinctive touch with a floor paging on its edge.

Picture 4 - Besides the blue, there is the model of fiber in the white color.

Fiber in white color

Picture 5 - The jacuzzi can perfectly replace a swimming pool.

Jacuzzi to replace the fiber pool

There are small models of fiber pool, however, the fiber jacuzzi can bring more comfort if that is the priority of the resident.

Picture 6 - Organic formats is what is not lacking in the market.

Fiber pool with organic shape

Image 7 - Hide the edge of the surroundings with some floor treatment.

Hide the edge of the surroundings with floor treatment

If you want to hide the edge of the fiber pool, apply a non-slip coating that is harmonious with the rest of the space.

Picture 8 - Pool of round fiber.

Round fiber pool

Picture 9 - With a great use of the space, one can have a valued area in the residence.

Valued area in the residence

The design of this area should contain spaces for all types of use, after all, the pool also serves to sunbathe, talk and gather friends and family in their environment.

Picture 10 - The waterfall complements the recreational scenery even more.

Recreational scenario

The cascade is the accessory that complements any pool. They leave the scenery even more natural, reminiscent of natural sources.

Image 11 - The curved shape allows a more organic design for the environment.

More organic design for the environment

Picture 12 - How about working the environment with the same color of the pool?

Environment with the same color of the swimming pool

The paint on the walls bring more color to the pool, making the look fun. Try doing this technique with a more closed blue tone, to stay harmonic and modern.

Picture 13 - The landscaping value even more the space of the swimming pool.

Landscaping adds value to the pool

Picture 14 - The bench coupled in the pool itself provides a more versatile use.

Bank coupled in fiber pool

Picture 15 - This model even has a seat at the edges.

Model with seat at the edges

The model with seat can be a good option for those who want a more complete leisure area, as well as being bathed, one can use to sit on its edge.

Picture 16 - Leave any leisure area even more complete.

Leave any more complete leisure area

A swimming pool in the residential condominium further enhances the development. Most of the time it is up to the differential when purchasing the property.

Picture 17 - This model even has a seat at the edges.

Model with seat at the edges

Make a larger ledge to insert cushions and futons for those who just want to sunbathe or interact with whoever is in the pool.

Image 18 - Choose a size and shape that is harmonious with your terrain.

Harmonious size with the terrain

Seek help from an area professional to choose the best model for your terrain. The study and a project is critical for successful implementation!

Picture 19 - Modern fiber pool.

Modern fiber pool

Image 20 - Create a deck just for her.

A deck just for her

Picture 21 - It is possible to have a contemporary result working with the straight and orthogonal lines in the elements.

Contemporary setting with fiber pool

Picture 22 - The pool with two levels is ideal for those who have children.

Fiber pool with two levels

Picture 23 - Terrace with fiber pool.

Terrace with fiber pool

Picture 24 - Residential condominium with pools of fiber.

Residential condominium with fiber pool

Picture 25 - Stairs can be inside the pool.

Stairs inside the pool

When the pool is spacious, bet on a model with submerged steps. So the little corner is also used to sit and give up the traditional metal staircase.

Image 26 - Internal steps dispense with the traditional metal ladder.

Internal steps dispense the metal ladder

Image 27 - The pool with levels creates different functionalities.

Different functionalities

Image 28 - Pool of white fiber.

White fiber pool

Picture 29 - With an extensive area for leisure, it was possible to set up a complete pool space for sunny days.

Extensive area for leisure

Picture 30 - Indoor fiber pool.

Indoor fiber pool

Picture 31 - Yard with fiber pool.

Yard with fiber pool

Image 32 - Plan a good landscaping to make the area more inviting.

Most inviting area

Image 33 - Install it on a higher level of terrain.

Installation at the highest level of the terrain

Install the pool at a higher point of the rest of the house to highlight this recreational area. Thus, how your access should be well planned to facilitate the movement of space.

Picture 34 - Fiber pool for adults and children.

Fiber pool for adults and children

Image 35 - Work with quality materials for a modern space.

Work with quality materials

For those who want a more elegant area, it is ideal that the treatment of the surroundings is also differentiated. Use high quality materials and finishes to have this contemporary result!

Image 36 - Side to side to make the look look harmonious.

One pool next to the other

Image 37 - Capriche in the lighting to value the space.

Capriche in the lighting to value the project

The lighting in the pool is a differential for those who use the area together with a social space. Thus, throughout the night it is possible to have an amazing setting to gather people around the pool.

Picture 38 - Model with mixed formats

Mixed format template

Image 39 - Small fiber pool.

Small fiber pool

Picture 40 - Do not forget the basic accessories of a swimming pool.

Basic accessories of a swimming pool

Armchairs make the pool even more inviting. This project also used the edge to complete with inserts, in which it is also possible to mix constructive models in the same pool.

Image 41 - Pool of triangular fiber.

Triangular fiber pool

Picture 42 - Leisure area with fiber pool.

Leisure area with fiber pool

Picture 43 - Fiber pool with oval shape.

Fiber pool with oval shape

Picture 44 - Create a rustic style in the pool area.

Rustic style in the pool area

Image 45 - Architecture must be present in all elements.

Architecture present in all elements

Picture 46 - Swimming pool and jacuzzi in the same environment.

Swimming pool and jacuzzi in the same environment

Picture 47 - Prioritize a corner to just sit in the pool.

Prioritize a corner to sit by the pool

Image 48 - The smaller the terrain, the cozier it should be!

Fiber pool on small ground

In the same way that apartments and small spaces abuse coziness, the swimming pool works the same thing happens. This pool area is fully integrated with the barbecue, without disrupting any of the functions of each environment.

Image 49 - The more curved features allow a greater integration.

Fiber pool with more curved features

Picture 50 - The same format, however, with different sizes.

Same format with different sizes

Image 51 - The more organic the shape of the pool, the greater the integration with the environment.

Fiber pool with organic shape

Picture 52 - Fiber pool with hydromassage system.

Fiber pool with hydromassage system

Picture 53 - Pool of fiber with internal divisions.

Fiber pool with internal divisions

Image 54 - The fiber model is simple but requires a more elaborate touch.

Simple with an elaborate touch

As it is a simpler model, the environment should be more neat with plants and a beautiful floor. These elements will leave the space more welcoming!

Picture 55 - Small, but very cozy!

Small fiber pool

The pool should be installed where there is greater insertion of the sun, so that it is comfortable and functional for its use.

Picture 56 - Enjoy all the availability of your yard.

Fiber Pool: Learn the main advantages and disadvantages

Image 57 - Fiber pool with curves.

Fiber pool with curves

Image 58 - The barbecue area asks for a pool!

Leisure area with fiber pool

Image 59 - Create a covered play area.

Indoor play area

Image 60 - Fiber pool with deck.

Fiber pool with deck

Invest in a landscaping that enhances the pool area. The deck, for example, leaves the most inviting space for either relaxing or sunbathing.
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