Festa Moana: 70 decorating ideas and theme pictures

THE Moana party is one of the current sensations in children's parties , the movie "Moana: A Sea of ​​Adventures" is a great theme for birthday parties and will delight all the guests.

This is a party full of hibiscus flowers, sea elements, coconuts and pineapples and lots of fun. Another trend worth mentioning in this type of setting are the colorful balloon arrangements with tropical tree leaves that can be used as either arches or semi-arches on the main table, or also as roof cover.

To get into the mood you can count on the help of the most beloved characters such as Moana herself, Grandma Tala, the demigod Maui, the goddess Te Fiti, the Pua pig, the cock HeiHei, plus the fun and dreaded little coconut Kakamoras.

We have separated some tips for you to be careful before organizing your Moana party , check out:

  • Color palette : The colors used to create the natural paradise present in the universe of the film are blue, green, red and brown. You can choose to base the colors of your party from them or adapt them according to the type of decoration you want to make. Some other palettes are possible such as candy colors, ideal for more vibrant parties, as the warm color palette with orange, yellow and red tones or softer tones such as pink and salmon can be used as the basis for more colorful details.
  • Home : The world of the character Moana is very close to the type of ambiance of the tropical party and the Hawaiian party both for the exuberance of nature and for the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Abuse of leaves, colorful flowers, straw, wood and bamboo to transport all your guests to your particular paradise. Just like the parties above, the Moana party combines with a more sunny climate and pleasant temperatures and is a good request as both indoor and outdoor theme.
  • Characters : Some of the main stars of their decor, the characters can be part of both the main table and small details scattered throughout the party. You can use from main characters' dolls to plaques and paper table bottoms to start the game.
  • Leaving everyone in the mood : Do not forget to offer props for your guests to truly feel on a Polynesian island. Necklaces with leaves or flowers, hibiscus to put on hair, fake tattoos to imitate the Maui, sunglasses and other accessories that remember the right climate for the adventures in the sea.

60 wonderful ideas of Moana party decoration

Now embark with us on this adventure and check out the images that we separate as perfect ideas to make the party decoration Moana :

Table of cake and sweets for the party Moana

Image 01 - A decoration full of balloons.

Party decoration Moana full of balloons

The harmony of the elements and the composition of the table do not depend on the quantity of objects or references. The subtler colors and minimalist elements will draw attention to your desk.

Image 02 - Wooden background and a table of colored elements.

Decoration with wooden background

In this image we have the balance between more vibrant colors and lighter tones. Here we have a contrast between the background and the marine elements, the flowers and the characters.

Image 03 - The adventures of the mountain table.

Moana party mountain table

The mountain base of this table will bring everyone the adventure atmosphere of the movie.

Image 04 - Colors and decoration of Moana party with paper theme.

Decoration of the theme in paper

Party supply stores offer a plethora of paper plates and decorative elements for you to use as you wish.

Image 05 - A colorful and tropical Moana party.

Colorful and tropical party with Moana theme

Candy colors bring much joy to any table and could not be different at this table with details and subtle colors.

Image 06 - Moana party decoration: wood, straw and many flowers.

Wood, straw and flowers in decoration

Image 07 - Moana baby party.

Moana baby party

Many dolls of the moana in different styles and a decór with colors well alive will make the joy of the babies.

Image 08 - Bamboo, torches and paper lamps.

Paper and bamboo lamps in table decoration

Image 09 - A sea of ​​references.

A sea of ​​references

All items on your table can be sent to the film and if there is a good dosage everything is harmonious and colorful, giving a care effect in the smallest details.

Image 10 - Party Moana simple.

Decoration of the party Moana simple

Meals and party menu Moana

Image 11 - Tortinhas on the toothpick.

Tongs on the stick

Details of the tartlets on the toothpick

Image 12 - Varied Snacks.

Varied Snacks for the Moana Party

Image 13 - Decorate the already traditional confectionery tubes with Moana plates and artificial flowers.

Plates of Moana for tubes

Image 14 - Moana Provencal party with delicate biscuits.

Delicate biscuits for a Moana Provencal party

Biscuits for party Moana

Image 15 - Tents that carry delights

Little boats carrying delights

Once again the paper decoration proves useful and practical. Use paper boats to serve sweets like candy and marshmallows.

Image 16 - Snacks that mix flavors.

Mix of flavors with snacks

The tropical flavors always ask for mixtures between sweet and savory, as well as light and easy-to-serve foods.

Image 17 - Biscuits and macarons themed.

Biscuits and macaroons themed

Picture 18 - Plaquinhas, paintings and textures - it's worth everything in the deccor of the cupcakes.

Moana party cupcake decoration

Cupcake decoration for party Moana 1

Forest cupcake for the party

Image 19 - Cupcakes with the characters in American paste.

Cupcakes with characters made from American pasta

Image 20 - Fruits served on leaves and flowers.

Fruits served on leaves and flowers

Decorate the trays with leaves and flowers to serve fruits to the little ones, your table will become more refreshing and attractive.

Picture 21 - Chocolate in balls of Te Fiti.

Polka dot chocolates on the table

Image 22 - "The horizon asks me to go so far".

Creative gelatin in the form of sea and boat

With imagination, a gelatin of the color of the sea and a small boat of tangerine the children will live as many adventures as possible

Image 23 - Cakepops themed.

Cakepops themed party Moana

Cakepops for party Moana

Kakamoras and florals are two references that combine with the round shape of these delicacies

Image 24 - Maui Strength Chocolate.

Maui Strength Brush

Image 25 - Brigadiers with flower plaques.

Beautiful brigadeiros with floral plaques

Party decoration Moana

Image 26 - Welcome station for party Moana.

Welcome station

The party entrance is the right place to put all the indispensable items to start the fun. Varied flower collars and leaves, personalized sunglasses and refreshments will make everyone feel more at ease in this sunny party mood.

Image 27 - Party Moana at school: portable party in a little bag.

Party decoration Moana at school

Just diversify the items from the souvenir bags and bring simple foods and decorations that your school party will be very easy to do and fun.

Image 28 - Feared and amused.

Dreaded and entertaining dolls

Funny dolls

The Kakamora are these little coconutmen who will get a good laugh out of their guests. You can even print and paste some paper details in a dry coconut and create your own Kakamora at home.

Image 29 - Details that make the difference.

Details that make the difference

Just like in the movie, being the boss's daughter has its advantages and challenges ... Make the day of your little Moana fan reserving special places for her at the party. After all, the birthday is the day to shine.

Image 30 - Tattoo station (of lying) of Maui.

Maui Tattoo Station

Image 31 - The flag of the people of Moana present from the main table to the tables of the guests.

Use the flags of the people of Moana

Picture 32 - Movie moments illustrated.

Movie Moments Illustrated

Paintings and designs can be great decorative items for your party. If your little birthday girl wants it she might even be one of the artists in that part.

Image 33 - With paper and imagination all the leaves and flowers are possible.

All leaves and flowers possible

On the internet you will find molds and tutorials on how to cut and make every type of flower and arrangement you want.

Flowers in decoration

Image 34 - Tribal masks, coconut, flowers and little shells to decorate the table.

Tribal masks, coconut, flowers and shells

Image 35 - Tones of rose as main color and tropical details everywhere.

Tones of rose as main color

Highlight the Kakamora's face glued to a coconut shaped glass.

Image 36 - Decore in 3 dimensions: a combination of paper background and biscuit elements.

Decorate in 3 dimensions: a combination of paper background and biscuit elements

Image 37 - Masks and paper accessories for all the guests to enter the climate.

Paper masks and accessories

Image 38 - Bamboo and straw cover for your outdoor party.

Festa Moana: 70 decorating ideas and theme pictures

The Moana party combines a lot with open environments and is perfect as an outdoor party. Be sure to protect your guests from the sun and everyone will have a pleasant environment to have fun.

Picture 39 - The doll Moana will give much more charm to your table, in its young version as baby.

Moana doll for table decoration

Another example of Moana doll

Kids love to see their favorite characters at the party's main table.

Image 40 - Arrangement of colorful flowers with coconut vase.

Arrangement of colorful flowers with coconut vase

Image 41 - Fire of a lie: paper torches.

Lying Fire: Paper Torches

Moana Cake

Image 42 - Cake paradise of Motu Nui.

Bolo paradise of Motu Nui

Simple cake with whimsical decoration of flowers! You can use artificial flowers or research the edible flowers with flavors that can match the rest of the cake.

Picture 43 - Moana baby three-story cake.

Moana baby three-story cake

Moana is an adventurous character since she was just a little baby! Think of her discoveries and explorations as a great way to decorate the various layers of your cake!

Image 44 - Ripples of frost.

Ripples of frost

If you have skills with the icing spout, this is your moment to shine! But if not, take the time to train and remember that the waves of the sea are not perfect and symmetrical.

Image 45 - Cake dress from Moana.

Moana cake dress

The Disney characters always have signature costumes and a creative cake decor can be inspired directly in these outfits.

Picture 46 - Cake of three layers beach.

Three layer cake beach

Image 48 - Moana and Maui in a sea of ​​references.

Moana and Maui in a sea of ​​references

Picture 49 - Cake with the landscapes of the volcano Te Fiti.

Cake with the landscapes of the volcano Te Fiti

Moana is the main character of the animation, but use your imagination to compose with other characters important to the story, such as Te Fiti.

Picture 50 - Grandma Tala cake.

Grandma Tala cake

Grandma Tala is responsible for encouraging Moana to follow her dreams, even if it sounds crazy to others and that's how the great adventure begins.

Image 51 - Cake two floors with Moana on top.

Two-story cake with Moana on top

The dolls of the Disney characters are very famous and make a super interesting decoration, even on top of the cakes!

Moana's unforgettable memories

Image 52 - A pot of delights!

A pot of delights

You'll need small, colorful eyelids, Moana stickers, and many brigadeiros or delicious treats to fill the eyes of the guests.

Picture 53 - Souvenir with bag with flower and tag.

Souvenir with bag with flower and tag

Image 54 - A party full of Moanas.

A party full of Moanas

If the budget allows, make fantasies of the most beloved boss's daughter for every girl. Surely the party and the guests will be much more excited.

Image 55 - Fun with the paper bag dressed for the party.

Fun with the paper bag dressed for the party

Flowers and a printed dress leave any bag much more fun and ready to be taken as a souvenir.

Image 56 - Personalized beach slip.

Custom Beach Slip

This is the favorite souvenir of the little ones, especially the guests of the party Moana baby. You can still enjoy the little ball to include soap bubble jars and other treats for the kids.

Image 57 - Jute sacs with tribe tags.

Jute sacs with tribe tags

Cheap and with the ideal rustic tone, jute bags are the best packaging for your souvenir kit.

Image 58 - Te Fiti's amulet to decorate and protect everyone.

Te Fiti's amulet to decorate

A souvenir that will be part of the game, Te Fiti's amulet can be made with green paint with glitter and a little patience.

Image 59 - Sachets of sweets with simple packages, cockroaches and customized.

Candy sachets with simple, cheap and customized packages

Image 60 - Flowers and shells in the kit moana.

Flowers and shells in kit moana

Decorate the outside of the gift box with flowers and necklaces that children can use as accessories.

Image 61 - Strip of banners with striking leaves of the theme.

Flag strip with striking theme leaves

Picture 62 - Moana party table with cake.

Party table Moana with cake

Picture 63 - Creative souvenir Moana.

Moana creative souvenir

Picture 64 - Use all the creativity to decorate.

Use all the creativity to decorate

Image 65 - Decoration with balloons for the theme Moana.

Decoration with balloons for the theme Moana

Image 66 - Moana personalized souvenirs.

Custom Moana souvenirs

Image 67 - Cake Moana two floors.

Moana cake two floors

Image 68 - Drinks for party Moana.

Drinks for party Moana

Picture 69 - Sweet in the shell with pearl.

Sweet in the shell with pearl

Picture 70 - Doll Moana for party decoration.

Doll Moana for party decoration

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