Female children's room: 65 inspirations and decoration projects

There are few rooms that change as much as a child's room! The growth of children, the strengthening and change of their tastes and personality, and, of course, their physical growth, make their environment need to be constantly transformed to adapt to them!

In the female children's room, everything must have to do with the personality and the tastes of the little ones, creating an environment adapted to your needs and with the possibility of being in constant change!

In the case of girls, there are several possibilities for choosing style, from characters and stories, even completely different ideas that they have! Pink is no longer a key feature, giving room for several other colors that can go from the most colorful shades like yellow, orange, green and blue, even gray and black!

In today's post we're going to talk about children's bedrooms, with quick planning tips and a gallery of selected pictures to inspire you when it comes to setting up your bedroom.

In Search of the Perfect Female Kids Room

To help you assemble the room with all the details, we've separated some tips for you to take into consideration before starting the project!

At the time of planning, dispense the surprise and include your daughter in the creation of the project: this is because, even though the room decor can be very fun to make, a female child's room should have the child's face and not the parents, it is there that children usually spend most of their time, whether they are sleeping or playing, and therefore need to feel comfortable in the environment.

Do not forget to take the measurements of everything before you start to buy! This item is of great importance and there are recurring cases of people who buy more things than fit the environment or who miss the size of the furniture. But this stress can easily be avoided by taking measurements of the environment and furniture.

Think about decorating the environment with planned furniture: whether the cabinets, bed or even all the furniture of the environment, the planned stores give you the opportunity to think from the format, the suitability in space, finishes and coatings to create the environment that did you imagine
Arrange the room to leave a central clearance: this makes it easier to move around the room and creates an environment where children can play (in this case, it is always good to include a comfortable rug in that area).

Bet a simple decor and give more style and personality to the room: at this point, try to give preference to easy items that can be easily sanitized. Comics on the wall are the favorites in the decor, but the garlands are coming with everything, especially those made in fabrics, which can be removed, washed and put back.

Now that you know some basic planning tips for the children's room, take a look at our gallery for more inspirations!

Picture 1 - Children's room in contrast of light and dark shades: gray graphite x white, beige, pink and blue.

Women's room in contrasting light tones

Picture 2 - Bet on a wall cover with pattern to lift the astral from the room and escape from the smooth flat.

Kids' room with wall cover

Picture 3 - In the work of joinery, the beds with house structure are making the greatest success.

Bed with cottage structure

Picture 4 - White and gray for a room in a neutral style in the furniture and walls.

White and gray for a room in a neutral style on the furniture and walls

Picture 5 - Bet on wall or ceiling decor with comics, garlands and lamps.

Kids' room with wall decoration

Picture 6 - Twin female children's room with planned in white, blue and yellow.

Double female children's room

Picture 7 - Children's room with play area and a bicolor painting of shades of pink by the wall and ceiling.

Children's room with play area

Picture 8 - One more decoration of female children's room in gray and white and a curtain to bed for an enchanted climate.

Kids Room Gray and White

Picture 9 - Give a special touch to the bed area with comics and other wall decorations.

A special touch for bed area

Picture 10 - To use the wallpaper in a small area of ​​the room, choose a model with the same background color as the rest of the walls so as not to lose the decoration unit!

Wallpaper in the bed area

Picture 11 - Colored on gray: To finish off the cold climate of the gray wall, bet on touches of vibrant colors for the environment.

Colored on gray

Picture 12 - Super colorful, contemporary and tropical environment for this double female room.

Super colorful, contemporary and tropical environment

Picture 13 - Study area in demolition wood and rose, besides many small plants to contrast and give a fresher air to the environment.

Study area in demolition and pink wood

Picture 14 - A reading area full of comfort and imagination!

reading area full of comfort and imagination

Picture 15 - Another double room with wooden bunk shaped dollhouse.

double room with bunk bed

Picture 16 - For the decoration of wall, prefer to lower the height of the objects not to be so far from the height of the children.

Wall decoration in female children's room

Picture 17 - Girls Room in Rosa Millennial: super clarinho to transmit relaxation and tranquility at bedtime.

Kids' Room in Rosa Millennial

Picture 18 - Kids' room in a boho chic style.

Kids' room in boho chic style

Picture 19 - Red and dark pink in the female infant room to prove that even the darkest colors can be used in this environment.

Red and dark pink in the female infant room

Image 20 - Candy colors giving an extra touch of cuteness and delicacy to the environment.

Candy colors giving a touch more of cuteness

Picture 21 - Lots of color, delicacy and personality in a wooden children's room.

Lots of color, delicacy and personality in a wooden children's room

Image 22 - White, black and gray as a base and small touches of color to brighten the environment.

White, black and gray as a base

Picture 23 - Wallpaper with white background and animal outlines in black line for those who do not want to lose the light and light color of the background.

Wallpaper with white background

Picture 24 - For small children's rooms, it is worth changing the silent servants by dressers and optimize the space with shelves to store toys and stuffed animals.

Small children's room

Picture 25 - Bed-niche rustic: access the environment through a wooden window and a stool!

Bed-niche rustic

Image 26 - Turquoise and coral as colorful contrast to gray.

Turquoise and coral blue in the female children's room decoration

Picture 27 - Beige, several pink tones and wood in a perfect combination for a female double room.

Beige and pink tones in the decoration of the female infant room

Picture 28 - Dream room for twins with highlights for plush clouds and paper hives fixed to the ceiling and with hanging stars.

Dream room for twins

Picture 29 - Designed for children's room with study area and for rest or reading beyond the main area.

Planned female children's room

Planned Female Infant Room: continued

Picture 30 - Kids room based on the circus: white and red accessories and a different ceiling imitating the stripes of the main tent.

Children's room based on the circus

Picture 31 - Many prints and colors in a mix full of personality.

Many prints and colors in a mix of personality

Picture 32 - White wall and dark floor and a multitude of colors between the two.

White wall and dark floor and a multitude of colors between the two

Picture 33 - Another charm for the decoration of the room: sign with phrase and outline with flasher lights.

An extra charm for the bedroom decor

Image 34 - Mint green and mustard yellow: colorful, refreshing and fun combination for a clear and cozy environment.

Mint Green and Yellow Mustard

Picture 35 - Special area to store the costumes: choose clothes racks to be fixed to the wall and enjoy the color of the costumes for the room's decoration.

Special area for storing costumes

Picture 36 - Children's room in a more serious tone in gray, white and some touches of rose.

Kids' room in a more serious tone in gray

Picture 37 - Planned bed with closet, niche décor and up dresser style dressing room!

Planned bed with closets and niches in the female infant room

Picture 38 - Decoration of white children's room and various textures for the environment.

White female children's room decoration

Picture 39 - White, gray and yellow in a simple and minimalist decoration.

White, gray and yellow in the female infant room

Image 40 - Decorating idea for women's bedroom in the fall of roof.

Decorating Idea for Girls Room for Girls

Picture 41 - Children's room, female and double in shades of pink with special detail for the wallpaper on the ceiling.

Women's and children's double room

Picture 42 - Children's room in light shades of gray and pink, in an environment that values ​​elegance.

Kids' room in light shades of gray and pink

Picture 43 - The dressers are great surfaces to insert decorations that need to be supported.

Kids' room with dresser

Picture 44 - Room for women in white with a sectorized organization.

Kids Room for Girls

Picture 45 - Another wooden bed shaped houses to charm everyone.

Other wooden bed in cottage format

Picture 46 - Another room in the Boho Chic style for those who are fans of many prints, colors and handmade decoration.

Boho Chic Style Room

Picture 47 - Children's room with black as the main color: darker environment and with some points of light in contrast with the light colors.

Black as the main color of the female infant room

Picture 48 - Children's room in candy colors and highlight the nest suspended in the ceiling for a rest and reading area.

Kids' room in candy colors

Picture 49 - For those who have little space the shelves in their diverse depths, styles and heights are wild items in the decoration.

For those who have little space in the shelves

Picture 50 - Simple female children's room with cheap and super interesting decoration: colored wall painting with areas delimited for each color.

Simple children's room with cheap decoration

Picture 51 - Female children's room with super comfy low bed with lots of pillows.

Kids room with super comfortable low bed

Picture 52 - A different bedside for the bed in a room full of color.

A different headboard for the bed in a room full of color

Picture 53 - Gray, rosy and golden: combination of the trends of the last years creates a charming atmosphere and dreamy style.

Gray, rosy and golden in the female children's room

Picture 54 - Girls Room welcome to the jungle: decor inspired by the animals of the forest and a panel drawn on the main wall.

Children's Room welcome to the jungle

Picture 55 - Female children's room with a simple decoration and full of style.

Simple decoration in the female children's room

Picture 56 - Décor of a children's room that is worthy of the princesses: bed with a well-decorated silver headboard in a powerful presence in the room.

Decorating a princess's room for girls

Image 57 - Aerial decoration with golden tsurus to make at home and bring lots of luck and prosperity to the environment.

Aerial decoration with golden tsurus

Image 58 - Another room with curtain for bed in the style fairy tale.

Room with curtain for bed

Image 59 - Simple and inexpensive feminine children's room decoration: garland of colorful fabric flags and honeycomb flannel paper to give more personality and color to the room.

Simple female children's room decoration

Picture 60 - Female children's room with half wall as head of the bed and a super playful wallpaper.

Kids' room with half wall

Image 61 - Bed with wooden headboard with shelves for books and stuffed animals.

Bed with wooden headboard

Picture 62 - Super comfortable children's room with many cushions and puffs.

Kids room super comfortable

Picture 63 - For smaller children, it is worth putting a small table of activities in the environment.

For younger children

Picture 64 - Female children's room with suspended wooden house: another environment inside the room for children to play and have fun.

Female children's room with suspended wooden house

Picture 65 - Many colorful elements to lift the astral from the environment with dark wall.

Many colorful elements to lift the mood of the female child's room environment

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