Farm Houses: 60 amazing designs, designs and photos

Breathe fresh air, be in direct contact with nature and see life passing slower. These are perhaps the great benefits of farmhouses. And to enjoy it more intensely many people are choosing to leave the city and start a new life in more retired places, abandoning the tumult and the rush of the great urban centers.

If that is your goal, you should probably be in search of a home that suits this new reality. In this case, the farmhouses are ideal. They rescue the comfort, the warmth and prioritize the contact with the nature.

Having a farm house is sure to enjoy good times in the company of relatives and friends. For this reason it must be thought to receive with comfort and warmth all those who arrive.

60 farm houses to take as inspiration

So, without wasting any more time, check out this beautiful inspirational farmhouse post for you to do the same (or renovate yours, if you already have one). And if you want, see more field , house models , facades and container .

Picture 1 - On the porch of the big house, I see the lost sierra ....

Balcony of farm houses

This house seems to have served as inspiration for the song Smile of Flower. Yellow is the color of coziness, when attached to the net it is impossible not to want to stay there. A typical country house.

Picture 2 - Farmhouse with bold architecture.

Farmhouse with bold architecture

Take that image off the head of what farmhouse is all old. Nowadays it is possible to find models of farmhouses with modern and bold designs.

Picture 3 - Rustic farmhouse to welcome to all who arrive.

Rustic farmhouse

Picture 4 - Balcony with demolition deck.

Farmhouses: Balcony with demolition deck

The farmhouses, from the most traditional to the most modern, breathe the rustic climate. So even invest in materials that refer to this style, like demolition wood.

Picture 5 - Farm houses: a lawn to tread barefoot.

Farmhouses: a grassy field to walk barefoot

The apparent brick was chosen to give the finishing of this country house. The combination of brick and wood brings even more sense of coziness to the house.

Picture 6 - Small and simple farmhouse.

Small, simple farm house

Picture 7 - House in modern style.

Modern style townhouse

Another example of a modern home to prove that a farmhouse can and should be the way you want, giving priority to comfort and the relationship with nature.

Picture 8 - Farm houses: wood, metal and straight lines.

Farm houses: wood, metal and straight lines

To enjoy the countryside, a modern and very cozy house. The wood brings the rustic traditional climate of the farmhouses, while the glass allows to contemplate the surrounding nature.

Picture 9 - Not to ruin the lawn, a special path only for the car.

Farm house: a special path only for the car

Picture 10 - Farmhouses: a breathtaking view from the balcony.

Farmhouses: a stunning view from the balcony

This farmhouse makes anyone leave the problems aside and relax with the beautiful view from the balcony. Highlight for the details in wood.

Image 11 - Farm house in apparent concrete.

Apparent concrete farmhouse

The apparent concrete brings the urban and contemporary air to the country house, already the presence of the natural elements as the wood and the stone connects the inhabitants to the nature

Image 12 - Glass walls for the farm house.

Glass walls for the farm house

Image 13 - Modern architecture in the farm house.

Farm Houses: 60 amazing designs, designs and photos

To leave the guests gaping, this house has glass walls and wooden ceilings with vain to illuminate the pool area. The environments integrate fully and allow full interaction between people.

Image 14 - Suspended farm house.

Suspended farm house

The stone beams support the wooden house with open structure. The house seems to extend down the porch, and together they become one.

Picture 15 - Small farmhouse, cozy and well planned.

Small, cozy and well planned farmhouse

Picture 16 - Farmhouse with pergola of wood .

Farm houses with wooden pergola

The wooden pergola surrounds the whole house on the porch. The open part of the pergola was covered with green plants.

Image 17 - Farm house made with logs.

Farm house made with logs

The wood leaves the house cozier, no doubt, but when it is made with rustic logs the feeling is even greater. The glass walls add a modern touch to the building.

Picture 18 - Farmhouse on the lake.

Farmhouse on the lake

Picture 19 - Farmhouses: to contemplate nature, nothing better than a two-story house.

Farmhouses to contemplate nature

Most of the country house projects contemplate the tall buildings precisely to favor the natural view that opens on the horizon.

Image 20 - External areas should be valued in farmhouses.

External areas should be valued in farmhouses

If the goal is to increase contact with nature, valuing external areas should be a priority. So, like in this image design.

Picture 21 - Farmhouse in European style.

European-style farmhouse

Image 22 - A lighted farmhouse.

A lighted farmhouse

When constructing the design of your cottage, check the position of it and each room in relation to the sun. So you make the most of the house and the natural light.

Picture 23 - Farmhouses: deck on the lake.

Farmhouses: deck on the lake

In this house, a deck was built on the lake so as to take advantage of all the good things that nature has to offer.

Picture 24 - Beyond the house, a deck on the water.

Beyond the house, a deck on the water

Image 25 - A town house on the farm.

A town house on the farm

The feeling is that you are in the city, but just look around you can already realize that it is a country house. Fence approaches the country style design.

Image 26 - Inside the landscape.

Inside the landscape

Image 27 - A farmhouse to take sighs.

A farmhouse to take sighs

Picture 28 - Farmhouse with swimming pool.

Farmhouse with swimming pool

Nothing more inviting for a day of rest than a swimming pool. So if you can afford to invest in a pool for your villa.

Picture 29 - A house or a hotel?

A house or a hotel?

The size of the house and the number of rooms raises the doubt whether this is a house or a hotel. But, anyway, it accommodates all the guests very comfortably.

Picture 30 - Farmhouse with porch.

Farmhouse with porch

Picture 31 - Large and spacious farmhouse.

Large and spacious farmhouse

Both the house and the land that it was built are large and very spacious. Well, you can go to the deck, sometimes to the front of the lake or else simply enjoy the view from the balcony.

Picture 32 - Wooden farmhouse in modern style.

Farm Houses: 60 amazing designs, designs and photos

Picture 33 - Luxury farmhouse.

Luxury Farmhouse

Impeccable in finish, architecture and landscaping. This farmhouse stands out for its beauty and sophistication.

Picture 34 - Pergolado de bamboo covering the pool of the farm house.

Bamboo parchment covering farmhouse pool

Image 35 - Farmhouse surrounded by water.

Farmhouse surrounded by water

The artificial lake surrounds this whole country house. A true oasis for those who want to escape the rampaging rush of big cities.

Image 36 - Farmhouse with wooden doors and windows.

Farm house with wooden doors and windows

Image 37 - Wood and glass: a perfect combination for farmhouses.

Wood and glass: a perfect combination for farmhouses

The warmth of the wood together with the softness brought by the glass. The combination is ideal for those who want to combine the rustic with the modern.

Image 38 - Preserved tree in the middle of the backyard invites for a lazy afternoon.

Preserved tree in the middle of farmhouse yard

Picture 39 - Farmhouses: pool on one side, lawn on another.

Farmhouses: swimming pool on one side, lawn on another

This model of home is a good option for those who want to invest in moments of fun and play. Both the pool and the lawn invite for recreational activities.

Image 40 - Such a house could not have a ladder whatsoever.

Such a house could not have a ladder whatsoever.

Picture 41 - Farmhouses: spacious area for the pool.

Farmhouses: spacious area for the pool

This farmhouse valued the outside space with a huge swimming pool. For those who do not want to bathe, the deck also guarantees good outdoor moments.

Image 42 - House of stones; highlight the blue tone of the gate giving life to the environment.

Stone farmhouse

Picture 43 - A farmhouse with plenty of room for contemplation.

A farmhouse with plenty of room

When looking at this garden the first thing that comes to mind is the desire to go out to walk and breathe fresh air. Enjoy the moments in the countryside to feel the simplicity of life

Picture 44 - Who said that apparent concrete does not match farmhouses, had not seen this house.

Who said that apparent concrete does not match farmhouses?

Image 45 - Lake with carp.

Lake with carp in the farm house

Invest in a beautiful landscaping project for your country home, so you get the most out of beauty and contact with nature. In this house, the project even contemplated a lake with carp.

Picture 46 - Farm Houses: and how about enjoying the view of the pool from the house? A luxury!

Farmhouses: and how about enjoying the view of the pool from the house?

Picture 47 - Old farmhouse.

Old farmhouse

It even seems to smell the coffee being passed on time. The old farmhouses awaken unavoidable sensations and emotions. Just like this one from the picture that was beautifully restored and preserved. The tropical style garden makes the house even more welcoming.

Image 48 - Farmhouse with white and black facade.

Farmhouse with white and black facade

Picture 49 - Farm houses: a stone house amidst nature.

Farmhouses: a stone house amidst nature

Natural materials, such as stone, value architectural projects in the midst of nature. This house was still fortunate to have the beauty of the climbing plant that wrapped elegantly between the columns and beams.

Picture 50 - Farm Houses: tall pine trees surround the house made of metal, wood and glass.

Farm houses with tall pine trees

Picture 51 - Farmhouse with wooden balcony suspended.

Farmhouse with wooden balcony suspended

The suspended wooden balconies are a charm and leave any design much more beautiful. In this house, besides the balcony, other structures benefit from the warmth of the wood, among them the roof, the doors, the windows and the bodyguard.

Image 52 - Privacy (or lack thereof) is no problem for farmhouses.

Farmhouse without worrying about privacy

Picture 53 - Ranch full of sophistication.

Farmhouse full of sophistication

Sophistication, elegance and refinement mark the design of this farm house. The huge pool keeps like a mirror, while in the house the balcony allows a wide view of the whole landscape.

Picture 54 - Typical farmhouse in all respects.

Typical farmhouse in every aspect

Picture 55 - Farm houses: perfect lawn.

Farmhouses: perfect lawn

The house is beautiful, but this lawn is a detail to part. The country houses should prioritize the care and maintenance both with the internal part of the house and with the external environment.

Picture 56 - A farmhouse to enjoy nature: rain or shine.

A farmhouse to enjoy nature

Image 57 - House container in the field.

Container house in the field

A little different and even unusual, but you will agree that this container house fits very well in the countryside. Like the idea?

Image 58 - White, classic and traditional country house.

White, classic and traditional country house

Picture 59 - Farm houses: simple design, but of great taste.

Simple design of farm house

For those who want to have their own little corner in the middle of nature, but with a tight budget, the option is to go for a project more in mind, but that does not owe at all in comfort and coziness. This home model of the image can serve as an inspiration. Something simple, but within reality.

Image 60 - Farmhouses: inside or outside, comfort and tranquility are the same.

Farm house inside

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