Fabric for curtain: know the main types and inspirations of environments

Environment ready, decoration set, it's time to choose the curtain! This stage of project completion is one of the most difficult moments for those who want to complement the visual space. As the market offers endless options, whether by color, pattern or fabric, the task becomes long and cautious. So, research and know a little about the advantages of each curtain fabric before spending your precious money.

To keep you cool, know that there is no rule that defines the choice of fabric. Personal taste and practicality are factors that delimit this range of options! But it is good to remember, some fabrics have characteristics striking for each environment and this should be taken into account at the time of choice.

For those who want to make a composition of two fabrics, use the technique of tone on tone or work the balance of colors. Mixing different finishes on the same curtain is synonymous with beauty and personality and can be applied to any environment.

Types of Fabric for Curtain and Inspirations of Decorated Environments

Below we have specified some characteristics of each fabric. Know the most used and choose the one that meets your priorities and needs:

1. Voil curtain

This is the decor darling! Its neutrality and lightness pleases everyone because it is a transparent and easy to blend fabric. The main feature is its thin fabric that can be smooth or dented, which will according to the taste of each.

It is usually combined with shutters that allow greater light blocking, leaving the environment more private and functional.

Picture 1 - Fabric for curtain: the modern blend that works!

The modern mix that works

Know that to combine the delicate air and leave the environment with a certain privacy the tip is to incorporate the voil with another curtain. In the above design, the modern solution to this problem was to use the traditional black shade with the white voil, which resulted in a balanced look.

Picture 2 - Reinforce tall ceilings.

Reinforce high right foot with curtain

Picture 3 - Value the landscape of the window.

Value the landscape

Picture 4 - The voil allows to work with the color gradient.

The voil fabric allows you to work with the color gradient

Picture 5 - Fabric for curtain: attending to all the necessities of the day.

Serving all the needs of the day.

Picture 6 - Light and cozy for a double room.

Lightweight and cozy with voil fabric for curtain

In the bedroom, the delicacy must be present in every detail! So you can enjoy the daylight without taking away the clean air of the proposal.

Image 7 - For the integrated balcony, abuse this type of curtain.

The voile fabric is ideal for integrated environments

2. Velvet curtain

This curtain fabric represents nobility and luxury, leaving the space sophisticated without needing other accessories in the ambiance. In addition, it allows optimum regulation of temperature and illumination, leaving the space totally closed, with no gap for light passage.

Because it is a heavy fabric, it creates a heat protection that leaves the environment warm and cozy. Ideal for the bedroom and living rooms and TV for example.

Picture 8 - Elegance in the right measure!

Velvet fabric brings elegance to the right size for this environment

Picture 9 - Very charming for a female room.

Much more charm for a feminine room with velvet fabric

Picture 10 - Combines with almost every style of decoration.

The velvet fabric combines with the most diverse styles of decoration

Image 11 - Welcome to a closet or closet.

The velvet fabric fits neatly into a closet or closet

Picture 12 - For a heavy and striking air.

The velvet fabric on the curtain has a heavier and more marked air

Picture 13 - Black lovers will love this type of fabric.

Perfect for lovers of black color in the curtain

The black curtain promotes more elegance in space, in addition to bringing more privacy. They bar the entrance to natural light, ideal for a living room with TV.

3. Silk curtain

Another curtain fabric that conveys elegance is the silk that is usually accompanied by another layer of fabric on the windows. The silk has excellent thermal conductivity and is ideal for indoor environments, such as space partitions, while still light and inviting!

Picture 14 - Mix two fabrics for a greater effect.

The mix of two types of fabric is ideal for a velvet curtain

Picture 15 - Ideal for dividing environments.

The velvet curtain is ideal for dividing environments

Image 16 - Striped models are ideal for increasing the environment.

Striped velvet curtain

Image 17 - A space that prioritizes delicacy.

Curtain that prioritizes by delicacy in the environment

For the classics, the suggestion is to use silk with pleats as the above design.

Picture 18 - Can be used in industrial style.

Velvet curtain for an environment with industrial decoration

Picture 19 - Curtain around the bed to separate the dormitory in a studio apartment.

Velvet curtain to separate the bedroom in a studio

Picture 20 - Neutral equal to the style of the room.

Neutral curtain for a room that follows the same style

4. Satin Curtain

The satin curtain is a light and delicate piece, so it should be used with an inner lining for a better finish. This composition should be harmonious, both with the environment and the colors of each fabric. If you are using satin in a social area, do not use blackout underneath, as the intention is not to bar natural lighting. For dorms, blackout is almost indispensable.

Picture 21 - Fabric for satin curtain: synonymous of sophistication!

Synonym of sophistication

Picture 22 - Its bright look allows to give the elegant touch to the look.

The brilliant touch of the satin curtain

In this case, the transparent lining like the blind is ideal to accompany the satin curtain.

Picture 23 - The black satin curtain does not leave the environment so heavy.

The black satin fabric does not leave the environment as heavy

Picture 24 - A great choice for doctors' offices or law firms.

Satin fabric is a good choice for offices and law firms

In the case of professional environments, the light colors are great options to take seriousness and give the idea of ​​amplitude for the small room.

Picture 25 - The satin fabric also brings the delicacy that this space needs.

A touch of delicacy with satin fabric in a room with neutral decor

Picture 26 - The satin curtain fits perfectly in a dining room.

The satin curtain fits perfectly into a dining room

To enhance the external landscape, use the satin in the clear version, leaving an apparent part.

5. Shantung curtain

Similar to voil, shantung is a less transparent fabric because of its more closed patterns. The advantage is that it leads to optimal privacy without completely blocking the passage of light. It is great for use in social areas and dorms as they are neutral, practical and functional.

The shantung curtain has lightness with great trim and flowability, so it is one of the most chosen of the types of curtain models.

Image 27 - Gray goes well in any space.

Gray shantung curtain

Image 28 - Nice lighting in a social area.

Social area with pleasant lighting and shantung curtain

Picture 29 - Linen and shantung in the same curtain.

Linen and shantung in the same area

The linen in the living room is functional and cozy. Try to keep up with the shantung, which further strengthens the clean side!

Picture 30 - Add a touch of color to the decor.

A touch of color in the decoration with shantung fabric

Picture 31 - For the bedroom, choose a dark fabric.

Curtain with dark fabric in double room

Image 32 - For those who want to give up blinds, opt for shantung.

Integrated room with shantung curtain

Image 33 - Detail of the shantung curtain.

Visual details of a shantung curtain

6. Linen Curtain

It is a fabric a bit more full bodied than the previous one and it blends very well with beach environments. The linen covers sand tones that are easy to match. To create a comfortable and airy environment, bet on this type of finish!

It is indicated to accompany other types of fabric, resulting in endless compositions in the decoration. The only downside is that because it is delicate, it slides easily.

Image 34 - A refreshing and cozy room!

A refreshing and cozy room with the linen cloth on the curtain

In the above design, the blackout rollover curtain helps block light during the day. Already the linen allows to bring a cozy touch and a small passage of lighting and ventilation when it is necessary.

Image 35 - For those who seek neutrality.

Linen fabric on the curtain for a neutral environment

Image 36 - Try to choose a soft color.

Choose a soft color in the decor

Picture 37 - For lovers of rose!

Room with pink linen curtain

Picture 38 - In the white version for those who love this color!

Environment with white linen curtain

Image 39 - Expand your linen curtain.

Increase your linen curtain

Image 40 - The linen also appears on the curtain.

The linen also appears on the curtain

7. Twill Curtain

The twill weaves leave the fabric supple and resilient at the same time. It is a fabric a little heavier than linen, but it has a more structured look at the installation site. Ideal for a more relaxed environment due to its informal finish.

Neutral-tone twill models continue to be the most sought-after due to their versatility, ranging from white to black, without missing out on the decor!

Picture 41 - The twill matches very well with the style hippie chic .

Twill fabric curtain

In this style, opt for this type of fabric that matches the stripped air it offers. If you want to increase work prints and adornments in the fabric!

Image 42 - Abuse of prints in this type of fabric.

The use of prints on a twill fabric

Picture 43 - Embellishments add the look of the curtain.

Twill Curtain with Embellishments

Image 44 - Ideal for those looking for more rustic air.

Curtain with a more rustic style

Picture 45 - This curtain fits very well with fringes.

Twill curtain with fringes

Picture 46 - Sarja in the whole apartment!

Fabric for curtain: know the main types and inspirations of environments

Image 47 - The twill fabric offers greater coverage.

Environment with twill curtain

8. Cortina richelieu

The richelieu carries an income that features a transparent, fine and delicate fabric. If you need to completely block natural light, use a heavier fabric in the same color as richelieu.

They are welcome in the kitchen due to their cozy air! In Brazil we can find this type of work quite a lot, especially in country houses and farms - after all, income is a perfect vintage piece!

Image 48 - Voil and Richelieu bring sophistication to this environment.

Setting with voil and richelieu curtain

Image 49 - Details that highlight the fabric of the curtain.

Details highlighting the fabric of the richelieu curtain

9. Roman blind

This kind of home curtain nicely with thicker fabrics, so it is suitable for decorating a bedroom or a living room. Try to choose a striking pattern, as the curtain operation allows a greater visualization of the designs. When closed, it is visually straight, without any creases or marks.

Image 50 - Lace and embroidery on the same curtain.

Blind and embroidery in the same proposal

Picture 51 - Full of joy and relaxation!

Fabric for curtain: know the main types and inspirations of environments

This dining room proposes a cheerful, feminine and fun atmosphere. The fabric of the curtain was the key item to bring all these features into the space.

Picture 52 - Play with several colors in this type of curtain.

Enjoy the variety of colors that the Roman blind offers

Picture 53 - The plots go according to the needs.

Roman blind in living room

Image 54 - The wallpaper in linen texture combined with the fabric of the curtain.

In this environment, the wallpaper combines with the Roman shade

Image 55 - Apply prints on your curtain!

Roman blind designs

Image 56 - The same fabric in different curtains.

Environment with two proposals of curtain and blind

10. Blackout curtain

This type of fabric is indicated to block the entrance of light in the room, without leaving any gap to disturb its sleep, irrespective of the environment.

It can accompany a more full-bodied fabric over the top to decorate the place. There are those who prefer the use of the fabric alone, which is also a neutral option in the decoration

Picture 57 - Curtain blackout black

Setting with blackout blackout curtain

Image 58 - Simplifying the decoration: 2 in 1!

Two in 1 options for the curtain

The composition of the two curtains took personality into space! The rolo takes away the predominance of white and still reinforces the rustic air of the room. O blackout is only to leave the room functional, for when the resident wishes to sleep until later.

Image 59 - In this project, only the blackout is enough to compose the decoration of the apartment.

Environment with blackout curtain

Image 60 - Fabric for blackout may be behind another curtain.

The blackout curtain can be combined with other fabrics

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