Fabric Flowers: Discover 60 Creative Ideas and Learn How to Make

Who does not like flowers? Be it to decorate, gift or use as an ornament, flowers fill the environments with color, life and beauty. Now imagine having all this gentleness for much longer, without worrying if the flower will wither or fade away? You can achieve this feat with the fabric flowers. They are still a kind of artificial flower, but they are much more beautiful than the plastic ones and can be used wherever and however you want.

In today's post we will teach you the step-by-step simple fabric flower patterns for you to use any way you prefer. There are several models of fabric flowers to make, most of them even require great hand skills. The most used ones are made with overlapping petals, of yoke or filled with acrylic blanket. Let's take the step by step of these three types for you to learn.

The fabrics for making the flowers can be the most varied too, from satin to jeans, and each will print their own characteristics in the crafts. That is, the flowers of satin, lace or velvet, for example, will be more elegant and exquisite, since the flowers made with jeans, cotton or felt will look more rustic. And you do not even have to worry about buying the fabrics, because you can reuse what you have in your house. It's worthless clothes or cloth cuts left over for some other reason.

The finish of this type of flower is usually made with pearls, beads or buttons. To make it even more realistic it is possible to make green sheets of fabric to incorporate into the flowers. Once they are ready, they can turn into beautiful bouquets, arrangements or vases. It is still possible to use fabric flowers for the hair, such as tiaras and tabs or try them on applications on clothes, bags and other accessories. Other ways to use fabric flowers are on key chains, magnets, and even party decorations or birthday favors.

Let's start? Separate the necessary materials and let go of the artisan that exists inside you:

How to Make Overlapping Fabric Flower

Necessary materials

  • Fabric of your choice;
  • Line;
  • Needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil or pen to scratch the mold on the fabric;
  • Mold of petals in three sizes (small, medium and large); remember that the bigger the mold, the bigger the flower.

Start by scratching the molds on the fabric. You will need 24 large petals, 16 medium petals and 8 small petals. Cut out the petals. Join them eight by eight with the same line, at the end pull the line, finish and cut what is left of the line. So, in the end, you will have three large flowers, two medium and one small.

Then start the flower assembly. The biggest ones should be underneath. Place them one on top of the other, so that the petals below continue to appear. Attach them by the center and to finish use a pearl or a button.

Step by step video of the overlapping flower

How to make flower of 5-pointed yoke

Necessary materials

  • Fabric of your choice;
  • Line;
  • Needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil or pen to scratch the mold on the fabric;
  • Template of five circles of the desired size.

Trace the five circles in the fabric. Fold the circle in half and thread the opening. Do this with the other circles using the same line, so that you turn a petal wand where they stand side by side with each other.

After joining the five petals, pull the line to join them and fringe them. Finish with a button or some stonework in the center of the flower.

Step by step video of the flower of fuxico fabric 5 tips

How to make fabric flower - tulip model - with fill

Materials needed

  • Fabric of your choice;
  • Line;
  • Needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil or pen to scratch the mold on the fabric;
  • Mold a rectangle as far as you like - we suggest 7cm by 13cm;
  • Acrylic blanket;
  • Barbecue stir fry.

Transfer the template to the fabric and trim. Fold the rectangle in the middle on the wrong side and sew the opposite end. Then position the barbecue toothpick in one of the mold openings, baste, pull the line so as to pucker and trap the flower on the toothpick. Then, turn the flower to the right side and fill it with acrylic blanket. Make a small sheath and close the flower by passing the needle in the middle and then back and forth until it forms the four ends. Finish with a pebble.

Step by step video of how to make tulip fabric

These three easy models of fabric flowers can be used to create vases, arrangements, tiaras and other hair props. Check out the videos below for some suggestions on how and where to use the fabric flowers:

How to make flower vases with fabric

How to make arrangements with fabric flowers

How to Make Hair Tiara with Fabric Flowers

60 fabric flower inspirations for you to have as a reference

Pretty easy to make fabric flowers, is not it? Now that you've learned, how about taking a look at some models ready to inspire you even more? Check out:

Picture 1 - For the little girls: tiara of hair with flower of fuxico.

Hair Tiara with yoke flower

Picture 2 - Flower of fabric: valorize pieces of clothes with the flowers of fuxico; in the picture, they were used as a belt.

Flower fabric: value pieces of clothing with yoke flowers

Picture 3 - One of the trends of the moment are the bridal bouquets made with fabric flowers; in the image, flowers in different formats and fabrics were used.

Bridal bouquets made with fabric flowers

Picture 4 - Gray flowers made in fabric and knitting; the shiny pebbles add a more glamorous touch to the piece.

Gray flowers made of fabric and knitting

Picture 5 - Tore the silk stocking? Use it to make fabric flowers; see how beautiful the result is.

Silk to make fabric flower

Picture 6 - Arrangement made of fabric flowers; balance the colors of the fabrics in the composition.

Arrangement with fabric flowers

Picture 7 - For those who have a little more manual skills, you can invest in a knitting flower arrangement.

Knitting Flower Arrangement

Picture 8 - A different way to make tulip flowers; in this model they are totally closed.

Fabric tulip flowers

Picture 9 - Fabric flowers made of lace have a very romantic air and are great to be applied in clothes and accessories.

Fabric lace flowers

Picture 10 - Key of flowers of fabric: an option to gift or to sell.

Fabric flower key

Image 11 - Curled fabric roses are very easy to make as well; in this model the pastel tones leave the piece even more delicate.

Rolled fabric roses

Image 12 - For those who prefer more rustic options, you can choose to make jute flowers.

Jute flower

Picture 13 - For brides of rustic style, a bouquet of pink fabric flowers.

Bouquet with fabric flowers

Picture 14 - Flower of fabric: organza, felt or cotton? Which fabric fits most with you and your home?

Flower fabric with felt and cotton organza

Picture 15 - Satin ribbons can also turn into a beautiful fabric flower.

Beautiful fabric flower with satin ribbon

Picture 16 - Take with you your crafts: belt and fabric flower.

Belt and fabric flower

Image 17 - Lace and tulle form the fabric flower of this hair band.

Lace and tulle in fabric flower

Picture 18 - Flower of fabric: give more glamor to the piece applying stones, pearls and beads.

More glamorous pieces of fabric flowers

Picture 19 - For all tastes: felt flowers in different shapes and sizes to be used wherever you prefer.

Felt flowers in varied shapes and sizes

Image 20 - Patchwork and fabric flowers: a combination for lovers of handicrafts.

Patchwork and fabric flowers

Picture 21 - Bridal bouquet in earthy tones: the shape of roses and pearls guarantee the elegance that the occasion demands.

Bride's bouquet in earthy tones

Image 22 - Fabric flower garland; the serrated cut scissors gave the flowers more charm.

Fabric flower garland

Picture 23 - Delicate earrings made with fabric flowers.

Delicate earrings with fabric flowers

Picture 24 - Another original way to use the flowers of fabric: on the cover of the cushions.

Fabric flower cushion cover

Image 25 - The simple flower of fuxico gained a new face with the application of crystals.

Fuxico flower with application of crystals

Image 26 - Neutral shades make fabric flowers ideal for a more sophisticated event.

Fabric flowers ideas for a more sophisticated event

Image 27 - Do you want to claim your home? So decorate it with brightly colored fabric flowers.

Fabric flowers with vivid colors

Image 28 - Three overlapping fabric flowers are already enough to create a tiara of hair.

Three overlapping fabric flowers

Picture 29 - Milk glasses are among the models of fabric flowers easier to make.

Milk: one of the easiest models to make

Image 30 - Button lined with the same flower fabric.

Button lined with same flower fabric

Picture 31 - Mux of the flower of fuxico made with worked buttons.

Fuxico flower core

Image 32 - Rustic garland made with overlapping jute and cotton fabric flowers.

Rustic garland with fabric flowers

Picture 33 - The delicacy of lace and pearls forms this beautiful flower of white fabric.

Delicacy of income and pearls

Image 34 - Overlapping satin yoke flowers; in center mini roses also satin.

Satin Foil Flowers

Image 35 - Vase of roses of colored fabrics; You do not have to worry about changing the water.

Vase of woven roses

Image 36 - The flowers of fuxico can have three formats: square, round and tips. Which do you prefer?.

Fuxico flowers with 3 formats

Picture 37 - Roses of fabric in varied sizes; you do not have to worry about using only plain or printed fabric, you can make an arrangement with both.

Fabric roses in assorted sizes

Picture 38 - Hair clip made with yo-yo in two sizes.

Hair clip made with yoke

Picture 39 - Fabric flower more chic for a special occasion.

More chic fabric flower for a special occasion

Picture 40 - Be enchanted with all the delicacy of flowers made of lace.

Flowers made of lace

Picture 41 - The more overlapping petals you use, the more your flower tissue will become full and bulky.

Full and bulky fabric flower

Picture 42 - Arrangements of flowers very different from each other, but they carry a point in common: the flowers of fabric.

Very different flower arrangements

Picture 43 - More classic brides may prefer bouquets of satin flowers; in the image three colors of satin were used to form the roses.

Satin Flower Bouquet

Picture 44 - A delicate flower on the end of the clamp and its hair is adorned with a subtle charm.

Delicate flower

Image 45 - Mix of tissues leaves the flora more full-bodied.

Fabric mix: fuller flora

Picture 46 - Another model of garland for you to be inspired; in this, fabric flowers of varied sizes and formats are united by the same color palette.

Fabric garland pattern with fabric flowers

Picture 47 - For the most romantic, a flower of fabric with petals in the shape of a heart.

Flower of fabric with heart shaped petals

Image 48 - And how about using the flowers to decorate the wall? In this case, remember to wrap the toothpick in a fabric similar to that of the flower or simply paint it in green.

Fabric flowers to decorate the wall

Image 49 - In this fabric flower model, the buttons were needed to help create the shape of the flower.

Buttons in fabric flowers

Image 50 - Swirl-shaped satin flower.

Swirl-shaped Satin Flower

Image 51 - The colors of the peacock's feather were reproduced on the fabric flowers.

Fabric flowers with peacock feather color

Image 52 - Fabric roses embroidered with beads; a way to further enhance the part.

Embroidered embroidered fabric roses

Image 53 - Fuxico flower with star-shaped kernels.

Fuxico flower with star kernels

Figure 54 - Finishing and finishing of the seam are important to ensure a perfect shirring.

Perfect ruffle with fabric flowers

Picture 55 - Simpler than this, impossible! A good model for anyone who is now learning how to make fabric flowers.

A great template for anyone looking for fabric flowers

Image 56 - Already for those who have more experience, they can try a more elaborate fabric flower, like this one of the image.

More elaborate fabric flower

Image 57 - Vasinho with small flowers of fuxico: a cheerful and charming decoration for the house.

Vase with flower of yoke

Picture 58 - Mini roses can be used in clothing, decoration, hair arrangements and where else the imagination suggest.

Mini fabric roses to enhance the decor

Image 59 - The fabric flowers are great also to make the decoration of parties.

Fabric flowers for party decoration

Image 60 - Necklace of roses made of fabric.

Rose necklace made of fabric

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