Engagement Cake: 60 wonderful ideas and how to make yours

The engagement party offers a new phase for the couple. It is a special celebration as a preparation for the big day, only in a smaller format, with the presence of family and close friends. Today we are going to talk about the decoration of the engagement cake :

Like other events, the engagement cake is a fundamental item. The center of attention. The shapes, textures and finishes are different, so before choosing the ideal model try to take into consideration the personality of the bride and groom, number of guests and style of the party.

In more intimate celebrations, for example, it is quite usual to opt for a one-piece cake in American paste or whipped cream. The charm, in this case, goes to the surface applications and / or thematic toppers like initials, hearts and word love or love For those who want to dare a little more, the layers go high! Versions with two or more floors with embellishments, colors, flowers, different flavors are well ordered!

Below are valuable tips to help you put your dream engagement cake :

  • Color chart: there is no rule to follow although the off white is always present in some way is predominant or in some specific detail. Just remember that cake décor usually follows the identity / concept of the party. If the setting is a bit more vibrant, modern and colorful it is possible to identify the tones in the star of the main table;
  • Flowers, many flowers: the edibles continue to rise with the popularity of PANC's (unconventional food plants). When decorating, think about whether the type and taste will match the taste of the cake;
  • Choose your coverage: american pasta, frosting, whipped cream, meringue, buttercream are among the most requested and are the great allies when it comes to confetti the cake. And, the most interesting thing is that they all allow for various types of variations and blends!
  • Types: O naked cake with its more rustic looks like a glove in outdoor celebrations! Soon o ombré ruffle cake (frills with gradient effect) pleases the most delicate, romantic brides. And, for the more modern couple, geometric prints, marble cake (marbled), chalkboard cake (blackboard), differentiated cake toppers are always welcome !;

60 wonderful engagement cake ideas to inspire you

If you are still in doubt, then check out 60 beautiful references from Engagement Cake to inspire and sigh!

Picture 1 - Só love only love .

Love Cake Just Love

Although the engagement party tends to be simpler than a wedding, the multi-storey cake gives extra flair to the main table. Even so, think of a smaller diameter to maintain height and avoid waste!

Picture 2 - Impossible to resist the delicacy of flowers!

The delicacy of flowers in cake decoration

The flowers are recurring in the decoration of engagement cakes. So you do not have to worry about getting them out before serving the guests, invest in the edibles!

Picture 3 - The ideal cake always accompanies the style of the engagement.

Cake that accompanies the engagement style

In this case, the naked cake is the sure bet for couples wishing to celebrate outdoors. After all, it is a type of cake that brings the freshness of the fruit and the aroma of the flowers.

Picture 4 - Catch the attention with amazing visual effects!

Amazing visual effects on the cake

O marble cake (or marbled) is a trend that has come to stay! Here, it only appears in a layer so it does not get over too much, but if you prefer to spread all over the cake, choose more sober tones.

Picture 5 - Classic never goes out of style!

A model with classic style that never goes out of style

Although the traditional models are the most requested, what about making it a little more "warm" with the passionate couple of American pasta?

Picture 6 - Simple square engagement cake.

Simple and square engagement cake idea

Escape the ordinary round shape and choose the square layers to be the center of attention!

Picture 7 - One Touch artsy with stained glass.

A touch of artsy decor and stained glass

American briefcase is so versatile that it can be shaped in the most different ways imaginable!

Picture 8 - Chantilly engagement cake.

Engagement Cake: 60 wonderful ideas and how to make yours

For an intimate celebration, nothing better than a cake with dimension and more streamlined coverage!

Picture 9 - Innovate and differentiate yourself from the other brides!

Engagement Cake: 60 wonderful ideas and how to make your 1

Tricolor: black represents strength, gold leaves you more glam and the marble floor adds a modern touch!

Picture 10 - You all need love .

Engagement Cake: 60 wonderful ideas and how to make your 2

Is there anything better than celebrating this great moment surrounded by love and vibrant tones?

Picture 11 - How to make an engagement cake?

Ruffle cake for engagement

For those who have skill in the confectionery and want to put their hand in the ruffle cake and its little dicks fall like a glove: it's easy to ride and it's too beautiful!

Picture 12 - Tropical chic.

Chic tropical cake

Spruce the cake with citrus fruits has been gaining more strength and it blends perfectly with the climate of our Country! In addition, it is a good reminder to highlight the flavor of the pasta or filling!

Image 13 - Future Lord and Lady.

Future cake Lord and Lady

Make the cake your screen! Just be careful with the type of dye and the amount to not change the taste.

Image 14 - Majestic golden shine.

Majestic Golden Glitter Cake

This reference goes to the great confectionery artists: it requires a bit more technique, but with the help of American pasta it gets more uncomplicated!

Image 15 - Simple engagement cake.

Simple Engagement Cake

In a party with few guests, a smaller version makes perfect sense. And if the presence of the children is guaranteed, hit hard by offering chocolate cupcakes instead of a piece of cake.

Picture 16 - Play with the textures and give more movement!

Cake with textures

Use cookie cutters to shape the American binder with nature elements and apply them on the surface of the cake.

Picture 17 - Love is contagious.

Cake that reflects love

Yes, even the cake goes in the wave and surrenders to the sublime feeling! Oh, heart shapes can be found in home supply stores or party supplies.

Picture 18 - A masterpiece worthy of many applause!

Paint with dyes on the cake

Another example of how dye paint behaves on American pulp. Wow!!

Image 19 - Square engagement cake.

Square Engagement Cake Pattern

Focus on the differential: harmonic composition between the irregular layers, predominant tone and sweet flowers!

Image 20 - Because the bride likes roses.

Decorating with icing spout in the shape of roses

A valuable tip for anyone who is a fan of icing: prefer to focus on decor on just one floor to bring lightness.

Image 21 - Freshly grated coconut.

Cake with shredded coconut chips

The coconut flakes are great allies when creating a purposeful little bag over the whipped cream or icing, besides giving a crunch to every bite!

Picture 22 - Love is in the air!

A countdown to the altar path

Pretty much a countdown to the altar path! How not to fall in love?

Image 23 - Red and white engagement cake.

Three Layer Engagement Cake

Three different layers: textured gold, frills with icing spout and, to balance the two, the middle remains neutral.

Picture 24 - Colorful as a summer afternoon.

Colorful cake as a summer afternoon

Even though the off white be a classic and the neutral tones follow the same logic, the cake can escape this predominance depending on the style of the engagement. Do not be afraid to choose a more cheerful and fun card as this suggestion illustrates!

Picture 25 - In touch with nature.

In touch with nature

An excellent combination: the green and gold aged in reference to the trees and the subtlety of the rose.

Picture 26 - Chalkboard cake: simulation of the blackboard.

Chalkboard cake for engagement

Share the most valuable feelings with your loved one, family and close friends!

Picture 27 - A brilliant cover that guarantees a sensational effect!

Cake topcoat with incredible effect

To reach this result, the best option is the Swiss meringue, which cooks the whites in a water bath before hitting.

Image 28 - American pasta engagement cake.

Cake with American paste

Picture 29 - Outline your artistic side!

Outline your artistic side when decorating the cake

Use all the creativity in your favor in this mix of buttercream and dyes!

Picture 30 - Mundo poá.


The diversity of types of confectionery is so great. The round ones, for example, can be accommodated (or glued) on the very cold surface!

Picture 31 - Perfume vintage .

Engagement Cake: 60 wonderful ideas and how to make yours

There are a myriad of uses and colors of dyes, even those metalized in spray as used in this semi naked cake !

Picture 32 - That ruffle!

Engagement Cake: 60 wonderful ideas and how to make your 3

Another example to get out of the conventional model: applications that mimic rose petals.

Picture 33 - Decorated engagement cake.

Decorated engagement cake model

Candied citrus fruit peels are a delight and they adorn the cake in a way never seen before!

Image 34 - Romance at first sight.

Strips of American pasta all over the cake

Close for the perfect array of strips of American paste all over the cake.

Image 35 - Top of cake engagement paper.

Engagement Cake with Toppers

The toppers are there to complement not only the more "timid" cakes, but also those mega-detailed ones!

Image 36 - Back to origins.

Tradition in cake decoration with Portuguese tile style

For brides who do not give up the tradition: a cake in the Portuguese tile style.

Image 37 - Two-story engagement cake.

Cake with two floors

Impossible to err: when thinking about engagement cakes, the off white comes in the mind first!

Picture 38 - A pinch of drama and passion is good for the soul.

Wine-toned cake and a dash of love and passion

The wine shade that the red fruits give gives themselves super well when mixed with the off white .

Picture 39 - I see flowers in you!

Flowers on engagement cake decoration

The predominance of flowers with no room for other flavors! To achieve this effect, it is worth putting together a fake model, so the ornaments do not disappear or fall while the guests delight.

Picture 40 - The symbol of love comes into play once again!

Heart as a symbol of love in cake decoration

Picture 41 - Colorful as life should be!

Colorful decoration as life should be

Colors bring more life and joy in more sober environments. See how they make all the difference in this image!

Picture 42 - Skirt ombre of macarons.

Macarons and confectionery in cake decoration

Have you thought about adding sundries to help with the presentation? Macarons, confections and cupcakes are great!

Picture 43 - Contemporary elegance.

Contemporary elegance in cake decoration

Image 44 - Sea color blue.

Cake with the blue color of the sea

Say goodbye to basic white and try other shades to give a up in the main party area!

Image 45 - Simple and inexpensive engagement cake.

Engagement cake with simple and cheap solution

Picture 46 - The little darling of the time.

Inspiration on the kit kat cake

As the occasion allows a little more informality, how about filling the circumference with chocolate sticks? A direct and harmonious inspiration of the cakes with Kit Kat.

Picture 47 - All together and mixed.

All together and mixed in cake decoration

Pleasing everyone's taste is very difficult, but not impossible. This one mixes different flavors and colors in one cake: red fruits, chocolate, vanilla. An explosion!

Image 48 - How to resist the charm of delicate textures?

Engagement Cake: 60 wonderful ideas and how to make yours

Picture 49 - There are no rules for your party!

Individual portions of engagement cake

Imagine replacing the cake with individual portions ready to be eaten? A success!

Picture 50 - Precious details that make all the difference!

Precious details that make all the difference

Image 51 - Another cake top for engagement.

Cake top for engagement

This time, with the initials of the bride and groom. Use abuse!

Picture 52 - Cake fake engagement: Styrofoam coated on special paper.

Fake Cake for Engagement: An Incredible Idea

Among the advantages of choosing a scenographic version are: more accessible, lightweight, does not cut with time, easy to carry.

Picture 53 - Candy colors is on the rise!

Decoration with candy colors in high

The idea of ​​mixing one-color nuances with creamy toppings gives a great composition style ombre .

Picture 54 - To inspire: the deconstructed cake also has its chance!

Deconstructed Cake Model for Engagement

Picture 55 - The trio of the fairy tale reunited again: pink, off white and golden.

Pink, off-white and golden on cake decoration

Image 56 - Another fake cake for engagement.

Fake Cake Model for Engagement

Have you chosen your favorite model yet?

Image 57 - Engagement cake with whipped cream.

Engagement Cake with Whipped Cream

The cake for such a special occasion needs to have the bride and groom's favorite flavor!

Image 58 - Surrender to that charm!

A charming decoration

Image 59 - Geometric applications give a jovial and irreverent face!

Cake with geometric applications: a jovial choice for decoration

Image 60 - Bol0-art with colorful brushstrokes.

Art cake with colorful brushstrokes

How to make a step by step engagement cake

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