Editing Templates: 54+ Awesome Designs & Photos!

The edicule is usually an extension of a residence, most often located in the back or backyard. It can have many functions and not just stockpile items. The most common of them is to be used as leisure area with barbecue, tables, chairs, armchairs and etc. Regardless of the size, it is possible to adapt the design of the building so that it becomes a great place of conviviality between the residents and their guests.

It is also possible to build the building next to a swimming pool. In addition to the barbecue, you can focus on the sun loungers, wooden decks and sofas adapted with moisture resistant material. In some projects of Brazilian residences, it uses of the space of the edícula to put a small laundry.

In addition, an edicule can be considered a separate residence, containing kitchen, bedroom, living room and up to 2 floors.

Its architectural style should follow the one of the main house, abusing the ample spaces to integrate itself to the external area. Your coverage can be made in the same style as the main house, with percolated or even without coverage. It depends on the result you want to have.

54 model edicts to inspire

Edicts with barbecue

The edicultural projects with gourmet area are ideal for those who enjoy the outdoor area. In this case it is common to have a workbench with kitchen, armchairs, puffs, sofas, table for meal and of course, the barbecue and / or wood stove. Here are some models we selected below:

Picture 1 - Ediculous with churrasqueira and pergolado.


Photograph: Marylou Sobel

This building design follows the style of American decor, with rustic wooden table and large chairs in fiber. The vases with flowers are part of the decoration of the table and the building also has a countertop with American barbecue, hood and decorative wall tiles.

Picture 2 - Ediculous with simple barbecue.

This outdoor building is open with a roof, with a dining table, a built-in TV panel and an electronic-electric area. In addition, the project has a bench with decorative tiles, black banquettes, cabinets and a barbecue. Around the building, the landscaping project makes the place more beautiful and interesting.

Picture 3 - Comfortable armchairs in this model of edicí with barbecue.


Photograph: Silver Sea Homes

An American-style design with wooden armchairs and cushions in mustard hues. The building has ceramic flooring, wood cover and barbecue.

Picture 4 - Glass doors are the highlight of this ediculous.


Photograph: Imby3

This outdoor area has a fireplace and metal sliding doors.

Picture 5 - Barbecue in ediculous with plants.


In a brick building project, see how the plants change the face of the environment proposal.

Picture 6 - This project combines the bench with barbecue, so the guests are close to who commands the barbecue.


Picture 7 - Ample leisure area with barbecue.


Picture 8 - Leisure area with barbecue, bench and brick on the wall.


Picture 9 - Barbecue of stainless steel in edícula with format of hut.


Picture 10 - Leisure area with comfortable sofas.


Edicts with swimming pool

In a residence project with swimming pool, it makes sense to keep the nearby building, which complements the living area. Check out some projects below:

Image 11 - Simple edicts with swimming pool.


A simple project of edicule with area for barbecue, white bench, coffee table with bench. The building is located next to the pool.

Picture 12 - Edicula in the corner of the pool with sofas and barbecue.


Design edicula around the pool with ample space for leisure, dining table with colored chairs and barbecue.

Image 13 - Edicula in outdoor area facing the pool.


Image 14 - In this project, the building is next to the pool.


Settlement design around the pool, here there is a large dining table with benches, bench with cooktop, fireplace, sofa and TV.

Picture 15 - Another building facing the pool.


Complete building design around the pool with wooden pergola and dining table in the outdoor area.

Image 16 - Next to the pool with access by the stairs.


Picture 17 - Leisure area with wooden pergola near the pool.


In this proposal, the building counts on wooden pergola and cover, besides having comfortable sofas and armchairs and is around the pool.

Picture 18 - Large leisure area with swimming pool.


Image 19 - Edictus with armchairs and sofas by the pool.


Image 20 - Leisure area with pool table next to the pool.


Picture 21 - Large leisure area with barbecue, tables and armchairs next to the pool.


Modern Edicts

Modern edicts link architectural trends to form amazing spaces. Here are some models of leisure area with this attribute:

Picture 22 - Modern and elegant large building with details in the wood.


Picture 23 - Ediculous open with gray tones and modern furniture.


Picture 24 - Leisure area with beach style furniture.


Image 25 - Barbecue area in the building with oven.


A proposal of large area of ​​the building with barbecue in the American format, oven and large benches.

Image 26 - Modern Edicula.


Image 27 - Leisure area with full kitchen and TV room.


This leisure area has a full kitchen and living room decorated with TV room.

Image 28 - Edicula with complete leisure area.


For a large building project, bet on benches with banquettes, dining tables, sofa and living area.

Picture 29 - Great leisure area.


Image 30 - Design with neutral colors and details in stainless steel.


This building has a neutral decoration in all its space, in addition to counting with bench, cooktop, stainless steel hood and area with sofas and fireplace.

Picture 31 - Modern edicule with beach style furniture.


Small and simple edicts

Even in small areas, the building can play an important role. The most common is to put the masonry barbecue with a granite sink. Here are some examples of simple and small edicts:

Picture 32 - Example of small and simple building with barbecue.


The classic building in Brazilian houses, with brick cladding apparent on the bench, in the barbecue and bench with granite stone.

Picture 33 - Ediculous with 2 floors small with leisure area.

Small-2 edicula

This small building has a dining table, the kitchen counter is tiled, a retro refrigerator and a wall with a TV.

Image 34 - Small leisure area with barbecue.


Rustic Edicts

Ideal for country houses, ranch and beach, rustic-style edicts bring a natural look of wood and stones. Check out some projects below:

Image 35 - Wooden details with bamboo and stone pergola


This outer area receives the coating with canjiquinha stones.

Image 36 - Rustic style with wood and brick.


A rustic American style building, bricks on the wall and wooden furniture.

Image 37 - With large rustic table and wood.


Another example of rustic decoration with wooden table, benches, panel with rack for television and area with barbecue.

Picture 38 - Rustic style of farm


Picture 39 - With more than one type of wood.


Image 40 - Another edicule in the farm style.


Image 41 - Classic rustic edicts.


A project with classic decoration for the outdoor area in the Brazilian style, with bench and barbecue covered with brick and granite countertops.

Image 42 - Edicts with rustic wood.


Picture 43 - Edicula with wood, wood oven and brick.


Image 44 - Edictus with fireplace.


Edicts in L

For those who have smaller terrain, an L-shaped building can be used to maintain the wider environment and make better use of space.

Picture 45 - Leisure area in L.


Edicts with 2 floors

Image 46 - Second floor of a building.



See more models of ediculas to be inspired by the decoration of your project:

Image 47 - Beautiful design with edicule on the back of the estate.


Picture 48 - Edicho in format of hut.

other-edicula-with-wooden deck

This area has rustic decor features, with dining table, fireplace and other items.

Image 49 - In this project, the Moroccan style is predominant in the decoration.


Image 50 - Leisure area with neutral colors.


Are you doubtful about the decorative style? Neutral-edged edicts are the right bet to have a modern environment and in harmony with the surroundings.

Picture 51 - Recreation area for beach house.


Image 52 - Recreation area with barbecue and pergola concrete.


This recreational area features an American style barbecue, countertop countertop, and stone-lined columns that support the concrete pergola.

Image 53 - Edicula with barbecue and laundry with pergola coverage.

Image 54 - Edico with brick on the floor and wall.


There are several options and sizes of ediculous designs for you to get inspired and have the ideal space to enjoy with the family. How about building yours?

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