Easter decoration: amazing ideas to have as a reference

Easter is one of the most important traditions of the year and involves much more than rabbits and chocolates. This is a very enjoyable moment of meeting between family and close friends to celebrate and share.
One of the most important Christian celebrations, Easter is a moment of reflection, renewal and search for positive feelings like hope and solidarity. Today we will talk about Easter decoration :

This season gets a special taste when we have the little ones to get excited about the jokes, the surprises and all the delicacy of this tradition. So the Easter decoration is part of the imagination of children and adults, winning each year more cute and delicate versions.

General Tips for Assembling Your Easter Decorating

  • Light background and cheerful details : The soft colors help to give more delicacy to the decor, as well as being the perfect backdrop for the most cheerful details you can enter. Your color palette can range from vibrant colors, candy colors or even shades of pink and gold depending on the effect you want to cause.
    If possible, enjoy the light of day: The freshness and the colors of the open air nature combine very much with the celebration of Easter, because it is a theme that symbolizes life. Its decoration can integrate with the natural landscape and leave all your guests surprised.
  • Wooden table without towel and other trends : The wooden table helps to bring an atmosphere of contact with nature for both outdoor and indoor environments. You can still enjoy and invest in rustic decoration or replace the table cloth with sousplat or American games that harmonize with your table decor.
  • Delicate details and embellishments : Rabbits and eggs represent life and are the most traditional ornaments of Easter. These references deserve to appear on your desk and in other environments to brighten both children and adults.

60 Easter decoration tips with embellishments and ideas to take as a reference

This time we have brought varied inspirations for your Easter decoration : we have ideas for Easter lunch, for souvenirs, for shop window decoration and shops and tips for a themed party, so you can celebrate the way you prefer.

Image 01 - Use elements in candy colors to make the environment lighter and more colorful.

Candy color elements for a light and colorful environment

Image 02 - Egg hunting is worth even a more festive atmosphere, with an egg-shaped pinhata with lots of chocolates inside!

Decoration eggs hunt for Easter

Image 03 - Welcome plate to Easter Bunny hipster brunch.

Easter Brunch Welcome Plates

Image 04 - Leaving the eggs directly to the table of cupcakes: decoration of bunnies from paper beehives.

Cupcakes table for Easter

Picture 05 - Golden and leaked rabbit ear cake topper: use wires and spray to make your own at home!

Bunny topper for cake

Image 06 - Decorating with Easter Bunnies in an easy and simple way: cut out silhouettes on white or colored paper to decorate objects and even the environment.

Easter Bunnies for Glass Pots

Take a look at these vectors , print and use as template!

Picture 07 - Take a look at this tutorial and bundle cloth napkin bunnies for all your guests in a few seconds!

Fabric napkin bunnies

Follow this step by step to do it yourself your napkin in this style.

Picture 08 - Use field flowers to attract bunnies! In the northern hemisphere, Easter is also linked to the arrival of spring.

Field flowers for Easter decoration

Image 09 - Biscuits decorated with icing in the form of rabbits and decorated with eggs to bring more sweetness to this holiday.

Buttery biscuits for Easter

Picture 10 - All creativity is needed when it comes to decorating: it does not matter if you do not have enough decorations, sometimes, placing the crockery and cutlery in the right place, you can already get the shape of a rabbit.

Cutlery and dishes in the shape of the bunny

Picture 11 - Enjoy to spread the "handcrafted" eggs and several rabbits for the daily decoration of your house!

Handmade eggs and rabbits in decoration

Picture 12 - Easter Remembrance + Recycling = presenting sustainable and super creative craftsmanship for children!

Easter souvenir with recycling

On the same principle, it is make several puppies of different species .

Picture 13 - Gift carrots in the nest for the rabbits! You can use both real minicours and do with styrofoam, orange paint and wool or green string.

Gift Carrots

Picture 14 - The search for the Easter bunny never ends! And it disappears and reappears in the most unusual places!

Bunny shaped cake

Picture 15 - Plaquinhas to help in the search for eggs!

Plaquinhas to help in the search of the bunny

Picture 16 - Carrot style color pencil cups!

Cupcakes in the color of the carrot

Picture 17 - Another super stylish and creative topper for anyone who wants to celebrate Easter with a special cake!

Stylish topper for simple cake

Picture 18 - Enter the spring mood, use lighter and cooler colors and enjoy coloring your own surprise eggs!

In the spring climate

Picture 19 - Garland of bunnies on colored paper!

Garland of bunnies

You can take advantage of the silhouettes we suggested before!

Image 20 - Carrot fries the rabbit waiting! A different snack for this holiday completely based on the tastes of the bunny that brings chocolates.

Carrots fried as a snack

Image 21 - Thematic basket: chocolates, surprise plastic eggs, and even personalized bottles.

Easter themed basket

Picture 22 - Enjoy all the decorations and items that bring the rabbit you have at home to decorate the environment or the table.

Rabbit ornament for dish

Picture 23 - Simple and infallible: a bixiga who, with a pair of ears and mustaches, turns a rabbit ready to celebrate Easter.

Rabbit ready in the bladder

Picture 24 - Glasses full of chocolate eggs left by Mr. Rabbit!

Glass full of chocolate eggs

Picture 25 - Colored Easter themed lunch box to take to school the snacks that the Easter Bunny sent on holiday.

Easter themed lunch bag

Image 26 - Special Easter breakfast with many colorful eggs and flowers.

Special Easter coffee

Picture 27 - Games and activities for the Easter holiday: plan activities for the day that are simple, fun and entertaining children.

Make games and activities for Easter

Picture 28 - For a more playful day, turn all items, especially of eating, into small eggs and bunnies with a cookie cutter.

Centerpiece of salty and breads in rabbit format

Picture 29 - Decorate the table with dry leaves and painted with candy colors, in the style of the Easter.

Decoration with dry leaves

Picture 30 - In any type of party, the bladders are always good requests and you can combine them with the most diverse range of materials: in this example, the use of bladders and colorful flowers leaves the environment more fun and fresh.

Bexigas to decorate an Easter party

Picture 31 - Easter Remembrance: Earrings, pins or bunny brooches make the greatest success as an accessory to use forever.

Earrings as an Easter remembrance

Picture 32 - Bunny ears even in the colored paper lanyards.

Bunny ears in the straw

Picture 33 - Enjoy the natural tastes of Easter bunnies and use this to encourage your little one to try out new flavors straight from the garden!

Healthy eating for your little one

Image 34 - Wishing a "Happy Easter" in garland at the window.

Wishing you a happy Easter

Picture 35 - If you have any type of ornament in your rabbit decoration, now it's time to show it!

Rabbits for the decoration of the environment

Image 36 - Carrots in the pot ready to be harvested and eaten with hummus and other gravies!

Carrots in the pot ready with pâté or hummus

Image 37 - Buttered biscuit in bunny shape and a bow on the neck.

Buttered biscuit for napkin

Image 38 - Souvenir paper wrapping of the rabbit-shaped party.

Souvenir paper wrapping

Picture 39 - Carrot of carrots for the rabbit also do a hunt for your house!

Carrot of carrots

Picture 40 - Step-by-step: how to make a rabbit tissue bag to carry your stuff everywhere.

Rabbit Tissue Bag for Chair

Picture 41 - Bring a climate of nature and woods to leave the environment more playful: green leaves and brown trees combines very well and makes a connection with nature.

Bring elements of nature into the decoration

Image 42 - British Jammie Dodger biscuits filled with red fruit jelly and a rabbit-shaped opening to delight anyone.

Jamie Dodger Rabbit-shaped Cookies

Picture 43 - Another activity to propose for children: paint your own Easter eggs with your favorite colors in a coloring book.

Activity for Easter: paint your own eggs

Picture 44 - Easter Egg Cake: Use a dome or semi-circle shape to give the right shape.

Colorful easter egg shaped cake

Image 45 - Tube with carrot-shaped tastes.

Tube with carrot-shaped tastes

Picture 46 - Ring for napkins with rabbit ears!

Ring for napkins with rabbit ears

Picture 47 - Another way to see the eyes on this Easter: use the conventional eggs in a different way, like this little vegetable in the shells.

Small cutlet with egg shells

Image 48 - Bonbons and brigadeiros with little bunnies and colored eggs.

Brigadiers with bunny top

Picture 49 - For a special egg-hunting day with a few children, set up a special bench with baskets, objects and activities, as well as a themed décor, of course.

Special decorated bench for Easter

Picture 50 - Use many eggs: real, chocolate or styrofoam - to make a special table.

Egg composition

Picture 51 - Plaquinhas to have fun and take lots of photos: take a look at these models that we separate and cut them in color plus paper or EVA to start the game.

Use fun little cards for Easter

Picture 52 - Hide your eggs very well! The funniest activity for kids is for sure the egg hunt, so use the creativity to hide those treasures!

Play hide your sheep

Image 53: Garland of carrots holding the bladder on the table.

Carrot Garland

Picture 54 - Personalized souvenir: A modern Easter Bunny sends chocolate candies in different ways, even without having to search.

Personalized souvenir for Easter

Picture 55 - Truffled chocolate eggs!

Ears of truffled chocolate

Picture 56 - Presentinho for the breakfast of Mr. Buttery rabbit.

Presentinho for breakfast

Image 57 - Cake with bunny ears of American paste and organic flowers to decorate.

Bun with bunny ears

Image 58 - Personalized letters in MDF: decoration for interiors stores and shop windows.

Personalized letters on MDF for Easter

Image 59 - Another example of silhouettes of rabbits on fabric napkins.

Silhouettes of rabbits for napkins

Image 60 - Enjoy the shapes of the eggs and colors to make a festive and cheerful decoration for this holiday!

Enjoy the egg shapes

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