Dressing Room Dresser: 60 models and ideas to enhance the decor

The dressers were already indispensable items in our grandparents' rooms. After a while they fell into disuse, but now they came back repaginadas to compose the decoration of the rooms. The most sought after type today is the dressing room dressing table. The name refers to the mobile model similar to that used by movie and theater actresses.

The brand of this type of dressing table are the lamps that circulate the whole mirror, favoring the application of makeup, hairstyle and other moments of personal care.

Dressing gowns can be found in a variety of materials. The main ones are MDF, glass, wood and pallets. The average price of a dressing room dresser ranges from $ 250 to $ 700, depending on the material with which it is produced and the model. Some have drawers, another top with partitions, there are models suspended and those that comes with even bench. It will all depend on what you are looking for in terms of design and functionality.

But you can save a good money if you choose to do your dressing room dresser at home. There are ready-made models of raw MDF, where you only have to make the assembly and pass a layer of paint, in the color you prefer. Before you get to the step by step how to make a dressing room dressing table, it is important to check out some tips so that this furniture is, besides beautiful, very functional for you. So check out the tips and then watch the video with the step by step dressing room dressing table:

Tips for you to get the most out of your dressing room dresser:

  • The lighting of this type of dressing table is the high point and most fundamental. So, capriche in this detail. The more lighted, the better the result of makeup and hairstyle. But do not even think about using yellow lamps, prefer white ones that do not alter the color of the skin or the products that you will use;
  • Before buying or setting up your dressing room dressing table, watch out for the amount of things you need to keep in it. That way, you can choose a model that matches your needs;
  • Organization is all to keep the look of your dressing room dresser always beautiful. Invest in pots, dividers and supports to leave everything always organized and handy when you need it. If your dresser has drawers, take advantage of this space to store what you do not need, necessarily, be exposed;
  • The dresser stool is very important when it comes to tidying up and it also helps to compose the look of the set. Choose a comfortable sitting model that is at the right time for you. Do not be tempted to bring a chair from the dining table to the dressing table. First, because it will entrap the space and second, the chair can limit the movements especially to move the hair. The stool is much more practical, after the use is just to fit it under the dresser and is all right;
  • Always have a rubbish bin near to dispose of tissues, swabs, cotton and whatever else you need, so you avoid accumulating litter on the countertop;
  • To finish, decorate your dressing room dressing table with the objects that best represent your style and your personality, it can be photos, flowers, bibelos and what more to match with you;

Check out the step by step how to assemble the dressing table dressing

How to assemble and paint dressing table MDF dresser

In this video you will learn how to assemble a dressing room dresser from the start. The material chosen was raw MDF, cheaper and easier to find. Another advantage of doing the furniture yourself is the possibility of using the colors you prefer in the painting. And, dressing room dressing table that needs to have lamps, because in this video you will also learn how to place the lamps around the mirror. Then just enjoy and enjoy the furniture that you made.

60 dresser models for you to get inspired

See now a beautiful selection of dressing room photos to inspire and motivate you - even more - to have one of those in your bedroom:

Picture 1 - A special corner mounted to the dressing room dresser.

A special corner fitted to the dressing room dresser

In this room, the picture of Marylin Monroe brings inspiration to moments of beauty and care. The wall keeps, in addition to the dressing room dressing table, other cabinets to store and organize jewelry and costume jewelry. When it comes to tidying up, the seat with height adjustment helps, but the armchair can also be an ally.

Picture 2 - In this small dresser, mugs care for makeup brushes and accessories; already the Victorian style bench completes the look of the furniture with a lot of charm.

Small dressing table dresser

Picture 3 - And who said boys can not have a dressing room dresser? After all, everyone needs care.

Dressing table dressing for boys

Picture 4 - dressing room dressing room in double room; in order not to disagree with the decoration, the option was for a model that followed the same classic and sober style of the rest of the environment.

Dressing table dressing room in double bedroom

Picture 5 - Comforter dressing room made to measure the contour of the room.

Dressing table dressing room tailored to fit the contour of the bedroom

Picture 6 - A model for the most basic.

Dressing room dressing room

This dressing room dresser is the perfect model for those who have few accessories and prefer a clean, neutral environment with little visual information. The white color, the discreet handles and the simple bench contribute even more to the minimalist style of the furniture.

Picture 7 - To head into a movie set, in addition to the dressing room dressing table, also opt for a director's chair.

Dressing table dresser with chair director

Picture 8 - Dressing table dressing pink and white with special support only for lipsticks; the mirror on the side is ideal for wiping the eyebrows.

Pink and white dressing table dresser

Picture 9 - Comforter dressing room suspended; in this model a shelf and the mirror with bulbs is enough.

Comforter dressing room suspended

Picture 10 - In this model, instead of the lamps being around the mirror, they were placed above with the help of two luminaries; if you like this style, be careful not to create a shadow, disrupting the makeup.

Dressing table Dressing table with lamp

Picture 11 - Comforter dressing room with mirror leaning on the bench, without frame and with mini lamps.

Dressing table Dressing table with mirror supported on bench

Picture 12 - Almost a salon.

Almost a salon

Picture 13 - Take that table without use, slap in the look of it, add a mirror on top and your dressing room dresser is ready.

Simple Dressing Room Dressing Table

Picture 14 - And how about lining the wall with flowers to receive the dressing room dresser?

Wall of flowers for dressing room dresser

Picture 15 - Space of beauty: this entire wall was used to organize and maintain makeup, accessories and enamels.

Beauty space with dressing room dressing table

Picture 16 - Use the creativity to assemble your dressing room dresser.

Use creativity to assemble a dressing room dresser

Carefully notice this model dressing room dresser. All the parts that composed it were not originally intended for this purpose. The table, which may have served as an office, has been used here as a bench, the mirror has been given a frame and lamps and the Victorian style chair creates that charm and sophistication for the whole. Note also that the pieces have very different styles from each other and yet they are harmonious together forming a mix of classic and contemporary.

Picture 17 - Do not have room in the room for a dressing room dresser? So enjoy the bathroom space.

Comforter dressing room in the bathroom

Picture 18 - Dressing table Dressing room inside the closet; marble countertops and Victorian chairs add luxury and glamor to the furniture.

Dressing table Dressing room inside closet

Picture 19 - White, clean and minimalist dressing room dressing table.

White dresser, clean and minimalist dressing room

Picture 20 - Comforter dressing room with round mirror and flower vase to decorate.

Dressing table dressing table with round mirror

Picture 21 - Dressing room dresser for children, instead of accessories and makeup, toys and crayons.

Dressing table for children

Picture 22 - Vanity dressing table built in the bedroom furniture.

Dressing table dressing room built into the bedroom furniture

Picture 23 - Dressing table small and suspended dressing room; to make one of these just buy a blank white MDF board and cut it any way you want.

Small dressing table hanging

Picture 24 - In this model, the bench of the dressing table is free, the next furniture is that it is in charge of storing and organizing the accessories.

Free Dressing Table

Picture 25 - Dressing table black and white with mosquito net.

Black and white dressing table dresser

Picture 26 - Dressing table with glass top, so you can easily see what you need.

Dressing table Dressing room with glass top

Picture 27 - For those who like a little more color and pampering, this dressing room dresser is the ideal model.

Dressing table full of pampering

Picture 28 - A dressing room dresser that mixes the modern and the rustic.

Modern and rustic in dressing room dresser

Picture 29 - Simple, small and very functional model of dressing room dressing table.

Simple, small and very functional model of dressing room dresser

Picture 30 - Dressing room dresser simple but passionate in the details.

Simple Dressing Room Dressing Table

Picture 31 - Comforter dressing room follows the decoration of pastel tones of the rest of the room.

Comforter dressing room follows the decor of pastel shades from the rest of the room

Picture 32 - White MDF dresser with thick frame for the mirror.

White MDF dresser

Picture 33 - To better enjoy the space of the room, create a unique workbench for the dresser and home office.

Single worktop in dressing table

Image 34 - Costume jewelry and bottles decorate the counter of this dressing room dressing table with pink mirror.

dressing table dressing table with mirror pink

Picture 35 - Dresser needs to be practical, with everything at hand for the moment you need it.

Practical Dressing Table

Picture 36 - Soft blue mirror frame brings an extra charm to the dresser.

Soft Blue Frame Dressing Room Dressing Table

Picture 37 - Gilded details guarantee a touch of glamor and sophistication to dressing room dressing table.

Dressing table Dressing gown

Picture 38 - In this room, two dressing tables mirrored in metallic tones decorated with flower pots.

Two mirrored dressing tables in the bedroom

Picture 39 - Puffs and benches guarantee the functionality of the dressing table and allow a room gain in the room after use.

Puffs and benches ensure the functionality of the dressing table and make room for room gain after use

Picture 40 - In this bathroom, the mirror with lamps makes the turn of a dressing room dresser.

Mirror with lamp in bathroom

Picture 41 - White MDF panel, where the dressing room dressing table was mounted, has room for a mini stand for the costume jewelry; the drawer opening.

Dressing table in white mdf panel

Picture 42 - Dressing table dressing with metallic wire helps to organize and decorate.

Dressing table with metal wire

Picture 43 - Dresser model double dressing room elegant.

Double Dresser Dressing Table

Picture 44 - Space between the closet closets was availed to mount a small - and stylish - dressing room dresser.

Dressing table dressing table in closet

Picture 45 - Vanity dresser hanging on the wall with high acrylic bench.

Comforter dressing room suspended

Picture 46 - A special corner mounted to the dressing room dressing table.

Special dressing area for dressing table

Picture 47 - Comforter dressing room to the best cinematographic style.

Dressing table dressing to the best cinematic style

Image 48 - And what about a model that you can take to where you want?

Dressing table Dressing room

Picture 49 - The small niche with acrylic drawer keeps everything in place and organized

Small niche dressing table dresser

Picture 50 - And if the idea is reutilization ....

Reaproveamento com dressing room dressing table

If you enjoy creating your own things you can take inspiration from this model and put together a dressing room dresser with that old suitcase that is unused in your home. To give life to the dresser, a small retro style table is enough to support it, a small mirror and some lamps.

Picture 51 - There is no rule for the dressing gowns, the important thing is that it meets your needs and matches your style and your room.

Dressing table dressing room style

Picture 52 - You can also be inspired by the Provencal style when setting up your dressing room dressing table: add light colors with floral prints and a touch of rusticity.

Dressing table Dressing table in Provencal style

Picture 53 - Mirror on the dressing table for the moment of makeup, but when it comes to checking the look all better than a big mirror.

Mirror over dressing table dressing table

Picture 54 - Any corner of your room can be availed for a dressing room dresser, just have creativity to create a furniture that suits the space and your needs.

Corner room with dressing table

Picture 55 - Two dressing room dressers in the closet: one for him, one for her.

Two dressing room dressers in the closet

Picture 56 - Many dividers and supports to leave everything at hand and in sight.

Many dividers and supports to leave everything handy and in sight

Picture 57 - Although small, the giant mirror draws full attention to the dressing room dressing table.

Giant mirror in dressing room dresser

Image 58 - Rustic mirror frame makes a beautiful and interesting contrast with the rest of the environment.

Dressing table dressing table with rustic frame

Picture 59 - Next to the bed, this dressing room dresser stands out for the beauty and functionality, although small.

All the beauty of the dressing table dresser

Image 60 - Dressing table dressing table with drawers; the simple wooden bench demonstrates that it does not take much to create a beautiful and functional furniture.

Comforter dressing room suspended

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