Double Headboard: 60 Enthusiastic Models to Decorate Your Home

Previously the beds had already bedside, however with the appearance of box beds the double headboards began to be thought of separately. Now, they not only complement the bed but also play a key role in the room decor.

In addition to decorative, double headboards fulfill some important functions for the comfort of the room. They prevent contact with the cold wall and provide a comfortable backrest for anyone who is sitting on the bed.

When choosing the right headboard it is important to take into consideration the size of the room and the predominant decorative style. There are headboards made in different materials, shapes and sizes, so having this information in mind, before the purchase, facilitates the choice and brings more satisfaction with the final result.

60 Tips to Choose the Perfect Double Headboard

To avoid having a mistake when choosing your headboard, check out the tips and images below. They will clarify your doubts and, from break, inspire you in the decoration. Come on?

Picture 1 - Double headboard upholstered in corino.

Double headboard upholstered in cork

For a room of sober and elegant style invest in headboards of fine and exquisite fabrics, like that of the image. The upholstery also makes the headboard more comfortable when leaning.

Picture 2 - Double headboard made in the wall itself.

Double headboard made on the wall itself

In that room the half wall jumped forward works as a headboard for the bed. The top of the wall gained shelf status and began to accommodate personal and decorative objects

Picture 3 - Double headboard of iron wrapping the bed.

Iron double headboard

The stylish, character-filled bedroom has been set up on an iron headboard that extends across the bed.

Picture 4 - Headboard double of natural fiber.

Double head of natural fiber

One of the advantages of the headboard being created separately from the bed is the possibility of using differentiated materials, such as that of the image, where the option was to use natural fiber in combination with the other elements of the room.

Picture 5 - Double headboard with niche and tailor made.

Double headboard with niche

Picture 6 - Upholstered double headboard with lamp.

Double headboard upholstered with lamp

The headboard of this bed was pressed against only half the wall. The rest of the headboard acts as a partition within the room itself, increasing the free area of ​​the wall and reducing the span of the hallway, without, however, harming the circulation area.

Picture 7 - Textured black wall with navy upholstered headboard.

Upholstered headboard navy blue

Picture 8 - Double headboard over headboard.

Double headboard over headboard

In this room two headboards were used. The first, white, is marked by the wall itself, the second is closer to the bed and is all upholstered. Both harmonize with the rest of the room decor

Picture 9 - Double wooden headboard.

Wooden double headboard

The braided wooden headboard brings all the charm of this room. Notice that she seems to hug the bed by the sides. A model to be enchanted.

Picture 10 - Painting and adhesive form the double headboard of this bed.

Paint and adhesive on the double headboard

To highlight the bed area, the wall was painted dark gray and received an adhesive to give more personality to the environment. The differentiated wall was enough to turn it into a headboard.

Picture 11 - Pictures help decorate the wall with the upholstered double headboard.

Upholstered double headboard

Picture 12 - Double headboard covering the entire wall.

Double headboard covering the entire wall

Rooms with high ceilings allow the use of headboards covering the entire wall. In that case, upholstered cutouts were fitted together to make a geometric design behind the bed. The wood complements the room's elegant look.

Picture 13 - Simple wooden double headboard.

Single wooden double headboard

Wood is one of the most used materials for making headboards. In this image, the headboard is at the proper height to comfortably accommodate a seated person. Beneath that, the headboard would already be uncomfortable.

Picture 14 - Double headboard in the same tone of the wall.

Double headboard in the same tone of the wall

One trick to increasing the room visually is to use the same wall color on the headboard. Different colors, on the contrary, when placed one on the other reduce the sensation of space.

Picture 15 - Rustic wooden double headboard.

Rustic wooden double headboard

Picture 16 - Same shade of blue for the whole room.

Same shade of blue for the whole room

The headboard of this room is the wall itself painted in pastel blue, like the rest of the room. The wall differential is the niches and dumb servants fixed on it.

Picture 17 - 3D wall with wooden double bed.

3D wall with wooden double headboard

The wooden headboard contrasts and enhances the black wall with 3D coating. The pendant lamps complement the modern decoration proposal of this room.

Picture 18 - Single headboards in the double bed.

Single headboards in double bed

Picture 19 - Bed lined with the same fabric as the double headboard.

Bed lined with double headboard

Image 20 - Exquisite room with double wooden headboard.

Exquisite room with double bed

The marble wall where the bed was placed demands a headboard on the same level of sophistication brought by the stone. The option to create this effect was to use a low, curved wooden headboard on the side.

Picture 21 - Black double headboard upholstered.

Black upholstered double headboard

Black is the color of elegance. In this room he was used at the head and in the bed creating a contrast with the light tone wall. A simple room, but decorated with balance and harmony.

Image 22 - Niche mirrored on the bedside of the bed.

Mirrored Niche at Headboard

This bed, in fact, does not have a headboard, which causes the bedside impression is the niche on the wall just above the height of the pillows. The cushions ensure the comfort of those who lean against the wall.

Picture 23 - Half wall in place of double headboard.

Half wall in double headboard

A more economical option than the headboard is to paint only half the wall with a different color. The bedside table helps create the feeling that there is a headboard in the bedroom.

Picture 24 - Wooden panel and double headboard at the same time.

Wooden panel and double headboard

What turns this panel of wood into a headboard is the gap in the middle. This separation demarcates the bedside area and serves as a niche to expose objects.

Image 25 - Black headboard on the brick wall.

Black headboard on brick wall

The rustic brick, high in decoration, was subtly contrasted with the black upholstered headboard. The color broke the rustic look of the room and brought a touch of sophistication to the environment.

Picture 26 - Headboard of this Japanese bed goes from the wall to the ceiling.

Japanese Bed Headboard

Image 27 - Niche built into the wall marks the area of ​​the double headboard.

Niche built into the wall

Picture 28 - Double headboard full of style for the room of the couple.

Double headboard full of style

The overlapping wooden boards create a striking design on the bed wall. Of course they end up turning into a headboard.

Picture 29 - Remains of laminate flooring cut in varying sizes form the head of this bed.

Laminate floor remains to form double headboard

Picture 30 - Double headboard from end to end.

Double headboard from end to end

To leave the room visually wider use a half-wall headboard that extends from one end of the room to the other. If the tone of the headboard is the same as the wall, the effect is even greater.

Picture 31 - Double headboard of the same size of the bed.

Double headboard the same size as the bed

The headboards can be of different sizes. If you choose a bedside model of the same size as the bed, use bedside tables to accommodate objects and fixtures

Image 32 - White headboard on wooden panel.

White headboard

Picture 33 - Wooden double headboard with pillow holder.

Wooden double headboard

The pillows on this bed have a handle through which the metal tube passes. The interesting thing about this bedside model is the possibility to move the pillows of place and add others as needed.

Image 34 - Versatility of wooden headboards.

Wooden headboards

No wonder the wooden headboards are so used. They combine with any style of decoration, just fit the tone and finish more appropriate to the environment proposal

Picture 35 - Zen room with double bed.

Zen room with double headboard

The 3D wall framed by a wooden box doubles as the headboard of the Japanese bed. The light and neutral tones of the room ensure the comfort and warmth required.

Picture 36 - Discreet head goes almost unnoticed in front of the wall full of details.

Discreet double headboard

Image 37 - Double headboard from top to bottom.

Double headboard from top to bottom

The end of the panel full of trees marks the headboard space. The pillows, green, the color of the forest, leave the headboard softer.

Picture 38 - Brick wall highlights the bedside area in this rustic and young room.

Brick wall in double headboard

Picture 39 - If you choose a low headboard, abuse the pillows to be comfortable.

Double Headboard

Picture 40 - Iron double headboard yes, why not?

Iron double headboard

Iron headboards resemble older beds, grandmothers time, but for those who want a more retro feel this may be the ideal choice. The white brick wall in the background complements the decor with a rustic and romantic touch.

Picture 41 - Head of double retro and romantic; LED sign gives the modern touch to the decor.

Retro and Romantic Double Headboard

Picture 42 - Royal blue headboard.

Royal blue headboard

The headboard extends across the length of the wall, but only in the area of ​​the bed that it is royal blue, the rest is white. The clean style of the room was appreciated by the strong and striking tone of the blue.

Picture 43 - Head of double with wood leaked.

Double headboard with cast wood

The vertical lines leaked into this headboard mark the space of the bed and the mute servants. They also help give a visual break on the wall.

Picture 44 - Double headboard and partition in one piece.

Double bed and headboard

Image 45 - Mirror gives continuity to the upholstered headboard.

Upholstered headboard with mirror

Picture 46 - Clean room with rustic wooden bed.

Clean room with bedside

The rustic wooden headboard covers the entire wall in the bed area. The mirror on the sides helps to enhance the feeling of space in the room.

Picture 47 - Enjoy the top of the headboard.

Double headboard with pictures

Use the space between the wall and the headboard to accommodate decorative objects. The frames are a good request, especially now that it is in high use them just leaning against the wall, without the need to hang.

Picture 48 - Clear headboard is ideal for small rooms.

Clear double headboard

Picture 49 - Headboard upholstered up to the ceiling.

Upholstered double headboard

Picture 50 - Leather headboard on the brick wall.

Leather double headboard

The rustic brick wall in contrast to the leather headboard. A quarter of different styles, but that together, prove that the mix worked.

Image 51 - Retro headboard on the wall of raw cement.

Retro double headboard

To get out of the comfort zone and create a more daring decoration, take inspiration from that image. Here, the retro and the modern come together with style and sophistication.

Picture 52 - Bed and headboard in the same color and material.

Double Headboard: 60 Enthusiastic Models to Decorate Your Home

Picture 53 - Wooden wardrobe as headboard.

Closet as double headboard

Picture 54 - Bed headboard made with adhesive.

Double Headboard with Sticker

Want to save money at the head of the bed? Use stickers! In this image, the choice was for a woody adhesive. The result, as you can see, owes nothing to a real wood panel.

Picture 55 - White double bed for small room.

White double headboard in the bedroom

Image 56 - Wooden headboard with lamps.

Double headboard with lamps

Picture 57 - Upholstered headboard tailored to the double bed.

Upholstered headboard tailored to the double bed

Image 58 - Upholstered double headboard with a modern and youthful design.

Upholstered double design headboard

Image 59 - Wall with photos became the double headboard of this pallet bed.

Wall with photos on the headboard

Image 60 - Strong colors mark the wall of the bed and replace the headboard.

Strong colors on the wall of the bed

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