Discover 14 decorating profiles on Instagram that you can follow

Instagram is the beloved social network of the moment. In it it is possible to make a lot of nice things, especially about an area that we know and enjoy a lot: decoration and interior design.

There is a huge variety of profiles in the social network dedicated to talking only about the subject with the most diverse focuses. Has profile for who likes modern decoration , for those who want to know the latest trends in decoration, for those who love to see beautiful things and also for those who want to lay their hands on the mass and do some DIY to decorate the house. And there are also those who prefer to gather all this in a single profile.

The fact is that if you are passionate about decorating and designing you need to start following the decorating profiles on Instagram that we select below. We have made a list with the favorites of internauts by Brazil and the world. But, beware, you run a serious risk of wanting to change the entire decor of your home after reading this post. Prepared to start the ' follows '? So let's go!

10 Brazilian decorating profiles at Instagram to follow

1. Edu - @doedu


With almost 170,000 followers and just over 8400 publications, the Do.Edu profile by designer Edu Mendes is the right place for anyone looking for Do-It-Yourself or DIY . There are hundreds of incredible inspirations to make your home more beautiful and cozy, spending little and still proud of what you did with your own hands. Ah, it is worth remembering that the Do.Edu profile until recently was known as "Men of the House". follow on @doedu .

2. DIYCore - @diycore


The profile of Karla Amadori already has more than 238 thousand followers and around 2036 publications. The high point of the profile are the pictures of environments decorated with that warm and comfortable climate, ideal for those who love to enjoy the delights of the home. There you can also check out some DIY tips, although the interior designer maintains a Youtube channel - with the same name - just for that. It has a bit of Karla's personal life, which is not too much, since she always publishes photos of incredible places wherever she goes. It pays to start following the girl in the @diycore .

3. I Love You

I also decorate

The profile description is clear: "turn your home into the best place in the world with creative and sustainable ideas." And that is precisely what you will find in this profile administered by Carla Paiva. There are lots of beautiful ideas of decorated environments to leave you sighing on the other side of the screen. The more than 465,000 followers prove that the profile of the girl is really cool. Go there Skip to content .

4. House with Bossa - @casacombossa

House with bossa

Casa con Bossa is a find on Instagram. Whether it's for you to get inspired and apply the ideas there in your home or just to die for the love of decorating ideas, it's worth following the profile. In addition to perfectly decorated environments, you can still breathe breathtaking landscapes around the world, since the manager of the profile, Marcela Alcantara, is Brazilian, but currently lives in Spain. See for yourself @casacombossa .

5. House Vogue - @casavoguebrasil

Home Vogue Brasil

Counting the one million followers mark, the profile of Casa Vogue magazine is perfect for those looking for inspiration from the latest decoration trends in Brazil and in the World. It has a little of everything among the more than 18 thousand publications: art, architecture, design and decoration. Everything for you to decorate with style and a lot of sophistication. Follow us on @casavoguebrasil

6. Stories from Home @historiasdecasa

Discover 14 decorating profiles on Instagram that you can follow

Come in and make yourself comfortable. It's more or less the way you feel about visiting the "Stories from Home" profile. The inspiration for the publications are pictures of decorated environments that bring a story to tell, after all as the name of the profile suggests, each house has its own history. Who keeps the profile of 368 thousand followers is Bruna Lourenço and Paula Passini. Go check it out @historiasdecasa

7. De_coração @decoracao_ape

Do you live in an apartment? Then you need to follow De_coração's profile. They have everything a bit, but with a single focus: help transform an apartment into a beautiful and cozy home. The profile is still crawling, with just over 3,500 followers, but already shows the potential that has the beautiful and inspiring images posted almost daily. Learn more at @decoracao_ape .

8. Ideas for kitchen

If you want sweeping inspirations to set up your kitchen, then start following the profile Ideas for Kitchen by architect Bel Urtiga. It has kitchens decorated for all tastes, from the most modern to the most sophisticated, through the rustic, small and planned. Check there View my complete profile

9. Erika Kapurk @erikakarpuk

Is decorating with sustainability your beach? Then join the other 53,000 followers of interior designer Erika Kapurk. There are many incredible tips, inspirations and ideas for you to put into practice in your home without, of course, forgetting the sustainable and ecological side of the work. See more at @erikakarpuk

10. Home Color Official

The profile of the largest architecture and interior design show in Latin America could not be left out of this list. The profile of Casa Cor brings up-to-date references to what is happening around the world of decoration and architecture around the world. With more than a million followers, the profile is refreshing for the eyes. Run there and start following Home

4 decorating gringos profiles on Instagram for you to follow too

1. Apartment Therapy @apartmenttherapy


Another decorative gringo profile on Instagram for you to fall in love with is Apartment Therapy. The profile is collaborative, that is, it is formed with the photos that followers send via #apartmenttherapy. The profile, with 1.7 million followers, is very varied and brings the lifestyle and the home of hundreds of people around the world. It is worth checking out and participating, so just follow @apartmenttherapy .

2. Do It Yourself 123 @ doityourself_123

Do It Yourself 123

Want practical and cool ideas to change the look of your home? You find it here in the Do It Yourself 123 profile. They bring easy and simple tips for you to do yourself. And the cool of this profile and that it is not limited to decoration, there are some mouthwatering prescriptions too. Check it out @ doityourself_123 .

3. Studio Roco @studioroco

If you were looking for a profile on Insta that combined decoration with plants, this one is ideal. The Roco Studio profile brings ideas and inspirations to anyone who loves the urban jungle style and wants to turn the house into a true green haven. In addition to decorating tips, the profile, which already has 51,000 followers, still teaches you the necessary care you need to have with the little plants. Go there @studioroco

4. Studio Mc Gee @studiomcgee

Stuffed with clean, neutral and minimalist style inspirations, the Studio Mc Gee profile succeeds Instagram. With almost 800,000 followers, environments full of natural light enchant and comfort just by looking. It's worth the visit @studiomcgee .

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