Dining Room Wallpaper: 60 Ideas to Decorate

The wallpapers, because of their versatility and ease of installation, have won many fans throughout the ages and have come to appear in several rooms of the houses. From the bedroom to the living and dining room, this type of cover is increasingly sought after by also bringing a style and pattern that often can not be done with paint simply and quickly on the wall. Today we will talk specifically about the wallpaper for the dining room :

The wall cover is one of the most important details of decorating an environment. This is because, as the walls delimit a room, they often draw our attention.

And in the dining room is no exception! Wallpapers are appearing more and more in this environment, with different colors, patterns and styles, adapting to the taste of each person and the decoration already existing or to come.

In today's post, let's talk about wallpapers in the dining room , why use it in your decor and various ideas of combinations, colors and patterns in images in our gallery. Come on!

Why choose wallpaper for dining room decor?

The ease of installation and durability of the wallpaper are always at the top of the list of reasons to choose this cover for your wall. But of course they are not the only ones!

The wallpaper is super versatile also by its (practically) infinite range of choices in colors and patterns, possibilities of combination and disposition in the environment: you can choose to put the wallpaper in all the walls, closing the environment; on a single wall, to draw attention to it; on half a wall or even on a wall strip. Everything will depend on your goal when decorating with this element and what will be the choice of furniture, colors and other attributes for the environment.

To choose the right wallpaper for your dining room, it pays to scour the different types of patterns to find what fits best with what you are looking for. But it's worth remembering that for the more sober environments and in a more classic and elegant style, the lighter colors are the most chosen, with wallpapers that have less showy patterns.

The most cheerful and modern environments, the number of prints from geometric to organic, especially those inspired by nature, draw attention to its exuberant colors.

Gallery: 60 images of dining rooms with wallpaper

Now take a look at our gallery for more ideas and inspirations!

Picture 1 - Wallpaper for dining room R & B geometric in a modern environment.

Black and white wallpaper

Picture 2 - Role of nature in strong colors in contrast to the neutral furniture.

Role of nature in strong colors with foliage

Picture 3 - Beige dining room paper for a cleaner environment.

Wallpaper focused on a cleaner environment

Picture 4 - Wallpaper model with textured pattern to stand out in the well decorated room.

Wallpaper with textured pattern

Picture 5 - White wallpaper with super flowers in a more romantic and feminine environment.

White paper with super flowers for a feminine environment

Picture 6 - Wallpaper template with blue pattern in the dining room.

Wallpaper with blue pattern

Picture 7 - Aged pink wallpaper in a mixture of classic and modern.

Aged, Classic and Modern Rose for Dining Room Decoration

Image 8 - Grayscale dining room wallpaper that does not darken the room.

Shades of gray on the living room wallpaper

Picture 9 - Wallpaper in geometric and abstract pattern of modern inspiration.

Geometric and abstract drawing for room wallpaper

Image 10 - Paper model with Chevron pattern in off-white colors.

Wallpaper with Chevron pattern for living room

Image 11 - Application of the wallpaper on only one of the walls of the dining room.

Wallpaper on just one wall

Picture 12 - Wallpaper model for small dining room.

Paper model for a small dining room

Image 13 - Surrealistic inspiration to include in a dining room.

Paper with surrealistic drawing to decorate the dining room

Image 14 - Dining room paper with vertical and super-colored stripes to match the chairs.

Super-colored vertical stripes for the dining room

Picture 15 - Dining room paper with scaled-down pattern to create a texture on the wall.

Scaled-down pattern for the dining room

Picture 16 - Paper for dining room florida tree: calm and tranquility in the dining room.

Dining room with flowering tree

Image 17 - White room paper in a super bright and contemporary decor.

White room in super bright environment

Picture 18 - Paper for dining room inspired by illustrations of landscapes with plant insertion and natural flowers.

Landscape illustration on living room wallpaper

Image 19 - Paper model for room with foliated pattern in B & W.

Black and white foliage on the dining room wallpaper

Image 20 - Model installed in half wall to balance the excess information of the decoration.

Wall-mounted wallpaper in the dining room wall

Picture 21 - Cracked wallpaper with metallic details to bring sophistication to the room.

Cracked wallpaper with metallic details

Image 22 - Standard wallpaper in navy and white in an environment that blends the modern and the old.

White and navy blue paper for dining room

Picture 23 - Wallpaper for dining room made of brick that looks real.

Wallpaper for living room with bricks

Picture 24 - Wallpaper model with landscape illustrated as the center of attention of the room.

Wallpaper with illustrated landscape

Picture 25 - Standard triangular wallpaper template in neutral colors to bring modern design to small room.

Wallpaper with triangular pattern for dining room

Image 26 - Dark wallpaper model in a more intimate environment with low illumination.

Dark wallpaper in a more intimate setting

Picture 27 - Wallpaper model with mirror to reflect the rest of the room and give the feeling of a wider space.

Wallpaper with mirror for dining room

Image 28 - Dark wallpaper template with light dots insertion to draw light into the environment.

Dark wallpaper with light dots illuminated

Picture 29 - Wallpaper for dining room with flowering trees full of fruits and birds on an antique pink background in a modern environment.

Flowery Trees in Wallpaper for Dining Room

Picture 30 - Double-height dining room model with burnt cement texture and city-style image on maps for those who want an industrial touch.

To dining room with double foyer

Picture 31 - Wallpaper for living room in light gray and blue in contrast to the dark furniture of the environment.

Gray and Blue Room Wallpaper

Picture 32 - Wallpaper model with golden flowers to bring more warm colors in the decoration of the environment.

Wallpaper with golden flowers

Picture 33 - Wallpaper for dining room with large stripes B & B in an environment that brings the color through the furniture.

Large stripes on living room wallpaper

Image 34 - Paper model for red textured dining room with also red frame to match.

Red wallpaper for living room

Image 35 - Wallpaper template on the top of the wall: colorful drops spread on white background.

Colorful wallpaper for dining room

Image 36 - Paper model for dining room super colorful in red and light blue matching with the light blue wall of the other room.

Red and light blue dining room

Picture 37 - Wallpaper model for dining room in another pattern inspired by nature.

Wallpaper nature in the dining room

Image 38 - Paper model for dark dining room with twigs and birds inspired by the fantastic literature of Edgar Allan Poe.

Dark wallpaper with branches illustration

Picture 39 - Dining room model in blue and gold in a stained pattern and a blue chest of drawers to match the background.

Blue wallpaper in stained pattern for dining room

Image 40 - Super colorful dining room wallpaper in diagonal lines.

Geometric and super colorful format in the wallpaper for dining room

Image 41 - Beige dining room wallpaper with horizontal texture for those who want a lighter environment.

Wallpaper for the dining room beige with horizontal pattern

Picture 42 - Wallpaper for dining room with pineapple on white background: leaving the room more relaxed and fun.

Wallpaper with small pineapples

Picture 43 - Wallpaper for beige dining room in vertical stripes, valuing the right foot of the room.

Wallpaper for dining room beige

Picture 44 - Wallpaper for dining room in blue polka dots that give the sensation of movement reflected in the dark floor.

Wallpaper for living room with blue polka dots

Picture 45 - Japanese inspired dining room wallpaper with a super colorful urban environment and geisha for those who love this kind of reference.

Japanese inspired living room wallpaper

Image 46 - Simple dining room wallpaper with silver spirals on light background.

Wallpaper for simple dining room

Picture 47 - Wallpaper for dining room for those who love the contact with the green and nature in a relaxed environment: watercolors leaves on white background.

Paper for those who love contact with nature

Picture 48 - Wallpaper for dining room in another inspiration in the landscapes, this time coming from the painting.

Landscapes-inspired room wall paper

Picture 49 - Wallpaper model in a wall style graffiti gray wall for a more serious environment in wood, stainless and black.

Carpet-style wallpaper

Picture 50 - Wallpaper for dining room with irregular and textured patterns.

Irregular Patterns on Wallpaper

Image 51 - Light blue wallpaper for a clean and super modern decoration in the environment.

Blue wallpaper for clean decoration

Picture 52 - Classic monochrome flowers dining room wallpaper that can be combined with more classic and more contemporary decor.

Wallpaper for classic dining room

Picture 53 - White and gray plaid dining room wallpaper for a large and sophisticated environment.

Chess wallpaper for dining room

Image 54 - Lighter and softer paper model that can be combined with more contemporary décor with frames.

Lighter, softer paper model

Picture 55 - Paper applied in half wall that robs the attention of everybody and dispenses more decorative objects.

Wallpaper applied on half wall

Picture 56 - Wallpaper model with flowers and leaves super colorful everywhere: for those who want an atmosphere with style of decoration relaxed and happy to make the meals with family.

Wallpaper for a relaxed and cheerful decoration

Image 57 - Minimalist decoration with wallpaper in the dining room.

Minimalist decoration on wallpaper for dining room

Image 58 - Wallpaper for dining room: pink flowers on the blue background in a romantic and super relaxing decoration.

Pink flowers on blue wallpaper

Image 59 - Gray wallpaper, reminding the traditional coverings in a dining room with mirrors.

Gray burnt cement wall paper

Image 60 - Wallpaper only in the niche of the shelves on the wall, creating a new depth for the environment.

Wallpaper in the niche of the dining room

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