Decorative pictures: 60 current inspirations and perfect for decoration

Thinking about the setting is an important step at the end of any work, as it is when the cabinet and the equipment are already installed and the decorative objects come in to define the personality of the owners. One of the simple, inexpensive and versatile elements that help in this task are the decorative frames ! They add color in a natural way without having to invest in coatings or very elaborate paintings for the walls.

Know how to choose the decorative frame for certain environment causes infinite doubts, due to the diversity of models that the decoration market offers. With this, we have elaborated a manual on how to choose the ideal frame for each environment of your house:

Decorative paintings for living room

The room is a social environment where decorative frames are indispensable! Regardless of size, look for matching models with the rest of the room decor. For example, a room with a neutral base and cushions in cold tones, you can count on pictures that refer to these same colors in the works of art.

Decorative paintings for living room

Decorative frames for bathroom

In the bathroom, the ideal is to choose an abstract art or to abuse the geometric shapes (trend 2018). Your presence should be neutral so as not to interfere with the functionality of the room.

Decorative frames for bathroom

Decorative paintings for the bedroom

When dealing with a more intimate area, the room is the correct place to print your true personal taste. A girl's room, for example, can choose a composition of decorative frames with your favorite color! They may have pictures that depict your story or phrases that brighten your day to day.

Decorative paintings for bedroom

Decorative frames for balcony

For those who own a gourmet balcony, you know this is one of the most social places in the house! After all there, one can gather friends and family for a barbecue or just throw a conversation away. Try to portray this relaxed decorative frames thematic and fun, abusing tropical prints, funny phrases, colorful pictures and so on.

Decorative frames for balcony

Know that choosing this decorative object depends a lot on the residents. If you are a professional in the area, leave this task to the owners of the residence and just add with color tips and sizes so that the choice is more free.

60 decorating tips with decorative frames in various environments

Now, if you want to give a upgrade fast in your house, get inspired in these 60 projects that abuse paintings in the decoration in a practical and beautiful:

Picture 1 - Visual harmony is everything in composition!

Harmonic composition in the decoration with decorative pictures

Try to balance the colors in the environment, as in the design of this kitchen integrated with the room. The decorative frames can talk to the rest of the environment, due to this proportion of intensities and shades of materials.

Picture 2 - Decorative frames for a feminine environment.

Feminine and delicate atmosphere with decorative paintings

In addition to floral, prints that consider pink as focus can easily be combined into a feminine decoration. Choose abstract models that play with different textures and patterns, so the chance of nausea is lower!

Picture 3 - Decorative pictures with scandinavian style.

Decorative frames for decoration with Scandinavian style

When it comes to this style, prioritize minimalism and B & W colors in works of art. If you choose animals, keep an eye on pictures of birds, elk, elephants and wolves. Now if the idea is something more inspiring, the Andy Warhol phrases are the most classic in the Scandinavian.

Picture 4 - Have a beautiful and fun kitchen at the same time.

A beautiful and fun kitchen with decorative pictures

Nothing better than leaving the kitchen with themed airs! The trend of freehand typography has been so successful that now appear in the version of decorative frames. This is a great alternative for those who do not have the slate wall .

Picture 5 - The elements of nature please most of the small ones.

Elements of nature to decorate children's rooms

Making the child's room educative and creative is one of the ways most used by parents. Be inspired on a theme that is charismatic for the child and make decor based on it.

Picture 6 - Picture your best clicks in a decorative frame.

Your best photos in decorative frames

Photo enthusiasts can have a beautiful decorative picture without having to make a big investment or go hunting for stores until they find some of their liking. In the market it is possible to find the mural of photos based on the amount of images that you want to put. So you can go through the photos clicks of life!

Picture 7 - Neon combines with ares joyous and fun.

Neon with decorative frames for a cheerful atmosphere

The neon is the perfect object to put on the wall, especially when combined with some pictures. Make this task a fun time, opting for relaxed illustrations.

Image 8 - Composition of simple frames.

Composition of decorative frames in simple style

To assemble a simple frame composition, choose models that have the same frame and that are proportional to the size of the wall. Make this assembly on the floor, then apply the pictures on the desired surface, so the result is accurate!

Image 9 - Be inspired by the color block.

Decorative blocks color block

If you want to get away from the traditional paintings found in the market, opt for the painting with a background color that has only one information. In this project, the phrase was the way to lead personality and still motivate the little corner of work!

Image 10 - Stamp your wall with a fun frame.

Decorative entertaining frame for living room

Image 11 - There are those who prefer to work the ludic in the decoration.

Decorative frames in ludic style

Picture 12 - For the dining room: abuse of a composition of pictures.

Composition of decorative frames for dining room

For a smooth look for the proposal, opt for black or white frames that match perfectly with any dining room style. In the design of this room, the prints were very welcomed by the basic black of the chairs and lamps.

Picture 13 - In the double room, prioritize the personality of the two.

Prioritize the couple's personality by choosing decorative pictures

It is still possible to innovate by putting the tables on the head of the bed, for example. In this case, it's worth mixing up frames and sizes!

Picture 14 - If you are a travel lover, be sure to declare this in the decoration.

Decorative frame with travel style / airport sign

This frame model is super high on the decor. Just look for frame with sign, and have fun with lots of creative phrases and compositions in the house decor!

Picture 15 - Decorative pictures to decorate a double apartment.

Decorative paintings for double room

Image 16 - A creative idea to highlight your neon.

Neon decorative frame

If you have a neon, preferably small on some wall of your home, try putting a frame in the surroundings to give more prominence in this decorative item. It is worth betting on the frames more worked and robust, as the simpler and more straight.

Picture 17 - The tones present in the pictures must accompany the rest of the decoration.

Accompany the shades of color in the decor with the decorative pictures

Picture 18 - Put your hobby even more present in the decoration.

Make your hobby even more present in the decor

If you like something, do not be afraid to apply it to the decor. Demonstrate your whole personality in these little objects that will make up the environment. Frames that illustrate his musical taste, favorite film, his passion for photographs or animals is a great step to this task.

Picture 19 - Make decorative pictures in DIY style!

Decorative pictures in DIY style

In this example, the old hangers turned into beautiful decorative frames. With the A4 sheet itself it is possible to print an internet drawing to assemble this creative and simple proposal.

Image 20 - Colors may be the main requirement when choosing the frame.

Colors may be the main issue when choosing decorative frames

Picture 21 - This duo of frames receive the perfect fit!

Duo of decorative frames with perfect fit

Picture 22 - Decorative pictures of the super heroes, in the geek style.

Decorative pictures of super heroes!

Picture 23 - Have a color chart in mind to choose the decorative pictures.

Have a color chart in mind when combining decorative pictures

Picture 24 - Divide the photo into pieces and assemble a composition.

Divide the picture into pieces by making decorative pictures

Picture 25 - Mix different finishes to give more dynamics in the environment.

Different finishes to give dynamics to the environment

Picture 26 - Decorative pictures for a young musician.

Decorative pictures for a young musician

Image 27 - Bet on abstract art for a modern room.

Decorative Art (Decorative Art)

Image 28 - A simple painting can become a great work of art.

Simple painting that can become a great work of art

A nice idea is to choose a small frame and compose only with a larger frame. This solution is ideal for those who want to invest little, without taking the creative touch in the decoration.

Picture 29 - Picture your favorite movies and characters.

Decorative frames with movies and favorite characters

Image 30 - When the graphite turns into a frame.

Decorative frame in graphite style

Picture 31 - Decorative frame with sea.

Decorative frame with ocean illustration

Picture 32 - Make a custom decorative frame!

Custom Decorative Frame

Picture 33 - Leave the double room with a more romantic mood!

Let the mood of the double bedroom even more romantic

Image 34 - The wall of the stairs is the best place to make a composition of pictures.

Composition of decorative frames on the wall of the staircase

The staircase is an element that highlights the residence. But decorating your walls can make this path much more flashy! If you choose frame composition, choose frames and images of the same size so that the look is pleasant in this circulation.

Image 35 - Match the decorative objects using your favorite color.

Use your favorite color to match with decorative frames

Image 36 - Cheap decorative frames.

Cheap decorative frames

Image 37 - The sign panel is a modern option for a jovial party!

Signpost panel as decorative frame in jovial fit

Picture 38 - Decorative frames for baby room.

Decorative frames for baby room

Picture 39 - In your workspace, try to portray elements of your profession on the walls.

Elements related to the profession illustrated in decorative pictures

In this office of architecture and urbanism, we observe the passion for the European city, as well as the study of colors and phrases that demonstrate the good taste of the architect. Try to balance personal taste with your professional side to have the perfect result!

Image 40 - Decorative frames with photos.

Decorative pictures: 60 current inspirations and perfect for decoration

Image 41 - Vintage decorative frames.

Decorative pictures: 60 current inspirations and perfect for decoration 1

Picture 42 - Work the composition of decorative paintings in a different way.

Different composition of decorative pictures in the room

Picture 43 - These models that play with the edition of photos are the classics of the moment.

Decorative paintings in kitchen / living room

Picture 44 - The geometric frame is ideal for those who do not want to err in the choice.

Do not miss the choice: think of decorative frames with geometric designs

This model is a universal option that suits most styles. The perfect balance can be found when using neutral colors with one or the other contrast, as in this design illustration.

Image 45 - Linear B & W picture composition.

Linear black and white photo composition

Picture 46 - If you like the urban style, decorate the walls with street signs.

Signboards as decorative frames

Image 47 - Nothing better than bet on a thematic framework in the environment.

Decorative Kitchen Frame

Picture 48 - Decorative frames for a masculine environment.

Men's room with decorative pictures

Image 49 - Style should be present in every detail.

Style present in all environments

Picture 50 - Decorative frames for children's bedroom.

Decorative frames for children's bedroom

Picture 51 - Divide the picture into pieces and have a beautiful composition.

Divide the picture into pieces to make decorative pictures

Image 52 - If you are good at drawing, put it into practice to decorate your home!

For fans of the art of drawing: make decorative pictures

Picture 53 - At the time of composition, try to harmonize in the combination of colors and sizes.

Combine colors and sizes in the composition with decorative pictures

For a composition on the headboard wall of the bed, choose models of the same size and frame. Your illustrations should accompany the same color chart, so that it forms this dynamic game without taking away the harmony that a room deserves!

Image 54 - Decorative frame inspired by elements from the periodic table.

Decorative frame inspired by the periodic table

Image 55 - Photographs can easily turn into decorative frames.

Photographs as decorative pictures

Image 56 - A neutral decoration asks abstract decorative pictures in B & W.

Abstract decorative frame in black and white

Image 57 - Large formats can be fixed to the floor.

Large decorative frames may or may not be fixed to the wall

If it's a big piece, a super-viable and interesting idea is to put it on the floor, just being propped up by the wall. Apartments or rented houses use this method a lot to avoid boring the wall.

Image 58 - The colors of a painting serve to highlight the environment.

Decorative pictures: 60 current inspirations and perfect for decoration

Image 59 - For a larger wall, opt only for a striking picture.

A striking decorative frame for only one wall

This is an option for those who want to leave the frame composition. Choose a large frame that highlights right at the entrance to have the desired effect.

Image 60 - Bet on geometric shapes for a modern jovial decoration.

Bet on geometric shapes for a jovial room

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