Decorated rooms: 60 ideas of environments to get right in the decoration

There is nothing better than having a beautiful, comfortable and functional room! But knowing how to harmonize these three characteristics can be a difficult task for those who do not have professional help or a high budget for a major reform. So we've selected 4 important tips on how you can renew decorated rooms using only minor updates:

1. Decorative objects for decorated rooms

Demonstrating the personality in the room is fundamental, after all, only the owners have access to it. The first step is to select the style and then choose the accessories that should compose the room. In a double bedroom for example, one can be a fan of movies and another fan of games, thus the bedroom can have themed frames movies, games and favorite characters.
If you do not know what to put, invest in travel objects, bedside clocks, pendant lamps, flower pots, books to showcase, sculptures, cushions and so on. The interesting thing is to take this step calmly, without the rush to buy everything at once!

2. Bedding for decorated rooms

This is one of the most important points in this post! For most, bedding does not make so much difference, however, a beautiful set of sheets can take all the warmth after an intense day of work.
Try to match the bed set with a plain bedspread at the foot of the bed, as it is he who leaves the bedroom style magazine cover.

3. Materials and textures in decorated rooms

Choosing the right material for the bedroom is essential to get easier on a day-to-day basis. A cold floor (porcelain tile), for example, offers less cleaning work than a carpet. Thus, as the headboards of leather are more charming and practical than velvet or cotton.
Analyze each item that you will insert in the dormitory, taking into account practicality and beauty. Joining the two is the best way to have a nice room for years!

4. Colors for decorated rooms

Combining the three items mentioned above is not logical if there is no harmony. So, study a color chart that defines your personal taste. Try to make a conceptual mural to see if the composition is pleasant. Put a sample of each item side by side to make this mural:

Wall for decorated rooms

Decorated rooms: 60 examples to follow in the decoration

Practice these 4 tips more quickly, inspiring yourself in the environments below, going from the master bedroom to the nursery:

Picture 1 - Rooms decorated: opt for clean base with a special highlight.

Clean base with a special highlight

A clean room abuses neutral colors, such as beige and white. In the above project we can observe the use of wood and mirror, which further strengthens the style. This type of room offers possibilities to abuse patterns and colors on objects, as in Chevron cushions.

Picture 2 - Decorative lighting: an extra charm for the room!

Decorative lighting: a charm to add in the bedroom

To emphasize the headboard, insert the LED strip around the horizontal axis. In addition to bringing the feeling of lightness, the insertion of this lighting is pleasant for a quick reading before bed.

Picture 3 - In rooms decorated, the white allows infinite compositions.

Infinite compositions with white

Picture 4 - Minimalism reinforces an environment with few details.

Minimalism reinforces an environment with few details

Picture 5 - Decorated rooms: the little corner that defines the personality of each one.

The corner that defines the personality of each one

The bedside table is the place that must be decorated with objects of the couple. In the above project, it is noticeable the owner's taste for Star Wars due to the frame supported on the mobile. If you like flowers, for example, bet in a small pot so you do not mess with the rest of the objects.

Picture 6 - The upholstered headboard is ideal for a double room.

The upholstered headboard is ideal for a double bedroom

They are charming and comfortable for decorated rooms. Choose a fabric that pleases the couple and still ease the cleaning.

Picture 7 - Double room with contemporary style.

Double room with contemporary style

Picture 8 - To give more warmth abuse of wood in the decoration.

Abuse of wood in decoration

Its presence in the environment keeps the temperature comfortable, since its raw material is a thermal insulation. One of the decorating trends is the wooden panel, which was previously found only in the rooms, and today it gains a space in the rooms and partitions of environments.

Picture 9 - Make a different and modern bedside!

Room with different and modern bedside

With the correct coatings it is possible to make a creative pagination on the walls of the room. In design, the pagination resembles the fishbone, made with diagonal pieces. The different nuances of the material and the lines create a unique look for the room.

Picture 10 - Mount a room based on cool colors.

Build a bedroom based on cool colors

Image 11 - Blue was the big bet of this decorated room.

The blue was the big bet of the room

Picture 12 - Work the creativity without taking the functionality of the room.

Work Creativity in the Room

Picture 13 - In this decorated room, the neons took care of the wall decoration.

Wall decoration with neons

A room decorated, whether neutral, industrial, Scandinavian or more sophisticated, can benefit from the neon, which provides more excitement and liveliness to the room. You can use a marquee on the wall, a picture or customize a phrase.

Picture 14 - Double decorated room with black decoration.

Double room with black decoration

Picture 15 - A versatile room that can change the decoration over time.

A versatile room to change the decor over time

By using materials that abuse neutral colors, the solution is to innovate with decorative objects over the years.

Picture 16 - Decorate the room using the shades of a color.

Decorate the room using the shades of a color

Image 17 - Orthogonality is the proposal of this room decorated.

Orthogonality is the proposal of this room

Picture 18 - For a dynamic and modern look!

For a dynamic and modern look

Picture 19 - The headboard gave touch of joviality to the room.

A touch of joviality to the bedside

Picture 20 - Decorated room: gray is another sweetheart option for the proposal.

Gray is another sweetheart option for decoration

Picture 21 - Elegant combination made with marble and wood.

Elegant combination of marble and wood

Picture 22 - Use the painting to your advantage!

Use the painting to your advantage

Picture 23 - The wire of light came to stay in the decoration.

The wire of light came to stay in the decoration

Picture 24 - A furniture that makes all the difference.

A mobile that makes all the difference

Single rooms

Image 25 - Colors in frames and fabrics.

Colors in frames and fabrics

The pictures and the cushions add a little color in this room. For this, objects need to combine, especially when dealing with a composition of frames.

Picture 26 - The decorative bag is a great option to replace the bedside table.

Decorative bag to replace the bedside table

Image 27 - Put some color in small points.

Put some color in small dots

Image 28 - Turn your musical instrument into a decorative object.

Turn your musical instrument into a decorative object

Picture 29 - For those who do not have a headboard, bet on the composition of pictures.

Bet on the combination of tables

This is an economical way for decorated rooms. The composition rule made on the wall of the living room can be applied in the bedroom easily. When composing, remember the harmony of colors and sizes so that the width of the bed is adequate.

Picture 30 - How about innovating in the choice of bed?

Innovate in bed choice

A joinery project can help make custom beds in decorated rooms. Try to adapt your taste and functionality to make it comfortable on a daily basis.

Picture 31 - You can also have a bedroom furnished with a single with double bed.

Single room with double bed

Picture 32 - The fourth emphasizes the passion for the owner's sport.

The fourth emphasizes the owner's passion for sport

Picture 33 - Those in love with architecture can be inspired by this decorated room.

Room for the lovers of architecture

The joinery once again takes over the project! In this case, the cabinet openings and door design reinforce the architectural elements. Be creative and innovate with some detail that demonstrates your personal taste.

Image 34 - Young decorated room.

Young decorated room

Picture 35 - The pictures bring more personality to the room.

The paintings bring more personality to the room

Picture 36 - Bet on color contrast!

Bet on color contrast

Picture 37 - Put motivational phrases in the decoration.

Put motivational phrases in the decor

Image 38 - Integration of the balcony with the bedroom.

Integration of the balcony with the bedroom

The balcony in the bedroom can be the escape from day to day! Adopt some furniture to make it more comfortable, such as a pouf or an armchair. There are several ways to make this space even more special!

Image 39 - For those who love mandalas.

For those who love Mandalas

Image 40 - The choice of decoration was due to his passion for travel.

The choice was for his passion for travel

Picture 41 - The photos on the wall decorate and inspire the room.

Photos that decorate and inspire

O Photo wall decorates and at the same time displays memorabilia and important moments. For those who own a desk, choose a style or wall-mounted panel. Highlight by inserting many photos so that you and your family can always look and remember!

Image 42 - Be inspired in the Scandinavian style to decorate the room.

Get inspired in the Scandinavian style to decorate the room

Children's rooms

Picture 43 - Encouraging the child from a young age.

Encouraging the child since childhood

Children need inspiration and encouragement at a young age to increase their knowledge, creativity and intelligence. So, insert elements that can motivate them, like this panel with the world map!

Picture 44 - Playful furniture that allows endless play.

Playground furniture for play

Let the children use the imagination with their own furniture. Include a bed with a bold structure (like the photo) in decorated rooms, which helps the little one discover different games and features over the years.

Picture 45 - Decorate the wall with a street art!

Street art on the wall

Picture 46 - Abuse of a curtain with prints and colors that define the personality of the child.

Choose a patterned curtain that defines the child's personality

Picture 47 - Make a themed room!

Create a themed room

Image 48 - Choose colored details in the joinery.

Choose colorful details in the joinery

Image 49 - Decorate with accessories only.

Decorate with accessories only

Picture 50 - Build a scenery that enchants the child.

Create a lovely scenery for the child

Image 51 - If you're a little more jovial, abuse geometric shapes.

Room decorated with geometric shapes

Use prints with flowers or cartoons on walls to be part of the decoration and also, the painting of the room.

Image 52 - The lateral fence combines with the child proposal.

The lateral fence combines with the child proposal

Image 53 - Be inspired by the construction in container !

Get inspired in container construction

Picture 54 - Make a painting that plays with the duo of colors in decorated rooms.

Play with the duo of colors in the painting

Picture 55 - Wallpaper: the simplest artifice in the decoration of decorated rooms.

Room decorated with wallpaper

Image 56 - Walls are there to be decorated!

Room with decorated wall

Put on the wall drawings that awaken the child's imagination. This can leave the decor modern and elegant, in addition to being quite creative.

Image 57 - Each place with its joke.

Each place with its joke

Keeping everything functional is key! Children need space divided to study, move around and play. Keep the minimal accessories and the games in an organized way, like the project above.

Image 58 - Build a scenario creatively.

Build a creative scenario

Image 59 - Carpet and colors brighten any nursery!

Carpet and colors that brighten children's room

Picture 60 - Another modern option is the bunk bed that optimizes the space of the dormitory.

Bunk bed that optimizes sleeping space

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